Wolmer’s, Mona on top

first_imgWolmer’s and Mona Preparatory schools captured the boys’ and girls’ titles, respectively, in the preparatory and primary section of the 18th annual Mayberry Investments Schools Swimming Championships held at the National Aquatic Centre last Saturday.Wolmer’s Boys amassed 232.50 points to finish ahead of Sts Peter and Paul Prep – 148. Third went to Mona, 138, while St Hugh’s Prep, 121, and Stella Maris, 118, rounded out the top five.In the girls’ section, Mona Prep scored 151 points and they were followed by Stella Maris, 133, Sts Peter and Paul, 130, Wolmer’s, 116 and St Hugh’s 109.A whopping 38 individual records were broken on Saturday, including what could be considered a standout performance from 10-year-old Zaneta Alvaranga of St Hugh’s Prep.She smashed a record per event, copping four individual records. She won the 50m backstroke girls 9-10 in 35:19 seconds; the 50m freestyle in 29:23; the girls 12 and under 100m freestyle in 1:07.08; and the 50m butterfly for girls 9-10 in 31.97.She also anchored her school to a new 200m freestyle relay record of 2 minutes 33:71 seconds for girls 9-10.Alvaranga picked up the high point trophy for the girls 9-10 age group with 36 points.Other high-point trophy winners were Stella Maris’ Jonathan Haynes and Nia-Kai Campbell of Mount Alvernia in the six and under age group; Kajaun Haughton of Wolmer’s Prep and Christanya Shirley, also of Wolmer’s Prep, in the 7-8 age group; Sts Peter and Paul’s Joshua Alleyne and Paig’e Lewis in the 11-12 age group.The three-day Tornadoes Swim meet will take place at the same venue, starting on Friday.last_img read more

Comedian Pieter-Dirk Uys’ celebrated in new documentary

first_imgComedian, writer and satirist-in-chief Pieter-Dirk Uys is a true South African icon. Almost everyone knows who he is and what he’s done. He has contributed greatly to South Africa’s collective pop psyche and funny bone.A new documentary, Nobody’s Died Laughing, celebrates the life of Pieter-Dirk Uys and his career, which expands over 50 years in performance. The film, which debuted at the Durban International Film Festival (Diff) at the end of June, is set for a nationwide theatrical release on 29 July 2016.Directed by Willem Oelofsen, the film features interviews with friends, family and well known South Africans in arts and politics, all reminiscing about their favourite Uys moments. Interviewees include singers David Kramer and Zolani Mahola of Freshlyground; actresses Charlize Theron and Janet Suzman; and others such as former president FW de Klerk, Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela’s former private secretary Zelda la Grange. Italian actress Sophia Loren – one of Uys’ childhood idols – makes a special appearance to talk about their lifelong friendship.The film also covers campaigns he is passionate about such as his travelling Aids-awareness entertainment programme, which he performed to over 1.5-million people across South Africa.Spice up your popcorn for Nobody’s Died Laughing @numetro @numetrowoodland 29 JULY. Trailer https://t.co/rPkILTabaf pic.twitter.com/VBdrtn53KQ— NobodysDiedLaughing (@whoEntProjects) July 12, 2016The film looks at the over 100 performances around the world, with particular attention on his apartheid-era satire. He took his anti-establishment message to forefront of the country’s dark political landscape while making all South Africans laugh at themselves.Uys is the only entertainer to win South Africa’s prestigious Truth andReconciliation Award.During his long career, Uys has enjoyed audiences with political figures such as former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pik Botha, former president Thabo Mbeki and Mandela too. He has also formed long friendships with fellow social justice warriors such as U2’s frontman Bono, Mandela’s widow Graça Machel and the late Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor.“This film captures a man and a lifetime commitment to a country by using satire to affect change,” Oelofsen told News24.The film also goes beyond Pieter-Dirk Uys the performer. It gets to know the man himself and what he thinks about a life spent in the limelight, drawing the ire of politicians and doing his best to change the world for the better.“I found it fascinating that after 50 years in the entertainment industry he was still working at the same pace and with the same vigour as when he started,” Oelofsen said, “I believe audiences will be intrigued to experience more about the man who refuses to be silenced while using the arts as his weapon against discrimination and confronting intolerance.”Popular online film critic duo, simply known as The Critics, call the film “an incredible South African experience”. They recommend it as compulsory viewing for every South African. Watch their full review below:Durban film critic Fred Felton calls the film “deeply thought provoking, emotional, very funny.”Watch a discussion between Uys and Oelofsen, recorded during Diff 2016.Source: SA People Newslast_img read more

Unverferth Introduces 60’ Boom for ATV Sprayer

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. announces the addition of a 60’ boom for its Top Air ATV sprayer for greater crop-spraying productivity.The new self-leveling 60’ boom features three-dimensional steel construction for maximum durability and front-folding design for compact transport.  The tool-free height-adjustable boom allows ground spraying clearance from 12” to 30”.  Outer wing sections feature a breakaway design for added protection and touchdown wheels to assist in boom clearance in uneven field conditions.The Top Air ATV sprayer features 200-gallon tank capacity, width-and length-adjustable axle design, cushioned tongue for operator comfort and durable powder-coat finish to resist corrosion. It’s also available with a 45-foot boom.The Top Air ATV sprayer also features a nine-gallon clean-water tank with storage container for added operator safety.  Its centrifugal spray pump is powered by a 5.5 HP Honda gas engine for reliable operation.It performs like a full-size sprayer with features including tank agitation for proper chemical suspension, highly visible tank volume indicator, three-section boom with electronic ball valves,15” or 20” tip spacings and electronic rate controller.Options include foam marker with dual-canister design, fence row nozzle kit for more accurate spraying at the field’s edge, transport light kit and rate controller options.Growers are encouraged to check with their nearest Top Air dealer or visit topairequip.com for complete details.Unverferth Mfg. Co., Inc. is a family owned manufacturer and marketer of tillage, seed, hay- and grain-handling equipment along with pull-type sprayers, fertilizer applicators and agricultural dual, triple and specialty wheel products. For additional information, contact Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc., P.O. Box 357, Kalida, OH  45853. Phone 419-532-3121 or visit the website at unverferth.com.last_img read more

2011 Predictions: Mike Melanson

first_img3: Mobile payment systems will continue to make in-roads in the US, especially as online payment systems become more widely accepted. They won’t, however, have the same traction as these same systems in countries where the realities of everyday life necessitate them. (IE mobile payment systems in parts of Africa help workers protect themselves from getting mugged on their monthly pay day, according to one story I remember hearing on NPR.)4: Speaking of money, we’re going to see Facebook really do something with its virtual currency, Facebook Credits, over the next year. So far, the company got rid of its virtual gift store and made credits available for purchase using PayPal. They’re now usable for in-game purchases, but we have yet to see the cross-over to the real world. We might see Facebook Credits become a real live currency in 2011, with users having the ability to buy tickets to events (remember that Eventbrite partnership stuff we saw earlier this year?) and maybe even make phone calls over Skype (there has to be more to that Skype/Facebook partnership, right?).5: Over the last several months, we’ve heard more and more that Twitter is not just a place to go and tell us what you did for lunch – it’s a place to go read about what other people ate for lunch. Okay, I jest. But really, Twitter is working on transitioning to a more consumer friendly, consumption-based tool and that’s what we’re going to see in 2011. The website redesign was just the beginning. Now, the company is going to figure out (beyond a list of 10 trending topics) how to filter and aggregate all that content and make it useful to the average Web user. And then stick some more advertising in there, likely of the local variety. Tags:#predictions#web Editor’s note: Every December the ReadWriteWeb team looks into the murky depths of the coming year and tries to predict the future. How did we do last year? Well, Facebook didn’t go public, Google Wave didn’t make a comeback, and Spotify didn’t make it to the U.S. But our forecasts for Google Chrome, cloud computing, Facebook and something we called the “iTablet” were spot on. What’s in store for 2011? All this week we’ll be posting our predictions. Let us know your prognostications in the comments.1: The idea of the “real-time Web” will become the standard as dynamic, real-time content permeates every corner of the Web. Beyond updates, commenting, and news, the movement toward real-time will finally begin to fully realize the connection between the Web and the Internet of Things. Instead of hacks and mashups telling us when the next bus is coming or what point in the journey our package is in, we’ll have real-time tracking via RFID or other IOT technologies.2: Complex Internet TV systems like Google TV will find a way to become screen-agnostic or simpler, cheaper systems like Roku Box will win out with consumers. For these more complex integrations to work, they’ll also need to refine their operating systems and offer integration with a wider variety of cable TV content. We have plenty of access to our email already. We don’t want to pay $300 to see it on our TV screen too.ReadWriteWeb’s 2011 Predictions:2011 Staff Predictions2011 Predictions: Klint Finley2011 Predictions: Curt Hopkins2011 Predictions: Sarah Perez2011 Predictions: Mike Melanson mike melanson 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts last_img read more

Heat-Pump Clothes Dryers

first_imgHow heat-pump clothes dryers workA traditional dryer works by heating air, blowing it into the drum chamber (where it absorbs moisture from the clothes), and then exhausting the now moisture-laden hot air out of the dryer and out of the house.A condensing dryer, on the other hand, works by heating air, blowing it into the drum chamber and then pulling that warm moist air from the drum and cooling it to the point that the moisture condenses and drips into a collection tray. The cool dry air is then heated and recirculated back into the drum where it again picks up moisture and the cycle continues.The tricky thing with a condensing dryer is how to cool the air being pulled from the drum. Some condensing dryers use a metal plate that is air-cooled and some use a scheme that requires a steady supply of cold water. Neither of these systems results in a dryer that is any more energy-efficient than a traditional dryer, and the appliances are much slower. The market for condensing dryers has typically been for apartment buildings where running an exhaust vent isn’t feasible.A heat-pump dryer is a kind of condensing dryer. Like pretty much every heat pump device, the heat pump in a heat pump clothes dryer has a cold coil and a hot coil. This works out perfectly for a condensing dryer as the cold coil can be used to cool the warm moist air coming from the drum (and to provide a condensing surface for the moisture in the air) and the hot coil can be used to heat the air before sending it back.Heat pump clothes dryers use 40% to 50% as much electricity as a traditional electric dryer and dry clothes much faster than condensing dryers that don’t use heat pumps, while still being slower than a conventional gas or electric dryer. For a family that does five five loads of drying a week, that’s a savings of $1.90 per week during the winter and $1.00 per week during the summer for a heat-pump dryer vs. a traditional electric. Averaged out that comes to a savings of about $75 per year, which would bring the total lifetime cost of a heat pump dryer much closer to the cost of a traditional dryer. But unless you live in a very cold climate or dry an excessive amount of laundry, a heat-pump dryer, at today’s prices, is unlikely to save you a lot of money. If prices come down, or if the price of energy goes up, that could change.While the cost may or may not be an issue, one great feature of this dryer that could turn it into a mainstream product is how much gentler it is on your clothes. Because it’s not using heat alone to dry the clothes, it doesn’t heat the air as much as a traditional dryer. Not only will clothes last longer but it might make it possible to dry clothes that you would otherwise need to hang dry. RELATED ARTICLES Alternatives to Clothes DryersEnergy-Saving Clothes Dryers Hit U.S. MarketsDrying Clothes With Less EnergyEnergy Star Program to Include Clothes DryersAll About Washing Machines Joe Rice is a retired software engineer who recently moved into his energy-efficient house in eastern Massachusetts. His blog about the construction and performance of the house is called Pretty Good Lake House. Heat pump electric dryer17¢33¢ The real downside to the dryer is the cost. I got it from A. J. Madison for $1,399 with free shipping. That’s a lot for a dryer. Of course, I’ll save money every time I run a load, at least, compared to a traditional dryer, right? To figure out how much I created a spreadsheet. It takes into account the amount of energy each dryer requires to run, the amount of energy a minisplit heating system would use to heat/cool the makeup air (for a venting dryer) and the fact that all of the energy used to run a heat-pump dryer stays in the house. This latter effect is a significant savings in the heating season and a significant cost in the cooling season.According to these calculations, and based on prices for electricity and gas in Massachusetts, the costs per load are: Whirlpool announced it back in July; I was able to order it in October; and it wasn’t delivered until January 21st — but I now own a real live, made for the U.S. market, heat-pump clothes dryer. It’s officially the Whirlpool HybridCare Duet Dryer with Heat Pump Technology.Heat-pump clothes dryers have been available for many years in Europe, but this dryer and another recently announced model from LG are the first to hit the U.S. market. I chose the Whirlpool over the LG primarily because the LG, for some reason, still has a vent to the outdoors. One of the major advantages of incorporating a heat pump into a clothes dryer is that the dryer can be ventless. For a tight building enclosure that means one fewer penetration to be sealed. It also means that the dryer isn’t taking conditioned air from the living space and venting it to the outdoors.The dryer (see Image #1, above) looks pretty much like every other clothes dryer, doesn’t it? From this angle, the only difference you can really see between a standard dryer and this dryer is the panel at the bottom right which open to allow access to the secondary lint filter. Traditional gas dryer39¢38¢ But look at the washing machine outlet box at left. The two steel-braided hoses and the large black drain hose come from the washing machine. But that small copper tube attached to the small black hose is the drain from the dryer.I ran a medium-large load using the most efficient cycle and, well, it worked. It didn’t seem to take terribly long (although I didn’t time it) and the clothes came out not just dry but quite soft and with fewer wrinkles than the laundry from the last dryer I owned. In fact, the towels came out positively luxuriously soft. It is a bit louder than your typical dryer, though — something to keep in mind if your dryer isn’t located in an acoustically isolated area of your house. Winter Summer Traditional electric dryer55¢53¢last_img read more

Microsoft Office 365 Is Not A Good Deal For Singles

first_imgMicrosoft’s new subscription-based model for its Office productivity suite has a price tag that initially seems appealing for home and small business users… but is the bottom line cost really a savings for everyone?It’s no secret that over the years, the real cash cow for Microsoft hasn’t been its venerable Windows operating system, but rather the bountiful profit margins it enjoys every time it sells a box full of Microsoft Office.Running The NumbersOne reason is the steep retail prices for the package. Indeed, even with Office 2013, the retail price for the top-level edition, Office Professional, goes for a hefty $399.99. Office Professional gets you Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and the yes-it’s-still-alive database known as Access.At $400 a pop, that’s a chunk of serious change for small businesses that might not be big enough to qualify for multi-seat license discounts. The next-highest offering, Office Home and Business, which drops Publisher and Access, runs for $219.99, a bit more reasonable.Drop Outlook and the pricing gets even friendlier: $139.99 for Office Home and Student. Frankly, if I were going to buy Office for my home, this would be the one I would get, because my mail and calendaring is handled by Google and there are better desktop publishing tools and databases out there than Publisher and Access, respectively.The Subscription AlternativeInto this pricing mix comes Office 365 Home Premium, which will set you back for $99.99/year. For a low, low $8.25 a month, you can get online access to the all of the tools in the jam-packed Office Professional, plus a 20GB SkyDrive cloud-storage account and 60 minutes of Skype calling a month. Oh, and that’s for up to five PCs/Macs.That seems like too good a deal to be true. What’s the catch?Well, let’s remember the reason Microsoft is getting in the subscription business in the first place: its prized Office revenue has been drying up lately as fewer users are upgrading to new versions of Office, or are turning to alternatives like LibreOffice or Google Documents. Switching to a subscription model helps keep the revenue stream steadier in times of declining Office purchases.With that in mind, it seems like there is going to be a catch. But analyzing the costs alone, there seems to be a real deal going on here. Breaking out a hypothetical situation for five PCs using each flavor of the Office releases for three years, the costs break down to:Office 365 Home Premium: $299.97 Office Home and Student: $699.95 Office Home and Business: $1,099.95 Office Professional: $1,999.95One Is The Most Expensive NumberSo, if you’re working with multiple PCs, the subscription plan is definitely a better deal. Care should be taken, though, for users with only one PC. Over the same hypothetical three years, those costs break down this way:Office 365 Home Premium: $299.97 Office Home and Student: $139.99 Office Home and Business: $219.99 Office Professional: $399.99Unless single-PC users truly covet the desktop publisher, database and other gimcracks tossed into Office 365, then Home and Student or Home and Business are better deals over three years. Heck, even over just two years, Office 365 is still more expensive than the offering most Office users really need, Office Home and Student.The Inevitable CaveatsThere is, as one might expect, quite a bit of comparing apples and oranges here. Office 365 will update as time goes on, while the boxed sets will stay the same for as long as you own them (allowing for service pack releases, of course).That might be balanced by the fact that the Skype account just offers an hour of calls per month – bust that limit, and suddenly your monthly bill is not static anymore. And Mac users are out of luck if they want to use OneNote, Publisher or Access on Office 365.Plus, there are still lots of questions on how closely Microsoft will be monitoring the usage of the Office 365 subscriptions. As ReadWrite’s Mark Hachman revealed last week, the answers are still not clear.Based on price alone and assuming the most vanilla interpretation of Microsoft’s pricing model, if you are really set on using Microsoft Office and have multiple PCs in your home or business, it makes sense to try the Office 365 option, as long as you can manage Skype calls and assure your Internet connection is rock-solid.But if you’re a single PC/Mac user, you could stay with the old-fashioned install-the-application options and save yourself quite a bit of money over time.Image courtesy of Microsoft. Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … Related Posts brian proffitt Tags:#Microsoft Office center_img How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo…last_img read more

London Olympics: Mary Kom through to semis, assured of bronze

first_imgMC Mary Kom is turning out to be the cerebral fighter at the London Olympics. Up against the tall and strapping Maroua Rahali from Tunisia, the diminutive Indian used a solid strategy to outpunch her opponent 15-6 and assured herself of a bronze medal.The Excel arena was again packed with Indians and had the commentators raving about the achievements of Mary Kom, whose popularity in London has increased manifold.Wearing blue gear and with a spring in her feet, Mary Kom realised that winning an Olympic medal is not about just punching hard, but using the head as well.”I am thrilled that I am assured of a bronze medal. What makes it special is this is the first one in the 51kg category,” said Mary Kom, who has been in touch with professional coach Charles Atkinson on phone in Liverpool daily. She said the two had been discussing strategies regularly.Up against the five feet and six inches tall Rahali, Mary Kom took time to gauge her opponent. There was no bravado about her approach and fleet-footed Mary did well in the first round to understand what her opponent was going to throw at her.The Indian’s slick footwork caught the eye again as she stayed away from the ‘punching zone’ of her opponent. Mary earned her first two points in style and did not exactly open out, hitting her punches but winning in a measured manner.Mary Kom had a strong guard to show in a tight second round where either boxer was not willing to take chances. Rahali, predominantly a southpaw, may have hoped to score points with her better reach. But full credit to Mary Kom for not doing anything dangerous as caution was the watchword.advertisementIt was a very different Mary Kom the Excel arena supporters saw in the third round. The vocal support for Mary Kom grew loud and the Indian responded beautifully. Realising that Rahali was not doing much damage, Mary Kom waded into her opponent and scored vital clean points. She registered five points in this period and went to the corner at the break with a smile on her face.Yet, Mary Kom realised there was no room for complacency in the fourth round, where her energy level was still high. The Indian used a solid punching strategy to get the better of the Tunisian in the last round with four vital points.Up next for Mary Kom is Britain’s Nicola Adams. The crowd support will be there for the Briton, but Mary Kom is not bothered.”I am aware I have to do my best and see if I can get silver. Let me tell you one thing, having moved to a higher weight category, it’s tough as I can’t put on weight,” said Mary Kom.”Competing in the Olympics and now being assured of a medal is a dream come true for me. I have been training with boys taller and heavier than me and it has helped a lot,” added the five-time world champion.Lest one thinks this has been an easy effort for Mary Kom, she was quick to add: “I have only been fighting at this weight for 51kg since a short time. It’s so hard,” said the Manipuri star.From the Indian point of view, Mary Kom’s bronze has assured the country its best haul at an Olympics. This is also the first time at an Olympics that two Indian women are winning medals. Saina Nehwal was the first to do so when she won bronze on Saturday.HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE BOUT:Samip Rajguru: “Best ever olympics for India confirmed.”Samip Rajguru: “Final score 15-6. Mary you rule the ring!”S Kannan: “Mary Kom scores well against the tall Tunisian. Mukkee pe mukkaa!”Samip Rajguru: “Mary wins in a style! One more bronze confirmed, but we are looking at gold. Nicola Adams is next for her in the semi-finals.”Samip Rajguru: “Mary fighting like a tigress… and leading like one too! Her opponent from Tunisia is the prey.” India Today: Three round of domination by Mary Kom. She has now stretched her lead to 11-4. Surely, she can’t lose it from here now. Just one more round to go. Gaurav Gala: “5-3 in favour of Mary after two rounds. More of the same please Mary.” India Today: This is amazing boxing by Mary Kom. She is bringing all her experience to the ring here. Superb show gives her a 5-3 lead after two rounds. A bronze medal is almost withing grasp. advertisementIndia Today: It’s a great start for Mary Kom. She has taken a slender, but important, lead in the first round for a 2-1 lead. Samip Rajguru: “Mary prayed before the bout for about 20 seconds. I will ask her and tell you about it after the bout.”Gaurav Gala: “Biggest cheer of the night just went up for Mary.” Samip Rajguru: “Excel arena is full with Indian supporters for Mary Kom. About 3 mins to start guy.”Gaurav Gala: “Mary Kom’s bout up next… Atnicipation at fever pitch now.”Aaj Tak Sports Editor Samip Rajguru: “Mary about to start in 5 mins…” India Today: Just a few minutes left for Mary Kom’s big fight. Her opponent is 24-year-old Maroua Rahali of Tunisia, who is fighting her first bout as she got a bye in the previous rounds. Mary had won her last fight 19-14.Mail Today Sports Editor S Kannan: “Mary Kom bout in afternoon. Are you ready?”Headlines Today Sports Editor Gaurav Gala: “India could gurantee two boxing medals today if Mary Kom and Vijender win their bouts.”last_img read more