Suffering from Beginner’s Blogging Block? Get Over It!

first_img Blogging get indexed by search engines more frequently for more keywords Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack This condition is closely related to (maybe you!) in something your customers care about, no matter how obscure your product or service. In fact, the more obscure, the less likely it is that someone else is already out there sharing great content on the topic. . Blogger Takeaway . Blogger Takeaway: siness topics with more than ten bloggers regularly contributing content. , which typically occurs only once blogging has begun. mean that even though readers have more choices, they also have more customized content results. Being the result for a really unique search probably means you have the answer, product or advice the reader is seeking. What a great way to qualify! , often hesitating to launch a blog for fear that their hard work will only add to the clutter. . Blogging is a forgiving medium that allows you to move quickly. Most companies agonize over every word of copy on a Web page that customers see every day. With a blog, there is a new post every few days and a more conversational tone is expected. Blogs give you the freedom to create content easily so you Long tail keywords Originally published Feb 23, 2010 8:30:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 . : You and I might not initially gravitate to a solder paste blog — but recognize that almost any highly technical product with multiple applications has a veritable treasure trove of possible blog articles. This is your chance to share ideas, advice and news that will have people coming back to you for more thought leadership. major chimney sweeping scam in the region “Sure. That’s easy for you to say, Kirsten. You’re at HubSpot with a crew of pro-blogger types and a company culture and value proposition that promotes the whole idea of blogging.”  This developer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty alloys and solders maintains multiple blogs across technical and bu Fair, but here are a couple of great examples of bloggers in different industries who have figured out how to achieve blogging success in a crowded environment on topics that, at first blush, might seem esoteric or limited. Register for the webinar I could regale you with With more and more people contributing to the blogosphere (hundreds of millions of blogs are indexed by Technorati), it keeps getting harder to catch readers’ attentions.  This means a lot of would-be bloggers question their ability tocenter_img Register for the Webinar: How to Create a Blog Factory Photo by Martin Kingsley Topics: Your product or service might not be the stuff of major motion pictures, but that doesn’t make it uninteresting. In fact, information about the seemingly-mundane topic of your chimney was the perfect opportunity for Billy Sweet to fill a void in a niche area. Consumers today don’t know where to go for this type of service, so they Google or Bing it. You can be sure that Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep comes up at the top for results in the Boston-area.  Someone at your company is an expert Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep potentially drive additional traffic and leads to his or her business Want more blogging ideas?  Blogger’s Block create content that is interesting and timely , but instead, I’ll encourage you to take the next five minutes to jot down a few topics you might blog about. and then evaluate if maybe you do have what it takes to jump in.  Break down that Beginner’s Blogging Block with a catalog of ideas that draws on common FAQs, customer concerns and success, best practices, your take on industry news, etc.  You may find that you’ve got 20 great article ideas just waiting to be written! Create a Blog Factory that Delivers Customers 1. Indium Indium’s blogs by Kirsten Knipp and Jeffrey Henning, the voice of other stories of bloggers who decided to jump in and are seeing results , to learn about how to This Boston-area service company that specializes in all things chimney, ranging from inspections and sweeping to entire rebuilds, began blogging in 2009, helping to triple website traffic and double online leads. The team at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep found that consumers were getting a lot of misinformation about chimney services and seized the opportunity to set the record straight with a blog series that gives answers to frequently asked questions. The blog has even helped consumers protect themselves against a Why should you jump into blogging anyway? 2. Vovici’s remarkable blog , including a Chinese language series, are particularly useful because the community using solder paste and related products is highly technical and seeks advice and support when they are creating new electronic designs. The gives Indium a vibrant platform for prospect research and customer interaction, drawing folks into their site like a giant content magnet. Beginner’s Blogging Block is a condition associated with blogging whereby a would-be blogger feels unable to begin a blog that couldlast_img read more

30 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips From 2011

first_imgWith so many great social media marketing tips getting shared in the blogosphere, we wanted to pass along some of the best tips and ideas that came up in 2011. These are tips that, if you haven’t benefitted from them yet, are evergreen enough that you can continue to leverage them well into 2012 to make your social media marketing rock.1. Write blog content for your target audience, which is not necessarily yourself. This happens with startups a lot. They blog about being entrepreneurs, which is great – if your target audience is entrepreneurs. Blog about the things that your community wants to know about. (Source: Mark Suster)2. If you’re going to use social media for customer service, mirror your hours of operation on Twitter to the hours of operation you have for your support team. (Source: Jeff Esposito)3. Measure social media ROI by analyzing how it performs compared to more established channels or advertising methods. It’s not comparing apples-to-apples when it comes to cost, but you can compare the quality of traffic they drive to your website. (Source: The Next Web)4. Mobile check-in deals aren’t just for restaurants and bars. See how one medical practice creatively offered a special to his tech-savvy patients for checking in. It’s something any small business marketer can learn from. (Source: Mashable)5. How frequently you blog does count. Businesses that blog daily generate 5 times more traffic than those that post only weekly or daily. (Source: Social Media Examiner) Bonus tip: need ideas for all that content? Here’s 100 of them to get you started.6. Hashtag-stuffing tweets doesn’t work. A study from Argyle Social shows that (in their sample) tweets with hashtags got 5% fewer click-throughs than those without hashtags. (Source: Social Media B2B)7. If you follow more people than are following you, you could harm your Twitter account’s SEO potential. Search engines “trust” those with more Twitter influence, and following many more people than follow you isn’t always an indicator of that. (Source: Marketing Profs)8. Building an online community? Show your power users that you appreciate their contributions. Do this by asking them for feedback, offering prizes and giveaways, and actually saying “thank you” for their interactions, mentions, and good content. (Source: Social Media Today)9. Blog about the problems your product or service solves – not about the product or service. No one cares about you (yet.) Everyone cares about their own problems and if your product or service can help. (Source: Social Fresh)10. Think of marketing as storytelling, and think of your customers as the characters. Think about what motivates them. Measure what patterns they display. Let their actions, wants, and needs drive the story. (Source: Joey Strawn)11. Depressing tweets, vague tweets, tweets about your weight loss – and of course, our favorite, the humblebrag – these are all messages that are better kept to yourself. A little personality is fun. But for the most part, stay professional and positive. And always, always stay classy, of course. (Source: BostInnovation)12. What does your social media strategy really need? It needs to answer simple questions. Who am I speaking to? What do they want from me online? How will this strategy evolve? It’s not tools or tactics or having the perfect definition for either one. It comes down to these basic ideas that are all about tying social media to your businesses needs. (Source: Smart Blogs on Social Media)13. Publishing a blog post on your company blog? Post several tweets of that post and track the success of different times and keywords for your followers. (Source: Social Media B2B)14. Stop talking about yourself if you want more retweets. Want to get more RTs? Of course you do. They drive traffic to your blog posts, can boost SEO, and connect you with with more followers. According to Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella’s latest research, tweets with self-reference get fewer retweets than those with other information. So be relevant, share good information, and don’t make it about yourself. (Source: Dan Zarrella)15. The medium isn’t the message. Remember that Twitter, Facebook, or whatever platform you’re using isn’t the strategy; it’s a tool to distribute your message. (Source: Entrepreneur)16. Choose to measure social media metrics that tell you how you’re doing based on why you’re doing social media in the first place. This will require you to step back and think about why you are tweeting, or why you have a Facebook Page. Is it because you want sales? Then measure conversion rates. Is it for market research? Then monitor trending topics. (Source: Clickz)17. Use geo-location Twitter searches to identify local prospects to connect with. In Twitter’s advanced search, you can refine your search by keyword and location. (Source: Jeff Bullas)18. Use social media data to find your key influencers, outline your media plan, and develop your messaging. By listening to customer conversations on social media, companies can learn a lot of information about their competitors and industries that will help them better craft their marketing programs. (Source: Mashable)19. Create a Facebook group to stay connected with those you meet at conferences months after the last panel. The new Facebook groups aren’t the old “I lost my cell phone number” most people have been invited to at some point. New groups allow you to email content, use collaborative group docs similar to Google Docs (perfect for sharing Twitter usernames or other contact information), and message the whole group at the same time. (Source: Social Fresh)20. Consider the timing of your social media posts – time of day, time of week, and time of year. If you’re posting to your Facebook Page in the mornings but your audience isn’t looking until after office hours, your updates are lost in the mix. If you work for a seasonal brand (think snowboards), how do you need to better tailor your content during the summer vs. the “on-season?” (Source: Search Engine Optimization Journal)21. You don’t need the voice of influencers – you need your brand advocates. Engaging with influencers just for the sake of having someone with 100,000 Twitter followers talk or blog about your product isn’t useful because they aren’t invested in your product. Your brand’s existing advocates are. An influencer might get you quick buzz, but your brand advocates offer longevity. (Source: Danny Brown)22. Have a common name? Use to test personal brand monikers that will work for your social media handles and domain. It’s likely that is already taken, but you can check to see what variations are available so you can create a cohesive personal brand across all social networks. (Source: The Next Web)23. Plan your editorial calendar for what ebooks can result from your blog posts.  Cranking out content for a company blog each day isn’t easy, but if you approach your content creation strategically, you can do it in a way that scales for your business. (Source: Social Media B2B)24. If you’re going to tell people to “like” your company on Facebook, have something of value waiting there for them. Give them a reason why they should “like” you. (Source: Outspoken Media)25. If your company makes a mistake on social media – think rogue tweets – step out and own up to the mistake. Don’t pull any tricks and pretend you were hacked. (Source: Smart Blogs on Social Media)26. Use social media contests as an opportunity to learn more about your customers. Ask them how they heard about your promotion to get a sense of what channels people use to learn more about your brand. (Source: Mashable)27. Here are three universal content blueprints to include in your company’s blogs: offer a new opinion, create a killer list, or teach your customers how to do something. (Source: Social Fresh)28. Leverage social search and boost your rankings for target keywords by offering content (ebooks, webinars, etc.) and having community members pay with a tweet. Use to find hashtags that matter to your audience and work them into your pay with a tweet offering to tap into prospective community members on the web. (Source: SEOmoz)29.) Include social sharing and follow buttons on your site, your blog, and in your emails. Use this how-to guide to learn how you can create them for all the major social media networks. (Source: HubSpot)30. It seems obvious, but an often disregarded quality of great community and social media managers is great social skills. Tact and discernment go a long way. (Source: SocialFresh)What social media marketing tips helped you out in 2011? Let us know in the comments!Image Credit: daniel_iversen Social Media Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published Dec 9, 2011 5:30:00 PM, updated October 20 2016last_img read more

Embarrassing or Adorable? MySpace Emails Users About Their Decade-Old Photos

first_img Originally published Jun 20, 2014 10:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Topics: Social Media Fails This post originally appeared on the ecommerce section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to the ecommerce blog here.Personalization has proven to be an important part of developing consumer trust, but what happens if you take it too far?We’ve talked about which forms provide the best possibility for conversions, when to let buyers know you’re collecting their information, and just how much of that information to use. It may seem like overkill but the simple reason we talk about this is, when you cross that line — that invisible line that’s different for every single buyer — you damage your business. And a few weeks ago, Myspace ventured over near that over-personalization line — and some would say they crossed it.Funny Ploy or Blackmail?When Myspace decided to send out personalized emails featuring ten-year-old photos that past users had uploaded to the site, they probably thought it was funny. I probably would have laughed or maybe just shrugged it off. But not everyone found it amusing — in fact, many called the tactic blackmail.Blackmail may be going a bit too far, but the fact of the matter is that Myspace’s email came across like, “Hey, look. We have all these old and embarrassing pictures of you. What are you gonna do about it?” And, to be honest, even if everyone they sent these emails to logged back in just to delete the incriminating photos, Myspace would experience a huge jump in active users, even if only for a day.The Basis for ComplaintWhat was so bad about Myspace sending out these old photos to people? Sure, we see where the whole blackmail thing might be a problem, but why does this bother people so much?The big issue is that consumers are reminded yet again just how much information companies collect. Even after the profile is abandoned or deleted, Myspace still has access to the content uploaded after all these years. Since companies now perform thorough internet checks before making a hire, plenty of people have something to be worried about.It’s not just the abuse of data, though. It’s the simple feeling of violation, of feeling watched or controlled. This is why companies must consider their marketing campaigns carefully. Reminding consumers that you hold that much information about them probably won’t make them like you.Playing Devil’s AdvocateThere is a great chance the bad publicity surrounding Myspace’s choice to “blackmail” past users actually helped the social networking site. After all, I never received any old pictures in my email, and now I kind of feel left out. The hype surrounding the marketing ploy has me wondering just what I posted there ten years ago.Is that enough to send me running to log in? Not yet … but no guarantees I won’t cave later. ;)Have you been “blackmailed” by Myspace yet? Are you curious enough to go check out your photos before they have a chance to send you the horrifying highlights? Maybe you’re of the majority who feel Myspace overplayed their hand when reminding consumers just how much information they have about us. Whatever your thoughts, leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

How to Create PowerPoint Presentations That Don’t Put People to Sleep [Free Templates]

first_img Topics: Originally published Dec 4, 2014 12:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Click to Tweet:Spruce up your PowerPoint presentations with @HubSpot’s free templates + tutorials!center_img If you want people to remember what you say during your next presentation, take it easy on the bullet points and cheesy stock photos. Boring slides can turn even the most intriguing pitch, data, or keynote into a snoozefest.Free Download: 4 PowerPoint Presentation TemplatesAs savvy marketers and salespeople, we know better than anyone how important it is for our content to be engaging. Whether we’re making a SlideShare presentation for lead generation or an overview deck of our team’s performance to share at the next all-hands meeting, a valuable visual experience is what keeps our audience interested.Luckily, giving your presentations a makeover doesn’t have to be a headache — in fact, you don’t even need a designer. To get started…Ditch the boring 90s templates. Your blank slate just got a whole lot sleeker with these three original, easy-to-edit PowerPoint templates.Create a gorgeous deck for every occasion. Each template in the kit has a completely different look and feel so that you can pick and choose a style depending on the topic and audience.Master key tools in PowerPoint. With these step-by-step video tutorials, you’ll discover how to edit and enhance your images without leaving the platform. No Photoshop necessary.Take your slides to the next level. Get familiar with finding and installing premium fonts to instantly make presentations look more polished.Ready to make your slides pop? Download this kit for all the resources you need to catch and keep your audience’s attention.Also, if you feel like sharing this new ebook with your Twitter followers, you can use the click-to-tweet link below. Presentationslast_img read more

How to Be a More Curious Person: 7 Tips for Becoming a Lifelong Learner

first_imgThe other day, I was in the grocery store. I overheard a cart-bound little kid asking his mom question after question. “Mom, why do they put so many apples out at once?” he asked as they browsed the produce section. “Mom, what’s Ocean Spray?” he speculated from one aisle over.His enthusiasm and investigative demeanor got me thinking about my own level of curiosity. After all, in today’s fast-paced, innovation-heavy world, what we know today might not be valuable to us in a few weeks, months, or years. And if we want to remain agile, we need to continue to seek out and explore new information, new mediums, and new opportunities.We need to be more curious.While it may seem like an innate desire, there’s actually a lot you can do to nurture and increase your own curiosity. From asking more questions to embracing the unexpected, the following tips are designed to help you become more curious.How to Be a More Curious Person: 7 Tips for Becoming a Lifelong Learner1) Ask every question.Try as we might, it’s impossible to have all the answers, all the time. And while it’s easy to default to assumptions when faced with a challenging unknown, it’s better to work through knowledge gaps by asking questions. When we ask questions, we’re creating an opportunity to discover new, useful information that can be used to challenge our existing approach, expand our vision, and spark fresh ideas. Questioning allows us to become more insightful.”People who get insights see something that’s a little bit off, and instead of ignoring it, they’re curious about it. Curiosity keeps our mind engaged to work out the implications,” explains cognitive psychologist Gary Klein.Don’t know what questions to ask? The folks at HopeLab, a research and development organization, created a series of questions for curious leaders. Designed to help people remain both present and open, these prompts promote the importance of curiosity when assessing a situation. 2) Consume content that’s outside of your comfort zone.I never realized how much there was to learn about coffee pots until mine stopped working one morning. It’s funny the way that works, isn’t it? When we don’t have any initial knowledge about something, we’re not really curious about it … that is, until we have to be. Back in 1994, George Loewenstein, a professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, suggested that curiosity does, in fact, require some initial knowledge. In other words, the more we know, the more we want to know. So if you’re looking to become a bit more curious, you may want to try tapping into some subject matter you don’t know much about. Whether you focus on productivity habits, Egyptian pyramids, beer brewing or something entirely different is up to you. The important part is that the content is unfamiliar — basic research will spur you to want to know more.3) Listen without judgment.”Curious people are often considered good listeners and conversationalists,” explains Ben Dean, Ph.D. in a newsletter for the University of Pennsylvania. By suspending judgment, you’re ultimately allowing yourself to be more receptive to what someone is saying. You’re focusing less on what you’re going to say next, and more on the words and information they’re choosing to tell you — or not tell you.So next time you’re having a conversation with someone, just listen. When you take the time to truly absorb what they are saying, it’ll be easier for you to formulate questions, warm up to new perspectives, and learn something new that you may have missed otherwise. 4) Embrace the unexpected. Many people find themselves plagued by their own doubts, which causes them to miss out on new places, flavors, people, and experiences. But often times, doing something unexpected can trigger a chain of reactions — both positive and negative — that you can learn from and formulate questions based on. When you’re busy worrying about the “what ifs,” you’re shutting yourself off from these types of unexpected opportunities. So go ahead, book that plane ticket. Go on that blind date. Say yes to the “chef’s special” at a restaurant — even if you’re not quite sure how to pronounce it. Research reveals that surprise can actually drive our motivation to learn, so embrace the unexpected and celebrate whatever the outcome. 5) Try not to dwell on the past. When you spend all your time worrying about the past, you don’t give yourself a chance to be curious about the future. So rather than worrying about what you could have, would have, or should have changed about your last assignment, try to focus on strategies for blowing your next project out of the water. “The problem for many adults is that we stop being curious about new experiences and are instead focused on understanding what we’ve already been through,” explains David Klow, founder of Skylight Counseling Center.What new opportunities are out there for you to explore? Is there anyone in your network who can help you get better at XYZ? What conferences can you attend to expand your understanding of the industry you work in? Focus on what’s to come, not what’s already happened. 6) Gamify learning.  If you tend to view learning as dull or tedious, you’ll probably find that training yourself to be more curious isn’t easy. As you would imagine, this is a problem that many teachers are forced to overcome when dealing with unmotivated students. To inspire curiosity and excitement, many teachers have turned to gamification in the classroom. By gamifying lessons, they’re able to regain the attention and interest of their students. Why does this approach work? Games make us “more curious, more determined, and more optimistic,” explains game designer and author Jane McGonigal. According to her research, games allow us to try — and try again — without having to worry about failure, which helps to motivate us to keep going.If you’re having trouble staying curious about a subject, try turning your research into a game. Check out Quizlet’s game mode to brush up on subjects by completing challenges such speed tests and drag-and-drop matching games. 7) Change your perspective on a situation.Rather than rest on your laurels when it comes to making decisions or planning projects, allow yourself to view the situation from the perspective of a stranger — or better yet, your buyer persona. What would they suggest? What concerns would they have? What challenges do they face? Then, look at the situation through the eyes of your competitor, your boss, an industry outsider, etc. and continue the exercise.”When we are curious about others and talk to people outside our usual social circle, we become better able to understand those with lives, experiences, and worldviews different than our own,” explains Emily Campbell, research assistant at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. More curiosity and empathy is a good thing — it can go a long way to making you a better marketer (and human). What are your favorite tips for thinking more curiously? Share them with us in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics: Originally published Jan 7, 2016 6:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 Curiousitylast_img read more

How to Use Instagram Insights

first_img Originally published Jan 26, 2018 8:00:00 AM, updated October 30 2019 It’s no secret that we love data.Data helps you understand your audience. It tells you how they do things, what they prefer, and who they are.And when it comes to social media, our love for data doesn’t fade.That’s why we love analytics and insights. They help you measure the impact of your marketing efforts across different channels to see if there’s something you need to do differently — like target a different audience, post at a certain time of day, or experiment with a new content format.Instagram Insights are no exception. Here are the analytics on this channel that marketers need to know and understand — and how to use them.New Data: Instagram Engagement in 2019 Instagram Marketing To view insights into a specific Instagram post, start by visiting your profile. Tap on the post you’d like to look into, then click “View Insights” below the image.You may have also promoted a certain post — if that’s the case, an arrow icon that looks like this will appear:For these posts, you can either view insights on the original version of the post, or specific ones from its promotion. For the latter, tap “Promotion.”Next, we’ll get into the more specific post insights you can explore.1. LikesThis one speaks for itself, and reflects the number of users who liked your post.2. CommentsAs with likes, this insight reflects the number of comments left on your post.3. SavesThe number of unique users or accounts who saved your post, or clicked the bookmark-like icon that appeared below it in their feeds.4. ActionsThese insights indicate the number of actions that users took on your profile as a result of seeing your post — things like visiting your profile, then taking an action like clicking on your website link or following you.Source: Instagram5. DiscoveryAs the name might suggest, these insights indicate where your post was seen — or discovered — the most, including how many accounts weren’t already following you when they first saw the post.This section includes metrics on Impressions, which reflect the number of times your post was discovered from a particular place within Instagram, like the user’s home feed, a search, your profile, a location tag, or a hashtag.Source: InstagramDiscovery insights also include data on a post’s reach — which reflects the number of unique accounts that saw your postHow to Use Instagram Stories InsightsImpressionsReachTaps forwardTaps backRepliesSwipe awayExits Finally, Instagram users with a business profile are able to view insights into their ephemeral Stories. Instagram does not, however, offer such analytics for live videos.To view your Story insights, start by visiting your profile. Then, at the top, tap the icon of the bar chart, which will take you to your overall profile insights.Scroll down to the Stories section, and you’ll be able to see insights for older stories, as well as any that have not yet expired.Next, we’ll get into the more specific Story insights you can explore.1. ImpressionsThis insight represents how many times your Story was seen.When viewing these insights, keep in mind that you’re able to add multiple images or videos to your Story. When you do this, every piece of visual content in your Story is counted as a single photo or video in your post.Let’s say you add six photos to your Story. Whether someone only views one or views all six, Instagram only counts your entire Story having received one impression.The same goes for Story content that has been viewed by a single user more than once. Instagram still only counts that interaction as the entire Story having received one impression.2. ReachThis insight reflects the number of unique users that have seen your Story.3. Taps ForwardThis insight reflects the number of times a user taps your Story photo or video to skip to the next piece of media.4. Taps BackThis insight reflects the number of time a user taps your Story photo or video to go back to the previous piece of media.5. RepliesThis insight reflects the number of times users send messages through the “Send Message” text box on your Story. How to Use Instagram Account InsightsImpressionsReachWebsite ClicksProfile ViewsFollowers How to Convert to a Business Profile on InstagramTo use Instagram Insights, you must first have a business profile. If you’re already using a personal account, you can switch to a business profile with a few steps:Make sure your Instagram profile is public. Private profiles cannot be used as business ones.Go to your profile and tap the gearshift wheel icon to visit your settings.Tap “Switch to Business Profile.”When prompted, select the Facebook Page you want to be associated with your Instagram profile. In order to have a Business Account, you must also have a Facebook Page for your brand — Instagram will give you the option to create a new one during this process if you don’t already have one.Review and change any contact information on the “Set Up Your Business Profile page,” then tap “Done.” To view insights into your overall Instagram account, start by visiting your profile. Then, at the top, click the icon of a bar chart, which will take you to your overall insights.From there, you’ll see some general information about people are engaging with your profile, like how many followers you gained or lost in the past week.Next, we’ll get into the more specific profile insights you can explore.1. ImpressionsThis insight represents how many times your ads appeared on users’ screens.2. ReachThis insight reflects the number of unique users that have seen any of your Instagram posts.3. Website ClicksThis insight reflects the number of times any links you’ve included in your business profile have been clicked.4. Profile VisitsThis insight reflects the number of times your profile has been viewed.5. FollowersThis insight reflects how many followers you’ve gained or lost over the past week, as well as the average times of day when your followers are using Instagram — data that can be highly beneficial when planning posts.How to Use Instagram Post InsightsLikesCommentsSavesActionsDiscovery Don’t forget to share this post! 6. Swipe awayThis insight reflects the number of times users swipe to skip to the next account’s Story — not to be mistaken for “tap forward,” which reflects users skipping ahead to your next piece of Story media.7. ExitsThis insight reflects the number of times a user leaves the Stories section entirely to return to the home feed. Topics:last_img read more

How to Remove the Background of a Photo in Photoshop or PowerPoint

first_img Images How to Remove a Photo Background in PowerPointKeep in mind that you’ll need to be using Office 2010 or later, and because PowerPoint isn’t as sophisticated as Photoshop, it may not work for some of the more difficult images. But if you don’t have access to Photoshop, this could be just what you need.1. Insert the image into PowerPoint.Images with white/solid backgrounds or those that have high contrast with the foreground are the easiest to manipulate in PowerPoint.2. First, click on your image. Then, under ‘Picture Format’ on a Mac (or ‘File’ on a PC) in your toolbar, choose ‘Remove Background.’3. PowerPoint will automatically try to remove the background, but it might not get it just right.4. Using the options in the toolbar, click to mark areas you want to keep or remove from the final cropped image.See how it’s cutting off part of the girl’s torso and cape above? First, drag the box around the image so it includes the entire area of the image you want to keep.Keep in mind that the areas highlighted in purple will ultimately be removed. Using your cursor, however, you can be even more precise about what you want eliminated. Hover over both the purple background and the subject in your picture — you’ll see your cursor produce either a plus sign or a minus sign. The minus sign, when hovering over your subject, allows you to mark areas to remove — simply click on any additional areas you would like to remove.If there are purple areas you actually want to keep, hover over any purple spot and click to mark areas to keep — they will feature a plus sign.To get a closer look at the areas you want to select, zoom in on your image. Below, you’ll see small minus signs surrounding areas of the girl’s hair — I clicked on these spots where I thought PowerPoint might get confused as to which parts of the background between strands of hair should go or stay.PowerPoint could see these strands of hair as the edge of the girl, and not remove the background between this hair and the rest of her head. In this type of case, these minus signs can help you.If you happen to mistakenly include or exclude something, just click on the plus or minus sign that covers the area, and it will disappear.5. Click somewhere outside of the image when you’re finished.Last but not least, save the image as a PNG file to preserve its transparent background.How to Make a Background Transparent in PhotoshopBecause Photoshop is much more sophisticated than PowerPoint, there are a few different methods you can use to make a background transparent. Each is good for a different kind of image. Click the links below to jump to the tutorial for each method:The Polygonal Lasso method is great for images with straight edges.The Quick Selection method is good for images with round edges.The Brush method is best for images whose edges require more precision.The Polygonal Lasso Method: For Images With Straight EdgesLet’s say I want to remove the blue background (as well as the pole) from this “stop spam” image.Because this image is made up entirely of straight edges, this method of background removal is perfect. Here’s how to make that blue background (and the silver pole) transparent.1. Get your image ready in Photoshop.The first thing you’ll want to do after you drag and drop your image into Photoshop is convert it into a “Smart Object,” and then rasterize it. Here’s how:Click on the Layer dropdown in your Photoshop menu, highlight Smart Objects, and then click Convert to Smart Object. Next, click on the Layer dropdown again, but this time, highlight Rasterize, and then click Smart Object. Now you’re ready to convert that pesky background into a transparent one.2. Zoom in on your image so you can be more precise with your background removal.You can zoom in and out by clicking the View dropdown and choosing Zoom In or Zoom Out, or using the keyboard shortcuts as indicated.3. Select the Polygonal Lasso Tool from the toolbar on the left.The Polygonal Lasso Tool looks like this: Once selected, click on a starting point, and trace the part of the image you want to keep using a series of clicks from point to point. I prefer to get rid of the black border on the stop sign, so I’m tracing the sign just inside the outer edge of the white border.4. Connect the line with your starting point.Once you’ve made it all the way around your image, connect your line to the first point you started with. You’ll know it’s connected when your cursor includes a little circle, as shown below.Once you connect your line to your first point, a flashing dashed line will form around your image, like so … 5. Select the background you want to delete.Do this by clicking the Select dropdown in the top menu, and clicking Inverse. This will highlight the entire background you want to make transparent.6. Delete the background.Hit Delete on your keyboard, and the background will turn into a checkered grid like you see below. This is how you’ll know your background is now transparent.7. Save your image as a PNG file. This will ensure your background transparency stays in tact. The Quick Selection Method: For Images With Round or Wavy EdgesOkay, now let’s say your image isn’t as straight-edged as the image in the example above, and it’s got some curve to it, like the image below. Here, you’ll want to use the Quick Selection Tool.1. Get your image ready in Photoshop.Just like we did with the Polygonal Lasso method, the first thing you’ll want to do after you drag and drop your image into Photoshop is convert it into a “Smart Object,” and then rasterize it:Click on the Layer dropdown in your Photoshop menu, highlight Smart Objects, and then click Convert to Smart Object. Next, click on the Layer dropdown again, but this time, highlight Rasterize, and then click Smart Object. (See step 1 within the Polygonal Lasso method tutorial for screenshots if you’re stuck.)2. Choose the Quick Selection Tool from the toolbar on the left.The Quick Selection Tool is right below the Polygonal Lasso Tool, and it looks like this: 3. Click the background to highlight the part you want to make transparent.This tool takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to remove the background from a photo. Start clicking around on the background to highlight the parts you want to remove.Adjust the size of the selection tool accordingly. I recommend starting with a larger size, since that will allow you to select larger sections of your background at a time, speeding up the process.Repeat this process until the entire background of the image is selected:4. Subtract selections as needed.Oops! Let’s say you notice part of the image you want to keep is getting highlighted along with the background, like you see in the screenshot below.Have no fear — you can subtract parts of the image that accidentally get highlighted:First, click on the Subtract From Selection button in the toolbar at the top. (Alternatively, you can hold down alt while you click on a PC, or option while you click on a Mac.)This is also something that may take some getting used to, but the trick is to position your cursor right along the inner edges of the part of the image you want to keep. You may want to adjust the size of your Quick Selection tool for some of the finer details. Then click so the incorrectly highlighted section gets detracted.5. Delete the background.Finally, click Delete on your keyboard to make the background transparent.6. Save your image as a PNG file. This will preserve the transparency of your background.Pro Tip: Sometimes using the Quick Selection Tool results in jagged edges, especially on parts of the image where the edge should be a straight line. This tends to happen most on low-resolution images. If it happens to you, try smoothing out the jagged edges using the Polygonal Lasso method after first removing the background with the Quick Selection Tool.The Brush Method: For Trickier ImagesThere’s a third method you can fall back on if the first two methods just aren’t cutting it. This is great for images that need a little bit more precision, although to be honest, the first two methods usually do the trick for me.The one time this method comes in handy for me is when I need to clean up some of the edges of images whose backgrounds were removed via the first two methods. For example, I used the Polygonal Lasso Tool in Photoshop to remove the background of the shark boy image at the very top of this article, but I cleaned up the spaces in between his fingers (which needed a little bit more precision) using the Brush Method.1. Get your image ready in Photoshop.Just like the first two methods, the first thing you need to do after you drag and drop your image into Photoshop is convert it into a “Smart Object,” and then rasterize it:Click on the Layer dropdown in your Photoshop menu, highlight Smart Objects, and then click Convert to Smart Object. Next, click on the Layer dropdown again, but this time, highlight Rasterize, and then click Smart Object. (See step 1 within the Polygonal Lasso method tutorial for screenshots if you’re stuck.)2. Select the Brush Tool from the toolbar on the left.The Brush Tool is right below the Red Eye Tool, and it looks like this: 3. Change the “Mode” and “Hardness” of the Brush Tool.Right below the top menu, change the Mode to Clear. Then click the drop-down arrow next to the brush size box, and change the Hardness to 100%. This will essentially transform your Brush Tool into an eraser.4. Brush away the background.Erase your background by clicking and dragging. Adjust the size of your Brush Tool and zoom in on your image for more fine-tuned precision.5. Save your image as a PNG file. Once you have your image the way you want it, save it as a PNG. This will preserve the transparency of your background.That’s it! Hopefully image background removal is now much easier for you using at least one of these methods. You know what one of my biggest design pet peeves is? When I’m designing something, but there’s an unwanted background on the image I’m editing.In this article, you’ll learn how to remove a photo background altogether, or make it transparent so the image assumes the look of any other background you put behind it.Consider the above feature image. The image to the left would be so much more useful to my call-to-action, SlideShare presentation, blog post, or ebook if I could just remove that pesky background so it looked like the image on the right.Explore Adobe Photoshop CC basics through quick tips, video explainers, and custom photo filters here.Or maybe you’ve downloaded another one of our collections of free stock photos that could also use a transparent background.Luckily, there is something you can do about it. Using either Photoshop or PowerPoint, you can easily remove the background of your photo or image in no time. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.First, grab an image to practice with. You can download one from our latest collection of royalty-free stock photo here … Got an image whose background you want to remove? Great — let’s get started.Because some of you may not have Photoshop at your disposal, let’s start with instructions for PowerPoint. You can also jump down to the instructions for Photoshop here.How to Make a Picture Background Transparent in PowerPointInsert the image into PowerPoint.Click on your image. Then, under ‘File’ (on a PC) or ‘Adjust’ (on a Mac) in your toolbar, choose ‘Remove Background.’PowerPoint will automatically try to remove the background, but it might not get it just right.Using the options in the toolbar, click to mark areas you want to keep or remove from the final cropped image.Click somewhere outside of the image when you’re finished.Save the image as a PNG file to preserve its transparent background. Topics:center_img Originally published Jun 14, 2018 10:26:00 PM, updated June 15 2018 Don’t forget to share this post!last_img read more

Cowboys Offer Scholarship to Kelby Wickline, Son of former OSU Coach

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Former Oklahoma State offensive line coach Joe Wickline was regarded as one of the best coaches at the position during his tenure at OSU, so it should come as no surprise that his son, Kelby, has developed into a Div. I prospect at the position.According to a tweet that was shared by Kelby himself, OSU has extended a scholarship offer to Kelby this week. Kelby began his career at UTSA in 2015, and is now a 2017 prospect playing for Jones County Junior College.He has offers reported on the 247sports recruiting website from Missouri, Iowa State, Cal, Kansas, Kentucky, SMU, Southern Miss, TCU, UAB, Western Kentucky, and West Virginia.Wickline originally joined the WVU program earlier in May of this year, before heading to junior college. A 6-foot-5, 275-pound prospect, Kelby is a highly sought after offensive lineman and with OSU’s connections, should be an interesting recruitment to follow.His father, Joe Wickline, who is now the offensive coordinator for West Virginia, coached the offensive line at Oklahoma State under Mike Gundy. So the timing for the offer, with the Mountaineers travelling to Stillwater this weekend, is pretty interesting as well.last_img read more

10 months agoTottenham boss Pochettino proud to reach another Cup semifinal

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Tottenham boss Pochettino proud to reach another Cup semifinalby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is proud to have led the club into another Cup semifinal.Spurs will meet Chelsea in the final four of the Carabao Cup after victory over Arsenal last night.Pochettino said, “It’s an important thing to be in the semi-final. It’s our fifth season and (we’ve been in) four semi-finals. “Remember, we played the final against Chelsea (League Cup, 2015), another semi-final against Chelsea at Wembley in the FA Cup (2017) and Manchester United in the FA Cup (2018). We are close. “The effort is massive and the most important thing is to be there, competing and trying and one day maybe we will get the reward we deserve.” last_img read more

10 months agoFriend admits Morata WANTS to leave Chelsea

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Friend admits Morata WANTS to leave Chelseaby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAlvaro Morata WANTS to leave Chelsea this month.Speaking on Cadena Cope, a member of the striker’s camp revealed the Spaniard has decided to leave Stamford Bridge in January.PSG, Bayern Munich and Atlético Madrid are all being linked with Morata.However, Sevilla are regarded as favourites to land the centre-forward – with a loan arrangement already being discussed.Both Sevilla coach and sports chief Joaquin Caparros have confirmed their interest. last_img

Religious language in Criminal Code too narrow says WilsonRaybould

first_imgOTTAWA – Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says the fact that it is against the law to disrupt a clergyman or minister — but not an imam or a rabbi — is one of the reasons she wants to modernize the Criminal Code.This spring, the Liberal government moved to rid the Criminal Code of sections that are redundant or obsolete.That includes challenging someone to a duel and fraudulently pretending to practice witchcraft.One of the changes proposed in Bill C-51 that is facing some criticism would remove a section that makes it a crime to use threat or force to obstruct a clergyman or minister from celebrating a worship service or any other duty related to his job.The current law also says it is an indictable offence to assault a clergyman on his way to, or returning from, performing those duties.Wilson-Raybould says these activities are already covered in other sections of the Criminal Code and that the charter protects religious freedoms.But she also says the language is outdated because it refers only to Christians and male clergy.“I know and am confident that Canadians can continue to practise their religious faith without fear of violence and disturbances,” Wilson-Raybould said Wednesday as she appeared before the House of Commons justice committee to discuss the bill.“It is limited to individuals or clergymen or ministers in the Christian faith and it’s not inclusive of other religious leaders,” she said. “There are other provisions that will adequately capture all of the activity that potentially could take place.”Conservative MP Rob Nicholson noted the provision was used as recently as April, when someone was charged in connection to vandalism of a religious statue at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa.Conservative MP Michael Cooper says a related provision against disrupting a worship service, or a gathering intended for a “moral, social or benevolent purpose” is also on the chopping block, even though that language is more inclusive.“It says nothing about Christianity,” Cooper said at the committee meeting.last_img read more

Alberta business forum applauds linking carbon tax implementation and pipelines

first_imgThe Newfoundland-born orator quoted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who said this week in Calgary the discounts amount to a “crisis,” adding he holds the government accountable for that crisis.On the sidelines, executive fellow Ted Morton with the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, said Murphy’s speech resonates with many in the oilpatch who feel betrayed by the government in Ottawa despite Alberta’s financial contributions to the country.Trudeau said on Thursday the federal government is addressing Alberta concerns by buying the Trans Mountain pipeline and its expansion project for $4.5 billion last summer and by continuing to try to get the expansion built after the Federal Court of Appeal struck down its National Energy Board approval in August.“Until there are pipelines leaving Alberta, plural, and there is oil flowing through them that will go to international markets, and US$40 price differentials are no longer the thing, until that time, it should be illegal for two lips to close on the phrase, carbon tax,” said Murphy. LAKE LOUISE, A.B. – Social commentator Rex Murphy says it should be illegal for Canadian governments to collect carbon taxes until there are new export pipelines delivering Alberta crude oil to world markets.A sold-out audience at the Bennett Jones Lake Louise World Cup Business Forum leaped to their feet in a standing ovation as the former CBC commentator ended a fiery speech criticizing environmentalists and federal politicians alike for stalling pipelines.A lack of pipeline capacity is blamed for a glut of oil in Western Canada that has resulted in Western Canadian Select bitumen-blend crude trading at as much as US$52 per barrel less than New York-traded West Texas Intermediate.last_img read more

Hummels not resentful over Loew decision

first_imgBerlin: Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels has said he does not bear a grudge over Germany coach Joachim Loew’s decision to axe him and teammates Thomas Mueller and Jerome Boateng. “I myself do things that other people aren’t happy with, so I am not resentful about decisions other people make which have an effect on me,” Hummels said in an interview with Sport Bild magazine on Wednesday. Loew’s decision to send the experienced Bayern trio into international retirement sent shockwaves through German football three weeks ago. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhThe Germany coach faced heavy criticism for the way he had communicated the decision, with Mueller saying that Loew had shown a lack of class. Hummels, though, struck a more conciliatory tone on Wednesday. “It was impossible for Loew to find the perfect way of informing us,” he said. “It was probably difficult for him to find a way in which we could all leave the discussion feeling like everything had been done in the right way.” The 30-year-old admitted that Loew’s decision had been difficult to take, but said that he is not looking back in anger at his international career. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced later”I did feel snubbed in a way. Thomas, Jerome and I all felt that there could have been a bit more appreciation for us. But my eight years playing for Germany were great.” He did confess, however, that he has one major regret from those eight years. In last summer’s humiliating World Cup defeat by South Korea, Hummels missed a golden opportunity to score late in the game. Had his header found the net, Germany would in all likelihood have avoided a painful group-stage exit. “I’ve discussed that moment time and again with my friends. The header against South Korea had such an enormous effect, not only on the World Cup but also on what is happening now. “If I had scored, then we would have gone through and a lot of things would have turned out differently.” While he has not ruled out a return to international duty, Hummels said he is now looking to put the past behind him and focus on Bayern’s Bundesliga title defence, which continues away to Freiburg on Saturday. “The Mats Hummels who plays for Germany has been pushed aside in my head for the time being,” he said.last_img read more

BJP Mahila Morcha protests over Ayushman Bharat Yojana

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi BJP Mahila Morcha on Monday protested against the Delhi government for its failure to implement the Ayushman Bharat Yojana in the Capital, by forming a human chain near ITO. Led by the Mahila Morcha president in Delhi, Poonam Prasar Jha, workers from the women’s wing of the saffron party joined the protest. Addressing protestors, Jha said that innocent people in Delhi were betrayed by the Kejriwal government’s inaction on implementing schemes like Ayushman Bharat Yojana. “They (voters) gave him a massive mandate and he came to power in Delhi. In the last four years, the people of Delhi have been disappointed,” she said.last_img

Bad Karma Biting The Redskins Where It Hurts In

The waiting list for season tickets to Washington Redskins games used to be 100,000 diehards deep. Now they are selling tickets at FedEx Stadium for $4.Call it karma. . .  bad karma, to be precise.This is what happens when your owner refuses to change a nickname deemed racist by a large faction of Native Americans. This is what happens when a first-year coach publicly trashes and then benches the player with the most potential and any semblance of star power. This is what happens when you have just one winning season since. . . well, for a long time.This is a considerable departure for the Redskins, who have enjoyed a loyal and rabid fan base for some time. According to the website, which resells tickets and also tracks the market, some tickets for Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams are $4. A java chip frappacino at Starbucks costs more.On, there were more than 6,400 tickets for sale starting at $5.25. The Virginia High School playoff tickets are $10.Some would say, “That’s what you deserve,” and they’d be pretty accurate. Not much has gone right lately for the Redskins. Worse, not much has been handled right by the team.Owner Dan Snyder has been arrogant in his insistence on keeping the team’s name, although even some legislators are asking for change. Snyder grew up as a fan and claims personal ties to the name, even as many consider it hurtful and racist.Coach Jay Gruden has been just as arrogant, with no room for arrogance. His first year as a head coach has been miserable; he has not impressed. He even treated Robert Griffin III as rudely as any coach ever has, blasting him in a post-game press conference for an extended period. Now word comes that Gruden “is done” with Griffin, who two years ago was the NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year.He’s been impatient and mean-spirited in his handling of the one star player that fans have been excited to see play in the last decade.Now it’s all unraveling for the team. The average ticket price last week was $31, the lowest since they were a running joke under Jim Zorn. The erstwhile “Dream Seats” behind the Redskins’ bench are selling for hundreds of dollars less than face value, at $91.Never would have, could have, expected this from the Redskins. But then, they have not deserved much better. read more

Ledecky Has Company In A Renewed Assault On Swimmings Records

Given her 100 splits (not reflected), and 200 and 800 races still to come (there is unfortunately no 1,500-meter women’s event at the Olympics), expect this curve to fall even further into the absurd.1. Adam Peaty — 100-meter breaststrokeAdam Peaty may not have the most versatile program, and certainly didn’t generate as much buzz as Ledecky or Hosszu, but for one race at least, he was every bit as dominant. He initially set a record in his preliminary heat, which generally bodes well. His final time of 57.13 won his race by 1.56 seconds and broke his pre-Olympic record by 0.79 seconds, and puts him 1.33 seconds clear of his next-fastest competitor ever.For a 100-meter race, this is crazy good – even against this crazy competition. To show how much so, I plotted the top 50 times since 2010 for each of these four records, in standard deviations from the mean:2Note that since these are the top values of a huge sample of swimmers, these deviations don’t perfectly correspond to the insanely low probabilities you’d expect from 3-4 SD events if the underlying times were normally distributed. The dynamics for the specific probabilities would be governed by a Gumbel “extreme value” distribution. I’m just using standard deviations here to put all of the events on the same scale. Ledecky’s 3:56.46 was 4.77 seconds faster than second-place Jazz Carlin, and nearly 2 seconds faster than her own 2014 record (3:58.37). It’s over 4 seconds faster than any woman has swum in the post-ban era (4:00.65 by bronze-medalist Leah Smith this year). The only other woman ever to swim below 4 minutes in this event is Federica Pellegrini, who did it in 2009. Ledecky is getting closer and closer to making 400 meters a sprint distance: Her speed of 59.1 seconds per 100 meters is closer to the average speed of the 50 fastest 200-meter swimmers than it is to the average of the 50 fastest 400-meter swimmers. Her speed in the 800 is already faster than all but a handful of women in the 400, and her speed in the 1,500 is faster than anyone’s but hers in the 800: We’re on the ground in Rio covering the 2016 Summer Olympics. Check out all our coverage here.While Michael Phelps’s winning of his 19th gold medal may be the feel-good story of the swimming pool not involving Yusra Mardini so far, the most significant development of the opening weekend of swimming is surely the sport’s renewed assault on the record books.The ban of full-body non-textile (“LZR”-style) swimsuits at the end of 2009 had a dramatic effect on the pace of records broken in swimming. Of 32 events contested in the 2008 Olympics, 27 had records broken in 2009; in 2010, none did. But time marches on, and athletes improve. The London games in 2012 saw records broken in eight events — a far cry from the 19 events that saw records fall in Beijing, but a step in the right direction.If the first weekend of action in Rio is any indication, the swimming world has recovered, with a vengeance. Of the eight swimming events completed so far, five have led to world records, including one of two relays (women’s 4×100), and four of the six individual events (all three women’s and one of three men’s). Here are the most dominant individual swims from the first two days of competition, ranked:4. Sarah Sjostrom — 100-meter butterflySwedish 22-year-old Sarah Sjostrom is a name to remember. In particular, she has the fastest 200-meter freestyle time of any woman since 2012, and is thus probably the most likely to play spoiler to Katie Ledecky’s hopes of winning three individual golds when the two face off in that event Tuesday.Sjostrom looks even stronger after kicking off her meet with a world record. She originally set the 100-meter butterfly record in 2009 (at age 15!) but wouldn’t match her pre-ban time again until 2015, when she reclaimed her record from Dana Vollmer (who had taken it in 2012).Sjostrom finished in 55.48, nearly a full second clear of second place, and a half-second clear of the next-fastest woman ever. Usually, that would be a pretty amazing showing, but this was a big weekend for amazing showings.3. Katinka Hosszu — 400-meter individual medleyKatinka Hosszu, the 27-year old Hungarian, is the only swimmer on this list who broke a record that wasn’t already her own. She very nearly broke it in her preliminary heat, and then destroyed it in the final: LOL Katie Ledecky was celebrating and people hadn’t finished yet— Isaac (@WorldofIsaac) August 8, 2016 Ledecky’s 400-meter race was a thing of beauty, especially considering that 400 meters is supposed to be her third-best distance. But in terms of sheer field-busting dominance, Peaty’s wild win over just two lengths of the pool takes the weekend. Hosszu won the race by nearly 5 seconds – finishing in 4:26.36 – and cleared Ye Shiwen’s record by nearly 2 seconds. Though few expected a performance this great, Hosszu didn’t come out of nowhere. She was world champion in this event in 2009 and 2015, and has held the short-course record1There’s a separate set of records for times set in 25-meter pools, though most major competitions use 50-meter pools. in it on and off since 2013.2. Katie Ledecky — 400-meter freestyleIf there was any distance at which it seemed Katie Ledecky’s best times might have been flattening out, it’s the 400-meter freestyle, where she hadn’t broken the world record since 2014. Following unexpectedly fast 100 meter splits in the 4×100 relays and almost breaking her record in her preliminary heat, however, another record seemed inevitable. And then this happened: read more

Gracia confident ahead of the match at Old Trafford

first_imgWatford managed to beat Newcastle 2-1 in the previous round and Javi Gracia believes that they can continue in this winning note even in the upcoming game against Manchester United at Old Trafford.The Hornets have nothing to play for but their pride – they are clear from the relegation places but they are far from the top spots as well. And their coach wants them to continue with good results to improve the overall feeling of the season.The Spaniard spoke about his side’s upcoming game as he said, according to maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“Now after our last game, getting to 41 points, now [the top half] is our new target. We will try to win the last game, try to score a goal away, try to compete in the same level as the last games and try to get a better result in the last away game.”“Now we are one of four teams on 41 points and you never know what will happen, we try to get points and achieve the best position.”last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE Former Argentina player is not happy about Libertadores in Madrid

first_imgFor Ruben “Ratón” Ayala, CONMEBOL’s decision to take the Copa Libertadores Final to Spain was not the correct oneFormer Atletico Madrid and Argentina national team forward Ruben “Ratón” Ayala is not happy that the Copa Libertadores Final will take place in Spain.The second leg of this match was postponed twice on November 24 and 25 after some River Plate fans attacked Boca Juniors’ bus.And then CONMEBOL decided it will be played outside Argentina, in Real Madrid’s house: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.“I didn’t like it,” Ayala told a reporter.“The reality is, this is a match that had to be played in River’s stadium or in Estadio Nacional [Uruguay] or in Palmeira’s stadium [Brazil].”River Plate v Boca Juniors - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2018Match Preview: River Plate vs Boca Juniors Boro Tanchev – September 1, 2019 It is time for one of the most intense derby games in the world, as River Plate and Boca Juniors go head-to-head tonight at 22:00 (CET).“It is very complicated because playing in Madrid will be very difficult, at least this is what I think,” he explained.“I think Boca and River will play while frustrated. It was very bad that Madrid was chosen.”Former Atletico Madrid and Argentina national team forward Ruben “Ratón” Ayala is not happy that the Copa Libertadores Final will take place in Spain.What do you think about his reaction?— (@ronaldocomint) December 5, 2018last_img read more

Urbano Cairo slams Cristiano Ronaldo

first_imgTorino chairman Urbano Cairo has publicly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo saying he ‘didn’t act like a champion’ in Saturday’s 1-0 defeat to Juventus.Ronaldo chided Torino goalkeeper Salvador Ichazo after converting from the penalty spot for the only goal of the game, and Cairo says such behavior is beneath the Portuguese superstar.“A champion like Ronaldo should never do such a gesture,” Cairo said, as quoted by Football Italia.“He taunted a goalkeeper who almost saved his penalty… If he’s the champion he’s supposed to be, he shouldn’t do such things.”The chairman also lamented “unbelievable” decisions that went against Torino, suggesting Juventus have had lots of favorable rulings go their way.“I’ve written down a list of unbelievable decisions that went against us,” he said.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.Everyone saw what happened: there was the incident with Blaise Matuidi, who pushed Andrea Belotti, and Alex Sandro holding back Simone Zaza.“They were two incidents that should at least have been reviewed by VAR, although we’re not the only ones who have been penalized this year.“The psychological subordination is still there: in recent years, for example, Juventus, who are stronger than us, have had a series of incredible decisions go their way.“I count at least five going against us. VAR as a democracy is going backward.”last_img read more

MCFL shares fall on suspicion of irregularities and mismanagement in investment

first_imgMangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd., (MCFL), a company in which Vijay Mallya’s UB Group still holds about 22 percent, saw its shares plunge by almost 9 percent on the BSE on Monday in response to suspicion of “irregularities and mismanagement” by the company in transactions valued at Rs. 216 crore. This, even as capital markets regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has widened its probe into the UB Group for possible siphoning off funds by the promoters and insider trading.The MCF stock was trading at Rs. 42.10, down 7.37 percent at around 12.30 p.m. on the BSE.On Friday, after trading hours, MCF said in a regulatory filing that auditing firm Ernst & Young LLP informed the company’s board of likely “irregularities and mismanagement” in two separate transactions with Bangalore Beverages Limited and United Breweries (Holdings) Limited involving about Rs. 216 crore. “Upon completion of its investigations, M/s Emsl & Young LLP has made a presentation to lbe Board af Directors at its meeting held on May 06, 2016 to the effect that the aforesaid transactions may have involved irregularities and elements of mismanagement in the Company,” MCF informed the BSE.”The company is taking necessary legal advice in connection with the findings of Ernst & Young LLP,” it added.MCF had invested Rs. 200 crore in Bangalore Beverages by subscribing to its preference shares and made advances to United Breweries Holdings Limited of which Rs. 16.68 crore was due as on March 31, 2016.MCF was a UB Group company till last year when Saroj Poddar-led Zuari Group took a 53 percent stake in the company and also appointed Ernst & Young LLP to probe the transactions.Meanwhile, the probe into the UB Group has widened with SEBI now widening its probe to look at likely siphoning off funds by the promoters and insider trading. The matter is also being flagged to other agencies and government departments, including the Corporate Affairs Ministry and its agency Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) for white-collar crimes, the Press Trust of India quoted a senior government official as saying. [1 lakh = 100,000 | 1 crore = 10 million | 100 crore = 1 billion]last_img read more