Inbound Marketing Sponsors Disney World!

first_img What do you think? Originally published Dec 15, 2008 1:17:00 AM, updated March 21 2013 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics: This is an absolutely brilliant marketing idea.  It’s one of those things you’ll wish you had thought of.  Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.  If the video doesn’t play for you, it’s because the viral marketing campaign was so successful, the servers couldn’t keep up. last_img

Demand Generation vs. Inbound Marketing – Is There a Difference?

first_img Inbound Marketing is More Marketing Centric: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack What Does it Mean for You? Inbound Marketing Live Webinar: The State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation ———- Have you ever wondered what the difference is between demand generation and data we can see that inbound marketing budgets are increasing Is There Really a Difference? inbound marketing Demand Generation is More Sales Centric: This is what I like to call a holy grail question – every organization will be starting from a different level of skill, attitude, and belief set so the mix will vary greatly from company to company. If we look at the Let’s call demand generation what it really is….. it’s really just a new approach to driving revenue with traditional outbound marketing approaches. There are some cool technologies that are improving on the last 50 years worth of demand generation best practices, but there is nothing really and truly paradigm shifting. It is the same type of outbound marketing practices that prospects are getting more adept at shutting out – think unwanted cold calls (these days called warm calls), email blasts, list buying, TV commercials, sponsored webinars and the like. The demand generation approach is really gravitated to by companies with sales driven cultures that place an emphasis on the cold call. and traditional outbound marketing budgets are declining. The marketing mix is shifting to inbound marketing and expect this trend to accelerate in the years ahead. Learn how companies are using inbound marketing techniques to generate higher volume and lower cost leads and customers. The big idea is that for the vast majority of companies a budget focused on inbound marketing instead of traditional outbound marketing will be more than enough to improve revenue, bottom line profitability and make your job much easier. Photo Credit: Download the On-Demand Webinar Now! @chadalevitt Chad Levitt is an Inbound Marketing Specialist with HubSpot and author of the New Sales Economy blog that focuses on how sales 2.0, social media, and how inbound marketing can be used as a . Originally published Jun 17, 2010 7:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 sales strategy Inbound Marketing is paradigm shifting and the strategies used to implement inbound marketing have been around for less than ten years. The real shift has only occurred in the past five years as blogging, true opt-in email, social media, and SEO have grown in popularity. Inbound marketing is all about creating content and viewing yourself, company, etc. as a publisher of content, that when combined with other inbound marketing best practices,  can generate quality inbound leads for your business, inside and outside sales teams. Inbound marketing leads are also less expensive than traditional outbound marketing approaches to demand generation. This approach is adopted by forward thinking companies that place an emphasis on being where the marketplace is moving. What is the Right Mix of Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing? ? What does each phrase mean for marketing and sales? Which approach should your company focus on? Is one more relevant or important than the other? If you find yourself scratching your head trying to hammer out the differences between demand generation and inbound marketing so you can execute, well, this post is for you. Garrett Albright are pretty similar at first blush, but don’t be fooled. Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing are very different. Topics: Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing for the Web 2.0 world. You can connect with Chad on Twitterlast_img read more

The ABCs of Off-Page SEO Tactics

first_img What other tips do you have? ymarketing Develop Unique ContentDevelop written content that invites people to click or take action several times in the text. Promote additional free content where you can track, interact with, or engage the reader in a social mediaplatform.Note: Consider using social platform API’s to allow users to join your site using social networking login credentials.Make your content easy to share! 
If your article is a downloadable document, consider adding a twitter button to a PDF, then add a Social Media Widget to the pages of your document. If your article is being submitted to directories, add links in the resources sections of your submissions to your social sharing site. Use articles to promote additional web assets: SEO best (and worst) practices link building and Off-Page SEO Hosted Content (social networking sites, image sharing sites, profile sites) @googlegirl , who manages SEO and Inbound Marketing campaigns for ecommerce and lead generation clients, and a provider on the . The following is a guest post by Tina Rawlins. Rawlins is a Digital Marketing Specialist for blog for or read her Send article content out to a few friends, family, and coworkers and ask for their responses. Find a few people who represent your target audience and get their responses. Specifically ask them to evaluate your article and give their honest opinions. Your article is a long term marketing asset. Your social network can give you important feedback on the voice, length, and resources of your article. On-Page SEO First, understand that while there are nuances to SEO approaches, the fundamental truth is that proper SEO should include efforts in the two primary areas that contribute to a site’s search rankings by search engine algorithms: Downloads or Whitepapers using tracked links Promote RSS Feed URLs Originally published Aug 25, 2010 9:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 To help clarify your off-page SEO approach and enable your organization to move forward, we’ll explore the ABCs of SEO tactics, beginning alphabetically with A, for Article Marketing. Follow-up blog posts will explore Blog Marketing, Comments & Ratings, Directories & Profile Building, and more.center_img and off-page SEO. What search engines can determine about the linking structure of other sites, and the sites inter-related to those sites, in relation to your site. Links to Promoted Blog Articles A is for … Article MarketingA well written article contains targeted content for publishers and often subtly advertises products and services. Most articles are hosted by article directory sites and reprinted by webmasters with topical content needs. Including keywords and links within articles adds SEO value to advertisers. Be Clear and DirectCreate an article that is direct about the value you mention in your title. Do not repeat your title in the subtitles. Typically articles are 400-800 words. Consider separating your article content into smaller portions and adding subheadings to create a web friendly format. Request Feedback services. You can follow her on Twitter at content and structure of your site Bookmarked or promoted website pages in Digg and similar sites . So what can companies and marketers do to sift through the noise of Unique Video or Flash Views on a landing page Unique Title Mentions in Twitter . SEO and Social Media Create Unique HeadlinesReview your unique titles in the search engines to track your article pickup. Also review your website analytics for referrers as an indicator of traffic from article directory sites.
 HubSpot Service Marketplace 2. Off-Page SEO Factors: What search engine crawlers can discern from the Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a confusing and contradictory topic even amongst the industry’s most recognized experts. Organization, directories, trade events and publishers (online and offline) can endlessly debate the finer points of Topics: 1. On-Page SEO Factors: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Facebook Finally Introduces Embedded Posts: What You Need to Know

first_imgYesterday, Facebook launched a new feature that we’ve always wanted: the ability to embed Facebook posts on websites. Just like tweets, this new feature will allow you to embed all public statuses, photos, videos, and hashtags — and users will be able to interact directly with the embedded content. They can like and share the post, like or follow the post author, or view the author’s Timeline without leaving the page the post is embedded on.Unfortunately, it’s currently only rolled out to a handful of select whitelisted publications — folks like CNN, Mashable, and Bleacher Report are the only ones who can embed Facebook posts on their sites. But Facebook says that this update will be rolling out to all users soon.While we’re all anxiously waiting to get our websites approved (*fingers crossed*), we wanted to give you all the run-down of how this new feature works, plus a few ideas to jumpstart your marketing efforts once your site is whitelisted. Once Facebook Flips the Switch, Here’s How You Embed a Post: Embedding a Facebook post is just as simple as embedding a tweet, Vine, or Instagram post: Just copy a section of code and paste it into your HTML. Here’s how you do it:1) Find the Facebook post you’d like to embed. In the top right corner, click the grey arrow to pull down more options.2) Choose ‘Embed Post.’3) Copy the code that appears, and paste it on your site. … And that’s it. Simple, right? Now, the better question to answer is: How can you actually use this new feature in your marketing?How to Use Embedded Facebook Posts in Your MarketingThere are lots of ways you could use Embedded Facebook Posts … you’ve just got to get creative. Here are a few ideas for using this new feature that can help get your creative juices flowing:1) Recaps of Facebook ChatsRunning a Facebook chat on your Page that was particularly enlightening for your Fans? Chances are, your blog followers would love to be enlightened, too. Embed the post where you held the chat and pull out some of the main questions (and answers) for your blog visitors to read. And poof: an easy way to repurpose content that you know your buyer personas will love, not to mention show your social media fans some love.2) Newsjack ReferencesDid a company in your industry announce its latest news on Facebook? Grab the Facebook embed code from the launch post to use as a jumping off point for your newsjack. Keep in mind that this could get a little sticky for you if you’re trying to newsjack controversial crises (like the whole Amy’s Baking Company fiasco) where the Facebook posts get deleted — in that case, the posts you try to embed will show an error on your blog. Still, this could be a great way to include interactive content in most of your newsjacks.3) Contest WinnersIf you’re having users submit original content on Facebook to win a contest, you might want to announce the winners on your website or blog by embedding the posts. For example, we’re currently hosting an INBOUND 2013 Scholarship contest — users submit original content to potentially win a free ticket to the inbound marketing conference — and I would love to show off any winning entries from Facebook on the blog. With this new feature, I would dream no more!4) Best Practices and ExamplesWith this new feature, you can kiss messy Facebook post screenshots goodbye. Now, you can just embed interactive posts in your blog posts. Bonus: Your audience can get an indication of the success of the post as all the interaction metrics get pulled in, as well. In fact, The Huffington Post has already done this type of post — check out how they used the new Facebook embeds to explain the “21 Reasons To Love George Takei.”5) Interactive Press ReleasesWe’ve all heard that we need to make press releases more interactive and exciting for journalists. Why not use embedded Facebook Posts to announce your next product launch in place of a stodgy press release? (We know you’ve been dying to get rid of it anyway. 😉 ) Switching up our press release style paid off for us a few years ago when we acquired oneforty, so it might be something to consider for your next big announcement.How would you use embeddable Facebook Posts in your marketing? Let’s come up with some creative ideas in the comments!Image credits: Facebook Facebook Marketing Originally published Aug 1, 2013 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Viewability? It’s the Least of Publishers’ Worries

first_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published Oct 6, 2015 7:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Once upon a time, clicks and impressions were the currency of digital media. But today, times are changing. With banner blindness being the norm, advertisers are looking for new ways to get more out of their digital advertising investments. They’re looking to build long-term relationships through leads that they can nurture. The problem? There’s often a disconnect between media companies and advertisers.As this MediaPost article points out, viewability is one of the biggest areas of focus in digital media, as “companies are scrambling to develop technologies that improve viewability; trade organizations are hard at work setting new viewability guidelines.” From an audience experience standpoint, these investments are important, but they’re also only part of the digital media ‘success equation.’To be most successful for publishers and advertisers, viewability needs optimization: campaign owners need to connect the dots between first impressions and transactions.How Media Companies Can Connect Viewability to Down-Funnel ActionsSanity Check Your Campaign Goals It’s important to drive eyeballs to your campaigns. But you also need to make sure that these audiences are relevant and targeted to your advertisers’ products and services. As impressive as high impression counts may seem, they’re vanity metrics: only a subset of this audience will matter to your advertisers.The challenge with measuring views and impressions, however, is that it’s impossible to distinguish potential customers from passerbyers. That’s why it’s important to define a clear set of goals for every campaign that you execute. If you’re going to track views, make sure that they’re for very specific initiatives. Top of funnel examples include opt-in offers, webinar registrations, and complementary resources. A rule of thumb is to make sure that you can calculate a conversion rate from every single campaign: this is a metric that publishers and advertisers can both optimize.For a detailed guide on how to track this progress, check out this resource.Stop Equating Clicks With EngagementOnce upon a time, clicks were the currency of digital media. The rationale? They represented a sign of audiences taking action on an offer. But technology has improved dramatically. Why are publishers still relying on the same metrics that they did in 1999?Both advertisers and publishers know that clicks don’t equal engagement. There are too many variables at play: audiences may click on an ad randomly or accidentally—especially on mobile screens where viewing room is tiny. No matter the case, clicks aren’t substitutes for engagement or even viewability. Your advertising products and even your pricing models need some adjustment. The shortest and most impactful path forward? Price based on value.When it comes to measuring engagement, there are many audience actions that you’re already equipped to measure. Examples include newsletter sign-ups, offer redemptions, and social shares. What these conversion goals share in common is that they tell a very human story: a person came to a website, saw something that interested them, and took action. The most effective ad products and pricing models reflect this dynamic.But publishers may be hesitant to make the switch. Since the earliest days of the internet, digital media has been a numbers game, with advertisers using metrics like Alexa and Compete rankings to choose their publisher partners. Big numbers look good, so why make the switch to a model with much lower performance figures?The short story: advertisers want their campaigns to back out into an ROI. From a sales perspective, it’s better to attract a tailored focused audience than one that is completely irrelevant. From a common sense perspective, more isn’t always better: in fact, it’s a waste of your advertisers’ time. Publishers can optimize quality by tailoring their ad products around engagement—not clicks.Optimized Earned MediaEarned media is what happens when publishers and advertisers create really awesome content, offers, and campaigns: audiences start hitting the ‘share’ button, which results in free, incremental advertising. The end result? Publishers can justify higher price points on advertising campaigns, and advertisers won’t blink an eye. Even more importantly, target customers end up with products that they love. Earned media is a sign that everyone is winning.The most common form of earned media is social sharing—the online equivalent of ‘word of mouth.’ But even social metrics can have problems similar to clicks. An extra share doesn’t mean that your ad campaign is getting seen: audiences may be sharing your content, but are their friends responding and taking action?This question will bring you full-circle to point one from this blog post. You need to make sure that every ad campaign has a clearly defined campaign goal. WIth this mindset, you’ll be able to quantify the value of the earned media that your ad products are generating. Instead of saying “earned media took the form of X extra social shares,” you’ll be able to say, “earned media generated Y incremental revenue.”In a Nutshell To emphasize their added value, publishers need to get close to their advertisers’ bottom lines. Clicks, views, and social shares are important to this equation, but they’re also vanity metrics that are challenging to back into ROI. The reason? It’s impossible to see the intent behind these actions, and without this perspective, advertisers and publishers are limited to their best guesses. Two simple actions can help overcome these challenges: define your goals, and create campaign features that optimize them. Ask your audiences to take action by presenting a value proposition that they can’t ignore.last_img read more

24 Iconic Santa Claus Advertisements From the Past 100 Years

first_img Topics: When you think of Santa Claus, we’re willing to bet that words like “jolly,” “bearded,” and “rosy-cheeked” come to mind. After all, that’s the image of Santa many of us — regardless of age — have grown to know and love, right?The mall Santa that our parents forced us to take an annual photo with (despite the trauma it caused). The Santa we watched Tim Allen transform into in the first installment of The Santa Clause trilogy. And the Santa we’ve seen used in countless holiday advertisements — from Coca-Cola to Kodak. Below, we’ve put together a festive timeline of Santa-inspired print and video ads, dating back to the early 1900s. Check ’em out to see how different companies over the past century have used Santa Claus to sell more products.24 Jolly Advertisements Starring Santa Claus Throughout History1900 – 1950 Advertisements1) 1915: White RockImage Credit: White RockingThis joyful depiction of Santa Claus carrying a sleigh full of White Rock water and various toys appeared in the 1915 issue of the San Francisco Examiner.2) 1919: Murad Turkish CigarettesImage Credit: Vintage Product AdsThis sinister-looking Santa Claus is shown smoking a cigarette in this vintage advertisement … but it’s not just any cigarette. According to the ad copy, Murad’s Turkish Cigarettes are what all the “grown-ups” are choosing for Christmas. 3) 1935: Whitman’s ChocolatesImage Credit: Bamboo TradingAnother classic depiction. This chocolate advertisement shows a simple, familiar Santa — with a festive piece of holly attached to his otherwise uniform hat.4) 1938: EssolubeImage Credit: EtsyThis French motor oil advertisement from Essolube shows Santa Claus delivering a sack of oil to eager automobile owners. The ad copy translates to “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for Your Car.”5) 1940: Bell Telephone SystemImage Credit: Bamboo TradingIn this holiday advertisement from Bell Telephone Systems, a phone-shaped Santa Claus is shown “ringing in the holidays.” It’s not directly selling a product, though — the ad aims to send Bell Telephone System’s warm wishes to its customers.6) 1948: Time Magazine SubscriptionImage Credit: Bamboo TradingIn this late 1940s advertisement, Santa is shown piloting an airplane to deliver magazine subscriptions to all. The plane is embellished with various headlines, and the ad copy highlights their “special Christmas rates.”7) 1949: Prince Albert Smoking TobaccoImage Credit: Bamboo TradingSanta is smoking again. This vintage ad includes a twinkle-eyed, rosy-cheeked image of Old Saint Nick promoting the gift that “says ‘Merry Christmas’ with every puff”: Camel Cigarettes. 1951 – 2000 Advertisements8) 1954: Coca-ColaImage Credit: Bamboo TradingI don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved Coca-Cola’s warm, jolly portrayal of Santa Claus. This classic Coca-Cola ad features Santa Claus enjoying a “gift for his thirst” while he takes a break and puts down his sack of toys. 9) 1956: Jell-OImage Credit: EtsyThis fun advertisement for Jell-O shows Santa enjoying a few bites of the good stuff left out for him by the soundly sleeping child underneath the table. 10) 1969: HooverImage Credit: Vintage AdsYou can almost hear the laughter in this classic, black-and-white display of Santa Claus showing off his Hoover appliances.11) 1972: Kodak Pocket Instamatic CamerasImage Credit: Etsy”Say cheese, Santa!”This cheerful advertisement shows Santa Claus gearing up to take a photo using the new Kodak Pocket camera — the perfect gift for “anyone that has a pocket,” according to the ad copy. 12) 1977: Smith CoronaImage Credit: Bamboo TradingIn this late 1970s advertisement, Santa is seen showing off the Smith-Corona typewriter. (The perfect piece of technology for him to make his list — and check it twice.)13) 1977: Quaker Sugar CookiesImage Credit: Vintage Ad BrowserIn this 1977 ad for old-fashioned holiday cookies, Santa Claus is shown spending some quality, fireside time with the Quaker Oats man himself. If you look closely, you’ll also notice a curious child trying to sneak a peek from behind the chair. 14) 1983: Seagram’s Crown RoyalImage Credit: Vintage Ad BrowserThis advertisement challenges viewers to look Santa in the eye and tell him they really deserve Crown Royal this year. It’s hard not to smile at the dubious look on Mr. Claus’ face. 15) 1993: Got Milk?Santa proves that you can’t have cookies without milk in this classic 1993 commercial.16) 1993: BluBlocker SunglassesImage Credit: Bamboo TradingNow here’s one we haven’t seen before: Santa in sunglasses. This clever advertisement positions Santa’s job in a different light — Old Saint Nick and his reindeers are “famous aviators.”17) 1996: M&M’sThis 90s commercial from M&M is a timeless classic. We love the mutual look of surprise and shock on both Santa and the M&M’s faces when they bump into one another late at night. 18) 1997: Hewlett PackardImage Credit: Bamboo TradingThis HP advertisement shows Santa Paws … I mean Claus posing with a fury friend. Snowball, the featured dog, seems to be eager to join Santa as one of his reindeer. 2001 – 2015 Advertisements19) 2001: DecathlonImage Credit: ColoribusIt’s hard not to laugh at this crew of Santa Claus staff members getting all suited up in their locker room. The chimney entrance game plan on the board is especially amusing. 20) 2007: Niko Motion DetectorsImage Credit: This Is Not AdvertisingSanta? A criminal? This advertisement pokes fun at Santa’s “breaking and entering” skills while highlighting the security of the company’s burglar-proof movement detectors. 21) 2011: PepsiThis Pepsi commercial pokes fun at Santa Claus’ well-known Coca-Cola advertisements by showing him sneaking a Pepsi on vacation in his red and white Hawaiian shirt.22) 2011: iPhoneSanta shows off his tech-savvy side as he communicates with Siri in this amusing commercial for the iPhone 4S.23) 2013: ChevroletEven when cleverly disguised as a car salesman, it’s easy to pick Santa out in a crowd. This ad pokes fun at the interaction this potential car buyer has when he realizes that he just might be buying a car from Santa himself. 24) 2015: Reddi-Wip This quick-witted Reddi-Wip commercial shows a dad spraying on a whipped cream beard to disguise himself after being caught in the act by his son. Turns out his son is not buying it, as the real Santa Claus is standing right behind him. What’s your favorite advertisement? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Originally published Dec 24, 2015 8:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Holiday Marketing Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

9 Client Reporting Tools That Will Save Your Agency Time

first_imgYou love data. Nothing makes you — and your client — happier than a chart that shows just how great a campaign is performing. But collecting all that data each month, organizing it, creating charts, and writing up reports is draining your team’s time. Typically, agency staffers spend around four or five hours per client each month reporting on digital. So say you’re managing around 20 clients: Your effective hourly rate for each employee is $75, and it takes four hours to create each report. You’d save almost $5,000 per month if you automated this process. What’s worse? These reports are essential to the client, but she rarely spends more than a few minutes breezing over them — she wants confirmation that things are trending up and to the right. If they’re not, you’re going to need to address that over the phone or in-person. A report isn’t going to help her understand the context of the problem or how you’re going to fix things. To create reports quickly and easily for many different clients with different KPIs, consider using one of the below marketing reporting tools, and checking out more apps for agency services. These will help to reduce the amount of time you spend gathering data and creating reports so you can spend more time on the work that matters — building high-performing campaigns.9 Client Marketing Reporting Tools for Agencies1) MegalyticMegalytic provides templates so that you can easily import your data from sources such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, a CSV file, and others.The tool has a library of widgets, such as ecommerce sales by geography, AdWords conversions, social referrals, etc., that you can easily add to your reports for more in-depth details. You can also set up reports to be automatically sent to a specific list of individuals, and then track to make sure they landed in the recipient’s inbox. 2) DataboxDatabox enables agencies to automate the client reporting process by compiling data from many popular marketing software and services — including HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot CRM, Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter, Linkedin Company Pages and Instagram. After connecting your client’s services, Databox becomes the single place where your agency’s team can set goals, monitor progress, calculate ROI numbers and receive alerts when things aren’t going to plan.Databox offers pre-configured reports (like the one below that features data pulled from HubSpot CRM and HubSpot marketing), and the option to build your own custom reports via their designer. You can view your data across multiple devices, including your mobile phone, desktop, TV, and via Slack.3) RavenToolsRavenTools is useful for agencies and their clients who need a few more reporting features. There’s a research center for analyzing competitors or target sites, the ability to schedule social media updates, a tracker for link building campaigns, and an SEO auditor.There’s also a useful feature for analyzing your client’s site against those of their competitors — you can compare backlinks, domain authority, load time, page speed, and other metrics. The report feature has drag-and-drop functionality and makes it easy to add the results of the tests and research performed through RavenTools additional features to your reporting documents. 4) TapAnalyticsThis tool works with more than 100 service providers to pull in data quickly without the help of a support team or IT pro. It has a ton of customizable widgets you can use to drill down into specific metrics, uncover problem areas, or show improvements in a client’s marketing efforts — all tailored to the specific needs of the client.It also provides user permissions and roles to protect your client’s data from being viewed by people who shouldn’t have access to the account, and agencies can create an overview dashboard that shows all of the agency’s clients in one screen, making it easy for leadership to quickly determine problem areas and which accounts need extra attention. In addition, it can be fully white-labeled and provides a feature for adding a service charge (a percentage markup of your choosing) to a client’s campaign. 5) Wordsmith for MarketingThis white-labeled tool turns analytics data into a written report that highlights the results of your digital marketing efforts. You simply connect your Google Analytics or Adwords accounts, and schedule when you would like the report to be sent to the client’s account manager.During the review, you can add in notes and suggestions for improvements prior to it being sent to the client. The tool is created by Automated Insights, a platform that the Associated Press is using to write more than 4,000 quarterly earnings reports without humans.6) DataHeroDataHero integrates with cloud services beyond those focused on marketing, such as ZenDesk, GitHub, Eventbrite, and more, so you can customize your reporting to the specific campaign needs and activities of your various clients. With this reporting tool, you can upload data or choose the data to import, and it gives you suggestions on the right chart to visualize your data. DataHero then gives you the option to manipulate and add data to the chart, making it easier to create insightful and useful charts for your client’s review. (Disclosure: DataHero is a HubSpot integration partner.)7) DashThisFor agencies that want the client experience to remain with their brand, DashThis provides a custom URL and a fully white-labeled account. The tool integrates with a ton of platforms, including Instagram, Ahrefs, comScore, and Perfect Audience.DashThis surveyed agencies and found that there were three main report types agencies and their clients wanted. They created templates reflecting these results that are simple to set up and perfect for keeping track of performance each month.DashThis is primarily a dashboard tool, rather than reporting, so use this for keeping clients or your team up-to-date on performance throughout the month. However, you can send notifications and a report summary or create a PDF from the chosen dashboard. 8) DasherooDasheroo gives agencies the ability to create client teams with different levels of permissions so that data stays secure between multiple accounts. It includes templates to help you create charts more quickly, and it has an interesting feature called a mashup, where it will compare two different metrics so it’s easier to spot trends and issues. 9) KlipfolioThis cloud app lets users to build customized business performance dashboards that sync in real-time across multiple devices — including TV monitors, web browsers, and mobile devices. For agencies looking to get a high-level view of their clients’ performance from numerous data sources, Klipfolio delivers a wide variety of options to connect both on-site and cloud-based sources. What tools do you use to speed up monthly reporting? Let us know in the comments below!Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2016 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. Topics: Agency Marketing Originally published Mar 1, 2017 5:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 Don’t forget to share this post!last_img read more

Facebook Business Manager: The Ultimate Guide

first_imgAds Manager ToolsNow that we’re all set up, you might be curious about some of the additional benefits of creating an ad inside your Business Manager.When creating an ad in Ads Manager, one of the best advantages (as you’ll soon see) is the ability to create a highly-targeted core demographic group with the “create new audience” feature.You can choose a gender, age, region, and language to reach, and even dive into specific interests you want your audience to share.Then you’re given estimates based on your audience and budget, like how many people you’re expected to reach daily, and how many people will click your link. Those performance evaluations are critical to deciding whether to increase or decrease audience size, or whether your budget is big enough.Here’s how to create an ad in Ad Manager:1. Click the “Business Manager” three line icon in the top left, and then select “Ads Manager”. 2. Select “Create New” under the “Ad Account” category on the left-hand side, and input basic information, like country, currency, and time zone for your ad. Then click “Continue”. 3. If you’ve already created an audience for another ad, you could “Use a Saved Audience”. If not, you will input information about your new desired audience here — you don’t need to include all the information, but the more you include, the more likely you are to reach your target demographic with your ad.4. As you fill out the information, you’ll see an “Audience Size” chart on the right. This gives you estimates for how many people you might reach daily, and how many clicks you’ll get. While it’s not guranteed, it’s a good tool for evaluating whether you should narrow your audience or, if possible, increase your budget. 5. Once you’ve created an ad, you’ll find it in your Ads Manager homepage by clicking “Ads Manager” or searching Along with your ads, you’ll also find Ad Sets, Campaigns, or a general Account Overview. The Ads tab in particular provides you with analytics such as reach, impressions, cost per result, and relevance score. Facebook Business Manager AnalyticsLastly, here’s a general overview of your “Analytics” tab and what the Analytics page looks like:We won’t go too in-depth with analytics, since it’ll vary drastically depending on your business’s advertising goals, budget, and audience.However, it’s important to note a few major components of Business Manager’s analytics, to ensure you understand the tool’s most impressive functions.5 Business Manager Analytics Functions You’ll Want to Know About It’s likely you’ve heard of Facebook Business Manager, which Facebook describes as their tool to “manage ad accounts, Pages, and the people who work on them — all in one place.”If you haven’t heard of it, or if you don’t know much about it, Facebook Business Manager is a useful tool if you have more than one ad account, if you need to track separate clients’ ads or pages and create reports for them, or if your company uses Facebook for different services related to your business.Watch Now: Interviews on Advertising Best Practices from Facebook, Google, HubSpot, and LinkedInWhat is Facebook Business Manager?Facebook Business Manager is a tool to help you create, publish, monitor, and report on various business-related assets, including your business’s Facebook Pages, or your Facebook advertisements. Business Manager allows you to grant partial or full access to different employees, and assign them different roles within the platform.Essentially, Facebook Business Manager helps your team stay organized and focused while monitoring, creating, and publishing ads, pages, and other business assets on Facebook.Here, we’ll delve into how to create a Facebook Business Manager account, how to add your business pages, ads, and people, how to use the analytics tools in your account, and how to extract the most value from the ads manager tool.For the purpose of keeping this article easy to follow, we’re going to assume your business is interested in using Business Manager for your own pages and ads, rather than for your client’s pages and ads.Is Facebook Business Manager different from your Facebook account?Facebook Business Manager isn’t tied to your personal account. You don’t need a personal Facebook account to use Facebook Business Manager, and Facebook Business Manager only shows you your business assets, including ad accounts, pages related to your business, and advertising or social media analytics. It doesn’t have a newsfeed and won’t send you notifications from your personal account.How to Set Up Facebook Business ManagerHow to set up Facebook Business ManagerGo to and click the blue “Create Account” button in the top right cornerFill in your business name in the pop-up screen, and click “Continue”The pop-up screen will then ask for your email. Type it into the box, and click “Finish” Originally published May 24, 2018 6:00:00 AM, updated October 14 2019 How to delete Facebook Business ManagerGo to “Settings” in Facebook Business ManagerSelect “Business Info”Click “Permanently Delete Business” on right side of page Facebook Pixel: If you install Facebook Pixel, your website can reach people with ads on Facebook after they’ve visited your siteSplit testing: Use A/B testing to figure out which ads lead to the highest conversion rateConversion lift: Use this tool to ensure your ads are actually generating conversions and salesMobile SDK: If your business has an app, use Mobile SDK to see what actions people are taking within your app, and use that information to improve ad campaigns across devicesBrand lift: Find out how your ads are impacting your brand image to optimize ads for better brand awareness Check out Facebook Business’s advertising information page to learn more about Facebook ad functions, read success stories for industry-specific businesses, and get inspiration and ideas to improve your own ads.center_img When you’re setting up your Facebook Business Manager account, it doesn’t matter whether you already have a personal Facebook account or not. The Facebook Business Manager account is a different set-up process, and simply requires your business name and email to begin. It’s an easy three-step process that took me approximately two minutes.Here’s what you do:1. First, go to and click the blue “Create Account” button in the top right corner. 2. Next, fill in your business name in the pop-up, and click “Continue”. 3. The pop-up screen will then ask you for your email in the box. Type it into the box, and click “Finish”. This is your Facebook Business Manager account. If it looks intimidating at first glance, don’t worry, it’s actually pretty intuitive.Let’s delve into how to add pages and ad accounts to your Business Manager account.How to Add Facebook Business Pages to Your Business Manager AccountOn your Facebook Business Manager homepage, you’ll immediately see the buttons to “Add Page”, “Add Ad Account” or “Add People”.1. First, let’s click “Add Page”. 2. Click “Add Page” on the pop-up screen. 3. On the next page, type your page into the search bar. If it’s a pre-created Facebook business page, it should pop right up. Click the blue “Add Page” botton. 4. If you see this pop-up with a green check mark, you’re all set! Your page is successfully added. How to Add Your Facebook Ad AccountsAdding your Facebook ad account is an almost identical process to adding a page, but I’ll walk you through the steps here so you can see them in action.It’s important to note you can only add one ad account at first, and then you’ll be able to add additional ad accounts once you start spending money in your first ad account.However, you can’t host more than five ad accounts at any one time.1. Click the blue “Add Ad Account” button on your homepage. 2. Select “Add Ad Account”.3. Enter your “Ad account ID” into the box. When you’re finished, click “Add Ad Account”.How to Add People to Your Business Manager AccountFor this example, we’ll focus on adding internal employees to your Business Manager Account, not clients or external advisors.Adding people to your account is easy, and you can limit the amount of access each employee gets.Limiting access to “employee only” is useful if, for instance, you want to assign one employee to handle your Instagram account and monitor those analytics, but then you want another employee on the team to handle your ad accounts and those analytics.1. First, go to your “Settings” icon in the top right corner. 2. Next, click the blue “Add” button, highlighted below. 3. Type in an employee’s email address (so Facebook can send them an email with access permissions), and then select “on” for either “Employee access” or “Admin access”. Then, click “Next”. 4. Here, you have a couple different options. You can assign your employee to any of the assets on the right (Pages, Ad Accounts, or Catalogs). Then, check off the box of the Page, ad, or catalog you want them assigned to. Next, select a role for your employee (like “Page advertiser”). Once you’re satisfied, click “Invite”.5. Now, your employee has been sent an invite, granting her permissions to 1 account and tool. Topics: Facebook Marketing Don’t forget to share this post!last_img read more

Mike Gundy on if Rob Glass Ever Leaves: ‘I’ll Have to Find Something Else to Do’

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State strength and conditioning guru Rob Glass sat down with Brett Ledbetter of What Drives Winning, a seminar/training course that’s hosted collaborative efforts from the likes of Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Billy Donovan to World Cup champion Abby Wambach.Mike Gundy has previously done two sit-downs with Ledbetter. OSU wrestling coach John Smith has done one, as well.Coach Gundy and Glass talked about the beginnings of their relationship (Glass was on staff at OSU when Gundy was a player) and Gundy talked about the importance of having someone you trust in that role.“If he decides to get out of it, I’ll have to find something else to do,” said Gundy.“Strength and conditioning is the most important aspect of developing college football players.” Gundy continued “Coach [Glass] gets them really eleven months out of the year, so the discipline, the structure, the toughness, the environment he creates and develops sets them up for us.”Glass, who makes just under $400,000 a year according to the Tulsa World’s database, talked about what the moniker #BodyByGlass entails.“We’re trying to, essentially, develop a swagger, a physical presence with our guys because that’s what it takes to be successful,” said Glass. “So we’re training that dominant, alpha-male type of mentality [that] is what we’re trying to create.”His track record of player transformation speaks for itself.Check out the full interview below.last_img read more

Layun’s versatility & more: Five things from El Tri’s win

first_imgMexico Layun flashes versatility again, Lozano knocks off rust & more: Five things from Mexico’s win vs. Scotland Jon Arnold Click here to see more stories from this author 05:23 6/4/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(1) Miguel Layun Mexico Callum Paterson Scotland Manuel Velasquez Mexico World Cup Scotland Friendlies Mexico v Scotland Playing the first half in midfield and the second at right back, the Veracruz native again impressed. Goal looks back at that & more from El Tri’s win Mexico bid farewell to its fans with a 1-0 victory over Scotland in the Estadio Azteca on Saturday and were sent packing with boos and cries for the coach’s job.”That’s how the fans are,” winger Hirving Lozano said after the match. “We have to be concentrated on what we’re doing. We won, which is the most important thing. The group looked a lot better in controlling the game as well.”Lozano is right and he also knows that should El Tri make a deep run at the tournament, those same fans who were booing the win Saturday will be thronging the streets to welcome the team home. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now Could that actually happen? Where is Mexico at as it sets off for its final friendly ahead of the big show?As the players spend time with their families ahead of flights to Europe on Sunday night, let’s take a look back at five things from the final match in the Americas before the World Cup begins:Layundowski does it againMiguel Layun MexicoIt probably should stop being a surprise at this point to see Miguel Layun advancing up the field and doing positive things. Sliding into the midfield for the national team at Estadio Azteca is a great example, though, of how far Layun has come. Now hoping to stay in La Liga with Sevilla, where he’s on loan from Porto, not long ago Layun was being jeered by America fans at the very same facility.OK, so maybe not that much has changed, but that’s on the fans and not Layun. After being very involved as one of two outside midfielders in a 4-3-3, Layun swapped with Edson Alvarez and turned in a strong second half at right back.”[One] strategical and tactical thing that we wanted to see is Miguel starting as an interior. It was very fruitful,” Osorio said. “He had shots and set up teammates and we had Edson Alvarez coming forward more than playing at left back. “In the second, understanding that the entrances in our attacking third were from the wings, we tried to get stronger in that aspect and made a change, a permutation with the same 11. I think both showed what we expected from them. In general terms, it was a very good exercise. We’re going to keep working and we’re very optimistic that we’re going to have a great World Cup.”Basically, decide what needs to be better, and send Layun to do it. Osorio gets criticized for experiments, and he has toyed around with Layun’s positioning more than that of any other player. The thing is, though, Layun is good pretty much everywhere he’s played. The central midfield thing didn’t really work out, but Layun showed Saturday he can play in the midfield, and we’ve seen him succeed on the wing as well.Now it’s on Osorio to figure out, essentially, where Layun’s WAR is highest. The baseball stat, Wins Above Replacement, measures how much more a team would lose were a player out and an average player came into the lineup to replace him. Is his value at left back that much higher than Jesus Gallardo’s that he needs to play there? Will injuries force Carlos Salcedo to the middle and Layun to right back? Or will the team be without Andres Guardado because of injury and lean on Layun in the middle like it did in the first half? Luckily, he’s a versatile enough player that no matter the answer, El Tri shouldn’t have to worry about what Layun is doing on the field. Salcedo flexibility paves way for Alanis cutCarlos Salcedo MexicoSpeaking of versatile defenders, Carlos Salcedo put in 45 minutes of good work as the left center back and once again showed he’s comfortable in the position. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Salcedo has played at right center back and right back with El Tri and has played all across the back line with Eintracht Frankfurt, including at left center back.Osorio took a look at Salcedo as the left center back against Wales and did so again Saturday, and he liked what he saw enough to cut Oswaldo Alanis from the roster. The left-footed Alanis profiled as a potential back-up for Hector Moreno should the Real Sociedad defender fail to recover from his lingering calf issue. “Basically we took the decision under four factors,” Osorio said of leaving Alanis, Jesus Molina and Jurgen Damm home. “The first, direct competition with another player in this same position who we consider can play in any scenario versus any team, apart from the opponent and give us what we need. Second, the competition with another option. Third, the injuries and fourth the multi-functionality of some players.”With Salcedo able to play as the left center back as well as right center back and right back, Alanis becomes surplus – even for a team like Mexico that is growing thin on defenders. Edson Alvarez profiles as a replacement for Salcedo if he suffers another injury or Diego Reyes, and that versatility makes him more valuable than Alanis who struggled when asked to play left back and never was good enough at his best position to lock down a role.Finishing again missingRaul Jimenez MexicoFor the second match in a row, Mexico dominated, created chances and came away with not all that much to show for it. Mexico had 29 shots and put 11 of them on target. Osorio said after the match that the coaching staff had emphasized shooting from mid-range when there’s an opportunity, hoping for players to be more aggressive than they were against Wales.”The credit goes to the players because not only the forwards but also the midfielders and Gallardo at left had good shots,” the manager said. “We had a lot of shots and were efficient. Now we need to turn [them] into goals. We’re still working on this.”He said the team would correct it, but lack of finishing is something that has frustrated Mexico managers since the days of Osorio’s predecessors. With players who generally are deadly finishers like Chicharito and Raul Jimenez, you’d expect more.The boos probably don’t rain down at the Azteca after Saturday’s victory if Miguel Layun’s 27th-minute shot hits the post and tucks into the goal rather than staying out or if Hirving Lozano and Carlos Vela work better on the counter-attack they had in the 53rd minute.Counter-attack communication does take time and Osorio promised, “We’re going to get better” at finishing thanks to work in training the next several days. El Tri have players who can score, or at least we think they do, but it’s a trend worth keeping an eye on. Scoring in training can be easy. Doing it in a World Cup match? Not so much. Chucky knocks off some rustHirving Lozano MexicoOsorio said he and his coaching staff had “resisted the temptation” to play rising star Hirving Lozano against Wales. They gave in to the temptation Saturday and will be glad they did. There were still moments where Chucky skinned defenders in the box, and he twice should have scored but ended up having a miscommunication with a teammate deny him the opportunity at an open shot at goal.With PSV’s season ending on May 5, it had been nearly a month since the 22-year-old played a competitive match. Getting him back in a playing rhythm is a good thing for Mexico, with Lozano likely to feature against Denmark as well in the team’s final friendly before the World Cup.”The team looked really good. We had a lot of chances to score,” Lozano said after the game. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t score, but that’s how we want to play. The players did their jobs and the team looked good.”After the season he had in the Netherlands, scouts will be tracking his every move in Russia. Saturday night wasn’t his best match, but it should help him get back in the groove and give El Tri the dangerous winger they’ve enjoyed for the last several months.Dead balls not deadlyGiovani dos Santos MexicoMexico’s last set-piece goal was a Marco Fabian stunner to open the scoring in a 3-0 win over Iceland in March. That was only three matches ago, but El Tri hasn’t looked like the same team it has been in the Osorio era from dead balls in the last several matches.As recently as the summer of 2017, one out of every three Mexico goals came from a set piece with MedioTiempo calling dead-ball situations “El Tri’s best friend.”Between Fabian’s goal against Iceland and Hugo Ayala’s header against Bosnia and Herzegovina in early February’s non-FiFA date match, it may be too early to start panicking about the lack of goals scored through that method. Still, Mexico has outsmarted and outworked teams before on corner kicks or in dangerous areas and needs to do a better job not only with the opportunities it has but earning more chances to use a designed play.The goals aren’t coming from open play right now despite the opportunities. There’s no shame in getting a header from a corner kick or a penalty to get things moving in the right direction again.last_img read more

10 months agoInter Milan offered Bayern Munich veteran Arjen Robben

first_imgInter Milan offered Bayern Munich veteran Arjen Robbenby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveInter Milan have been offered Bayern Munich veteran Arjen Robben.Off contract in June, Robben has announced he is leaving Bayern at the end of the season.The Dutch midfielder has opened the door to a return to PSV Eindhoven, however says agents have also offered him to Inter.While now 34, Inter management have welcomed the approach and are actively discussing adding Robben to the squad next season.Though Inter are keen to drive down the average age of their squad, they’re willing to make an exception for Robben. TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img

They had such enormous fun Sharon Bram bid farewell with final tour

first_imgLittle Rabbit Foo Foo. I Am Slowly Going Crazy. Skinnamarink. Many Canadians have grown up with the music of — and have a favourite tune by — Sharon, Lois and Bram.Sharon Hampson, Lois Lilienstein and Bram Morrison debuted as a kids’ entertainment trio in 1978 and quickly became household names for their vibrant, catchy, internationally inspired music for children and families.Now, 40 years after they first joined forces with the late Lilienstein, Hampson and Morrison are hitting the road one final time. They’re not hanging things up completely: there’s fresh music and a new book scheduled for release in 2019. But for the septuagenarian musical duo, it’s time to bid farewell to touring. Advertisement Facebook Advertisement Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment The pair took some time out from their latest slate of gigs, including a sold-out benefit concert bringing them back to the site of their first major show — Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre — to reminisce about their rise as children’s entertainers, changing times and paying tribute to their late colleague Lilienstein.First-time jittersHampson, Lilienstein and Morrison met as separate participants in Ontario’s Mariposa in the Schools art program. They formed a bond based on their similar philosophy about the importance of music education. In 1978, they scrabbled together $20,000 to record and release their debut album, One Elephant, Deux Éléphants — which was an instant success — and scheduled their first concert at Young People’s Theatre for late that September. Twitter Login/Register With:last_img read more

City of Fort St John to hold Open House this Saturday to

first_img“We really wanted to make sure that the Zoning Bylaw is user-friendly. It has clear language that people can understand. We have illustrations in there to help explain that. We talk about definitions to ensure that they are clear and consistent.”The updates also include reviewing existing zoning requirements for items such as parking, suites, and landscaping.The Open House for updates to the Zoning Bylaw is this Saturday, August 10, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the North Peace Cultural Centre.For more information, you can visit FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John will be holding another Open House at the North Peace Cultural Centre this Saturday, August 10, to review the updates to the City’s Zoning Bylaw.City Planning Manager, Renée Jamurat, says the Open House will give residents the opportunity to come and see what changes are being made to the Zoning Bylaw.According to Jamurat, the Zoning Bylaw is being updated, as under the Official Community Plan, to provide greater clarity for existing zoning requirements and to improve the user-friendliness of the bylaw, such as using simple language.last_img read more

Ronaldo injured as Portugal draw qualifier against Serbia

first_imgLisbon: Captain Cristiano Ronaldo left the field with a thigh injury as Portugal drew 1-1 against Serbia in an Euro 2020 qualifier on Monday. Ronaldo was replaced after 30 minutes in Lisbon as Fernando Santos’ reigning European champions drew for a second time in their opening two games of the campaign after they were held by Ukraine on Friday. There was no word whether the five-time Ballon d’Or winner would be fit for to play for his club Juventus in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final at Ajax on April 10. William Carvalho wasted the best of the early chances at Benfica’s two-thirds empty Estadio da Luz. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhSerbia failed to clear the ball in the box before it fell to the unmarked Real Betis midfielder who’s side-footed shot glanced past the post after five minutes. Ajax playmaker Tadic opened the scoring from the penalty spot two minutes later. Wolves goalkeeper Rui Patricio collided with an advancing Mijat Gacinovic in the box and Tadic tucked the spot kick away with ease to take a shock lead over the Euro 2016 winners. Ronaldo was denied an equaliser two minutes later as his effort was very well saved Marko Dmitrovic. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced laterThe 156-time international left the field on the half hour mark after he pulled up chasing a ball on the left wing. He received quick treatment from members of the medical team before returning to action but was replaced by Pizzi minutes later as Pepe took over the skipper’s armband. The visitors were level with three minutes of the first half to play. Porto’s Danilo Pereira hammered his shot from outside the box into the top corner past a helpless Dmitrovic. Carvalho should have put his side into the lead 25 minutes into the second half.last_img read more

Ohio State looking to hold off Michigan in Big Ten Championship finale

The Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion played host to the men’s swimming and diving Big Ten Championships and OSU swimmers gave the home crowd something to cheer about on Friday.“I’ve never experienced a night like this as a coach,” coach Bill Wadley said. To find a better night in Ohio State swimming history, one would have to go back at least 50 years, Wadley said.Coming into Friday night, the Buckeyes were tied with Michigan, but by the end of the night things changed. The Buckeyes started the night off with a bang, and kept it going, wrapping up Friday’s action in first place.In the 200-yard freestyle relay, OSU was able to bring home the gold and take sole possession of the lead. The relay was made up of Joel Elber, Andrew Olson, Lincoln Fahrbach and Tim Phillips.“It’s a really good momentum builder,” Olson said.The Buckeyes lost their lead for a moment, but the Buckeyes stayed positive.In the next event, sophomore Austin Mudd placed fifth in the 400-yard individual medley while teammate Justin Farra took place sixth in the same event. Both swimmers were able to improve from their morning swim.The next event was a battle of OSU against Michigan. Both teams had three swimmers in the 100-yard butterfly. OSU performed well, but Michigan was able to outscore the Buckeyes.Even though the Buckeyes were outscored, the team was happy about the finishes by all three swimmers. Phillips finished second, Quincy Lee finished fifth and Fahrbach finished in seventh.In the 100-yard breaststroke, the Buckeyes came close to a sweep. OSU was able to finish in first, second and fourth place. Junior Elliott Keefer was able to bring home the gold for OSU while senior Sam Pelkey brought home the silver. Senior Dani Malnik was just one tenth of a second from tying for third. She placed fourth.In that same event, Michigan had only one person in the top eight.OSU finished the night off with a bang. Sophomore Andrew Elliott placed first in the 100-yard backstroke.By the end of the swimming portion of the meet on Friday, the Buckeyes had 592.5 points to take over first place. Michigan checked in second with 512.5 points.The Buckeyes may have the lead but a Big Ten Championship is not in the bag.The Buckeyes will be in the pool Saturday to try to fend off Michigan and bring home a Big Ten Championship. read more

Football Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins makes case for playing time

Ohio State redshirt freshman quarterback Dwayne Haskins (7) waits for a snap in the fourth quarter of the 2017 OSU- Army game on Sep. 16. OSU won 38-7. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThough he remains unlikely to unseat J.T. Barrett as Ohio State’s starting quarterback, Dwayne Haskins took the first snaps of his career Saturday on the Buckeyes’ final drive of their 38-7 win against Army.The redshirt freshman did not disappoint. Haskins completed all four of his passes for 46 yards, zipping the ball to four separate receivers on each throw and driving the Buckeyes to Army’s 10-yard line. “I thought he performed well when he was in there,” coach Urban Meyer said after the game. “He was 4-for-4. I wanted to throw him more, but you just didn’t want to do something silly.”His big-armed, pocket passing style starkly contrasted with Barrett’s dual-threat approach. In Haskins’ only drive, he completed passes of 14 and 15 yards. In the rest of the game, Barrett completed six passes for at least 14 yards.Meyer praised Haskins’ quick release after the game and said Haskins might have had a chance to score on his only drive, but did not want to score another touchdown and run the score up.After Ohio State’s first loss of the season, a decisive 31-16 defeat to Oklahoma, Meyer said he hoped to find Haskins some reps in regular-season games with the goal being to prepare the quarterback to be “game-ready.” Meyer did not believe Haskins earned that designation last week and believes he still has to work to earn the tag.Redshirt freshman quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. (7) warms up prior to the season opener against Indiana. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorIn Meyer’s mind, a large experience gap exists between practice reps and game reps, and another lies in whether the game reps occur under pressure. At the end of the game against Army, Haskins did not have much to lose.“I’ve done that before where you put a guy in in the second quarter of a game,” Meyer said. “We’re not at that point yet. But you’d like to do that.”Whether Haskins earns earlier playing time to test his readiness or not, he is likely to remain backup quarterback. Instead of a battle to become the starter, he might re-enter a competition with redshirt sophomore Joe Burrow, who is about ready to return to action.Burrow broke a bone in his throwing hand near the end of fall camp. Before the past two games, he threw passes in pregame warmups, but he has yet to be listed on a depth chart due to the injury.“We’ve got to make some decisions who is the first one in there,” Meyer said. “Last year was very important to get Joe in the game and he did pretty well when he was in there as well. So, that is so important for backup quarterback spot.”In the spring and fall, Burrow and Haskins entrenched themselves in a battle to back up Barrett. In the spring game, Burrow went 14-for-22 for 262 yards with three touchdowns, while Haskins completed 26-of-37 passes and added three touchdowns.The primary backup last season, Burrow played in five games and completed 22-of-28 passes for 226 yards and threw two touchdown passes. A dual threat, similar to Barrett, Burrow rushed 12 times for 58 yards and a touchdown. read more

Kasper Schmeichel pays tribute to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

first_imgIn a special match programme, Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel has paid a heartfelt tribute to late club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.Leicester City club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and four others lost their lives after a helicopter crash outside the King Power Stadium on October 27.Schmeichel witnessed the crash and the goalkeeper wrote a tribute to Srivaddhanaprabha ahead of their home game against Burnley on Saturday.“I was on the side of the pitch standing, chatting with some of those closest to him that night and waved him off as he took off like I nearly always used to do after home games,” wrote Schmeichel, via Sky Sports.“What happened next will stay with me forever. It has replayed through my head every minute since wishing there was something more I could have done.harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“I stood for a long time at the police cordon at the back of the car park on the night of the 27th and again the next morning. Tears streaming down my face.“He made me feel 10 feet tall when I was in his company. He gave me a feeling of safety and no matter what was going on, everything was going to be okay.“I really didn’t want to leave, I couldn’t! I wanted to be near him. It seems so wrong that this was how such a great life was ended.“I will remember him laughing. He was always smiling and thinking about the positives. He was an amazing man, he had electricity.”last_img read more

ARREST LOG Wilmington Police Make 4 Arrests Issue 3 Summonses

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — According to Wilmington Police Logs, Wilmington Police issued the following arrests and summonses between October 18, 2018 and October 24, 2018:Thursday, October 18Samuel Navarro-Torres (45, Methuen) was issued a summons for Operating A Motor Vehicle with a Suspended or Revoked License. (12:12am)Friday, October 19A 17-year male juvenile was arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Assault & Battery on a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest. (1:16am)Saturday, October 20Edin Isael Mejiahernadez (31, Lowell) was issued a summons for Unlicensed Operation Of A Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Lights Violation. (6:34pm)Sunday, October 21Patrick James Carroll (35, Wilmington) was arrested for B&E Building Daytime For Felony; Use Of Motor Vehicle Without Authority; Assault & Battery (2 counts); & Operating A Motor Vehicle With A Suspended License For OUI. (12:58pm)Monday, October 22Hillery D. Oliveira (42, Wilmington) was issued a summons for Operating A Motor Vehicle with Suspended/Revoked License. (5:49pm)Tuesday, October 23Zachary Norton (24, Wilmington) was arrested for OUI Liquor, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and Marked Lanes Violation. (4:39am)Jesse Jay Leverone (25, Chelmsford) was arrested for Larceny Under $1200 (x2); Malicious Destruction Of Property Under $1200 (x2); and Assault & Battery.  (9:43am)Wednesday, October 24None(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedARREST LOG: Wilmington Police Make 5 Arrests & Issue 4 SummonsesIn “Police Log”ARREST LOG: Wilmington Police Make 3 Arrests & Issue 4 SummonsesIn “Police Log”ARREST LOG: Wilmington Police Make 2 Arrests & Issue 2 SummonsesIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Porsche collects loads of fourfigure deposits for Taycan EV

first_img 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo in the real world 0 Porsche More From Roadshow Electric Cars Sports Cars Future Cars Tags Share your voice 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything bettercenter_img Post a comment We already knew Porsche planned to double output of its upcoming Taycan EV in the first year of production, thanks to overwhelming demand. Now, we have a more tangible idea of that demand, and it’s impressive.Porsche on Friday announced that it has identified more than 20,000 “people around the world with serious interest in” the Taycan. Now, before you cast this off by saying that anybody can put their name on a sheet, bear in mind that in Europe, Porsche was asking for a down payment of 2,500 euros (about $2,800). It might not be the same price for every market, but it shows people are willing to put their money where their mouths are.”The overwhelming interest in the Taycan shows us that our customers and fans are just as excited about the first Porsche electric athlete as we are — and we’ve therefore increased our production capacities,” said Detlev von Platen, Porsche’s board member for sales and marketing, in a statement.Porsche had initially planned to build 20,000 Taycans in its first year. Overwhelming demand for this Teutonic electric sports car forced the company’s hand, however, and it confirmed in January that it intended to double that production capacity to 40,000 units. It’ll be built in the same Zuffenhausen facility that also makes the 911, as well as the 718 twins.The Porsche Taycan is going to be pretty boss. Porsche estimates a 0-to-60-mph time of 3.5 seconds and a starting price between the Cayenne and Panamera, which would put it around $75,000. Its 350-kW, 800-volt charging system should add 185 miles of range in about 9 minutes, and it even has a charging agreement with Electrify America, one of the few EV infrastructure companies building chargers capable of these speeds. Its production form will be revealed before the end of the year. 53 Photos 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value More about 2019 Porsche 718 Cayman T Coupe Preview • 2019 Porsche 718 Cayman T first drive: Brilliant, but bittersweet Porschelast_img read more

Indian Railway Budget 201213 at a Glance

first_imgRailway Minister Dinesh Trivedi presented a bold and ambitious Railway Budget 2012-13 in Parliament, giving importance to passengers’ safety, security and amenities. Here is the Railway Budget at a glance:Railway Budget presented by Dinesh Trivedi seeks to raise investment in modernization and upgradation of rail infrastructure. It gives very high priority to rail safety and security. Passenger fares have been increased marginally.  He proposed a Budget with highest ever plan outlay of Rs. 60,100 crore, out of which Rs. 6,872 crore would be spent for new railway lines and significant funds for passengers safety, security and amenities. In this Budget, the Railway Minister focused on five important fields – Safety; Consolidation; Decongestion & Capacity Augmentation; Modernization; and to bring down the Operating Ratio from 95% to 84.9% in 2012-13.   The Railway Minister proposes to increase passenger fare by 2 paise per km for suburban and ordinary second class; 3 paise per km for mail/express second class; 5 paise per km for sleeper class; 10 paise per km for AC Chair Car, AC 3 tier and First Class; 15 paise per km for AC 2 tier and 30 paise per km for AC I.  The fares will be rounded off to the next nearest five rupees and the minimum fares and platform tickets to be increased to Rs. 5 from Rs.3.  In the Railway Budget, the Minister proposed 75 new Express trains, 21 new passenger services, 9 DEMU services and 8 MEMU services. Shri Trivedi also announced the extension of the 39 trains; increase in the frequency of 23 trains; 75 additional services to run in Mumbai suburban; 44 new suburban services to be introduced in Kolkata area; 50 new services to be introduced in Kolkata Metro; and 18 additional services to be run in Chennai area.  The Railway Budget also provides for 50% concession in fare in AC-2, AC-3, Chair Car & Sleeper classes to patients suffering from ‘Aplastic Anaemia’ and ‘Sickle Cell Anaemia’. It also provides for extending the facility of travel by Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains to Arjuna Awardees. The travel distance under ‘Izzat Scheme’ has also been increased from 100 kms to 150 kms.  Proposing highest ever plan outlay for the Railway Budget, the Railway Minister said that it will be financed through Gross Budgetary Support (GBS) of Rs 24,000 crore; Railway Safety Fund of Rs 2,000 crore; internal resources  of Rs 18,050 crore; and Extra Budgetary Resources of Rs 16,050 crore, which includes market borrowing of Rs 15,000 crore through IRFC.  The Railway Budget provides for 725 km new lines; 700 km doubling; 800 km gauge conversion and 1,100 km electrification. Rs 6,872 crore have been provided for new lines; Rs 3,393 crore for doubling; Rs 1,950 crore for gauge conversation and Rs 828 crore have been provided for electrification.  The Railway Budget 2012-13 lays emphasis on safety and security of the passengers. Trivedi said that drawing from the recommendations of the Anil Kakodkar and Sam Pitroda Committees, he has chosen five focus areas namely: Track; Bridges; Signalling & Telecommunication; Rolling Stock; and Stations and Freight Terminals. Under this a Railway Safety Authority has been proposed as statutory regulatory body; Missions will be created to implement the modernization programme; and setting up of a Railway Tariff Regulatory Authority is to be considered. Two new Board Members (Safety/Research and PPP/Marketing) are to be inducted.  Trivedi also announced the setting up of a Rail-Road Grade Separation Corporation to eliminate level crossings. Three ‘Safety Villages’ proposed to set up at Bengaluru, Kharagpur and Lucknow for skill development for disaster management. The Railway Minister also announced that an Indian Railway Station Development Corporation would be set up to redevelop stations through PPP mode. He also announced that a Logistics Corporation will be set up for development & management of existing railway goods sheds and multi-modal logistics parks. A National High Speed Rail Authority is also to be set-up.  Highlighting the efforts being made to improve the amenities and to provide better experience to the passengers at stations, the Railway Minister said that 929 stations will be upgraded as Adarsh Stations including 84 stations proposed in 2012-13. Specially designed coaches for differently-abled persons will be provided in each Mail/Express trains. RPF helpline will be integrated with the All India Passenger Helpline. SMS on passenger mobile phone in case of e-ticket will be accepted as proof of valid reservation.Satellite based real time train information system (SIMRAN) will be introduced to provide train running information to passengers through SMS, internet, etc. On board passenger displays indicating next halt station and expected arrival time will be introduced. 321 escalators will be installed at important stations of which 50 will be commissioned in 2012-13. Regional cuisine will be introduced at affordable rates.The Railway Minister also announced launching of ‘Book-a-meal’ scheme to provide multiple choice of meals through SMS or email. Coin/currency operated ticket vending machines will be introduced during 2012-13. Rail Bandhu on-board magazines will be distributed on Rajdhanis, Shatabdis and Duronto trains. The Railway Budget 2012-13 also proposes setting up of AC Executive lounges at important stations.  The Railway Minister announced that pre-feasibility studies on six high speed corridors have already been completed and study on Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Jodhpur will be taken up in 2012-13.  Announcing the measures for the welfare of railway employees, the Minister proposed a wellness programme for railway staff at their work places; ensuring proper rest for skilled and technical staff including the running crew; and institution of ‘Rail Khel Ratna’ Award for 10 rail sports-persons every year.  Caring for the environment, the Railway Minister announced the introduction of a ‘Green Train’ to run through the pristine forests of North Bengal; 200 remote railway stations will be set up as ‘green energy stations’ powered entirely by solar energy; solar lighting system will be provided at 1,000 manned level crossing gates;  2,500 coaches will be equipped with bio toilets. Trivedi also announced setting up of 72 MW capacity windmill plants in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.  The Minister said that during 2011-12 the railways recruited over 80,000 persons to fill up various vacancies; now he proposes to recruit over one lakh persons during 2012-13 so that backlog of SC/ST/OBC and other categories will be wiped off.  The Minister announced that freight loading during 2012-13 is expected to be 1,025 MT which will be 55 MT more than 2011-12. The passenger growth during the year is pegged at 5.4%.last_img read more