Klay Thompson, Kevon Looney out vs. Philadelphia

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!PHILADELPHIA — Amid the Warriors’ quest to minimize any ailments or fatigue their core players toward the end of the regular season, both Klay Thompson (right knee soreness) and Kevon Looney (right pelvic soreness) will sit out when the Warriors (43-19) visit the Philadelphia 76ers (40-22) in a nationally televised game on Saturday.Warriors coach Steve Kerr …last_img

Thanks to those who make farming look simple, even when its not

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest A few years ago my uncle got a new farm truck. He searched long and hard for a new model with as few electronic gadgets and gizmos as possible. No power seats, windows or locks, or AC. The truck has standard transmission and certainly no heated seats or heated steering wheels. He even has to turn the knob on the radio for goodness sakes. Why would anyone purposely subject themselves to such personal calamity?The answer: all that fancy stuff breaks, and it can’t be fixed in the farm shop. Power windows, for example, are very convenient until they happen to go out when you are trying to pay at a drive-through window in a torrential downpour. Then they are frustrating, unpleasant and expensive to fix (speaking from personal experience).As I get older I continue to gain more appreciation for non-fancy, basic stuff that really works the way it is supposed to. In my years I have had all too much experience with home improvement projects where you end up working on the dysfunctional tool used for the project rather than the project itself.So, when I find something really works the way it is supposed to, I find it very satisfying. I couldn’t help but feel this way as I strolled the winter pastures with Pete Conkle on his grazing operation nestled amid the rolling hills of Columbiana County, his roll of poly tape in hand. He is this year’s Ohio Cattlemen’s Association Environmental Steward Award winner.Throughout the history of agriculture, mankind has fought (and lost) many battles trying to force square pegs of food production into the round holes Mother Nature provides. One thing I truly enjoy about my job is getting to work with many farmers who have found ways to make the specifics of their situation work in relative harmony with the realities of maintaining a viable agricultural operation.Now, Pete, I am sure, would be the first to tell you that plenty goes wrong on the farm on a regular basis and that some days it definitely may not seem like things are working the way they are supposed to, because they aren’t. But, at the same time, it is hard to argue with the simple pleasure (based on years of hard work and management) of watching cows rush into fresh, new winter pasture and begin luxuriously feasting after Pete sections off a new area. When you watch it, it is clear that things are working the way they are supposed to. God grows grass, animals eat it, and man manages it all in way that produces food — appealing simplicity.Of course, anyone who knows anything about intensive grazing knows that the reality of doing this is anything but simple. Last month the Ohio Forages and Grassland Council (OFGC) held their Annual Conference at the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the program covered topics including research into the value of irrigating pasture, the benefits of reduced lignin alfalfa in increasing digestibility and the use of nitrogen inhibitors in pasture.All of the components of the program were to help attendees piece together a plan for better managing their pastures in the future.“Every day you have to manage it. A lot of people I work with want me to give them a cookie cutter method to do it this way and you’ll be good for this year. Every day you have to think about when you should turn them into a new pasture, when you should take them out of the old pastures. The problem we have in the spring is that we have more forages than livestock, and then in the summer we have the opposite — we have too much livestock and not enough forage. We have to take the extremes out of this equation. We can do that with management,” said Gary Wilson from Hancock County, with the OFGC. “You have to think through that because it involves your resources, different species, your soil type and many other factors. It takes planning and every day you have to think about what you want to do.”When gizmos and technology get frustratingly complex, especially when they decide to not work, something simple like mankind harnessing the combination of plants and animals to produce food is very refreshing. This, I believe, is true whether you are a farmer, a consumer, or an ag journalist.But, at the end of the day, achieving such simplicity is not so simple, and I appreciate the folks who understand that, but make it look simple anyway.last_img read more

Exterior Insulation Is Like A Sweater For Your House

first_imgErik North, the owner of Free Energy Maine, is an energy auditor and home performance specialist in Westbrook, Maine. He is also the author of the Energy Auditing Blog. Disadvantages of exterior foamLet’s tackle the disadvantages first. What’s the main challenge of an exterior foam board system? Well, it’s outside. There’s a reason we trouble ourselves so much over the building envelope. It keeps out water, unconditioned air, pests and a host of things you don’t want in your nice cozy house. Anything you do on the outside of your house will be pounded by nature — and that’s where we’re insulating.Moisture: Exterior insulation will get wet; it’s a given. The real challenge is not the moisture so much as finding ways to minimize any problems and allowing as much drying as possible. The disaster scenario is one where poor or improperly installed flashing creates an enduring leak into the building frame.Pests: Insulation on the exterior may increase the chance of pest infestation. Bugs don’t eat foam, but they will burrow through it, searching for tasty wood pulp. Exterior basement and siding foam board need protection against pest infestations.And what attracts the bugs? Moisture. Joe Lstiburek recently posted an article detailing the findings when they pulled apart his 15-year-old “beer cooler” barn, which was insulated with 6 inches of exterior EPS foam. Two simple errors in flashing fed moisture behind the foam board layer, providing life-sustaining moisture to burrowing bugs.There was no structural damage (except maybe to Lstiburek’s pride) because of the water controls in place, but a lesson was learned.How to prevent this: just as wood framing needs to be out of contact with the ground, so does exterior foam board insulation. Sufficient space from the ground, good flashing details, and pest shields will help prevent bugs. Keeping the insulation dry will discourage any pests from staying.Ease of installation: This is a deceptive one. You’re installing standard built walls, then adding either weather-resistant wrap or a self-adhering vapor barrier membrane, foam board, furring strips, and then siding. It is a big project, but not a super-difficult one.Periodically I’ll mentally gauge how long it would take my Dad and I to strip the siding and install foam board on my house. The difficult/not easy part is that you’d better nail down the water-control details. You need to avoid errors like reverse-lap flashing. You need to include sill pan flashing (to prevent water infiltration around doors and windows) and other details to control the water issues.Cost: Another knock on this approach is cost. The foam board is all added cost over that of a standard wall, plus the additional labor cost. Like any high R-value wall insulation, it is partly offset by decreasing the heating and cooling loads, which leads to smaller (and less expensive) mechanical systems.Greenness: Anytime you muck around with polystyrene foams, you’re at a green crosshairs (that’d be XPS and EPS). You’re saving energy and carbon, but doing so with a petroleum product. That said, polyisocyanurate, fiberboard insulation, and high-density rock wool board don’t have the same issue. Advantages of exterior foamEase: Maybe not ease of use, but utility. External foam board systems are one of the only ways to radically improve the R-value of existing homes while retaining the house’s character. In New England, this is a consideration, especially given the age of existing houses.Air leakage: Adding exterior foam board can significantly tighten the building shell. Once the foam boards are attached and taped at the seams, they form a continuous air barrier.R-Value and thermal bridging: This is a huge plus. External foam board systems add significant R-value to a wall system. Adding 4 inches of XPS foam would add 20 to the R-value. Additionally, the foam stops thermal bridging. That thermal bridging is compromising the existing wall cavity insulation, meaning that the whole-wall R-value will rise by more than you might think (especially if you base your assumptions on the nominal R-value of the batts inside the wall).As building and energy codes improve, alternatives to standard framed houses are being explored. An exterior foam retrofit may not be the greenest option, but it’s one of the best performing options for improving insulation in older homes. This approach is can be applied to almost any existing house, although more complex house shapes require greater attention to waterproofing details. It’s an approach that can be used to make older homes more energy-efficient without harming their essential character. BLOGS BY ERIC NORTH Heat Loss from Air Is No Big Deal, Right?Insulating Stud Cavities in Existing Homes The Difference Between Air Conditioners and DehumidifiersHow to Insulate and Air-Seal Pull-Down Attic StairsHow to Insulate and Air Seal an Attic HatchCan Switching to a Dual-Flush Toilet Save Heat?Essential Energy-Audit EquipmentThe Journal of Poor HomebuildingFiberglass versus CelluloseCape Cod Style Homes Are Difficult to Heatcenter_img RELATED ARTICLES How to Install Rigid Foam Sheathing Calculating the Minimum Thickness of Rigid Foam SheathingVideo: Superinsulating a Home With Rigid Foam Video: How to Install Rigid Foam Insulation Outside a House What is exterior foam insulation?Exterior foam insulation systems require the installation of between 2 and 6 inches of rigid foam insulation (polyisocyanurate, EPS, or XPS) on the exterior side of the wall framing. The window openings, door openings, and roof edges are detailed to prevent water infiltration, and finish siding is added. These days, the type of siding is either vinyl siding (typically installed on furring strips) or stucco that has been back-vented for drainage. There are many construction and insulation approaches which allow a builder to create walls and ceilings with high R-values and low levels of air leakage, creating a much better envelope than is achieved with standard framing methods. Structural insulated panels (SIPs), insulated concrete forms (ICFs), double-stud walls, and advanced framing can all produce more energy-efficient buildings than the ol’ stick-built number.The one thing they can’t do is to improve the efficiency of an existing house.One of my first audit instructors stressed that we have to deal with the existing housing stock. People sometimes grouse that increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars is pointless, since cars last 5 to 10 years. Imagine how hard it is to improve the housing stock. Houses can last hundreds of years; moving that number is much harder.As beautiful as all those building options are, they are only suitable for new construction. And 40 years from now we’ll be dealing with 80% of the same buildings. What are the options for radically improving their wall insulation?Exterior foam board insulation is one of the few.last_img read more

HubSpot TV – Gobble Up Inbound Marketing (Thanksgiving Episode)

first_img DealNewshas a free Black Friday app that lets you sort deals by “Early Bird,””In Store Only,” and “Limited Availability,” as well as see photos ofthe sale items. : Produce different kinds of to enhance the visibility of your company on Google search results. Everyone is welcome to come in at 4pm to the office for the live audience. Black Friday and Social Media How to interact on Twitter: @ Gizmodo’s #blackfriday feed has the latest posts about the best electronic deals to be had. @ “A whopping 91% percent ofcompanies also admitted to using at least one social media tool, asignificant increase over 77% of respondents in 2008.” Inbound Marketing Kit “Originallywritten in March of this year the update makes sense since the 8 monthsor so that have passed since the first take is like a lifetime in thesocial media world. In fact, the real story here may be that the LATimes hasn’t taken a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to their socialmedia guidelines so please take note everybody.” mvolpe . www.MikeVolpe.com/cancer http://itunes.hubspot.tv/ No show this Friday (Thankgiving Holiday) Click here at 4:00pm ET today to watch the show live. “Forty-five percent of respondents surveyed maintained ablog at their company in 2009 (a slight jump over the 39% in 2008 and19% in 2007 who blogged). Of course, the same growth didn’t extendacross all social platforms.” Learning From Leaders: The Inc. 500 and Social Media Usage Mike has a moustache for Movember! support him at NOTE FROM THE PRODUCERS: : Create social media guidelines for your company that GUIDE your employees but don’t stop them from creating content. Have you ever caught the live show? We broadcast in real-time every Friday at www.hubspot.tv. Where is your traffic coming from? inbound marketing kit Staples, Macy’s and Walmart are “leaking” deals on Twitter with The fastest growing companies are using social media & inbound marketing, shouldn’t you? – Connect with your customers in every way possible. (Episode Length: 19 minutes, 15 seconds) karenrubin Conversion Rate vs. Number of Sales AlisonSemancik asks on inboundmarketing.comcenter_img Episode #68 – November 25, 2009 LA Times Social Media Guidelines Lead to Much More Marketing Takeaway Google Adds a Left Navigation? Google Testing Permanent Sidebar “Thenew interface uses a left-hand pane to display search options-butinstead of being off by default, with a link to turn on the pane, thenew search options will be on permanently, and Google will lose the topblue bar over its results.” Marketing Takeaway www.HubSpot.tv The Inc 500 is Catching On to Inbound Marketing Subscribe in iTunes: MyBlack Friday Deals…uses the mobile photo slide show app Whrrl toallow bloggers to take pictures of the best deals they can find instores and upload them to the site to be voted on by deal seekers. Originally published Dec 4, 2009 3:30:00 PM, updated July 04 2013 : I just recently made a change to our “buy now” page – thepage where visitors can choose the software package that works best forthem and purchase. In the past, we only had 3 options to choose from: 1user, 3 user and 5 user. Our company recently decided to add a 10 userpackage to this page. Since I added it one week ago, sales have droppedsignificantly. I can only conclude that the sales drop is from thisaddition, but I’m not sure. Learn more about inbound marketing and how to combine blogging, SEO and social media for results. Download our Forum Fodder “The Times isto be, above all else, a principled news organization. In deed and inappearance, journalists must keep themselves – and The Times – abovereproach.” in your tweet. Google Website Optimize, HubSpot Analytics HOW TO: Use Social Media to Find Black Friday Deals Times updates social media guidelines always Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Closing Intro LA Times Refines Social Media Guidelines “Thestudy found that 75% of companies who participated in the survey werevery familiar with social media in 2009, a dramatic increase over the57% of respondents familiar with some type of social networking in2008.” Marketing Tip of the Week Marketing Takeaway: : Your New Year’s Resolution should be to try something new (and we don’t mean just on the table!) Marketing Takeawaylast_img read more

A Holiday Wish: May All Your Conversions Be High [Video 3]

first_img And more qualified leads! We wish you a high conversion! Webinar: Always Be Testing: 10 Tips For Increasing YourLead Conversion Rate A valued call to action We wish you a high conversion! Lyrics We wish you a high conversion! Originally published Dec 21, 2009 10:29:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Downloadthe free webinar We wish you a high conversion! We wish you a high conversion! Tweet this Merry Marketing Carol! Topics: Video Creditscenter_img Good prospects you’ll bring for your sales team kin Is a landing page win! Producers: @ repcorand @ shaxxon And more qualified leads! to for tips on testing, measuring, andanalyzing your marketing programs to improve your lead conversionrate. We wish you a high conversion! Conversion Rate Optimization May your 2010 marketing be merry! Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Learn how to convert website visitorsinto leads with calls to action and landingpages HubSpot Singers: Common Sound What is on every B2B marketer’s Holiday list this year? An increased traffic to conversion rate while maintaining (or improving!) lead quality, of course!last_img read more

Marketing Experts Say Google and Facebook Will Decline in Importance

first_img Social Media Strategy Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics:  Source: http://www.thewholebraingroup.com/center_img Many businesses find social media overwhelming – there are so many networks available, and they’re always adding new features for you to learn and integrate into your plan. If you don’t have a full-time team of social media experts at your disposal, your success depends on creating a simple and sensible strategy that fits your resources and goals.Here are a few steps you can take to focus your energy:1. Define your target audience.If you haven’t already identified and documented your buyer personas, start by defining the key demographics of the audience you’re trying to reach – age, gender, occupation, income, hobbies and interests, etc. Think about the challenges they’re faced with, and what problems they’re trying to solve on daily basis. Try to focus on the 3-4 types of people that represent the majority of your buyers – don’t get hung up on all the exceptions, or you’ll never get started!2. Start blogging.Fresh content is the linchpin of a successful social strategy, so you’ll need to commit to creating fresh, quality content on a consistent basis. Brainstorm a list of the most common questions you hear from your prospects, and commit to writing at least one new blog post a week focused on addressing these questions. 3. Create educational content.Consider creating downloadable content like ebooks, checklists, videos, and infographics that address your buyer’s pains. If the content is truly helpful and educational, people will be more likely to share it on social media and extend your reach.4. Focus on a few key social channelsMost small businesses don’t have the bandwidth to establish and sustain a great social media presence on more than a handful of channels. It can also be overwhelming to learn the rules of engagement on a bunch of different networks at one time.Here’s a video by HubSpot Academy explaining all the possible social channels to which you might post content on behalf your business.So, start small. Research key networks to learn where your target audience is most likely to spend time, and focus your effort on building, nurturing, and sustaining a community there before moving on to another channel.5. Develop a recipe card to guide you.Social media isn’t an exact science, so you need to establish a consistent posting and engagement schedule to start seeing results. Start by developing a reasonable recipe card you feel comfortable sticking to. Set goals for how frequently you’ll post content and engage your followers, and hold yourself accountable to following your recipe. (Get a free social media content calendar here to organize your efforts.)6. Measure your results.There are a million things you can track related to social media, so start by looking at how much traffic is being driven to your website or blog from social media. Watch your posts to see what people are responding to, and look for trends related to particular topics or keywords that generate more interest than others. Once you have a sense of what’s possible, set goals for key metrics and start keeping a scorecard to measure your progress. Be sure to chose metrics that are easy to gather – if it’s too time-consuming to track, you’ll fall off the wagon!Net new fans and followers# of interactionsVisits to your site from social7. Adjust your tactics.Unless you’re a celebrity, social media doesn’t start working overnight. It takes time to build a following, establish yourself as an influencer, and start seeing results.  You’ll need to experiment a bit to find the right combination of channels, content, and messaging that works for your audience. Over time, you’ll be able to adjust your recipe card, content, and personas based on the information you’re gathering – which will help you fine tune your strategy and generate more consistent results!Still overwhelmed? Try using the Whole Brain Group’s handy Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses – newly updated for 2016 – to get yourself organized. Originally published Feb 18, 2016 2:00:00 PM, updated August 09 2017last_img read more

Why You Need to Build Links to Your Website and What a Good One Looks Like

first_img HubSpot software In plain English, an inbound link is a link from one website to another website. For example, Originally published Jan 24, 2011 1:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 in order for search engines to rank CNN a little better for the term “global news.” We at HubSpot love the anchortext , and — if included in an article by a major news source — can be a great Inbound links are the unsung hero of successful inbound marketing. They help increase traffic, Link Building this is an inbound link to CNN.com rank better in search engines CNN description is generally used by the person receiving the link. So CNN might say, “I received an inbound link from HubSpot.” (And you’re welcome, CNN. We’d love an inbound link or two from you!) . The Topics: 2. Uses anchortext. ! So how does that work? marketing software , there’s a Link Grader tool that tells customers when they receive a new inbound link and awards that link a grade based on how valuable it is. improve SEO . Great! So should you haphazardly link to yourself in random directories, plead to your grandma to link to you from her cat photo blog, and call it a day? 1. Comes from an authoritative website. So why do you need inbound links? public relationscenter_img So what does a good inbound link look like? Good question! There are three primary qualities that define the quality and stregnth of an inbound link: www.cnn.com No. All inbound links are not treated equally. Instead, you should focus on getting good, healthy inbound links from authoritative sources. In the Sorry folks, your grandmother’s cat blog is wonderful, but will not pass as much authority over to you as a site like say, CNN. inbound Anchortext is the text that “holds” the link. For example, you can link to another site by either writing the URL, or using anchortext ( Inbound links are the “currency” of the internet, and a website rich with inbound links will naturally Two reasons. First, it’s an opportunity to receive referral traffic from another website. An inbound link from a blog is an avenue for that blog’s readers to visit you. But depending on the amount of traffic that blog or website receives, the link may send a low volume of traffic. But what is an inbound link? 3. Has descriptive anchortext. The reason we like anchortext in point #2 is because it gives the linker the opportunity to describe the linked-to site in the link itself. This is great for the person who is receiving the link, because now search engines will have more information about his or her site. For example, I’m sure CNN would prefer the anchor text global news Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack SEO . Do you pay close attention to your links? What strategies do you use to earn healthy inbound links from authoritative sources? win. , respectively). or But there’s something even better with more long-term benefits that inbound links are good for —last_img read more

3 Marketing Lessons From Amazon’s Web Strategy

first_img Topics: Originally published Aug 5, 2011 5:05:00 PM, updated July 28 2017 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack SEO Strategy Compete.com regularly ranks the world’s top websites. Checking out the top 10 lists for sites with the most unique visitors in June 2011, I decided to conduct a deeper investigation into just what it is about these sites that makes them tick.Amazon, sitting at number 7, stood out to me immediately. No surprise here. Amazon is constantly exemplified for its web and marketing prowess. It’s the top case study for how and why marketers should use personalization in their marketing — leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to create a more personalized user experience that increases customer conversion dramatically.In fact, this is true for many of the sites on Compete’s top 10 list, which is why it tops my own list of lessons marketers can learn from Amazon’s web strategy … 1. Use the Crowd to Create “Segments of One” Amazon and many of these sites are brilliant at leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to create “segments of 1,” or segmentation that is so granular it focuses on each individual person and their specific online behavior, wants, and needs.The pages I view and emails I get from Amazon are unique to me. They offer suggestions for books, movies, and other products I might like based on my personal purchase history and shopping patterns. Like Netflix, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and so many other high trafficked sites, Amazon uses the wisdom of the crowd to personalize the user experience and dramatically increase conversion . Marketing Takeaway: Take a hint from Amazon and these other top websites and create a more personalized user experience for your target audience. Leverage the information you can gather from your prospects and customers in order to create fine-grained segments and target messaging and offers that specifically cater to those segments’ individual needs. You’ll find that with this method, you will dramatically increase your conversion rates. 2. Create Tons of Content Amazon has 248,000,000 pages stored in Google’s index. Each of these 248,000,000 pages has the opportunity to rank for any number of keywords in search engines . Now that’s quite a bit of on-page SEO juice! Marketing Takeaway: The more pages you have on your website, the more pages your site can be indexed for in search engines. More pages also means more opportunities for your prospects to find you in search engines and more chances to rank for your business’ top keywords. The best way to create tons of website pages is by blogging. Start a business blog , publish frequently, and make sure each post is search engine optimized for your best keywords. The more optimized content you have, the better your chances will be of getting found online. 3. White Space Is Over-Rated To be honest, it looks like someone threw up their Halloween candy all over Amazon’s web pages, but it doesn’t seem to matter. In fact, really none of Compete’s top 10 sites are particularly Apple-esque in design, which many web designers seem to idolize. Most of them have near zero white space and are chock full of stuff. That said, if they are the top 10 most visited websites, it just goes to show that web design isn’t the most important thing. Rather, being effective is what wins. Marketing Takeaway: Stop obsessing about web design and instead focus on making your website effective. Rather than spending your time and money on making your site look pretty, spend it on optimizing your website pages, creating remarkable content that attracts visitors, and optimizing your site and landing pages for lead generation. Your site can be the prettiest website in the world, but if it doesn’t generate leads and customers for your business, what’s the point? What else can you learn from Amazon’s web strategy? last_img read more

Stop Linking to Our Website or We’ll Call Our Lawyers

first_img… Said nobody, ever.At least that’s what we thought, until @AnneRuthmann (is it okay that we link to you?) tweeted a pretty bewildering story our way. In a nutshell, a lawyer who provides anti-piracy and intellectual property protection services contacted a webmaster and asked her to remove an outbound link from her website that linked to his client’s site.Confusion, amusement, and dismay are all appropriate responses. Let’s dive into the story a little more to see what the heck happened.Oh, and just to clarify the title of this post, we don’t actually want you to stop linking to us ;-)Why a Website Sent a Lawyer to Another Website … Over an Inbound LinkA lawyer at Guardlex contacted Christine at Big Pink Cookie on behalf of their client — whose name Christine graciously removed in her blog post detailing this whole ordeal — asking her to please remove a link from her site that led to their client’s site. Since he works on behalf of the Anti-Piracy Department at Guardlex, which provides services that protect intellectual property, we presume the outbound link was classified as a piracy or intellectual property “problem.”According to the letter sent by the lawyer, the link from Christine’s website resulted in “material financial loses [sic] to the company.”How on earth would an outbound link result in material financial losses to a company, you might ask? Well, we’re going to get into some possibilities in the next section, but according to the letter, it was “due to search engine penalties resulting from the links originating under your control.”According to Christine, the link in question was from a blog post she wrote in 2001. That’s eleven years ago. So in terms of inbound links, it’s a pretty darn good link to get to your website. And the link was made even more valuable due to the fact that it was to an eyeglasses website, coming from a blog post in which Christine discussed the new eyeglasses she received. In other words, it was contextually relevant.I mean, it could have been a little more relevant, like if Christine’s entire website was dedicated 100% to eyeglasses. For example, let’s say I link to a site about men’s clothing in New York. That’s a pretty good link, because it has relevant anchor text and the HubSpot domain has some authority in the SERPs — we create lots of content and our domain isn’t brand spankin’ new. It’s not the best link they could receive because our website isn’t dedicated to talking about men’s clothing in New York, but it still has some helpful qualities. The point of all of this is that links like the one going from Christine’s site typically help your SEO, not hurt it.But even though this link sounds high quality, are there ever any instances in which an inbound link is not good for a website? Could this have been one of them?When an Inbound Link Might Hurt YouSaying an inbound link isn’t good for a website is different than saying it’s bad for a website. There are inbound links that don’t provide value for a website — those that are contextually irrelevant, from domains with low authority, or contain poor anchor text, for example. We’ve written about it in full in our blog post “Deconstructing the Qualities of High Quality Links” if you’d like to learn more. But those links don’t actually hurt the website that’s being linked to. In other words, just because someone doesn’t provide great anchor text doesn’t mean your website will get dinged by Google for it.There is precedent, however, for sites being dinged due to excessive linking from a host of low quality sites. That’s the whole precedent of the Panda updates from 2011! Sites like JCPenney that received hundreds of thousands of links from link farms were dinged in the SERPs when the first Panda updates rolled out. But that’s a much different scenario than Christine’s — her site is far from a link farm, and contains high quality content that I’d certainly want some link juice from.So when else could an inbound link cause damage to your business? Well, I supposed some damage could come if your business was positioned in a negative light on someone else’s website — but wouldn’t that fall under … slander? I don’t know, I didn’t go to law school, but it sure as sugar doesn’t fall under intellectual property and piracy. And the lawyer’s letter states the material financial losses sustained by his client were due to “search engine penalties resulting from the links originating under your control.” So it wasn’t that her link caused potential customers to stop visiting the website in question … it was that the link allegedly caused penalties in the SERPs.Learning From This StoryLike Christine and her hosting company note, it’s her call whether she removes the link to their website — which she did. In fact, the hosting company responded to the lawyer with a bit of an exasperated (and hilarious) tone, saying “We’ve had this discussion with you before: there is no infringement of anything in merely linking to one site from another — case law exists on this. We absolutely will not instruct our users to remove links that violate no statute or our terms of service. Whether they choose to do it on their own is entirely up to them.”So apparently this company is making money off of the notion that inbound links can cause damage to websites. That’s a pretty big bummer, because it means there are tons of businesses out there losing their money to lawyers fighting a fight that doesn’t need to be fought. I’m not saying Guardlex is doing this maliciously — and I’m not saying they aren’t, either. I will say that they offer copyright infringement protection plans on their website, if that sways your decision either way. But this could all be a symptom of a bunch of people not realizing that inbound links aren’t a violation of intellectual property; they’re internet currency that almost always make you more successful, not to mention common courtesy when you’re citing someone else’s content.The internet has been around for a while, but it’s still new in the grand scheme of things, so we’re all still learning “the rules.” And by learning the rules, I mean making them up as we go. And slowly but surely, our legal system is also catching up to those rules we’re putting in place as we all figure out the right way to work with one another on the internet. So while this could all be a huge misunderstanding fueled by lack of knowledge of how internet linking works, we can take it as a cue that not everyone “gets” it yet. And for goodness sake, don’t throw your money out the window because a so-called expert tells you to do something; there’s a chance they’re not much more in-the-know that you are … they might just seem like it.Have you ever asked someone to stop linking to your website? If so, why?Image credit: walknboston Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published Jul 20, 2012 9:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Link Buildinglast_img read more