Wolmer’s, Mona on top

first_imgWolmer’s and Mona Preparatory schools captured the boys’ and girls’ titles, respectively, in the preparatory and primary section of the 18th annual Mayberry Investments Schools Swimming Championships held at the National Aquatic Centre last Saturday.Wolmer’s Boys amassed 232.50 points to finish ahead of Sts Peter and Paul Prep – 148. Third went to Mona, 138, while St Hugh’s Prep, 121, and Stella Maris, 118, rounded out the top five.In the girls’ section, Mona Prep scored 151 points and they were followed by Stella Maris, 133, Sts Peter and Paul, 130, Wolmer’s, 116 and St Hugh’s 109.A whopping 38 individual records were broken on Saturday, including what could be considered a standout performance from 10-year-old Zaneta Alvaranga of St Hugh’s Prep.She smashed a record per event, copping four individual records. She won the 50m backstroke girls 9-10 in 35:19 seconds; the 50m freestyle in 29:23; the girls 12 and under 100m freestyle in 1:07.08; and the 50m butterfly for girls 9-10 in 31.97.She also anchored her school to a new 200m freestyle relay record of 2 minutes 33:71 seconds for girls 9-10.Alvaranga picked up the high point trophy for the girls 9-10 age group with 36 points.Other high-point trophy winners were Stella Maris’ Jonathan Haynes and Nia-Kai Campbell of Mount Alvernia in the six and under age group; Kajaun Haughton of Wolmer’s Prep and Christanya Shirley, also of Wolmer’s Prep, in the 7-8 age group; Sts Peter and Paul’s Joshua Alleyne and Paig’e Lewis in the 11-12 age group.The three-day Tornadoes Swim meet will take place at the same venue, starting on Friday.last_img read more

Lunar Upsets Challenge Paradigms

first_imgForty years after the last moonwalkers came home, new discoveries about the moon are calling into question what scientists know about our celestial partner.  But is it legitimate for scientists to invoke mystery forces when a favored theory faces falsifying evidence?Shocking physics:  Looking into the crystal balls Apollo astronauts brought back from the moon, namely zircon minerals, geologists at Curtin University decided their data “challenges” the “current paradigm” known as the Late Heavy Bombardment (see 1/09/2012).  PhysOrg reported about “impact-related shock features in lunar zircon, giving scientists a new conceptual framework to explain the history and timing of meteorite impact events in our solar system.”  When a “new conceptual framework” challenges a “current paradigm,” the ripple effects can undermine textbooks and other related theories.  Since theories about the “timing of meteorite impact events” are built on lunar data, this puts theories of the entire history of the solar system at risk.Alternative energy source:  The moon had a long-lasting dynamo.  That statement should floor you if you are a typical planetary scientist.  To see why, read on Space.com why physicists are scrambling to find alternative power, like homeowners frantically searching for a backup generator when the lights just went out.  The data come from crystals in basalt sample #10020 from the moon that, according to the evolutionary view of radiometric dating, is 3.7 billion years old – yet has remnant magnetism.  In their dating scheme, that’s almost a billion years after the formation of the moon.  Any primeval dynamo that could have magnetized the rock should have been long gone by then.  PhysOrg put the surprise in the first sentence: “The moon has this protracted history that’s surprising.  This provides evidence of a fundamentally new way of making a magnetic field in a planet a new power source [sic].”That quote was from Benjamin Weiss, an associate professor of planetary science at MIT, one of the authors of a paper in Science (27 January 2012: Vol. 335 no. 6067 pp. 453-456, doi: 10.1126/science.1215359).  “Such a long-lived lunar dynamo probably required a power source other than thermochemical convection from secular cooling of the lunar interior,” they wrote, referring to the consensus dynamo theory.  “The inferred strong intensity of the lunar paleofield presents a challenge to current dynamo theory.”  What powered it?  “an alternative energy source,” they suggested.  Have they found one?  No.  They tossed out a couple of possibilities at the end of the paper: maybe stirring from precession did it.  Maybe a big meteor walloped the interior into a temporary molten stir.  It hardly seems they considered those options seriously when they ended, “the late, intense paleomagnetic record from 10020 presents a challenge to current dynamo theory.”Ray tracing algorithm:  This story’s not from our moon, but from the asteroid Vesta, where the DAWN spacecraft is undertaking an orbital reconnaissance.  A new photograph displayed on PhysOrg shows a crater with both dark and light rays.  “There is dark and bright material located across Vesta,” the article said, “but it is unusual to have a crater with both bright and dark ejecta rays.”  Although the press release didn’t say so, the darkness of crater rays is usually taken as an indicator of age.  Looking at our moon, planetary scientists assume that crater rays begin bright and darken over time due to “space weathering,” the effect of solar wind particles on lunar dust.  (See, for instance, in the “Geology of the Moon” article on Ask.com, which states: “The impact process excavates high albedo materials that initially gives the crater, ejecta, and ray system a bright appearance. The process of space weathering gradually decreases the albedo of this material such that the rays fade with time.”)  The new Vesta combo crater shows that dark and light rays can originate from the same impact, potentially undermining the ray-dating algorithm.Which moon?  We may not be able to talk about “the moon” in our nighttime sky.  New Scientist just announced that “Hundreds of tiny moons may be orbiting Earth.”  The idea is that wandering asteroids may get captured in Earth orbit from time to time.  The Earth sits in a gravity well, after all, so it’s not surprising that it would pull objects into its tractor beam.  “They orbit at distances between five and 10 times as far from Earth as the moon,” the article said.  “Most stay in orbit less than a year, although some stay much longer. One object in the team’s simulations stayed in orbit for almost 900 years.”  This could provide some water cooler conversation.  When someone talks about “the moon,” you might respond, “To which moon are you referring?”  They’ll think you are Looney Tunes till you explain.  You can even quote Shakespeare; “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”Blue marble:  We end with a breathtaking finale.  The historic Apollo 8 mission in 1968 provided the first human-photographed image of the Earth from a distance.  Subsequent spacecraft have improved on “Earth from space” views over the years.  Now, an Earth-observing spacecraft launched in October, dubbed Suomi NPP, has just released a stunner – a realistic photograph of our “Blue Marble” from 512 miles that is so clear, so beautiful, it deserves to be set to music.  At Space.com you can download it for a screen save in several sizes.  At the Suomi NPP website, you can download the complete highest-resolution image (16.4 mb, 8000 x 8000 pixels) and soar over North and Central America with incredible detail (for starters, check out Lake Mead, Grand Canyon and Lake Powell).  Because the spacecraft flies in a sun-synchronous orbit (see Suomi NPP feature), we can expect more fully-lit images of other faces of our planet as Earth rotates underneath.Look at the Blue Marble photograph and ponder it awhile.  Think about the proud little creatures running around down there who pretend they can understand the cosmos.(Visited 28 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

SA rape statistics ‘unacceptably high’

first_img8 September 2011 South Africa’s war on rape is far from being won and more attention needs to be given to beat the scourge, says Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa. Speaking at the release of the country’s annual crime statistics in Pretoria on Thursday, Mthethwa said the number of reported rapes in 2010/11 was unacceptably high. Even though sexual offences overall had decreased by 3.1%, and had been on a general decline for the past two years, the minister said he was concerned about rape. “Rape increased from 55 097 to 56 272 cases and we cannot seriously say we are winning the war against rape,” Mthethwa said. Police were taking various steps to address these figures. “The re-introduction of the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences units through the country over the past financial year provides us with the platform on which to ensure crimes against women and children are adequately addressed by police,” he said. The minister noted that rapes were often under-reported, adding that continued efforts to improve the country’s criminal justice system could result in more rapes being reported by victims. He stressed that the eradication of violence that targets women and children was one of his ministry’s key priorities. Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Nene walks a tightrope

first_imgThe budget will be a balancing act. Reining in spending and raising taxes will usher in a few years of pain – not very heavy pain, but unavoidable pain – and the finance minister will need to find a way to spread it among as many groups as possible without causing anger or resentment. Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene will reveal his first ever budget on Wednesday 25 February, 2015. (Image: Department of Communications) • African Union: Africa losing billions from fraud and tax avoidance • South Africa is a leader in many fields • Africa dismantling trade barriers • Skills, innovation part of South Africa’s story • Infographic: The State of the Nation, in numbers Sulaiman PhilipTaxes will go up; so will the fuel levy and so-called sin taxes. These are all expected, but as Minister Nhlanhla Nene delivers his first budget on 25 February, the biggest questions waiting to be answered are policy issues, especially how the fiscus will balance the need for economic growth with its responsibility to the electorate.In October 2014, delivering his first Medium Term Budget Policy Statement, or mini budget, Nene outlined a three-point plan he branded a decisive strategy for fiscal change. As the economy slowed, the country’s current account debt – a major indicator for ratings agencies judging the health of an economy – increased. Nene argued then that the country was at a crossroads economically and said “fiscal consolidation can no longer be postponed”.Tax revenues collection increased in 2014 but the fiscus still needs to find an extra R12-billion to fund government programmes and pay down the country’s sovereign debt. So an increase in taxes is inevitable this time around. Where will the money be found is the biggest question: will he target top earners or an already squeezed middle class?Short on options, in his mini budget Nene laid out plans to cut government expenditure by R25-billion over two years while increasing tax revenue by R27-billion over the same period. He planned to cut the government spending ceiling as well in an effort to build a foundation of sustainable public finance and cut government debt.Sound public finances matter because the government uses fiscal policy to transform society. Theoretically, classical government functions – providing public services to improve social cohesion and redistribution of opportunity – are conducive to higher long-term economic growth and improved social cohesion. Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene will need to find a way to spread the pain among as many groups as possible without causing anger or resentment. (Image: GCIS) Public investmentPublic investment does help to stimulate economic growth in the short term, and the government has announced large public programmes. But this is not sustainable growth; historically those same programmes underpinned by structural reforms in government spending have proven to be successful.In a speech on innovation and competitiveness in July 2014, he touched on similar themes: sluggish growth in South Africa can be improved through expanded trade with Africa; bold changes can help South Africa reduce unemployment and poverty, increase competitiveness and spur innovation. “The business before us now relates to the prioritisation of options and working through some tough trade-offs,” he said.The problem for Nene is that the kind of fiscal consolidation he is planning requires better revenue collection mechanisms – an effective South African Revenue Services – and a wider tax base. The minister set himself a budget deficit target of 4.1% and given the almost 8% increase in collected revenue, it is an achievable goal.Nene’s budget will be a balancing act; he will need to find a way to spread the pain among as many groups as possible without causing anger or resentment. Reining in spending and raising taxes will usher in a few years of pain, but he will ask South Africans to look at it as a call to action. “Not very bad, not very heavy pain, but it [is] unavoidable to narrow the budget deficit, stabilise debt and begin to rebuild fiscal space.” Infrastructure needsIn the 2014/2015 budget the Treasury committed to spending R847-billion over three years on infrastructure programmes. The government’s own figures suggest that this is a fraction of the R3-trillion in infrastructure investment that South Africa needs.That is another tightrope Nene needs to walk as he plans the economic direction for the next few years. Government spending does spur economic growth; empirical evidence suggests, though, that how government money is spent matters. For investors what matters is spending that enforces the rule of law and protects property rights. For them, spending on institutions that protect these rights is as productive as money spent on infrastructure programmes.South Africa needs investment, and Nene needs to not treat his tax base as a trough. He has one advantage. States remain solvent as long as their income streams cover their obligations, as long as they fulfil what economists call present value budget constraint, a level the minister can set.last_img read more

20 inch DARK BROWN – These are great if you want to add a quick bit of

first_imgWhether or not or not to get these but i am so happy i did. Soon after reading through some of the reviews i couldn’t make your mind up whether or not or not to purchase these but i am so happy i did. I purchased two packets & it’s tremendous thick shiny hair and just my color.Very first time i purchased these they have been thick and wonderful quality. But the next time they have been a. To start with time i bought these they were thick and amazing quality . But the 2nd time they had been a great deal thinner .Still good quality but i was let down but that is the chance you just take.Features of 20 inch DARK BROWN (Col 2). Full Head Clip in Human Hair Extensions. High quality Remy Hair!. 120g WeightSet Contents: Two 8 inch wide wefts – 3 clips per weft Four 6 inch wide wefts – 2 clips per weft Four 2 inch wide wefts – 1 clip per weftSpecifications: Hair Type: 100% Silky Remy Human Hair Hair Style: Straight Hair Number of Wefts: 10 Number of Clips: 18 Set Weight: 100g Application Time: 5 minutes (approx.) Life: 6 to 12 Months (depending on care and use) Usage: Can be curled, straightened, tonged, washed & dyed.There far too fewer of the hair,. There far too significantly less of the hair, i dont have prolonged hair and its evident i dont have natural long hair.Adore them would buy again defo past extended only point negative about them is clips r away to major i place lesser ones on them.The hair extensions r terrific i have not put any warmth 2 them as of still but hope two in the long run.I was a bit apprehensive when i requested these extensions as i experienced only read through the assessments following buy and was worried about the extensions becoming ‘fake’ aka synthetic. But when i opened the packet and could truly come to feel them, i was sure that they had been human. The colour was as predicted (with a slight crimson tinge which isn’t really an challenge for me) and they were attractive and comfortable. There are really a couple parts of extensions way too which is wonderful. I generally curl my extensions so to be definitely sure these were being human, i set up my curling irons and tried out to curl a piece. As anticipated, it curled completely. I am really made up with these extensions as they are an wonderful price tag for what they are. Makes me regret paying out at minimum £80 on the similar quality of hair a several months in the past.Was really sceptical at 1st due to the cost but have just gained mine and dyed them and they are this kind of awesome quality, would definitely recommend individuals with thick hair to get two packs, so happy that i did.Very good quality hair matches my hair perfectly and at these kinds of economical selling price. They appear definitely natural no one particular would even no you was carrying extensions.Superb quality a++++++++. Fantastic quality hair, i bought 2 sets. I have colored them to match my very own hair. Would unquestionably invest in them once more. Substantially better than bonded extensions.Unquestionably like these extensions. I minimize about 4 inches off so they are now about 50 percent way down my back again. They actually do seem so pure & would 100% recommend. The supply assistance was fab aswell.If you have thin hair these are wonderful the ten pieces are perfectly enough if you know what you are executing. I have been wearing extensions for nearly seven a long time now this is very good quality hair at an astounding cost. What i have accomplished it sew parts jointly to make five parts in totalone 2′ piece for the leading of my neck/base of head produced from the 4 1′ pieces sewn togetherone 3. 5 piece made up of two parts sewn jointly (1 on top rated of the other) which goes powering the ear to the other earthe two massive pieces sewn just one on top rated of the other to go just higher than my ears covering the whole width of my scalp and two solitary 2′ parts for the sideslike i explained its uncomplicated if you know how (now you do) and if you have really slender hair. Thick hair id reccomend two packs but at this price why would you complain?.Great selling price for the solution. Ordered two packs, i knew if have to possessing thick hair, they came instantly and show up very good quality. The price tag is good for the products, but i would say that for most persons acquiring just one pack could possibly not be ample. Over-all quite happy with my new locks.Requested on sunday and got them on tuesday. Attractive color, really prolonged, thick hair. Quite possibly a minor too long but could just due to the fact i’m shorter.Bought this for my daughter as she has limited hair and required it extended but failed to want plastic low-cost hair as been advised finest to acquire superior quality packaged effectively arrived not lengthy after i requested.Only problem is the hair is pretty thin so would not suggest to people today with thick hair, also some clips are quite tricky to use and dont clip in. General like these extensions, definatly truly worth the price tag. These are good if you want to include a fast little bit of. These are fantastic if you want to include a fast bit of length an thickness, they straighten an curl well and i havent had a difficulty with them. The clips are strong and dont pull at your hair like other people ive expert. Would have gave them 5 stars if the hair was a bit thicker.I was planning a colour modify from blonde to a heat brown and these had been a excellent match. I showed them to my hairdresser beforehand who could not belive the cut price i’ve received.I dyed straightened and washed these and they’re high-quality. 100gs is just not enough for a full head of hair for most men and women, so keep this in mind when buying, perhaps obtain two sets in different lengths. Total these are good, i acquired the dark brown 24′ and they are serious hair, really soft, and i would purchase once more.Great price for the productVery good hair extensionsFab for thin hairThese are great if you want to add a quick bit of whether or not to order these but I’m SO glad I didFirst time I bought these they were thick and amazing quality! But the second time they were a last_img read more

Stair Design Basics

first_img Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details. Start Free Trial Already a member? Log in Stair design requires attention to all of the usual rules of residential design. Stairs should be graceful, useful, and comfortable. In addition, stairs must also be safe. Clearly, safety is more important for stair design than for most design issues (for example, ceiling height or window orientation).Once you understand the basic principles of stair design, you’ll probably notice that lots of stairs lack a graspable handrail, or have inconsistent riser heights, or are dimly lit. Examples of flawed stairs are unfortunately common. Why should green builders care? Is stair design a green issue? Perhaps. There are at least two ways that stair safety principles are in mild conflict with green construction principles:I don’t want to belabor these two points, because the conflicts are obviously minor. Safety clearly trumps building size targets or energy use targets. Code requirements There are lots of good online documents on code requirements for stairs; for example: Stair safety basics I won’t try to recreate these guides here. Instead, I’ll focus on the most common stair safety issues.Designers and builders need to get these important details right: The 7-11 controversy Jake Pauls, a safety consultant from Silver Springs, Maryland, has carved out a niche as one of the nation’s most vociferous advocates for stair safety. He has been waging a tireless campaign is favor of the 7-11 stair for more than 30 years. Pauls argues that 7-11 stairs result in lower injury rates than steeper stairs.Pauls (and other 7-11 advocates) won an early victory in 1991, when BOCA, one of the model code organizations that pre-dated the establishment of the International Code Council, voted for a code change establishing a maximum stair riser height of 7 inches and a minimum stair tread width… center_img This article is only available to GBA Prime Memberslast_img read more

Batangas grabs solo 2nd

first_imgTeam Batangas made short work of AMA Online Education, 95-76, to take solo second in the 2017 PBA D-League Foundation Cup Thursday at Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig.ADVERTISEMENT WATCH: Firefighters rescue baby seal found in parking garage MOST READ Jared Bautista topscored for Batangas with 22 points, while Joseph Sedurifa and Cedric Ablaza combined for 27 points and 15 boards.Batangas coach Eric Gonzales believes his team, which improved to 3-1, had made the most out of the lessons learned from last conference.“It’s a big thing that they absorbed what you want in a team,” he said.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutStill, Gonzales thinks that there are still things that his players need to improve, such as their discipline and timing.“Whenever we play defense at the backcourt, that’s where we create offense for the opponent,” said Gonzales.Batangas—which started strong with a 17-4 run in the first quarter—spoiled another solid outing of AMA’s Andre Paras, who grabbed 22 rebounds on top of 10 points and four blocks. Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games What ‘missteps’? World’s 50 Best Restaurants launches new drinking and dining guide Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LATEST STORIES Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chicken Benjie Paras proud to see son Andre prosper in D-League Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chicken 1 dead in Cavite blast, fire Jordan delivers on promise: 2 Cobra choppers now in PH In the second game, Centro Escolar University tripped Zark’s Burgers, 78-62, for a 2-2 record.Rodrigue Ebondo, who already posted a double-double in the first half, finished with another stellar performance of 23 points, 21 rebounds, two blocks, a steal and an assist to lead CEU. —KRISTOFER PURNELLSports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next View commentslast_img read more

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Articles to Start the Week: Social Media Fear

first_img Kevin Troy Darling engaging your business in social media Write social press releases. of Conversation Agent Valeria’s article addresses a common sentiment toward social media for newbies: fear. Because social media is abstract and can be overwhelming at first, says Maltoni, it’s understandable that businesses would be scared to get involved. How to Get Over Your Fears of Social Media How to Grow a Following With Other People’s Popular Content Author: Use social bookmarking. She therefore discusses a recent experience of hers about how she helped moderate a discussion among professionals about social media, ones? John’s article describes 7 ways: In this week’s top inbound marketing article, Valeria Maltoni discusses why fear is common in social media adoption and how (and why) organizations should get over this fear. Social media guru Chris Brogan explains how to demonstrate the value of social media marketing. Marketing Takeaway: Social media can be helpful for customer relationship management, but it’s not the most important thing. 2. 4. John Jantsch Marketing Takeaway: on ProBlogger Webinar: How to Sell Social Media to Your Boss Social media can be scary at first. Come up with some guidelines to make you feel comfortable; then dig in! 1. on Convince & Convert on Social Media Examiner for your blog, which include telling the story of blog content creation, tweeting interesting comment responses, running a Twitter competition tie-in, and creating a Twitter conversation around an event. 3. . Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — taking full advantage of Twitter to support your blogging efforts? . Period. But how do you generate inbound links, and how do you generate With all the recent buzz about social CRM (sCRM), Kevin’s article takes a step back and dares to say that, while inbound links are important Georgina Laidlaw good Georgina’s article highlights several more unconventional ways to Write a blog. , and why companies should get over their fears and use it to their advantage. She also divulges a few quick tips to help organizations get over their fears and get involved.center_img is a helpful addition to CRM software, the real focus should be on the “C” in the abbreviation. Download the free webinar 5. Submit posts and articles to directories Guest post on other blogs. Author: Valeria Maltoni Leave lots of relevant comments. 7 Ways to Acquire the Right Kinds of Links to Your Site its uses for business Author: Be creative in your Twitter strategy, and don’t be afraid to try different ways of promoting your content. Jordan Pérez Órdenes Originally published Sep 20, 2010 8:00:00 AM, updated July 19 2013 Marketing Takeaway: on Duct Tape Marketing Blog get more out of your Twitter account Create profiles. Jamie Beckland Okay, so maybe you’re already using your Twitter feed to help promote your blog posts, but are you really Why Social CRM Needs to Be Less About the Social and More About the Customers social media Does the thought of Content curation is a great strategy for driving traffic to your blog, but use in moderation. Author: As marketers, he says, we need to be reaching our customers where they are, and yes, the potential of social media to help achieve this is unquestionable. However, it’s how we use this technology that matters, and that means effectively targeting your audience with the right messages for different social media. 4 Ways to Use Twitter to Support Your Blog Inbound links are important criteria for off-page SEO. Make an effort to start generating some high-quality links back to your site. Marketing Takeaway: ? leave you (or your boss) trembling with goose bumps? Photo Credit: Marketing Takeaway: Content curation is simply the practice of “reviewing and filtering articles and blog posts from across the web,” and no, it’s not “stealing” content from others. For a deeper look into the wonders of content curation, how it can work for you, and how to do it successfully, take a look at Jamie’s article. start incorporating content curation into your blogging strategy to learn how to get your company started with social media. Author: This Social Media Examiner article is all about content curation, and it’s a good one. Ever get tired of the pressure to create new content day-in and day-out? Why notlast_img read more

How to Get More People to Open Your Emails [Video]

first_img Originally published Jun 2, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Topics: For email marketers, there are few things more nerve-wracking than the anticipation you get after hitting send. Unlike other types of marketing, you’ve only got one chance with an email send to get someone to open your email. You cross your fingers and hope. Will people open this email? Will they hit spam? Will they actually click on it? Pleaseohpleaseohplease go well. Wouldn’t it be nice to know beforehand if your email would get opened?Full disclosure: You won’t be able to predict the future. But you can stack the deck in your favor by following a few best practices for increasing email open rates. Even though open rates shouldn’t be the only metric you base your success on, it’s still important to optimize for opens — after all, people need to open your email to be able to click on it. So in the third part of our email marketing series, we’ll walk you through three essential tips to getting more people to open your emails.Want to read the transcript instead of watching the video above? Here you go:How to Get More People to Open Your Emails [Transcription]Raise your hand if you wish you had more email every day?Anybody? You? … Yeah, I didn’t think so. Let’s face it: Every email inbox in the world is completely cluttered. From those annoying LinkedIn notifications and the Twitter email that fires off every time someone new follows you, we’ve been completely inundated.So as a marketer, you’ve got a lot to compete with. When you’re going up against all of those emails, your email has to stand out.  And the best way to do that? Write a compelling subject line. Today I’m going to give you three tips to improve your subject lines so you can increase your engagement and improve your open rates. Tip #1: Optimize Your Sender Name and Preview TextLet’s just take a minute and look at your inbox. What do you see? In most email providers this a typical message layout. It has three elements:Sender nameSubject lineMessage previewThese are the three elements that your reader will see and that will most influence them to open your message. The key to optimizing your sender name is to make it something that is easily recognizable to your subscribers so they want to open it. For most companies, this mean your sender name includes your company name.But there’s lots of ways you can get creative here.We conducted a test to compare a generic “HubSpot” sender name to a personal name of someone from the marketing team. Our control generated a 0.73% CTR, and the personalized version generated a 0.96% CTR. With a confidence level of 99.9%, we had a clear winner. Our conclusion after conducting this A/B test was that emails sent by a real person are more likely to be clicked on than emails sent from a company name.On your next email send, try changing out your sender name from your company name to your personal name.The preview text is a little easier — it should be something that follows up to your subject line. Maybe it answers your subject line’s question, or just follows along with the same theme. For example, check out this awesome preview from BuzzFeed’s email: It made me laugh … and I opened the email.Don’t forget about your “From” field and preview text. These are just as important as the subject line.Tip #2: Personalize Your Subject LinesA recent MarketingSherpa case study showed that personalized email subject lines can increase your clickthrough rates by 17.36%. But, most companies underutilize personalization or completely leave it out all together. If you have the data to personalize your subject lines, then use it. You can get higher clickthrough rates by testing first name and full name personalizations in your subject lines. For example, if your email recipient has recently downloaded a piece of content, try personalizing the subject by thanking them and sharing a reminder link to that content. Include their first names or even add something about their specific location. You definitely don’t want to go overboard here. You can easily cross the line to creepy-company-who’s-stalking-their-customer mode, and no one want to go there. Adding these little personal touches shows that you care about them — not just getting their email address.Tip #3: Avoid SPAM TriggersEmail spammers rely heavily on certain words to boost their open rates. Because of this, email providers use spam filters to keep out emails using these words.As an email marketer, you need to know what these words are and avoid them. You need to avoid using words like “Cash,” “Quote,” and “Save.” That being said, spam filters look at more than just subject lines to determine if they will deliver your email. For example, “Free” is a traditionally spammy subject line word, but you would notice that we included it in our “101 Companies Rocking Social Media” subject line.We did a lot of background research to make sure this word wouldn’t work against us. Because we have a solid sender reputation, and we were sending out an email from a real person, including “free” in this line didn’t impact the email’s deliverability. Moral of the story here is to be wary of spam trigger words. Don’t avoid them completely, but use them in a way that is non-spammy. So, remember … personalize your subejct lines, test your preview text and sender name, and avoid using spam triggers. These little tweaks could help you get found, opened, and engaged with in your subscribers’ busy inboxes. Until next time, happy marketing. Share This Video With OthersClick to tweet: Improve your email marketing conversion rates with this free 5-part video series from @HubSpot: http://hubs.ly/y03l4l0 Email Subject Lines Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more