Freeport Indonesia making biodiesel from spent mine camp cooking oil

first_imgPT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) has embarked on a biodiesel development project, making the fuel from used cooking oil, and becoming one of the first mining companies to develop this resource from its supplies of used oil from restaurants and mess halls into biodiesel, an alternative energy source that is both environmentally friendly and renewable. In developing the biodiesel project, PTFI’s Environmental Department is working together with the Surfactant and Bioenergy Research Center in Bogor, Indonesia, to create a biodiesel reactor and increase knowledge of developing biodiesel fuel from used cooking oil.Use of biodiesel as fuel for PTFI operational vehicles has been tested on several light vehicles in use in the highlands and lowlands areas. “Biodiesel utilisation may be increased going forward, dependingupon available supply,” explained PTFI Superintendent – Environmental Management System Novriadi Visco.last_img

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