Whitlock The NBA is a sideshow league

first_imgJason Whitlock is in for Colin:The NBA is a sideshow leagueWhitlock didn’t waste any time going in on pretty much everyone today. He started by nuking the current NBA and the recent trend of storylines driven by off-court news more than the actual games.He called it a “sideshow league” and blames the NBA’s shift to what he called an AAU of basketball and the overwhelming imbalance of power that lies with the players.“The NBA has become a league of constant bitching and moaning.”Charles Oakley’s MSG arrest is on himCharles Oakley’s ejection and arrest at MSG created international headlines. Most in the media were quick to paint James Dolan as the villain in the scenario. It’s easy to do because Dolan is entirely unlikable and probably the worst owner in professional sports.Whitlock thinks Oakley is the one who is at fault for the incident. He cited anecdotes chronicling Oakley’s history as a bully, and Dolan’s right as an owner to have people removed from his building as he sees fit, especially if he perceives a threat. He believes people who are taking this opportunity to portray Oakley as some gentle giant are disingenuous.“He’s a bully. He bullies people. This is what happens to bullies when people of higher authority get tired of them.”Nike’s ‘equality’ ad is a total fraudNike recently began running an ad about equality and Whitlock thinks it’s completely bogus. The ad portrays the sports as a unique place that beyond the boundaries of societal discrimination, and where everyone is equal.  He thinks the idea that everyone on a basketball court is LeBron James’ equal is asinine, because he’s generationally unequal to every other human being on the hardwood.He also thinks the idea that Nike is now in the business of taking principled social stands is laughable. He pointed out that the timing of the ad also coincides with the new president’s reversal of the TPP trade partnership, and the potential for the Swoosh’s bottom line being affected.The most transparent evidence that the ad campaign is a fraud is the inclusion of Tiger Woods, who has never taken a principled stand on any social issue in two decades.Guests:Chris Broussard – FS1 NBA Insider is in-studio to discuss Whitlock’s take that the NBA is a side show league; if there’s too much emphasis on off-the-court drama; why he disagrees with Whitlock that the MSG mess was Charles Oakley’s fault; and why he thinks sitting courtside with James Dolan is a bad look for Latrell Sprewell and Larry Johnson.Jim Jackson – FS1 NBA Analyst is in-studio to explain why he disagrees with Whitlock’s take that the NBA is a side show league; why comparing the NBA’s success to the NFL is apples and oranges; why the NBA is usually the first league to speak out on social issues; and why the Durant/Westbrook rivalry will continue to be promoted to pump ratings.last_img read more