Religious language in Criminal Code too narrow says WilsonRaybould

first_imgOTTAWA – Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says the fact that it is against the law to disrupt a clergyman or minister — but not an imam or a rabbi — is one of the reasons she wants to modernize the Criminal Code.This spring, the Liberal government moved to rid the Criminal Code of sections that are redundant or obsolete.That includes challenging someone to a duel and fraudulently pretending to practice witchcraft.One of the changes proposed in Bill C-51 that is facing some criticism would remove a section that makes it a crime to use threat or force to obstruct a clergyman or minister from celebrating a worship service or any other duty related to his job.The current law also says it is an indictable offence to assault a clergyman on his way to, or returning from, performing those duties.Wilson-Raybould says these activities are already covered in other sections of the Criminal Code and that the charter protects religious freedoms.But she also says the language is outdated because it refers only to Christians and male clergy.“I know and am confident that Canadians can continue to practise their religious faith without fear of violence and disturbances,” Wilson-Raybould said Wednesday as she appeared before the House of Commons justice committee to discuss the bill.“It is limited to individuals or clergymen or ministers in the Christian faith and it’s not inclusive of other religious leaders,” she said. “There are other provisions that will adequately capture all of the activity that potentially could take place.”Conservative MP Rob Nicholson noted the provision was used as recently as April, when someone was charged in connection to vandalism of a religious statue at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa.Conservative MP Michael Cooper says a related provision against disrupting a worship service, or a gathering intended for a “moral, social or benevolent purpose” is also on the chopping block, even though that language is more inclusive.“It says nothing about Christianity,” Cooper said at the committee meeting.last_img read more

Trudeau McKenna to announce compensation for federal carbon plan

first_imgOTTAWA – Canadians will soon find out exactly how they will be compensated for the upcoming federal carbon tax.The Canadian Press has learned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be in Toronto on Tuesday with Environment Minister Catherine McKenna where they will unveil a long-promised rebate plan and will announce which provinces will be subject to a federally-imposed price on pollution.Provinces that don’t meet the federal standard of having a carbon price of at least $20 per tonne of emissions by January 1 will have Ottawa’s plan forced on them.Residents in those provinces are expected to begin receiving rebate cheques based on their household income level and family size to help offset cost impacts like higher heating bills and gas prices.Insiders say the cheques will roll out with plenty of time for Canadians to feel their impact before the next election.Carbon pricing is expected to be a key campaign issue, with the federal Conservatives pushing heavily against a carbon tax and insisting they would eliminate it entirely if they form government.last_img read more

Ryan Gosling and Denis Villeneuve make waves ahead of Oscar nominations

first_img“He’s very inspiring and he’s a gentleman, to boot,” Gosling said in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival. “We haven’t had a lot of Canadian directors who have been able to do that and I can only think that he must be really popular with actors and that he’s really a congenial presence on set — because that gets around,” said Brian D. Johnson, a journalist and outgoing TFCA president. The in-demand duo, who are working together on the upcoming sci-fi film noir “Blade Runner 2049,” has already racked up a long list of honours on the awards circuit. Film critics say Villeneuve’s willingness to tackle genre pictures is one of the keys to his success. Villeneuve’s aliens-have-landed thriller “Arrival” is up for nine British Academy Film Awards and got two Golden Globe nominations. The Directors Guild of America also nominated Villeneuve for its outstanding directorial achievement award. When this year’s Oscar nominations are announced on Tuesday there’s a good chance some Canadians will be prominently in the mix, most notably Quebec director Denis Villeneuve and London, Ont.-born actor Ryan Gosling. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment “He’s the biggest star in the world.” Villeneuve, whose other films also include “Enemy” and “Prisoners,” has also benefited from a strong support system in Quebec, said Johnson. Twitter Advertisement But their profiles have really skyrocketed lately, with their current projects landing them major features in high-profile publications that have declared the indie darlings as bona fide Hollywood A-listers. “I was happy to see Ryan Gosling win that (Golden Globe). He’s oh so charming,” said Toronto filmmaker Matt Johnson, whose fake documentary “Operation Avalanche” was up for a TFCA Award and is nominated for six Canadian Screen Awards. “He’s very Canadian. Our (‘Blade Runner’) crew is very Canadian. It’s kind of funny, just everyone apologizing to each other all the time for no reason.” “They’re so supportive of first filmmakers, they’re so supportive of young talent and they’re so good at continually funding people before they break out as opposed to, I think, the more senescence system we have in English Canada where we’re funding the people who have long since broken out and not those that are up-and-coming. “You don’t just get judged by your work, you get judged by your process.”center_img Also in contention for a nomination is Xavier Dolan, whose film “It’s Only the End of the World” is one of nine movies still in the running for a best foreign-language Oscar nod.By: Victoria Ahearn Advertisement “Denis Villeneuve is one of the best directors that are working right now and I’ve just been in awe of all of his movies, starting with ‘Polytechnique’ and ‘Incendies,’” he said in an interview at the TFCA Awards. Meanwhile, Gosling won a Golden Globe for his role as a jazz musician in the dreamy musical “La La Land,” which took home seven awards in total. He’s also up for BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild awards for best leading actor. Oscar-nominated Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan praises Villeneuve’s ambition. “He’s working at such a high level of craft and being able to work with these amazing performers and create this very distinct visual language.” Facebook Gosling has equal praise for Villeneuve. Advertisement “(Villeneuve’s success), to me, is a perfect example of how a really, really strongly funded, local film movement can have massive global effects, and by that I’m talking about the French-Canadian branch of Telefilm,” he said. “That’s how you get a Denis Villeneuve, that’s how you get a Jean-Marc Vallee — is by funding hundreds of young filmmakers who eventually are going to find their feet and then make these huge splashes that you’re seeing now.” Login/Register With: “Ryan Gosling, when you look at his body of work, he’s an artist that makes no compromise,” Villeneuve said during an interview at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards earlier this month. Villeneuve and Gosling are both well established in their careers: Gosling’s honours include an Oscar nomination in 2007 for “Half Nelson,” and Villeneuve got a BAFTA nomination in 2012 for the mystery-drama “Incendies” and a Palme d’Or nomination at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 for “Sicario.”last_img read more

Fight over secret St Annes residential school documents back in court

first_imgThe Canadian PressTORONTO – Survivors of the notorious St. Anne’s residential school square off against the federal government this week in another round of a convoluted legal battle over document secrecy.Among other things, the plaintiffs want Ontario’s top court to order a review of all St. Anne’s compensation claims adjudicated before the government disclosed thousands of documents from a 1990s criminal investigation by provincial police.They also want the court to set aside a decision allowing Canada to keep secret civil-litigation materials – despite an initial ruling to turn them over. The documents were generated during 62 lawsuits related to horrific physical and sexual abuse 154 Indigenous people had suffered at St. Anne’s in Fort Albany, Ont.Those lawsuits were all resolved without a trial but before the government settled a broader class action brought by Indian residential school survivors in 2007. As part of the class-action settlement, the government set up a compensation scheme for survivors known as the independent adjudication process.The two St. Anne’s plaintiffs in this week’s appeal – known as H-15019 and K-10106 – were both initially denied compensation but succeeded after a legal fight and reviews. They maintain the difficulties they had in advancing their claims can be attributed to the government’s failure to disclose all relevant documents it had in its possession.They also argue other claimants may have run into the same issue.“Canada failed the St. Anne’s survivors and misled the adjudicators,” the plaintiffs say in written Appeal Court submissions. “Canada continues to fail in the duties it owes to the St. Anne’s survivors, the adjudicators, and the administration of justice by refusing to produce transcripts from examinations from discovery that are part of the factual narrative of St. Anne’s IRS.”The federal government, the plaintiffs argue, has no legal basis to claim “settlement privilege” to keep the civil documents secret. They say such privilege applies only to negotiations toward settlement of a lawsuit, not to sworn testimony and factual evidence contained in transcripts that are a normal part of such litigation.St. Anne’s, which the plaintiffs describe as “veritable house of horrors where, for generations, indigenous children suffered unspeakable physical and sexual abuses,” has long been the subject of criminal and civil proceedings. Courts in Ontario and British Columbia have issued close to 20 separate decisions and endorsements related to the compensation process involving the now-defunct school.In January 2014, Ontario Superior Court Justice Paul Perell ordered Canada to disclose all transcripts of criminal or civil proceedings related to St. Anne’s. Six months later, court documents show, the government simply wrote Perell to say it would not be handing over civil transcripts on the grounds they were confidential under the doctrine of “settlement privilege.”Last April in a new decision, Perell concluded Canada was not obliged to produce the civil transcripts _ the ruling now under appeal.For its part, the Canadian government maintains the Appeal Court should not interfere. It asserts the issues are moot because H-15019’s claim has now been settled, and Perell was right to find that K-10106 had no standing to raise the matter.“In addition to legal arguments, the appellants make numerous unsupportable allegations that do not withstand any scrutiny of the evidence,” Ottawa asserts in its factum. “The appellants are wrong to allege that previous disclosure issues involving St. Anne’s…amounted to ‘material suppression of evidence.”’Intervening in H-15019’s appeal, lawyers acting as independent counsel under the Indian residential schools settlement argue Canada’s assertion of settlement privilege has never been recognized in law. They also argue “other claims from St. Anne’s that are yet to be heard could still be affected by the failure to disclose the civil transcripts.”The case is expected to be heard on Tuesday and Wednesday.last_img read more

Suspect wanted in India over major racket hiding in Sri Lanka

The racket was busted on February 14, but money continued to flow to Gopi Krishna, police said, adding they would further question Satish and Umapathi, held earlier.The Police had seized 13 luxury cars, including a BMW, an Audi, a Benz and a Honda, from some of the suspects.Inquiries revealed they had a table permanently reserved for them at a casino in Colombo, Sri Lanka and gambled away the ill-gotten wealth. So far, 11 suspects have been and about 60 bank accounts in the city and other places frozen. A suspect wanted in India over a major is said to be hiding in Sri Lanka, Indian media reports said.The Indian bank fraud wing arrested four more suspects who were part of the gang that floated fake BPO firms and cheated many of huge sums of money, promising them loans at low interest. Those arrested on Saturday — Vijay Krishnan, 55, his wife V Meenakshi, 52, their daughter V Nalini, 33, and 43-year-old Mohanakrishnan — are either partners or directors of the fake BPO firms floated by the gang.Police seized 2-3 PAN cards from the suspects who used fictitious names to obtain them and start bank accounts . They also seized 10 sovereigns of gold jewellery and some documents. The Times of India reported that the prime suspect, Gopi Krishna, is believed to be holed up in Sri Lanka. Gopi Krishna was a member of the casino where one had to shell out Indian Rs 1 crore to book a table, a police officer said. (Colombo Gazette) read more

British pound sinks independence opponents scramble after Scottish separatists surge in polls

British pound sinks, independence opponents scramble after Scottish separatists surge in polls LONDON – Britain’s main political leaders scrambled Monday to offer Scotland greater autonomy in a last-minute bid to stave off independence, as the pound sank on opinion polls suggesting separatists are gaining ground — and may even be in the lead.A Yes vote in next week’s referendum would end Scotland’s 307-year-old union with England and plunge Britain into uncharted constitutional and economic waters.Many British politicians and business leaders have long considered that outcome unlikely, and for months polls have put the anti-independence side ahead. But the gap has narrowed ahead of the Sept. 18 vote and one survey released Sunday by pollster YouGov showed the two sides nearly even.YouGov’s methodology — which samples from a pool of online respondents who have signed up for the panel and are paid to participate — is not trusted by all poll-watchers, and other surveys gave the advantage to the No side. But the sense that the race is too close to call rattled independence opponents, and energized supporters.“I don’t think there’s any doubt at all the momentum is with the Yes campaign,” said Scotland’s pro-independence Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.“Increasing numbers of people are concluding the best way to protect the health service, create jobs and ensure we never get Tory governments we don’t vote for is to vote Yes.”The leader of the anti-independence “Better Together” campaign denied his forces were panicking.“I’m very confident we will win the day,” said Alistair Darling, a former British Treasury chief.But the sudden move to offer greater powers to Scotland suggests the No campaign is far from confident.Scotland joined England and Wales to make Great Britain in 1707. Now with a population of 5.3 million —one-tenth of England’s — Scotland already has considerable autonomy, with its own parliament and separate legal and educational systems.Britain’s Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties — all of whom oppose independence — are preparing to offer Scotland even more financial independence, including greater tax-raising powers, in a bid to avert a Yes vote.Many Scots favour that option — known as maximum devolution, or “devo max” — but it is not on the referendum ballot, which asks whether Scotland should become an independent country.Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was expected to lay out some of the proposals later Monday, arguing that “the status quo is not now on the ballot paper.”He planned to say that Scots faced a choice “between a stronger Scottish Parliament and an irreversible no-going-back separatism,” the Labour Party said.Supporters of independence accuse the No side of running a negative campaign that overstates the risks of independence.The “Yes Scotland” campaign argues that an independent Scotland would be a prosperous country whose oil revenue would underpin a cozy social safety net. The approach has won over many Scots opposed to the budget-slashing policies of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s London government.Polls suggest rising support for independence among Labour voters and from women, who have generally been more skeptical than men of the Yes side.The latest poll results jolted financial markets, which for months seemed to take a sanguine view of the referendum. At one stage Monday, the pound had fallen 1.4 per cent to $1.6104, its lowest level since November. It later clawed back some ground but was still nearly 2 cents down on the day.Shares in Scottish-based financial institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group and Standard Life also sagged, falling by between 1 and 2 per cent.Analysts said with 10 days to go, markets were waking up to the uncertainties of independence, which include Scotland’s status in the European Union, its share of Britain’s national debt, its stake in North Sea oil revenue and its currency.Pro-independence leaders say an independent Scotland would continue to use the pound, but the British government says it won’t agree to that.Brenda Kelly, chief market strategist at IG Group, said the markets were “beginning to price in what was deemed unthinkable” — the breakup of Britain.“One thing is certain, if we get this sort of volatility on the prospect of a Yes vote, can you imagine the reaction if we do get a Yes vote?” said analyst Michael Hewson of CMC Markets U.K. “It’s not likely to be pretty.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Jill Lawless, The Associated Press Posted Sep 8, 2014 5:53 pm MDT read more

The Warriors Defense Might Send Them Back To The NBA Finals

Best team performances of the 2016 NBA playoffs 4San Antonio Spurs6-4+0.9+4.9+5.8 16Memphis Grizzlies0-4-12.9-5.2-18.1 3Oklahoma City Thunder9-4+6.1+1.6+7.7 TEAMRECORDOFFENSEDEFENSETOTAL 7Miami Heat7-7-2.2+2.7+0.5 13Houston Rockets1-4-12.5+0.7-11.8 2Golden State Warriors9-3+5.5+4.8+10.3 9Atlanta Hawks4-6-1.3-0.0-1.3 8Toronto Raptors8-7+0.9-0.7+0.2 1Cleveland Cavaliers9-0+18.4+2.7+21.1 14Dallas Mavericks1-4-5.6-10.0-15.7 10Los Angeles Clippers2-4-3.2+1.2-2.1 6Indiana Pacers3-4-2.3+4.1+1.8 12Detroit Pistons0-4+2.3-10.8-8.4 15Charlotte Hornets3-4-11.5-4.5-16.0 11Boston Celtics2-4-10.4+2.1-8.3 One thing that’s often lost amid the spectacle of the Golden State Warriors’ record-setting regular season is that this squad’s style is quite different from the one that went on a dominant championship run a year ago. The 2014-15 Warriors were astonishingly balanced; they had the NBA’s second-best offense and led the league in defensive efficiency. This season’s version, however, was first in offensive rating by a healthy margin but sixth-best on defense — good, but not great. The resulting team was ever-so-slightly better, but less symmetrical.In the playoffs, though, the Warriors’ defense has helped the team battle through Stephen Curry’s absence and reclaim the mantle of NBA title favorite. Here’s the offensive and defensive efficiency of this season’s playoff teams relative to average, accounting for the regular-season performance of a team’s opponents:1These numbers also factor in home-court advantage (roughly 2.8 points per 100 possessions) and the championship leverage of every game. 5Portland Trail Blazers5-6+3.9-1.7+2.2 Team efficiencies adjusted for strength of schedule using opponents‘ regular-season stats.Source: The Cavs have blown away their playoff peers so far, but Golden State deserves credit as well for posting the best defensive performance of any remaining team. Indeed, the Warriors’ ratings look a lot like the balanced attack that drove their championship last season — even though Curry has suited up for just six of the team’s 12 games.When the Warriors require outbursts of unadulterated offensive brilliance — like, say, 12 points in 82 seconds or 17 points in an overtime period — Curry has been happy to oblige. But Golden State has also held the mighty Oklahoma City Thunder offense to an efficiency rate 10 points per 100 possessions below their regular-season standard through two games of the Western Conference finals. Even on nights when the Warrior offense isn’t operating at peak productivity, such as Game 1 against OKC, the defense can keep the game competitive into its final minutes.With Draymond Green leading the way, Golden State’s D in this series has already forced the Thunder into two of their 19 worst games of the season according to quantified shot quality, a player tracking-based measure that accounts for the location and conditions under which every shot is taken. In games 1 and 2, Kevin Durant’s shot quality has been his sixth- and 21st-worst of the year, and Russell Westbrook has been limited to his 31st and 24th-worst games. If it’s seemed like Russ and KD have been swimming upstream for long stretches in the series so far, this is why. The duo’s effective field goal percentage in the series is just 43 percent, far below their combined regular-season mark of 53 percent.There’s still plenty of time for the Thunder to wrest control of the series back from Golden State. But to do it, Oklahoma City will have to go through the Warrior defense, a unit that’s back to being as sturdy as it was during the team’s title run last season.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

WOMENS EHF CL Rostov and Budućnost to 14 finals

4. CSM Bucuresti7313167:162(5)7 ŽRK Budućnost beat Midtjyland in Denmark – 28:18. ŽRK Vardar had easy task over Savehof 28:18. Hungarian Gyor beat CSM Bucuresti 28:22 in derby match of group B. 2. Györi Audi ETO KC7511174:157(17)11 4. Larvik7304185:184(1)6 5. Fleury Loiret Handball7223186:196(-10)6 5. FC Midtjylland7214152:174(-22)5 1. Rostov-Don7700182:159(23)14 2. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria7412201:188(13)9 1. Buducnost7511188:142(46)11 6. Thüringer HC7016169:199(-30)1 3. HC Vardar7403185:171(14)8 Russian Rostov Don and Montenegrian ŽRK Budućnost Podgorica are first two teams qualified for the Women’s EHF Champions League quarter-finals. Russian team stayed on 100% this season by new success over German Thuringer 30:24. Romanian Baia Mare beat FTC 32:24, while French Fleury made a huge success in away match against Norwegian Larvik HK 31:26. 6. IK Sävehof7007141:201(-60)0 3. HCM Baia Mare7304185:182(3)6 ← Previous Story RICHTUNG SKOPJE? Ivan Cupić to leave Kielce Next Story → BARCA: Valero Rivera Folch goes back home! read more

Australian PM pillories Erdogans vile remarks and NZ Deputy PM heads to

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram President #Erdogan’s words were unfortunately taken out of context. He was responding to the so-called ‘manifesto’ of the terrorist who killed 50 innocent Muslims in Christchurch, NewZealand. Turks have always been the most welcoming & gracious hosts to their #Anzac visitors.— Fahrettin Altun (@fahrettinaltun) March 20, 2019 Prime Minister Scott Morrison was not satisfied with an explanation given by Turkey’s Ambassador to Australia regarding comments made by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatening violence against Australian and New Zealanders visiting Turkey and ridiculing Anzacs following the Christchurch mosque attacks.New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also been concerned by the comments and said on Wednesday that Deputy Prime Minister WInston Peters would tackle to Turkey at Istanbul’s request to attend a special meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and to “confront” the comments that Mr Peters described as “unfair”.“He is going there to set the record straight, face-to-face,” Ms Ardern said.Prime Minister Scott Morrison has slammed Turkey’s President and threatened further action for “deeply offensive” comments besmirching Anzacs and threatening violence to Australians and New Zealanders following the Christchurch massacre.Mr Erdogan’s comments were made during his pre-election campaign as an effort to drum up support for his Islamist-rooted AK Party in elections at the end of the month. He warned Australian and New Zealand citizens that came to Turkey with anti-Islamist sentiments that they would be sent back in coffins like their grandparents, the Anzacs, were.Mr Morrison rejected the excuses given by Turkish Ambassador Korhan Karakoc.“I do not accept the excuses that have been offered for those comments,” Mr Morrison said, describing Mr Erdogan’s speech as ‘vile’ and calling for a retraction.“I’ve asked for these comments, particularly their reporting of the misrepresented position of Australia on Turkish television, the state-sponsored broadcaster, to be taken down and I expect that to occur.”Mr Morrison and Opposition Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten are in communication regarding the comments. Both are in agreement regarding the “unhelpful” remarks.“Intemperate and regrettable remarks like this only play into the hands of those who seek to divide,” Mr Shorten said.Mr Morrison and Mr Shorten would also continue to liaise with the New Zealand Government.The Australian Prime Minister has threatened further action against Turkey unless these comments are withdrawn. Australia will also review its travel advice for Turkey.Turkey states that Erdogan’s words were taken out of contextA senior official of the Turkish presidency Tweeted on Wednesday that Mr Erdogan’s comments were taken out of context. In a tweet, Fahrettin Altun, Communications Director of the Turkish Presidency clarified that Mr Erdogan was responding to the so-called ‘manifesto’ of the terrorist who killed 50 muslims in Christchurch.Erdogan’s speech to mark 104 years since the Canakkale victory near Gallipoli had said that “those attacking us are still testing the patience and resolve of Turkey despite a century gone by.”“This is not an isolated event, it is something more organised,” he had said.“They are testing us with the message they are sending us from New Zealand, 16,500km from here.”“Your ancestors came and saw us here. Then some left on their feet, some in coffins. If you come here with same intentions, we will be waiting and have no doubt we will see you off like your ancestors.”Mr Altun said “the terrorist’s manifesto not only targeted Erdogan himself but also the Turkish people and the Turkish state” to explain the motivation behind the speech.He added that Turkish people have always been gracious hosts to Anzac visitors.last_img read more

Easter Sunday bomb blasts kill more than 200 in Sri Lanka

first_imgCOLOMBO, Sri Lanka — More than 200 people were killed and hundreds more wounded in nine bombings that rocked churches, luxury hotels and other sites in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday — the deadliest violence the South Asian island country has seen since a bloody civil war ended a decade ago.Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardena described the blasts as a terrorist attack by religious extremists, and police said 13 suspects were arrested, though there was no immediate claim of responsibility. Wijewardena said most of the bombings were believed to have been suicide attacks.The explosions  — most of them in or around Colombo, the capital — collapsed ceilings and blew out windows, killing worshippers and hotel guests in one scene after another of smoke, soot, blood, broken glass, screams and wailing alarms. Victims were carried out of blood-spattered pews.“People were being dragged out,” said Bhanuka Harischandra, of Colombo, a 24-year-old founder of a tech marketing company who was going to the city’s Shangri-La Hotel for a meeting when it was bombed. “People didn’t know what was going on. It was panic mode.”He added: “There was blood everywhere.”Most of those killed were Sri Lankans. But the three bombed hotels and one of the churches, St. Anthony’s Shrine, are frequented by foreign tourists, and Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry said the bodies of at least 27 foreigners from a variety of countries were recovered.last_img read more

Family Members at House of Assembly LayinginState of Dr Nottage

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, July 13, 2017 – Nassau – Widow of the late Dr. Bernard Nottage, Mrs. Portia Nottage (centre) arrives at the House of Assembly with members of the family for the Laying-in-State of Dr. Nottage, July 13, 2017 in the House of Assembly’s Foyer.Following the family in paying respects were Governor General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis, Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Philip Davis, other officials, and the general public.Press Release: BIS(BIS Photo/Derek Smith)last_img

Free Thanksgiving meals offered in Vancouver

first_imgThere’s no shortage of generosity in Southwest Washington. That’s good, because there’s no shortage of hunger either. Here’s our annual roundup of free Thanksgiving meals. • Chronis’ Restaurant, free dinner, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, 819 Main St., Vancouver. All are welcome. For approximately 30 years, restaurateur Chuck Chronis has opened his doors to anyone who wants to eat. The event is organized by Chronis and Rich Melnick, a former longtime local attorney and later a judge who is now a justice on the state Court of Appeals. Last year, about 500 meals were served.• Vancouver Eagles’ eighth annual free breakfast. Evergreen Aerie No. 2158 will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Thanksgiving morning at 107 E. Seventh St., Vancouver. Breakfast will include ham, eggs, biscuits and gravy, and beverages. If you are interested in contributing or volunteering to serve, call 360-693-8119.• Da Kine’s Cafe’s fifth annual outreach: “Where we are all Ohana (Family).” 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thanksgiving at Christ Community Church, 11700 N.E. 95th St., Suite 440, Vancouver. Reservations are requested; call 360-798-7622.• Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater, dinner, noon to 2 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, 218 W. 12th St., Vancouver.last_img read more

3 die three hurt in a road mishap in Hyderabad

first_imgHyderabad: In a road accident on Thursday morning three persons died and three other sustained grievous injuries at Sathamrai village under RGI Airport police station limits. According to the police, group of six friends identified as Srikanth, Anil, Harish, Charan, Sai and Prashanth were travelling in a car from Shamshabad and proceeding towards Zaheerabad area. They rammed into a truck which was parked on roadside. Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us Prashanth was driving the car. On receipt of the information, police rushed to the spot and shifted the injured to a nearby private hospital. While Srikanth and Anil died on the spot, Harish died in the hospital while undergoing treatment. Charan, Sai and Prashanth who sustained grievous injuries are being treated at a private hospital in Shamshabad. Police suspected that over speeding might be the reason for the accident.last_img read more

USAs NDI discusses election monitoring issue with EC

first_imgA delegation of US-based National Democratic Institute holds a meeting with the election commission on Tuesday. Photo: PIDA delegation of US-based National Democratic Institute (NDI) on Tuesday held a meeting with the election commission (EC) to know about the matters related to local and foreign observers of the 11th national election scheduled to be held on 30 December.At the 30-minute meeting, the seven-member NDI team also wanted to know about the EC’s move to use electronic voting machines (EVMs), said EC officials, reports news agency UNB.Maeve Whelan-Wuest, NDI programme officer for Asia, led the delegation at the meeting with chief election commissioner KM Nurul Huda and his colleagues at Nirbachan Bhaban in the capital.Other delegates include NDI’s director for gender, women and democracy Sandra Pepera, senior elections advisor Neil Nevitte and senior associate to director of political party programmes Ivan Doherty.Election commissioners Mahbub Talukder, Rafiqul Islam and retired brigadier general Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury were present at the meeting.The NDI is a non-partisan and non-profit organisation that works with partners in developing countries to increase the effectiveness of democratic institutions.last_img read more

Syed Ashraful buried at Banani graveyard

first_imgSyed Ashraful IslamAwami League presidium member and public administration minister Syed Ashraful Islam, who passed away at a Thailand hospital on Thursday, was laid to eternal rest in Dhaka on Sunday, reports UNB.He was buried at the Banani Graveyard after Asr prayers following three namaz-e-janazas- first at the South Plaza of the Jatiya Sangsad, second one in Kishoreganj and the third one in Mymensingh.President Abdul Hamid, deputy speaker Md Fazle Rabbi Miah, chief whip ASM Firoz, ministers, leaders of Awami League and other political parties, noted personalities and people from all walks of life joined the first janaza held at the South Plaza of the Jaitya Sangsad at 10:34am.President Abdul Hamid, prime minister Sheikh Hasina, speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury paid tributes to the Awami League leader by placing wreaths at his coffin after the janaza.On behalf of Awami League, its president Sheikh Hasina, flanked by party senior leaders, placed another wreath at his coffin.A team of 14-party alliance, led by Mohammad Nasim, also placed a wreath at his coffin as a mark of respect to Syed Ashraf, son of national leader Syed Nazrul Islam who had served as the acting president of the Mujibnagar government in the absence of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman during the War of Liberation in 1971.The body of the veteran Awami League was taken to the parliament complex from the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) at 9:30 am.His colleagues, supporters and well-wishers in their thousands converged on the parliament complex to pray for his departed soul.Syed Ashraf, also a freedom fighter, was given a ‘guard of honour’ while bugle played the last post.Later, Ashraf’s body was taken to his home district Kishoreganj by a helicopter where his second janaza was held at Sholakia Eidgah at noon. Thousands of people took part at his second namaz-e-janaza there.Then his body was taken to Mymensingh where another janaza was held at Anjuman Eidgah at 2:54pm.The body was flown back to the capital from Mymensingh and the Awami League leader was laid to eternal rest at Banani Graveyard after Asr prayers.Syed Ashraf died of lung cancer at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok around 9:45pm on Thursday at the age of 67.The body of Syed Ashraf was brought back home on Saturday evening.Syed Ashraf was elected MP from Kishoreganj-1 constituency five times – 1996, 2001, 2008, 2014 and 2018. In Sunday’s election, the AL leader came out successful from the parliamentary seat.He, however, could not take oath on Thursday when all the Awami League MPs were sworn in. The AL leader submitted a letter to the Speaker on the day seeking time for taking the oath.In 2008, Syed Ashraf returned home from London to steer Awami League during the army-backed government when the party went through a difficult time.He was made the party’s general secretary in 2009 and served for two consecutive terms till 2016.last_img read more

Critics Pope Must Do More To Confront Sex Abuse

first_img Share APCardinal George Pell meets the media, at the Vatican, Thursday, June 29, 2017. Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis’ chief financial adviser, has been charged in his native Australia with multiple counts of “historical” sexual abuse, becoming the highest-ranking Vatican official ever charged in the church’s long-running sexual abuse scandal. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)The Latest on Vatican Cardinal George Pell being charged with sex offenses in Australia (all times local):4:50 p.m.Vatican analysts say Pope Francis is now facing pressure to make good on promises to forcefully confront the sex abuse crisis after his top financial adviser was charged in his native Australia with multiple criminal counts of sexual assault years ago.Cardinal George Pell says he is taking a leave of absence as the Vatican’s finance czar after Australian police charged him with multiple counts of “historical” sexual assault. Pell appeared before reporters on Thursday to deny the accusations and denounce what he called a “relentless character assassination.”Anne Barrett Doyle of, an online archive of clerical sex abuse documents, said she was surprised by the charges “simply because of their boldness.”In an email to The Associated Press, she said: “Some say Pell is being scapegoated. While Pell undeniably is the poster boy for the Australian church’s wrongdoing, false allegations are relatively rare.”___9 a.m.The Vatican spokesman says Pope Francis has appreciated Cardinal George Pell’s honesty and commitment during his three years working to reform the Vatican’s finances.In a statement read to reporters Thursday, spokesman Greg Burke recalled that Pell has “openly and repeatedly condemned as immoral and intolerable” acts of sexual abuse against minors.He noted that Pell has cooperated with Australia’s Royal Commission investigation into sex abuse and that as a bishop in Australia, worked to protect children and compensate victims.The statement said the Holy See had learned “with regret” of the charges and that Francis had granted Pell a leave of absence to defend himself.___8:30 a.m.Cardinal George Pell says he is taking a leave of absence as the Vatican’s finance czar after Australian police charged him with multiple counts of “historical” sexual assault.Pell appeared before reporters on Thursday to deny the accusations, denounce what he called a “relentless character assassination” in the media and announce he would return to Australia to face the charges.Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said Pope Francis had learned with “regret” of the charges and had granted Pell a leave of absence to defend himself. He said the Vatican’s financial reforms would continue in his absence.Pell has been summoned to appear in court in Australia’s Victoria state next month.last_img read more

Video Game Controllers Are All The Same

first_img Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Controller Patent Teases SNES Games on Switch Stay on target The key selling point of the Nintendo Switch is its myriad of playstyles. You can play it as a handheld. You can play it propped up as a tablet. And you can play it as a home console. This versatility applies to its controller options as well. But for many “serious” gamers the only true Switch solution is the optional $70 Pro Controller.Don’t get me wrong, I have a Pro Controller and think it’s great. It’s nice and substantial. But for some, it is the ONLY acceptable way to play Switch games. Even though the two Joy-Con collectively have the same number of buttons of sticks and can be slotted into a grip approximating a traditional controller shape, that’s not good enough for some. This got me thinking once again about what might be one of my more controversial gaming opinions, so I might as well write it down this time: Get over yourselves! Video game controllers are all the same!AdChoices广告From the trackballs and specialty arcade controls of gaming’s earliest era to Atari joysticks up until the N64/PS1 era, the video game controller transformed at a pretty state rate from generation to generation. Like an animal gaining evolutionary adaptations, new features like shoulder buttons and D-pads and analog sticks and rumble emerged. But around the beginning of the millennium, the industry sort of settled on making endless variations of the DualShock for the rest of time.Of course, there are outliers, most famously from Nintendo. The Wii, which I love, featured a radical remote-shaped controller that detected motion and went on to sell gangbusters. But for the most part, new features are fleeting flavors added to the standard controller shape used by everything from the mighty PS4 Pro and lowly Ouya.DualShock 4 has a nifty share button but a useless lightbar. The Wii U GamePad’s tablet distracted folks from the fact the controller still had all the buttons you wanted. The Switch Pro Controller, along with secret messages, has an NFC scanner and intriguing but nebulous “HD Rumble.” But in practice controllers, all look basically the same and are used in basically the same ways. So we argue endlessly and pedantically about minute differences in build quality or comfort for different hand sizes or stick placement.This bums me out because I think experimental controllers lead to experimental games, which lead to a more interesting and creative video game industry. I like weird stuff like the Wii remote or detachable Joy-Con. I think Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a Game of the Year that only works because of its bongo drum controllers. Would Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero be as popular if you played them with a normal controller? I love how hardcore Smash Bros. players adore the GameCube controller and not one of endless identical fight sticks. I thought the Steam Controller, with its touchpads attempting to merge console and PC mouse-and-keyboard control options, was a worthy experiment for the famously forgotten Steam Machine. Mice and keyboards have important uses besides games so I’m not mentioning them here. I love weird controller exhibitions like Strange Arcade at IndieCade East or Alt.Ctrl.GDC. Heck, I was even willing to give Kinect a shot if Microsoft hadn’t abandoned the camera entirely by the time I bought an Xbox One.Let’s also not pretend that the current controller status quo is some perfect final form. Wrapping your hands around these bizarre, vaguely bone-shaped device with all these buttons and triggers and sticks to manipulate can be totally baffling if you’re not just used to it. And even if you are used to it, a game that demands you instantly recall how to use every possible button and combination of buttons, like the magnificent The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, can still trip you up.It makes you realize why millions of people enjoy otherwise terrible free-to-play mobile games that just let you intuitively touch whatever is happening on their phone. They don’t need to spend $130 on a controller that shaves off microseconds of input lag because they aren’t high-paid eSports athletes with their livelihood on the line. Most gamers aren’t those athletes either, so most controllers should suit their needs just fine! Stop being so precious!Again, I love me some traditional stick-and-button controllers. Part of what makes the Switch so cool to me is the convenience of mobile gaming combined with the ability to play games that aren’t constrained to touch-only inputs. I recognize there’s also real value in having standardized controllers to create a baseline for gaming literacy. More people could learn how to play more games more easily if all controllers stayed the same. After all, every new book doesn’t come with its own alphabet.I just want gaming culture to break out of this paradigm that controllers, as they are now, are essentially perfect, that the only thing left to do is squabble over infinitesimal ergonomic adjustments and refinements. Don’t pretend that swapping a glossy finish with a custom purple matte finish is some bold and innovative leap forward. It’s neat, but it doesn’t truly push games forward. Embrace experimentation!Want to learn more?Here’s everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.Or check out Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda.Buy it now!The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo SwitchEssential Nintendo Switch Accessorieslast_img read more

SquareEnixs Idol Fantasy Should Be Hatsune Miku X Final Fantasy But

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ and ‘Masters of Doom’ Are Yo…’Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Is a Real Game Now, Coming Next March What is Idol Fantasy? We don’t know, but Square-Enix trademarked it. Anime New Network reported that the company filed for the trademark on February 8, and that it became public today.For some cultural background, idols in Japan are pop stars marketed for their cuteness and moe factor (the amount of fanatical brand desire that makes a consumer want to buy every possible product with a face or logo of something they like). It’s a cultural phenomenon similar to boy bands, but all-female and cranked up to ludicrous extents. Final Fantasy is a long-running game series with 15 releases in its main line, of which nine are actually good.Idol Fantasy is probably going to be an amalgamation of those two concepts. We don’t know yet, so it’s basically just speculation until Square-Enix actually announces something.AdChoices广告Let’s be real, Idol Fantasy is probably DLC content for Final Fantasy XV, which Square-Enix has been refining, milking, and basically finishing since its release in 2016. There are multiple DLC episodes out for the game already, with several more to come. Idol Fantasy will likely be one of them.But it’s fun to dream, so I’m going to talk about what Idol Fantasy should be, not what it will be. And what it should be is the Final Fantasy version of the Hatsune Miku games.Hatsune Miku is a digital idol, a completely electronic “vocaloid” who’s become a major idol in Japan. She and other vocaloids don’t just put out music, but star in rhythm games published by Sega. I really enjoyed Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva: Future Tone is an even bigger and more recent game in the series.The Hatsune Miku games are pretty simple. You press buttons and move the analog sticks in time with icons on the screen as the camera pans over your chosen vocaloid in various scenes. You can dress them up with different outfits and accessories, and even have duets and band performances. And lots of the songs are really catchy. You’ll enjoy yourself, even if you’ll feel like the world’s biggest weeb doing so.Idol Fantasy should take the Hatsune Miku game format and apply Final Fantasy to it. You have lots of amazing-looking characters and years of fantastic soundtracks, even if few songs are actually voiced. Put them together with the polish and presentation of Hatsune Miku, complete with the ridiculous choreography. Imagine an entire game based on the opening of Final Fantasy X-2, without you having to actually play that game.There’s lots of opportunity for craziness, especially if Square-Enix can license commercial songs and expand its music library further. Song-and-dance numbers with Cloud and Tifa. Kadaj channeling David Bowie. Noctis and Ignis covering Erasure.Fully rendered, completely interactive version of the opera scene from Final Fantasy 6. That alone should convince you of how amazing Idol Fantasy could be.Yes, Square-Enix already did rhythm games with Theaterythm, which was excellent in its own right. It was graphically limited, though, completely sprite-based with video footage used in the games themselves. It also relied on JRPG mechanics that didn’t feel very necessary. It also only came out on the 3DS and iOS.Take the idea of Theaterythm, but go full Miku. The most recognizable characters from the Final Fantasy series as vocaloid idols. Terra, Celes, Rydia, Rosa, Aerith, Tifa, Quistis, Selphie, Garnet, Freya, Yuna, Rikku, Lulu, Ashe, and those are just the great female Final Fantasy characters I can name. Model them, let players mix and match outfits and accessories, and put them on stage to sing songs.That’s my Idol Fantasy. It probably isn’t Square-Enix’s plan, but I’m used to having better ideas than them.center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

Just How Useful is Windows 7 for Business

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals This story appears in the February 2010 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Can’t Live Without ItI use Windows 7 on a daily basis because it gives me more time to concentrate on the important aspects of running a business efficiently–instead of focusing on tech support and troubleshooting issues. The Windows 7 interface sure beats any previous version of Microsoft Windows–it even competes with Mac OS X. It’s so easy to navigate through the tabs on Windows 7. So, for instance, you can have a few Excel spreadsheets running, an entire stack of web pages open and other apps running–all without any reduction in performance. You no longer have to click on each tab to see its content–now you can view each window by simply hovering over it. Windows 7 offers any software solution an entrepreneur could possibly need. And, it’s more cost effective than buying a Mac OS X-based computer. With a Mac, you’re not only paying much more for the hardware but you’re also stuck in the Apple world. With the right hardware and software, I think there are no shortcomings for Windows 7. Microsoft Windows is really different this time. It’s a reliable OS, simple to use and very smooth. I was wowed.–Omar Kayyali, IT Professional, Zions Bancorporation, Salt Lake City 3 min readcenter_img January 15, 2010 Can’t Live With ItIn general I don’t like Windows. I think of myself as a Mac guru. I will never return to using Windows again and my business runs solely using Apple computers–I feel they are far superior to any PC. As a graphic designer by trade, I make use of Mac OS X. I am comfortable with what I am using and would not easily change to any other operating system. It’s hard to tell yet what the pitfalls of Windows 7 will be. The reality is that you need at least five to six months to prove how successful an operating system is to you and your working environment. The same people who are now praising Windows 7 were the same ones who praised Windows Vista before it was released. I’ve been using Mac OS X for the past six years and I absolutely love it. It is designed with security in mind, and it isn’t plagued by constant attacks from PC viruses and malware. Likewise, Mac OS X won’t slow you down with constant security alerts and sweeps. It can also run most of my Windows-based peripherals. Basically, Windows 7 has to prove itself to be stable and reliable. Only time will tell.–Leroy Williams, CEO, Retrospective, Cape Town, South Africa Register Now »last_img read more

Head of brutal Zetas cartel killed gunmen steal body from Mexican authorities

first_imgThe body of the slain leader of the Zetas drug cartel was stolen from a funeral parlor by an armed group after he was killed in a shootout with authorities in northern Mexico, officials said Tuesday.The Mexican navy, which conducted the operation against the Zetas leader, said fingerprints and photographs had been used to identify the body as Heriberto Lazcano’s before it was stolen.Lazcano’s body and that of another man had been taken to a funeral home in the town of Sabinas in the northern state of Coahuila after the shootout on Monday with navy special forces.Coahuila state prosecutor Homero Ramos told a press conference in Sabinas that gunmen wearing face masks had entered the parlor with heavily armed protectors and subdued the staff.“They took the bodies, stuck them in a hearse, and made the owner drive it off,” Ramos said.The navy had said earlier it was awaiting confirmation that one of the men killed in the town of Progreso was Lazcano, one of two mainleaders of the divided cartel and one of the Mexico’s most wanted men.Shortly before the state prosecutor confirmed his body had been stolen, the Navy said it had confirmed that it was Lazcano, 37, through fingerprints and photographs of his corpse.It said Lazcano and the second man were killed after they attacked a navy patrol with grenades and firearms.Lazcano is one of the two main leaders of the divided cartel and one of Mexico’s most wanted men, with a $2.6 million reward for information leading to his capture. The United States has set the award at $7 million.A recent report by the United Nations stated that the Mexican government’s bloody and aggressive fight against drug cartels in the country is forcing more trafficking into Central America, including Costa Rica. The death of Lazcano would serve as a major victory for the outgoing Felipe Calderón government, whose party lost in the presidential election earlier this year.Some 47,500 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since Calderon was voted into office and began his crackdown in December 2006. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more