Rubén García: “We are confident and we will go for the game”

first_imgNo doubt in Pamplona it is the game of the year, it is different. We have to assimilate that, if all the matches are important, we have to give this a bonus, especially at the mental level. There are three points at stake and we are going to measure eleven against eleven, but we already know what it means to measure yourself to such a team, and more belonging to Osasuna. There is a certain rivalry.As for the environment, what do you expect?I know that for the fans it is an important game and that they live it in a special way. We also have to give this meeting the importance it has.Real Madrid has been measured a few times …Yes. I don’t know how many times exactly but I have measured them a few times. In my first year in Levante I played against them. Then Mourinho trained him and there were Xabi Alonso, Cristiano, Higuain … It was a different time than now. It’s always nice to be able to play against players like that. I remember a game at the Bernabéu, in which in the 40th minute we were winning zero one and we ended up losing four to one. In a couple of plays they made the game. The Bernabéu squeezes a lot. It is a very complicated field.He has pending feeling what it is to beat Madrid and mark him.Yes. With the Levant I don’t remember winning them. I remember two games at home, which we were winning and in the absence of two minutes we had the victory. It would be nice to win and also these types of victories usually have a lot of impact.What would it mean for you to mark Real Madrid?Beyond marking Madrid, I would be happy that it was a goal that would help the team. If the goal were victorious, it would be special. Not only for beating Madrid, which is a challenge, but the really important thing would be to be able to help the team with three points. It would be a step forward and be closer to the goal. It will be very complicated, but it will be tried. Where do you think is the greatest danger of the Zidane team?On an offensive level they are doing very well, they are making many goals and also these great teams, when they catch good streaks, they usually fit very few. It has very effective players above, which overflow a lot and closing behind makes it very difficult to beat them. In El Bernabéu they have already shown us that it is not easy to create opportunities and harm them and here they will come with the same intention. It is true that we play at home, before our fans, and we have a lot of confidence in us and we will go for the game.Which Madrid player do you see better at this time?I think one of the key pieces is Casemiro, in the midfield. Beyond travel, effort and disputes, I think it is the team’s stopwatch and who stabilizes it. He gives it a lot of contention and for teams like that, players like him are key.If I could, which Madrid player would Osasuna be brought to?I could not tell you. We have the players we want. It is not only a matter of what a player can contribute in the field, it is also necessary to adapt to the costumes and grace to God in Osasuna everyone is very adapted. It is true that I could choose any player, there are so many good in Madrid that I would not know how to say one.You have already shown that you are able to face any team and more in El Sadar.We are aware of the connection we have with the fans and everything we have done. But it is of little use to think now of everything we have done if we do not succeed in trusting ourselves and our possibilities. We may not be at our best in terms of sensations and security in the field, but we are not going to go crazy now for losing some games, nor could we think we had everything done when we had that good run. We have to keep trying to improve and I think we can do something nice.Osasuna usually presses very high. Can a team like Madrid be played like this?Yes. He is a rival who dominates all tactical variants and at the offensive level. We may be ourselves, but we must also be aware that we will have to do many things well and be very focused to be able to harm them. They are a rival that, with little, can do you a lot.On a personal level, how are you feeling?In pre-season I had discomfort in the pubis. With work and insistence I have been improving, although it is an injury with which you have to continue working and strengthening. I have gone from less to more, finding myself great. In these last games I am playing more than half a point, a position in which I already played last year. I am happy to participate and continue contributing things to the team, with goals or assists. I’m very happy.It has been rumored that in the winter market some team tempted him …I have read something. In the world of football there are these things that are a bit more extra-sports. I don’t like being aware of these things, I usually handle them through representatives. You get things but I have been focused at all times and at no time I thought about leaving. When you are happy in a place and you feel the confidence and you are in fullness, you do not look beyond to continue contributing things and to continue working.What have you found in Osasuna that you have not found in other equipment?I have found something very important, which is emotional stability, beyond football. This is something fundamental to be happy and then translate it on the pitch and to be in life, and in the day to day, oneself. When you arrive at a new place you have doubts and do not know what awaits you. I was lucky to get it right and find the right place. I am very happy and I think that people who know me notice it and those who see me on a sporting level think that they see me comfortable in the field. This serves to keep growing and be better every day. Do they face the week differently or is it more the media fuss that forms?The players don’t realize that much. You focus on making it one more week of work, to improve and to work to the fullest. But it is true that around you notice something different. We try to avoid everything that surrounds it and focus on day to day.He is going to play his first Osasuna- Real Madrid in El Sadar …center_img It is one of the key pieces of the Arrasate team. Its quality does not go unnoticed and in fact the rumor mill says that some team tempted him in the winter market. However, Rubén García does not think of anything other than Osasuna, where he has found stability on and off the pitch. He knows that Madrid will make it difficult for him, but he fully trusts the possibilities of his team.Real Madrid arrives at El Sadar, is it a special match?It is always special to play against Real Madrid, even more so when it becomes the leader. It is a meeting that El Sadar lives a lot and we, as players, also like it. It is a beautiful game that everyone wants to play.last_img read more

Patralekhaa reveals the one quality she despises in a man

first_imgFrom playing a simple, farmer’s wife from rural Rajasthan in her debut film Citylights against actor Rajkumar Rao, in 2014, to acting in Vikram Bhatts’s urban thriller Love Games to be released in April, actor Patralekhaa has come a long way. The Shillong-born, 26-year-old beauty who worked in TV commercials,From playing a simple, farmer’s wife from rural Rajasthan in her debut film Citylights against actor Rajkumar Rao, in 2014, to acting in Vikram Bhatts’s urban thriller Love Games to be released in April, actor Patralekhaa has come a long way. The Shillong-born, 26-year-old beauty who worked in TV commercials before entering Bollywood, is evidently both experimental and versatile as seen in her brief, but impressive career graph. Daughter of a chartered accountant father, she realised during her boarding days at Bishop Cotton Girl’s School, Bangalore, that she was not cut out for academics.”I always knew that I wanted to be an actor,” she says. It was during her time at boarding school that she got exposed to multiple cultural activities ranging from stage and drama, to singing, dancing and sports. During her college days at HR College, Mumbai, she got the chance to do her first commercial advertisement, and soon many more followed. In order to overcome her fears and anxieties related to acting, and hone her skills, she also did a three-month workshop with Barry John Acting Studio, and since then, she hasn’t looked back.FONDEST MEMORYEverything is a beautiful memory onlyWILDEST DREAMBeing nominated for the OscarsFIRST JOBDoing a commercial television advertisement for Reliance during my college days, for which I got paid Rs 5,000INSPIRATIONVidya Balan. I really feel Vidya ma’am has brought a change through her impactful roles in The Dirty Picture and Kahaani. It shows how a girl can carry a film on her shoulders.advertisementFAVOURITE ACTORRajkumar Rao. From Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio.QUALITIES YOU MOST DESPISE IN A MANMCP (male chauvinist pig), who thinks women are less than menBEST WAY TO DE-STRESSWatching films, lots of them, of every kind in the worldBIGGEST STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSMy family is both my strength as well as weakness; as your strength is your weakness too. My family is like the bone marrow of my life and has always been a great support.PROUDEST MEMORYThe release of my first film, CitylightsLAST BOOK YOU READRevolution by British comedian and actor Russell Brandlast_img read more

Lawmakers Return To Washington To Face The Fiscal Cliff

first_img This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. Lawmakers Return To Washington To Face The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ As interest groups ranging from business lobbies to AARP mobilize to protect their constituencies, some Democrats acknowledge that Medicare and Medicaid need to be part of the conversation.The Wall Street Journal: Talks Over Fiscal Cliff Stay Stuck In Low GearCongressional leaders return to Washington this week facing the prospect that talks with the White House over the country’s budget impasse have barely progressed, a reminder of the philosophical divisions that remain despite both sides’ early professions of optimism. … Inconclusive talks among high-level aides have done more to define the differences between the two parties than bridge them, according to people in both parties. Republican leaders have agreed to boost tax revenue by capping deductions rather than raising rates. And senior Democrats have agreed to modest changes to programs such as Medicare. Each side has resisted ceding too much ground and views their adversaries’ concessions as inadequate (Hook and Paletta, 11/25).The Associated Press/Washington Post: Influence Game: Fiscal Compromise Is Fine, Groups Say, Provided Members Don’t Share The PainA big coalition of business groups says there must be give-and-take in the negotiations to avoid the “fiscal cliff” of massive tax increases and spending cuts. But raising tax rates — a White House priority — is out of the question, the group adds. … And there’s no ambiguity in the views of the top lobbying arm for retirees. “AARP to Washington: No cuts to Medicare and Social Security in last-minute budget deal” the group’s Web site declares. … So much for the notion of shared sacrifice as Congress and the White House face a Dec. 31 deadline to craft a far-reaching deficit-reduction plan (11/26).McClatchy: At Edge Of Fiscal Cliff, Everyone Fights To Protect His Bit Of BudgetAs Washington debates how to trim runaway federal budget deficits without going over a “fiscal cliff” of immediate tax increases and automatic spending cuts, special interest groups are mounting aggressive campaigns to make sure that they’re not the ones who have to pay the price. Defense companies, health care providers, public broadcasting and even national parks enthusiasts are warning that cuts to their interests would cost jobs and hurt consumers. Some say that all entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security should be off limits. So, too, should be federal aid to education. And tax breaks for contributions to charity (Recio and Lightman, 11/26). The New York Times: Trying To Turn Obama Voters Into Tax AlliesWhen Tea Party activists swamped town hall-style meetings about health care in the summer of 2009, President Obama’s army of campaign volunteers largely stayed away, seemingly less interested in fighting for legislation than they had been in electing the nation’s first African-American president. Now, Mr. Obama is seizing a second chance to keep his election-year supporters animated (Shear, 11/25).ABC (Video): Sen. Dick Durbin: Medicare, Medicaid Fair Game In Talks To Avoid Fiscal CliffSen. Dick Durbin said today that his Democratic colleagues in the House and Senate should be willing to address entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid in deficit reduction negotiations. “From my side of the table, bring entitlement reform into the conversation,” Durbin said on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” “Social Security — set aside … doesn’t add to the deficit. But when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid, protect the integrity of the program, but give it solvency for more and more years.” But Durbin ruled out raising the age of Medicare eligibility as a potential reform (Stephanopoulos, 11/25).National Journal: Medicare Competition Makes Bipartisan ComebackAfter President Obama’s reelection win, you might think that talk of competition in Medicare—a cornerstone of Mitt Romney’s campaign—would fall by the wayside. But introducing greater competition into the health program for older Americans is an idea that could prove ripe for a bipartisan compromise in any “Grand Bargain” on the budget. The future of Medicare was a potent issue during the campaign, with Democrats and Republicans offering sharply different views. Romney and other Republicans pushed to have Medicare compete with private plans in an open marketplace, betting that consumers’ power of the purse would drive down the ever-growing costs of the program. Democrats strongly opposed that plan, saying it would not actually reduce spending and would instead end up costing seniors thousands more than the traditional Medicare coverage they have today (McCarthy, 11/25).last_img read more