Bringing the Heat

first_imgTouch Football Australia caught up with Tim Wyld, the State Operations Manager for Touch Football South Australia (TFSA) while he was at the X-Blades National Youth Championships at Port Macquarie.We had a chat with Tim to find out more about Touch Football in South Australia.Touch Football Australia (TFA): How is Touch Football going in South Australia?Tim Wyld (TW): It is getting a lot stronger. We’ve increased our participation over the years, which has been really positive at grassroots level. That’s slowly starting to transition into enhanced elite or high performance at nationals.TFA: How many affiliates and registered players are there?TW: We have 17 affiliates and a lot of them are centrally managed by the office [Touch Football South Australia] and registered players we have just over 9000.TFA: When did Touch Football begin in South Australia?TW: The early 80s. Over the last couple of years it has flowed throughout that 20-year period. But we sort of went backwards for a few years there but we have sort of got on the right track now and it is really good, it is growing again.TFA: What kind of challenges have there been to establish the sport in South Australia?TW: I think the whole unitary model challenge sort of shake things up a bit. It was a time of uncertainty at the affiliate level. We are always up against it with some of the larger codes, AFL in particular, but recent years we have been getting into the schools system a lot more and that’s where we are seeing our growth come from school-based participation.TFA: To have that system in place, it’s really important isn’t?TW: Absolutely. We have recently signed four more agreements with the school bodies to integrate that participation at that level, so we have more of an influence and we can do TID [Talent Identification] and or get them into a team at grassroots level.TFA: What benefits does Touch Football South Australia get out from competing at the X-Blades National Youth Championships?TW: First and foremost the participation aspects of it. But we are seeing with our girls program, we are not here to make up the numbers. The girls have had a fantastic tournament, taking it to all the top Queensland and New South Wales teams and they continue to do that, and that is the aim. For the boys, they’re probably back a couple of pegs but it’s about improving their game, and slowly but surely getting them up to speed.Make sure you stay up to date with these websites for all the X-Blades National Youth Championships action: X-Blades National Youth Championships – www.soo.mytouchfooty.comTouch Football Australia – Football Australia’s YouTube channel – Related LinksBringing the Heatlast_img read more