All is not well at FC Reno

first_imgWestern Bureau:Following their narrow escape from relegation in the 2015-16 Red Stripe Premier League, FC Reno head coach Michael Graham fired some stinging criticism at the attitude of club officials, which he says is the reason for the former champions yearly struggle to maintain a presence in the nation’s top league.Graham told The Gleaner, after his team’s 2-1 to UWI FC on Sunday, that the plan to return to being a force in local football circles and to once again battle for the title must never begin with the coach or the players.”That conversation must begin with the club’s executive. That winning mentality must start with those at the top and filter down to the coaches and the players,” he said.Reno struggleFC Reno have been in a state of flux over the past five seasons, creating a situation where they are either relegated from the league or struggling to avoid the drop, something they have successfully managed twice in successive seasons.But for Graham and Wendell Downswell, the club’s technical director, not much will change come next season if matters having to do with the club’s well-being are not addressed in the boardroom.”How can a club survive when there are no serious plans on how to do so? This is the current state of affairs at FC Reno. If it weren’t for Mr Downswell and I, we would all be thinking about the lower leagues, if any, at the moment,” stated Graham.He said acquisition of gears boots and ball, among other needed pieces of equipment necessary for the club to carry out training and match-day necessities, are all being sourced by him and Downswell, noting that they receive no help from those who hold “positions” in the club.”Yet these are some of our fiercest critics when the team fails to win. The fact is, unless issues at the executive level are fixed, the club is doomed to failure,” Graham said.”This is a case in which it shows how a club should not be managed,” added Graham.FC Reno were the first club to win three Premier League titles, the last of which came in the 1995 season during a period of dominance. They also won titles in 1990 and again in 1991.The Westmoreland-based club are also winners of three national knockout titles, Winning the now named Flow Champions Cup in 2014. But since then, they have endured two seasons of utter chaos, resulting in near relegation.last_img read more

How much longer must we suffer their confusion and chaos?

first_imgDear Editor,Dr Clive Thomas, erstwhile anti-imperialist and dependency theorist, now a State functionary in the neo-liberal A Partnership for National Unity-Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government, reportedly said that the Government should give US$5000 from the oil revenue to each Guyanese household annually. He told the residents of Buxton-Friendship at the Eusi Kwayana Emancipation Symposium that a friend told him that this is what they do in Alaska.The Libyan Jamahiriya, under the leadership of the revolutionary Pan-Africanist Muammar Qaddafi did exactly what Dr Thomas is calling on this government to do, but the sum deposited was far more than US$5000. In the Libyan Jamahiriya, every Libyan was the recipient of thousands of dollars, deposited directly into their bank account because the Libyan revolution and its leadership affirmed the principle that the natural resources of the country are the patrimony of every citizen. Dr Thomas is certainly ignorant of the tremendous achievements of Libya. He heard about Alaska, but was completely unaware of what happened first in Libya on the African continent. In fact, Dr Thomas is one of those ivory tower academics who fell for the fake news and false narratives produced by the Western corporate media that “Qaddafi was killing his people”. Dr Thomas is on record as siding with the forces of white supremacy and the racist Gulf Arabs to destroy the most prosperous African country at that time, when he said: “Qaddafi must go.”Dr Thomas is an example of the kind of ideological schizophrenia that has Guyana where it is today. This confusion dates way back. Poor Burnham had to contend with these people when he was charting a course for true independence and a self-reliant economy. Dr Thomas and his party, the WPA, while claiming to be the big revolutionary socialists, hated socialist Burnham and fought him tooth and nail, eventually finding themselves on the same side as the imperialist forces who attempted to destabilise Burnham’s Government. When Burnham’s programme was overturned, they were unable to offer any alternative, and the country was plunged into the disastrous period of the imperialist-directed ERP (so-called Economic Recovery Programme) under Mr Hoyte’s leadership. This disaster opened the way for the brutal and racist PPP dictatorship. Despite their claims to be socialist and committed to the emancipation of Guyana’s suffering masses, today, Dr Thomas and his cohorts have no problem aligning themselves with a Government that is dictated to by the ABC countries, and which promotes neo-liberal policies that are causing havoc in this country.How much longer must we suffer their confusion and chaos?Sincerely,Gerald A PerreiraOrganisation for theVictory of the People (OVP)last_img read more

World Cup Wire WEDNESDAY

first_imgFOR ALL WORLD CUP MARKETS CALL STAR SPORTS ON 08000 521 321 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to the Star Sports World Cup Wire. Our daily 4.30pm update from the trading room at Star Sports with all the moves and offers for this evenings World Cup.Wednesday 18 JuneWORLD CUP PRICES5pm12/1 Australia 2/9 Netherlands 11/2 DRAW8pm8/15 Spain 9/2 Chile 16/5 DRAW11pm9/2 Cameroon 7/10 Croatia 11/4 DRAWWORLD CUP WIRE5/2 the three favs – ENHANCED PRICEDAILY GOALS EVENS 9 goals or more, 4/5 8 or lessBetting in running throughout – including all the late kick offslast_img