‘Report unfair food pricing’

first_img31 January 2003The Food Price Monitoring Committee has introduced a toll-free number in a bid to encourage consumers to report acts of predatory food pricing in the food production and supply sector.The toll-free number – 0800 203 216 – administered by the offices of the National Agricultural Marketing Council, is operational between 8am and 4pm on weekdays. An e-mail address, foodprice@namc.co.za, is also in place for this purpose.The Committee was established to investigate unjustified food price hikes and seeks to protect consumers from other irregular practices.Government instituted the strong eight-member committee – headed by Professor Johan Kirsten from the University of Pretoria and deputy chairperson Fikile Mazibuko of the University of Zululand – to ensure transparency around retail prices and their relation to actual costs.Other members include Josephine Hlophe-Nhlapo (Congress of SA Trade Unions), Lumkile Mondi (Transnet), Nonia Rampomane (National Consumer Forum) and Professors Johann Potgieter, Sbu Nkomo and Herman van Schalkwyk.According to Kirsten, consumers form an integral part of the probe, hence it is important that they become actively involved. “We want the public to be the eyes of the Food Price Monitoring Committee,” he said.The Committee’s terms of reference include monitoring the pricing of basic foodstuffs, investigating any sharp or unjustified price increases, determining the competitiveness of production operations, investigating price formation mechanisms within the value chain of basic foodstuffs, and recommending required productivity improvements.It is also expected to investigate collusive, discriminatory or unfair business practices in the basic food value chain, investigate and make recommendations on market inefficiencies and distortions, and investigate incidents of predatory pricing and monopolistic tendenciesSource: BuaNewslast_img read more

South African struggle heroes honoured in Mozambique

first_img14 September 2015The Matola Monument and Interpretative Centre was unveiled in Maputo on Friday in a tribute to the anti-apartheid activists killed by security police in a raid on 30 January 1981.The South African Defence Force of the apartheid government raided the African National Congress (ANC) safe houses in Matola, Maputo and killed 13 members of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) and one Mozambican national.The Mozambican and South African presidents, Filipe Nyusi and Jacob Zuma, both attended the inauguration of the centre. The monument is an effort to redress the historical imbalances in heritage sites, as well as aid social cohesion and nation building.“The unveiling of the memorial will enable South Africa to pay homage to the fallen soldiers and also acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions made by the Mozambicans towards a free, non-racial and democratic South Africa,” the Presidency said.Three red pillars in the centre of the monument are inscribed with the names of those who lost their lives in the raid. The multimedia information centre contains photographs and documents chronicling the anti-apartheid journey, and the joint effort of Mozambique and South African freedom fighters to end apartheid.Nyusi said that through the raid, “the apartheid regime once again showed its true cruel and inhuman face”. He described the attack as “a clear affront against our territorial integrity and sovereignty, our peace and all forms of human rights”.Zuma added: “The opening of this monument stands as a witness of freedom and it also stands as a testament to the resilience of our people. This monument is our testimony to the world that we have conquered in trying times.”Ties that bindThe monument was also a symbol of the strong bonds of friendship between South Africa and Mozambique, Zuma said. “We must together grapple with the strategic questions facing our peoples, such as unemployment, inequality and poverty. We must work together as we face these challenges.”Earlier in the day, the two presidents laid wreaths in Llhanguene Cemetery, at the graves of the victims of the raid. They also unveiled a large collective gravestone for the South African freedom fighters who died at Matola.Source: SAnews.govlast_img read more

News Flash: Steve Jobs Bullied Rivals And Was Kind Of A Dick

first_imgApple fanblogger John Gruber seems to think this letter is just the coolest thing ever, a “stone cold” message that shows “the man did not beat around the bush.”But wait a minute. Let’s look at what happened here.Jobs proposed something to Palm that was “not only wrong,” but also “likely illegal,” as Colligan put it.Colligan refused to do something illegal.As punishment, Jobs threatened to drag Palm into years of bogus patent lawsuits. He was perfectly willing to use (abuse?) the court system to hurt a rival.And we’re supposed to see Jobs as some kind of hero?Keep in mind that the real victims of what Jobs was proposing are front-line engineers whose incomes would be constrained because their bosses had struck a deal not to poach from one another. This was rich guys making deals to screw their engineers and boost their own profits.This was Saint Steven of Cupertino.Worse, Jobs was stupid enough to put this all into writing. Forgive me for being less than impressed.And forgive me for thinking that this casts Apple’s crazy legal war against Samsung in a new light. Maybe isn’t all about “principles,” as Tim Cook likes to say. Do you reckon the CEO at Samsung has threatening letters just like this one somewhere in his files? Behind The ScenesAs it happens, back in 2007 when this was taking place I knew some of the parties involved and they were regaling me with stories about how Jobs losing his nut over Palm. The paper trail that is coming to light now barely touches the surface of what Jobs was doing.The stories I heard involved epic temper tantrums, angry phone calls, screaming matches, people from Palm being summoned to Jobs’s office at Apple and shouted at, threatened, insulted, belittled, by a grown man acting like a spoiled 5-year-old. And why? Just because Steve Jobs thought he should have the smartphone market all to himself.Just, wow. Image courtesy of Reuters. Apple, Google and Intel are being sued for striking a secret agreement among themselves not to poach employees from each other. Which is, um, how should we put this? Not kosher? “Likely illegal,” is how Ed Colligan, former CEO of Palm, described it when they asked him to join the devil’s bargain. Because, yeah. Turns out it’s frowned upon when companies collude to keep workers from making as much money as they can.The pact now may come back to haunt these companies as employees are suing them over lost wages. The damages could run into the hundreds of millions.But the best part, as always, is the treasure trove of documents coming out in discovery. The best ones are the ones that show Apple CEO Steve Jobs throwing temper tantrums and threatening lawsuits when competitors hire away his engineers.  (The Verge has a great rundown with lots of documents.)The best one, reproduced below, is a threatening letter Jobs wrote to Colligan in 2007. Jobs was furious because Jon Rubinstein, a former top engineering exec at Apple (he led development of the iPod) had joined Palm to create a new smartphone platform and was recruiting talent out of Apple. Never mind that Ruby, as he’s known, had left Apple more than a year before, and was semi-retired and living in Mexico when Palm lured him off the beach to come run their team. Jobs viewed Ruby as a traitor. Because, apparently once you’ve worked at Apple you can never compete with Apple, ever again. Who knew?Thermonuclear, Part OneIn a statement he provided for the lawsuit, Colligan says that in August 2007 Jobs called him and said that if Palm did not strike a no-hire pact with Apple, Apple would sue Palm for patent infringement. Wait, patents? Apple was going to use patents as a weapon? Who’da thunk it? Colligan told Jobs to get stuffed, and reminded him that Palm, a longtime phone maker, had patents of its own. Jobs fired back with the following letter reminding Colligan of the “asymmetry in the financial resources of our respective companies,” which when translated into English means, We have way more money than you do and can tie you up in court forever and destroy you financially. Check it out: Tags:#Apple#Google#Intel#Palm#Steve Jobs 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting dan lyonslast_img read more

Modi govt has put India as US junior partner: Yechury

first_imgJaipur, Sep 10 (PTI) CPI(M) today attacked the NDA government over its relations with the US, saying the Narendra Modi-led dispensation has established India as a junior partner of America at the global level which will have serious implications on our relations with China and Pakistan.”Indo-US ties now give an impression that India is a junior partner of America. Due to this, Indias image as a leader of developing countries has suffered a setback,” CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury told reporters at a press conference here.He also alleged that Indias policies to allow foreign direct investment (FDI) in various sectors was for the US companies “which will have serious implications on labourers”.Yechury slammed the Modi government over the joint Indo-US naval exercise “Malabar”, held near South China sea in which Japan also participated, saying, “it gave wrong signals to our neighbours”.”It is like the US has given Jaagirdari of South Asia to India. This will have serious implications, be it our relations with China or to have a dialogue to resolve the issues in Kashmir. The relations of Pakistan with the US are well known and this will have its impact on Indias efforts in Kashmir,” he said.Asked about the present situation in Kashmir, Yechury said, the government did nothing.”Under our pressure, the government agreed to send a delegation of parliamentarians to Kashmir. Dialogue is the only process to resolve the issue there, but the government is not taking any initiative on its own,” he said. PTI SDA SMJadvertisementlast_img read more

Suffering from Beginner’s Blogging Block? Get Over It!

first_img Blogging get indexed by search engines more frequently for more keywords Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack This condition is closely related to (maybe you!) in something your customers care about, no matter how obscure your product or service. In fact, the more obscure, the less likely it is that someone else is already out there sharing great content on the topic. . Blogger Takeaway . Blogger Takeaway: siness topics with more than ten bloggers regularly contributing content. , which typically occurs only once blogging has begun. mean that even though readers have more choices, they also have more customized content results. Being the result for a really unique search probably means you have the answer, product or advice the reader is seeking. What a great way to qualify! , often hesitating to launch a blog for fear that their hard work will only add to the clutter. . Blogging is a forgiving medium that allows you to move quickly. Most companies agonize over every word of copy on a Web page that customers see every day. With a blog, there is a new post every few days and a more conversational tone is expected. Blogs give you the freedom to create content easily so you Long tail keywords Originally published Feb 23, 2010 8:30:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 . : You and I might not initially gravitate to a solder paste blog — but recognize that almost any highly technical product with multiple applications has a veritable treasure trove of possible blog articles. This is your chance to share ideas, advice and news that will have people coming back to you for more thought leadership. major chimney sweeping scam in the region “Sure. That’s easy for you to say, Kirsten. You’re at HubSpot with a crew of pro-blogger types and a company culture and value proposition that promotes the whole idea of blogging.”  This developer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty alloys and solders maintains multiple blogs across technical and bu Fair, but here are a couple of great examples of bloggers in different industries who have figured out how to achieve blogging success in a crowded environment on topics that, at first blush, might seem esoteric or limited. Register for the webinar I could regale you with With more and more people contributing to the blogosphere (hundreds of millions of blogs are indexed by Technorati), it keeps getting harder to catch readers’ attentions.  This means a lot of would-be bloggers question their ability tocenter_img Register for the Webinar: How to Create a Blog Factory Photo by Martin Kingsley Topics: Your product or service might not be the stuff of major motion pictures, but that doesn’t make it uninteresting. In fact, information about the seemingly-mundane topic of your chimney was the perfect opportunity for Billy Sweet to fill a void in a niche area. Consumers today don’t know where to go for this type of service, so they Google or Bing it. You can be sure that Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep comes up at the top for results in the Boston-area.  Someone at your company is an expert Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep potentially drive additional traffic and leads to his or her business Want more blogging ideas?  Blogger’s Block create content that is interesting and timely , but instead, I’ll encourage you to take the next five minutes to jot down a few topics you might blog about. and then evaluate if maybe you do have what it takes to jump in.  Break down that Beginner’s Blogging Block with a catalog of ideas that draws on common FAQs, customer concerns and success, best practices, your take on industry news, etc.  You may find that you’ve got 20 great article ideas just waiting to be written! Create a Blog Factory that Delivers Customers 1. Indium Indium’s blogs by Kirsten Knipp and Jeffrey Henning, the voice of other stories of bloggers who decided to jump in and are seeing results , to learn about how to This Boston-area service company that specializes in all things chimney, ranging from inspections and sweeping to entire rebuilds, began blogging in 2009, helping to triple website traffic and double online leads. The team at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep found that consumers were getting a lot of misinformation about chimney services and seized the opportunity to set the record straight with a blog series that gives answers to frequently asked questions. The blog has even helped consumers protect themselves against a Why should you jump into blogging anyway? 2. Vovici’s remarkable blog , including a Chinese language series, are particularly useful because the community using solder paste and related products is highly technical and seeks advice and support when they are creating new electronic designs. The gives Indium a vibrant platform for prospect research and customer interaction, drawing folks into their site like a giant content magnet. Beginner’s Blogging Block is a condition associated with blogging whereby a would-be blogger feels unable to begin a blog that couldlast_img read more

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Articles to Start the Week: The Myth of Marketing Magic

first_img Author: 4. 3 Ways to Kill and Reinvent Your About Page 1. Photo by Kevin O’Mara using video to share your personality Dedicate the time. Marketing Takeaway: word-of-mouth culture His 5 best practices are: By focusing on the simple, yet important point that there is no single tactic that will garner marketing success every time, Jay’s short article emphasizes that Consider the qualities that make companies referable. Can you instill any of them in your company to attract new business from referals? of Marketing Takeaway: Brian’s article identifies some best practices businesses should be aware of when undertaking social media participation. He recognizes the benefits of engagement, which include expanding market opportunities, building brand awareness, stimulating demand, and engendering loyalty and advocacy. , etc. , Free Webinar: Website Redesign for 2010 Author: , think about testing smaller, cost-effective changes. You may be surprised at the results. on Conquer your fears. Topics: Inbound Marketing 5. recognizes that the businesses that get the most out of referals possess certain, similar qualities.  It’s not that they’ve implemented a better process for getting clients/partners to refer them, it’s just that they’re more referable. John’s guest article, an excerpt from his new book, Listen and research to learn and contribute. Don’t overlook low-hanging fruit to improve your site visitors’ experience. ProBlogger he believes small businesses shouldn’t forget about: how many website visitors end up your “About Us” page.  While the “About Us” page is often overlooked by marketers (though not by your site visitors), he thinks it offers an important opportunity to share your company’s backstory. Rohit Bhargava 2. Influential Marketing Blog ChrisBrogan.com and leveraging slide presentations. The Referal Engine Use engagement as the new customer service and marketing. Originally published May 17, 2010 7:00:00 AM, updated July 19 2013 Rohit’s article focuses on one of the more neglected, yet valuable Before you decide to John Jantschcenter_img Jay specifically gears his article toward entrepreneurs, who he believes share a common misconception that there exists a magical marketing formula that will attract customers no matter what your business is, what you have to offer or how much effort you exert.  Instead, marketers should keep in mind that there are no one-size-fits-all marketing programs, and that initiatives need to be individualized and targeted depending on a number of factors. Marketing Takeaway: What’s Your Referability Factor? You can’t put your marketing on autopilot and expect results. Effective marketing requires hard work. inbound marketing James Dunworth on Marketing Takeaway: OPEN Forum . Download the Webinar Now on John also identifies and describes the qualities that make companies more referable, which include building trust, treating staff as customers, hiring ideal employees, emphasizing a Social Media Best Practices for Business Establish an attractive and expansive presence. 3. social media marketing makeover your entire website effective marketing The Marketing Spot mindset for the week reminds us all of a simple truth: there is no magic marketing formula that will work for you every time. Our top choice of articles to put you in the Jay Ehret Understand general best practices before you dive headfirst into Author: Small Changes That Lead to Big Results Brian Solis While James recognizes these changes may not work for everyone, he encourages readers to test and track new, small changes to their sites to see how they perform.  Can you do something minor that might have the potential for major results? Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. James’ article expands upon this concept, pointing out three changes he implemented on his own site, each in under an hour, that made a big impact on profits and revenue. takes work.  There is No Magic Marketing Formula He also offers a few tips for improving and reinventing your company’s “About Us” page, by creating better and more human writing, Author: and learn how to turn your website into an internet marketing machine. on Author: metrics Learn how to redesign your website with an internet marketing strategy in mind with Mike Volpe, HubSpot’s VP of Marketing. Marketing Takeaway: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

7 Common Website Redesign Mistakes

first_img Topics: The following list is from my own personal experience building a website and are things I wish I knew then.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should act as a good primer.Free Workbook: How to Plan a Successful Website RedesignWebsite Redesign Mistakes to Avoid 1.  Do not use your domain name in your page title.  Instead use keyword rich text separated by |(pipes). Put your most important keywords first.  If you want to include your company name and you have characters remaining, put it at the end.  Here is an example of a solid page title that includes the company name.  Plumbing & Heating | Emergency | South End Boston | XYZ Plumbing Company 2.  Do not make your page titles and your H1 tags drastically different.   Once you’ve created your page title, make sure your URL and your H1 tags align thematically.  You don’t want them to be exactly the same, but make sure you give the search engines all the information they need to confirm what is on that page. 3. Do not make your page title and your meta description a mirror image of one another.   The page title will be seen on your actual web page.  Your page title is essentially for the search engines and your meta description is to draw a searcher in. The meta description will show up in the search engines organic search results.  Think of this as your 30-second elevator pitch.  Why should the searcher click on your link? Just make sure it is fewer than 150 characters.Below is an example of the page title and meta description you would see if you typed HubSpot in the search box. 4.  Do not include another company’s name in your blog URL.   Blogging platforms are perfectly good services, but you don’t want your hard earned SEO credit to resolve itself with anyone but you.  It can be difficult to migrate large amounts of blog content after the fact.  That’s not to say it can’t be done, but save yourself the hassle.  Make sure you either create a sub-domain or a sub-directory right out of the gate. Examples of a sub-domain and a sub-directory are blog.hubspot.com or www.hubspot.com/blog .  This way you will get all the SEO juice that goes along with creating a killer blog. 5. Do not use Flash.   Flash is great looking for sure, but search engines can’t read flash.  If you have an entire flash site, in the search engines ‘mind,’ you have a blank site.  A blank site equals zero indexed pages. Zero indexed pages equals very little traffic. We did a review of a site that used flash last week.  There were actually 234 pages, but when run through WebsiteGrader.com , there were zero pages indexed by Google. If you want to use flash in some places, use it sparingly.  6.  Do not skip over the step of implementing a 301 redirect.   If you don’t do this, you are splitting up your SEO credit in two different places.  You want www.yourcompany.com and yourcompany.com to resolve to one domain.  It only takes a matter of minutes to do and it will give you points in the eyes of the search engines. 7.  Do not insert images without telling the search engines what those images are.   Search engines can’t tell what images are and it just looks like blank space to them. As smart as they are, you need to direct them a little bit. There are three ways you can do this.  The first is to use alt text when you upload the photos to describe what the image is.  Type in a few descriptive words to let those crawlers know what the image is all about.  The second way to help the search engines is to use detailed files names.  Lastly, putting a caption around the image will help too.Hope this list of tips will get you off to a great start with your website. Originally published Oct 26, 2010 1:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017 Website Redesign Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

French players crash press conference to celebrate World Cup triumph

first_imgFrance became the sixth nation to become multiple-time World Champions on Sunday after defeating Croatia 4-2 in the final at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow to lift their second World Cup.Mario Mandzukic scored an own goal to give Russia the lead before Ivan Perisic scored to restore parity. However, he soon handled the ball in the penalty area and France got a penalty after a VAR review. Antoine Griezmann slotted home from the spot to give France a 2-1 lead at half time.France came out all guns blazing in the second half and within the first 20 minutes, Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe scored two stunning goals to give France a 4-1 lead.Mandzukic did get one back, courtesy a blunder from Hugo Lloris but in the end, France had done enough.2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: FULL COVERAGEEspecially after the agonising loss of European Championships 2016, this young team needed the win in Russia and as expected the celebrations were going to last long.They could be seen dancing, smiling and talking on the pitch before and after the presentation ceremony and the celebrations transcended to their press conference as well.Also read – France beat Croatia 4-2 to become FIFA World Cup 2018 championsAs videos across social media show, as soon as France coach Didier Deschamps sat for the press conference, players barged into the room and started celebrating their victory.#France players invade Didier Deschamp’s press conference pic.twitter.com/PRtcUBOtXlSoccer Life (@FCSoccerlife) July 15, 2018Some stood on the table, some held Deschamps and some just danced but they were all visibly buoyed by their achievement and they showed.advertisementGriezmann, the Man-of-the-Match in the final stood near Deschamps singing and celebrating the victory that was close to the hearts of each of them. A moment they would never forget!Also read – FIFA World Cup 2018: Full list of prize winnersFrance lifted the World Cup trophy for the second time in 20 years after 90 minutes of riveting football, with the game witnessing six goals for the first time since 1958.France really got some juicy vibes RT @GFFN: Presnel Kimpembe keeps up appearances as the teams DJ as the dressing room celebrations ensue. pic.twitter.com/ewZvaTyBn4epon gbigbona enieleni (@badmankayy) July 16, 2018Brazil had beaten hosts Sweden 5-2 on that occasion at the Rasunda Stadium, Solna.Also read – World Cup 2018: Putin gets his own umbrella as world leaders get drenched in rainPele had become the first teenager to score in a World Cup final in that match and on Sunday, Kylian Mbappe repeated the feat in France’s win.France manager Didier Deschamps became just the third person to win the World Cup as a player and as a coach. Deschamps was captain of the France squad that won the World Cup on home soil in 1998.That moment in France #WorldCup winning dressing room Benjamin Mendy & Paul Pogba make French president Emmanuel Macron dab#FRA#WorldCupFinal pic.twitter.com/Vp9vZHJAMC#ViveLaFrance #championdumonde #CoupeDuMonde2018 #francewins #dabbing #follo4follo #folloMe #FOLLOW #FRACROAlexCam (@followalexcam) July 15, 2018With France’s 4-2 win over Croatia in the final in Moscow, he joins Franz Beckenbauer (Germany) and Mario Zagallo (Brazil) in an elite trio that has won the title on the field and from the bench.Also read – France youngest team since Pele’s 1970 triumphant Brazil to win World CupAfter all the mayhem had subsided, Deschamps did complete the press conference.”My greatest source of pride is they had they right state of mind,” Deschamps, who had captained France to the 1998 title, told reporters.”Today there were imperfections, we did not do everything right but we had those mental and psychological qualities which were decisive for this World Cup.”Also read – France equal 60-year-old record to win second World Cup”Talent is not sufficient. You need the psychological and mental aspects. Any team is then able to climb mountains,” Deschamps said. “Sometimes I can be hard very hard with them but I do it for them and even though they are young they usually do listen.””The collective is always important but there are individual players who have made the difference,” he said, naming Mbappe and man-of-the-match Antoine Griezmann.Also read – Antoine Griezmann soaks in surreal atmosphere after France win World Cup”Those 23 players will now be linked forever whatever happens. They will go different paths but will forever be linked together and from today nothing will be the same professionally because they are world champions. “We will realise what has happened tomorrow,” he said after his players stormed the news conference twice to douse him with champagne. “At the moment they do not know what it is to be world champions.”advertisementAlso read – France win World Cup 2018: Coach Didier Deschamps says it is ‘marvellous’The 49-year-old coach, who also led France to the Euro 2016 final only to lose in Paris to Portugal, said that defeat may have been key to winning the World Cup.”Maybe if we were Euro champions we would not have been world champions today. I learned a lot from that defeat,” he said.”The Euro final was different. We tried to stay relaxed this time and the players knew what they had to do and what was at stake.”(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

Pinterest FAQs, Browser Bookmarks, and More in HubSpot Content This Week

first_img Originally published Feb 9, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Topics: Pinterest Marketing Here’s a question: How do you become a better inbound marketer?  Well, for starters, there’s experience. By showing up everyday, putting in the work, and learning from those around you, you’ll naturally get better at what you do. Practice, after all, makes perfect.But for those marketers who have a healthy obsession with self-improvement and want to become inbound marketing experts, there’s a lot you can do to fast-track your progress. From checking out the best content on the web for inspiration, to leveraging tools that make you more efficient, to reading up on advice from industry experts, there are quite a few educational resources online that can help you become a better marketer.Not sure where you can find those resources? Just scroll down and you’ll find plenty featured on Inbound Hub this past week.20 Browser Bookmarks Every Marketer Should Install [SlideShare]Looking for some online inspiration for your marketing? You could do a simple search for what you’re interested in. You could also find some good stuff on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the like. Or, you could simply check out these awesome marketing articles, tools, and other resources that we’ve collected and neatly packaged for you. Go ahead and bookmark ’em — you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration.Pinterest FAQs: Answers to 11 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to AskHere’s the thing: If you want to become a master of a particular tool or discipline — including Pinterest — asking questions is indispensable to helping you learn. In this new post, we’ve compiled (and answered) 11 of the most common questions we’ve heard about Pinterest to give you the down-low on best practices for the social platform.How to Brainstorm Content Ideas in a Fast, Easy, Visual WayIf you’re a marketer with 99 problems, there’s a good chance content creation is one of them. And for many marketers, it isn’t actually the writing or creating that’s the problem — it’s figuring out what the heck you should create! In this recent post, we present to you our Content Brainstorming Key: an interactive document that guides you through the content ideation process.How to Write Effective and Engaging Meta DescriptionsThe best part about this post? Its meta description is about writing meta descriptions … how meta! In the post from our Insiders section, we show you how to turn the unceremonious meta description into a compelling call-to-action that convinces searchers to click through to your content.”They Said Email Was Dying”: How BuzzFeed Revived the Email NewsletterWhen thinking of the websites you can look to for marketing advice and inspiration, BuzzFeed probably wouldn’t be the first site you think of. But guess what? When it comes to email newsletters, BuzzFeed is one of the best. Need proof? The site offers 14 different newsletters to cater to different interests, and all of its emails are mobile-optimized. Hit the jump to learn more!How Salesforce Reached $3B in Revenue by Improving Management ProductivityWish your sales organization was a lean, mean, money-making machine? Good news: Elay Cohen, Salesforce.com’s former SVP of sales productivity, has some great advice for you. In his post, featured on Inbound Hub’s Sales section, Elay walks through three key steps to improving management productivity.Check Out This Insane Super Bowl Ad That Hardly Anybody SawI think the moral of this Dan Lyons story — which ran in our Opinion section — is this: No matter how small, local, or niche your business is, you can still make a splash with stellar content. Dan highlights a ridiculously action-packed Super Bowl ad for a personal injury lawyer that only aired in the Savannah, Georgia area. Words can’t really do it justice … but I promise you that “justice” is a major theme in this explosive TV spot.What was the most interesting thing you learned this week on Inbound Hub? What do you want to see more of? Leave your feedback in the comments! Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Facebook Says These Are the 15 Best Brands on Facebook

first_img Topics: On April 29, Facebook announced the winners of the third annual Facebook Studio Awards — Facebook’s way of recognizing brands and agencies from around the world creating great campaigns. With 1.28 billion monthly users and access to a trove of consumer data, companies of all shapes and sizes have integrated the social media platform with their marketing in an attempt to attract and engage today’s digital consumers. The winners of this year’s Facebook Studio Awards were selected based on three criteria:1) Craft & ExecutionQuality of visuals, aesthetics, and copywritingImpact in peoples’ News FeedsRelevance to audience and brand2) Scale & ExecutionDid the campaign reach the intended audience?Did you reach people where they spend the most time on Facebook’s News Feed and mobile?Use of Facebook marketing products to extend campaign reach3) ResultsCampaign impact on overall business goalsThe ROI of the campaignSo, without further adieu, here are the companies and agencies who created the most engaging and successful campaigns on Facebook in the past year …Blue Awards: The Best of the Best 1) If We Made ItAgency: Droga5Client: Heineken USAThis year, the average 30 second advertisement slot during the Super Bowl cost four million dollars. The “If We Made It” parody campaign was Newcastle Brown Ale’s creative way of stealing the spotlight at a fraction of the cost. Newcastle’s “If We Made It” Campaign satirically showed the world what their Super Bowl campaign would have looked like, if only they could have afforded to actually create it.The campaign featured teasers for the ads they would have made. They announced actress Anna Kendrick and football Hall of Famer Keyshawn Johnson as the stars they would have used in their commercials. Newcastle even released the storyboards and the footage of the focus groups that would have been, for the campaign that never was. Facebook StatsOver 5.6 million impressionsOver 1.3 million engagements1.16 million video views69,000 Likes16,000 shares8,000 commentsThe Big PictureBrand awareness grew 5%Purchase consideration grew 19% among their target2) Facebook for Good Blue Award: Trial by TimelineCompany: Colenso BBDOClient: Amnesty InternationalAmnesty International is a New Zealand-based human rights organization committed to the civil liberties of every person on Earth. The purpose of the Trial by Timeline campaign was to highlight that a person’s civil liberties should never be taken for granted.Trial by Timeline analyzed Facebook users’ personal profiles, looking at who you were friends with, everything you had ever Liked, posted, or written, as well as all of your personal information. Then, taking into account everything that you had ever said or done on Facebook, Trial by Timeline sentenced Facebook users to hundreds of punishments that they would have received in various parts of the world.The campaign has attracted 340,000 unique visits with an average visit duration of 7:27 minutes, and increased the Amnesty International New Zealand Facebook community more than 500%.Gold Awards: The Best of the Rest1) Facebook for Good Gold Award: Bentley BurialCompany: Leo Burnett Tailor MadeClient: ABTO — Brazilian Association of Organ TransplantThe Bentley Burial campaign was designed to draw attention to the problem of burying healthy organs that could be used to save lives. In order to achieve this goal, Brazilian millionaire, Count Chiquinho Scarpa, posted on his Facebook Page that he was planning to bury his half-million-dollar Bentley. Scarpa then used his Facebook page to convince Brazilians he was serious by posting pictures of the preparation for the burial.The campaign drew remarkable media coverage. On the day of the burial, Scarpa announced in front of all of Brazil’s major media outlets that he would not actually bury his car. He then used the opportunity to draw parallels with the car burial, and organs being buried when they could be used to save lives.The campaign reached more than 172 million people through social media and organ donations increased by 31.5% in a single month following the Bentley Burial campaign.2) Try My HybridCompany: Saatchi & Saatchi NorwayClient: Toyota NorwayTry My Hybrid is a service featuring real Norwegian Toyota hybrid owners who allows strangers to test-drive their cars at no cost. Toyota then turned to their Facebook page to promote the campaign and to recruit hybrid owners to take part in the Try My Hybrid service.The campaign resulted in 1.65 million unique visitors to the Try My Hybrid website as well as hundreds of PR stories and a number of awards. Silver Awards: Tier Three1) FootifyFMCompany: Clemenger BBDOClient: National Australia BankThe NAB, a major sponsor of the Australian Football League, noticed that despite being the third most multicultural country in the world, their biggest sporting events were still only being broadcast in one language.FootifyFM culminated in a live broadcast of the 2013 AFL Grand Final in Australia’s 10 most popular languages. The site used Facebook to find commentators for each of the 10 languages and to build awareness of their initiative to bring Australia’s national sports everyone.2) Léon VivienCompany DDB ParisClient: Musée de la Grande Guerre (Museum of the Great War)The Léon Vivien campaign was carried out entirely using a Facebook company page. However, rather than create a typical company page, the page focused on telling the personal story of Léon Vivian, a man who lived through WWI. The page was treated as if it were 1914 again and Léon was updating the page himself discussing his thoughts and sharing images with the world.The Facebook page attracted 50,000 fans in just two weeks as well as 7,500 shares and 6,500 comments. The Museum of the Great War saw a 45% increase in museum visitors following the Léon Vivien campaign.3) Social FlyerCompany: North StrategicClient: FGL Sports Ltd.For decades, Sport Chek’s promotions were featured exclusively on their paper flyer. The company realized that people were no longer reading the paper flyer and that their target market of 18-34 year olds was consuming most of their media online. In order to reach this demographic, Sport Chek created the Social Flyer — a digital version of the paper flyer — on Facebook. Sport Chek has engaged an audience of more than 700,000 fans and saw a 1.6x positive return on their Social Flyer campaign.4) Facebook for Good Silver Award: The Most Powerful ArmCompany: Finch, Havas Worldwide AustraliaClient: Save Our SonsTo raise awareness about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a disease suffered by young males that results it loss of motor function in the arms and legs before the age of 13, Save Our Sons created “The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented.”The mechanical arm signs signatures on a petition to the government asking them to match all donations dollar for dollar. Anyone can sign the petition by going to TheMostPowerfulArm.com and allowing the website to access their basic Facebook information. People can then watch as the robotic arms signs their name on the petition via live stream. A picture of their name is then immediately posted to their Facebook timelines to help spread awareness about the campaign and to encourage others to sign the petition as well.The campaign generated over 6.5 million Facebook impressions and, more importantly, resulted in over 32,000 signatures. 5) The Smart Phone LineCompany: Colenso BBDO/AIM ProximityClient: Samsung New ZealandSamsung used Facebook and Twitter in order to get their fans to launch the new Galaxy S4 smartphone for them. Rather than have customers wait in line outside of their stores for the new product, Samsung had their fans wait in a virtual line on Facebook and Twitter.Every day for the last two weeks leading up to the launch, Samsung gave people who had signed up for the virtual line features of the new product to promote via their social media accounts. The more engagement people’s posts generated, the further ahead they would move in the virtual line.The campaign resulted in 51,728 Facebook stories and the total number of people reached through organic sharing on social media was 15,345,413.6) Wendy’s Bacon Portabella Melt on BriocheCompany: VMLClient: Wendy’sWhen tasked with selling the new burger, the advertising agency realized that the biggest problem would be to convince people to order the new burger despite its challenging name.To spark conversations and awareness about the new burger online, the agency decided to butcher the pronunciation of the bun in their own advertisements. As expected, the ads received thousands of comments from people eager to criticize the advertisers for their mistake.  The campaign resulted in 1.7 million total engagements and Wendy’s attracted more than 50,000 new Facebook fans.Bronze Awards: Tier Four1) Made By YouCompany: FoxyMoronClient: Worldwide MediaThe magazine Femina India created the first fully crowd-sourced magazine issue by giving Indian women the chance to run the magazine themselves.The ‘Made By You’ Facebook application was then launched and focused on the simple idea that the magazine offered women the space to share their own stories. The application was used to collect basic information about the women and their personal stories. The company also used Facebook ads and promoted Facebook posts to grow awareness. The campaign reached a total of 2.97 million Facebook users, 12.1 million Facebook impressions, and resulted in 41,435 new fans.  2) Playland Hot SeatCompany: Rethink CommunicationsClient: PlaylandPlayland sent eight teenagers to Vancouver’s premier amusement park for free. The catch: Playland’s Facebook fans controlled their experience, selecting the rides. All of the action was captured using GoPro cameras and relayed to the Facebook audience via live stream. By engaging with the Playland site and content, fans were given more control over the teens and fans could also play trivia games to win prizes. The campaign reached 266,775 Facebook users and generated 566,914 total impressions and 28,961 fans in the process. 3) Reclaim Your AngusCompany: 72andSunnyClient: CKEWhen McDonald’s discontinued their angus burger, their customers took to social media to voice their discontent. Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s saw this as an opportunity to go after some of the McDonald’s customer base. The company created videos featuring CKE’s CEO responding directly to fans and uploaded them to Facebook as sponsored stories. CKE also used the Facebook Power Editor to target angry McDonald’s fans. 4) The Hornbach HammerCompany: HEIMAT BerlinClient: Hornbach Baumarkt AGHornbach announced on its Facebook page that it had purchased a tank, but did not reveal what the tank was actually for. Through Facebook posts highlighting the transformation, Hornbach slowly revealed that the tank was being transformed into a new product, the Hornbach Hammer.There were only 7,000 Hornbach Hammers created and the first sales were limited to Hornbach Facebook fans. The awareness created on Facebook caused the hammer to sell out just two hours after it officially went on sale in stores and online.5) The Longest Bench In The WorldCompany: ContextaClient: SO Appenzeller Käse GmbH (Appenzeller cheese)Appenzeller cheese advertises their famous Swiss cheeses with three herdsmen on a bench in Appenzellerland Switzerland. The company used their Facebook page to invite their fans to participate in the attempt to break the world record for the world’s largest wooden bench.Through Facebook, Appenzeller fans could reserve their own personal seat on the bench and view step by step images of the construction. Within just a few days, 660 meters of seating on the virtual bench had already been reserved by fans. Throughout the course of the campaign, Appenzeller attracted more than 6,000 new fans, a 150% increase, as well as half a million people from 66 countries around the world that became aware of Appenzeller cheese as a result.Which of these campaigns is your favorite? Brand Awareness Originally published May 2, 2014 11:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more