Home Ministry relaxes the departure card facility for Indians travelling abroad

first_imgIn a recent bid to ease the hassle for Indians travelling abroad, the Union Ministry has declared to drop the departure cards form mandate from July 1, 2017. However, those leaving the country through rail, seaport and land immigration check posts will still have to fill embarkation cards.The form generally requires Indians to fill in details like name, date of birth, passport number, address in India, flight number and date of boarding on the departure card. The customs department had earlier also done away with the need for Indians to fill a form declaring they were not carrying dutiable goods. These measures are aimed at reducing the time taken to clear immigration formalities.last_img

Smurf Festival – The Hidden Gems of Belgium organised in Mumbai

first_imgOn the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Smurfs, Wallonia in India (AWEX Mumbai), Consulate General of Belgium, Visit Brussels represented by AVIAREPS in the Indian market and Wallonia Belgium Tourism jointly organised a ‘Smurf Festival’ in association with Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) recently in Mumbai.Peter Huyghebaert, Consul General of Belgium in Mumbai and Anoop Mehta, President – BDB inaugurated the event and welcomed guests to spend their evening discovering the Hidden Gems of Wallonia and Brussels.Adding light to the event, Huyghebaert said, “This event was organised, as we realised that even regular visitors to Belgium are not always aware of some of the hidden gems of Belgium. One of those is the new sensation that the capital city of Brussels is creating with the Beer Palace which will be opened near the Grand Place. Another fact includes the city of Dinant, which was voted one of Europe’s Best Destinations in 2019.”Talking on Belgium’s promotional goals for 2019, Huyghebaert added, “We already witnessed an uptick in the number of Indian tourists to Belgium in 2018, but we would like to attract an increased number of visitors from India to our country. We are thereby focusing on promoting a number of less well-known but attractive touristic attractions or ‘hidden gems’, as we call them in Belgium.”During the event, guests including children, who took a plethora of pictures with Smurfs and Tintin, along with getting tattoo designs of their favourite characters. They enjoyed playing Belgian Bingo and entertaining quizzes to win exciting prizes brought straight from the streets of Belgium. The guests got their hunger pangs calmed by indulging in a spread of Belgian delights from chocolates to waffles to ice creams and delicious snacks.last_img read more

PRMI Names New Chief Compliance Officer

first_img in Headlines, News Burton EmbryPrimary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI) recently named Burton Embry as its chief compliance officer.In his new position, Embry will continue to oversee and manage the company’s enterprise risk management group and represent PRMI’s interests with industry and trade groups as well as provide significant consultative direction in the company’s day-to-day and long-range business activities.“I am pleased to announce Burton Embry as Chief Compliance Officer,” said Dave Zitting, president and CEO of PRMI. “His dedication, in-depth knowledge and expertise will elevate our operations and provide invaluable industry insight to PRMI as a whole.  His reputation and visibility in the industry have been invaluable to PRMI.”According to PRMI, Embry has over 30 years’ experience in the mortgage industry with more the 25 of those years focusing on mortgage compliance and quality assurance matters. He has become a nationally recognized compliance leader having been a successful regulatory compliance executive with top leading mortgage companies. He is also an active member of several associations and committees.Currently, Embry serves as the chair of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Regulatory Compliance subcommittee and is a member of the advisory board of Regulatory Compliance magazine as well as a member of the magazine’s “Ask the Experts” panel. He is a regular speaker at meetings and conferences about industry issues related to loan officer compensation, mortgage loan originator licensing and state, and CFPB examination practices and developments.“I am honored to be named the Chief Compliance Officer of PRMI,” Embry said. “As I step into this new role I am excited for the challenges and opportunities it brings and look forward to continuing my relationship with PRMI and its mission.” Burton Embry Chief Compliance Officer Primary Residential Mortgage 2015-07-30 Staff Writer PRMI Names New Chief Compliance Officercenter_img July 30, 2015 518 Views Sharelast_img read more

Negative Equity Rate Improves But Still Tugs on Housing Market

first_img Housing Market Negative Equity Recovery Underwater Borrowers Zillow 2015-12-03 Staff Writer The amount of underwater mortgages in the U.S. continues to decline, but is not fully helping the housing market on the road to recovery, particularity in many large markets that were heavily impacted during crisis times.The negative equity rate nationwide fell in the third quarter to 13.4 percent of underwater borrowers, down from last quarter’s percentage of 14.4. One year ago, 16.9 percent of homeowners owed more on their home than it’s worth, Zillow’s Negative Equity Report showed.According to the report, nearly 1 million homeowners were able to come out of negative equity in the third quarter. This will allow them to sell or refinance their homes prior to the expected interest rate hike later this month.”Negative equity has become almost an afterthought in a handful of the nation’s hottest markets, but is holding back the recovery in dozens of large markets nationwide,” said Dr. Svenja Gudell, Zillow’s Chief Economist.She added, “Despite steady declines in negative equity, many cities are still facing tight inventory, especially among entry-level homes. Those homes that are available are often not in demand and stay on the market for a long time. This can be extremely frustrating for buyers and sellers alike, as they come face to face with the difficult side effects of negative equity.”Zillow noted that negative equity rates are usually close to 2-5 percent, and today’s rate is a haunting reminder of the housing crash and the recovery that has yet to happen in some markets.Las Vegas, Nevada has had the highest negative rate in the nation for nearly five years, with 22 percent of underwater homeowners and 19 percent effectively underwater (less than 20 percent equity in their homes).Kansas City, Missouri and Cleveland, Ohio followed with negative equity rates of 16.6 percent and 16.8 percent, respectively, the data found.The report showed that San Francisco, California and San Jose, California are the only cities where less than 5 percent of homeowner owe more on their home than it’s worth.”Negative equity affects individual homeowners, but markets with high negative equity rates tend to have fewer homes for sale, especially lower-priced homes favored by first-time homebuyers,” the report stated. “In markets with a lot of negative equity, homes generally take longer to sell than in other places.”Smallest Share of Underwater HomeownersSan Jose, California – 3.0 percentSan Francisco, California – 4.7 percentDenver, Colorado – 5.5 percentDallas-Fort Worth, Texas – 5.8 percentPortland, Oregon – 6.2 percentLargest Share of Underwater HomeownersLas Vegas, Nevada – 22.1 percentChicago, Illinois – 20.6 percentAtlanta, Georgia – 18.6 percentSt. Louis, Missouri – 17.6 percentBaltimore, Maryland – 16.9 percentClick here to view the full report. Negative Equity Rate Improves, But Still Tugs on Housing Market in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, Newscenter_img December 3, 2015 668 Views Sharelast_img read more

Proposal Aims to Help Homeowners Build Equity

first_img BEAM Act Congressman Tim Ryan Home Equity Principal 2016-06-27 Seth Welborn June 27, 2016 626 Views Share in Daily Dose, Featured, Newscenter_img Proposal Aims to Help Homeowners Build Equity Principal reduction is one way to give underwater and delinquent homeowners relief. An alternative proposal to straight up principal reduction is to give homeowners back a percentage of the money they put toward their principal, thus preventing them from ever becoming underwater or delinquent in the first place.That is what Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) is aiming for with his latest proposal, the Building Equity for the American Middle-Class (BEAM) Act. Ryan’s bill would create a 50 percent refundable tax credit of up to $1,000 on additional principal payments homeowners make aside from their required monthly payments.The goal of the BEAM Act is to help homeowners build equity (thus creating wealth), reduce debt, and pay off mortgages more quickly. A homeowner who buys a $200,000 home and puts 10 percent down would save about $20,000 over the life of the mortgage and pay off their loan about two and a half years early, according to Ryan.“Owning a home is an integral part of the American Dream,” Ryan said. “But this ‘Dream’ should be attainable for every hardworking American. This legislation will help millions pay down their mortgages, making it easier for them to make ends meet and giving them additional financial flexibility to spend their hard earned money on what matters the most—their families.”Washington, D.C.-based think tank Third Way pointed out in a recent commentary that another housing bubble is inevitable because federal tax policy still encourages high debt levels even though post-crisis regulation has prevented the type of risky lending that led to the housing crash. Third Way fellow Paul LaPointe and SVP Jim Kessler noted in the commentary that years after the recession, underwater mortgages continue to lock homeowners into negative equity, making it difficult for them to move or build any wealth. Many of these homeowners are required to hold private mortgage insurance, which makes it even tougher to get back into positive equity.“The BEAM Act could prevent millions of Americans from losing their homes the next time disaster strikes.”Third Way“The BEAM Act could prevent millions of Americans from losing their homes the next time disaster strikes,” LaPointe and Kessler wrote. “Only families with middle class or modest incomes would be eligible, so it would help those most at risk in a housing downturn. It would incentivize banks to issue a new kind of mortgage that encourages paying down principal more quickly—a welcome change to a market that has pushed debt. It would bring peace of mind and added security to homeowners as they build equity in their homes.”Alanna McCargo, Co-Director of the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center (HFPC), said she believes that the BEAM Act has good intentions toward helping existing homeowners pay their principal.“Housing has long been seen as a key source of wealth building for those who can buy a home,” McCargo said. “The housing crisis showed us the ugly side of the coin if borrowers don’t have sufficient equity in their home or are unable to tap it when their incomes diminish. This bill may be helpful to some borrowers in building equity faster in the long term.”McCargo noted that the HFPC plans to release an in-depth study in mid-July on how housing wealth is translating to middle-income borrowers.“Our study shows that, in general, younger age cohorts and those in lower-cost areas have relatively less equity in their homes,”  she said. “If the BEAM Act helped them build equity more quickly, they might have greater financial stability and a larger nest egg for the future. However, it is important to note that given that historically low interest rates on mortgages now and for the foreseeable future, paying principal early on a higher interest rate debt may be the better bet when it comes to the overall economic benefit to borrowers.”last_img read more

Nonprofit Network Sets 3 Billion Origination Goal

first_img Share Downpayment Assistance First-Time Homebuyers mortgage originations Neighborworks America Nonprofits 2016-07-05 Seth Welborn Nonprofit Network Sets $3 Billion Origination Goal Washington, D.C.-based NeighborWorks America, a nonprofit community development corporation, recently called upon its network of nonprofits across the United States to help originate $3 billion of mortgages for first-time buyers this year.The amount would be an increase from the approximately $2.9 billion originated last year and the $2.8 billion originated in 2014. The forecast is based on mortgage rates consistently hovering near historic lows, improved underwriting standards, and NeighborWorks’ expanding marketing and lending products.“NeighborWorks organizations are able to put thousands of people each year into homes and create billions of dollars in economic activity because we’re focused on finding mortgage solutions for every credit-worthy customer we see,” said Marietta Rodriguez, vice president of homeownership programs and lending at NeighborWorks America. “That includes everything from helping a homebuyer obtain a mortgage from a national lender, originating the mortgage loan themselves, or helping secure a low down payment mortgage through a state housing finance agency.”The average home price for a NeighborWorks homeownership customer is approximately $150,000. The agency claims its services, such as downpayment assistance, help create sustainable homeownership for more than 20,000 families every year. First-time homebuyers make up the majority of customers helped out by Neighborworks’ nonprofit network; these buyers are often helped by downpayment assistance, which is an important product in helping low- to moderate-income buyers achieve homeownership.“Homeownership is within reach, even with student loan debt, little cash for a down payment or less than perfect credit,” said Rodriguez. “The home buying market is tough right now because of tight inventory, particularly for entry level homes, but is improving. One of the best ways to access homeownership for first-time home buyers is to work with a housing counselor who knows their market ‘inside and out,’ and can help a consumer navigate the complex process.”center_img in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination July 5, 2016 479 Views last_img read more

ExistingHome Sales Flourishing Despite Headwinds

first_img Existing-home sales in every region of the country jumped in October, and overall existing sales hit their highest point since the middle of 2007. The National Association of Realtors reported that existing sales climbed 2 percent from September and 6 percent from last year. October finished with an annual pace of 5.6 million existing-home sales.Existing sales were most robust in the South, increasing nearly 3 percent from September. The weakest region was the West, which still grew nearly 1 percent.Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist, attributed October’s numbers to the release of the “unrealized pent-up demand that held back many would-be buyers over the summer because of tight supply. Buyers are having more success lately, despite low inventory and prices that continue to swiftly rise above incomes.”David Berson, chief economist at Nationwide, said that the months’ supply of homes for sale dropped to 4.3, in response to both the rise in sales and fewer than normal homes for sale.“This is likely due to a combination of a still-large, albeit falling, number of homes with underwater mortgages and households that had gotten rock-bottom mortgage rates in recent years being unwilling lose that low rate by purchasing another home today,” Berson said.Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist at Trulia, said that October’s 4.3 percent drop in inventory over last year is “yet another reminder that the housing market still faces headwinds toward a full recovery.”McLaughlin, however, hopes the new administration will seize opportunities to change tight inventories.“President-elect Trump could help boost inventory by implementing policies that would encourage investors to sell homes they bought during the foreclosure crisis, many of which are suitable for starter home buyers,” McLaughlin said. “Such policies could include a reduction in capital gains taxes for homes sold by investors to owner-occupiers, an increase in tax rates on rental income, or both.”Yun said that the tightening labor market is beginning to push up wages and the economy has lately shown signs of greater expansion‒‒two factors that, combined with low mortgage rates “have kept buyer interest at an elevated level so far this fall.”Yun called the ramp-up in housing starts in October “a hopeful sign that overall supply can steadily increase enough to provide more choices for buyers and also moderate price growth.” November 22, 2016 746 Views Existing-Home Sales Flourishing Despite Headwinds in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, Newscenter_img Existing-Home Sales Housing Market 2016-11-22 ScottMorgan1 Sharelast_img read more

ARMs Take Record Market Share

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Origination Adjustable-Rate Mortgages ARMS Ellie Mae Mortgage Loan Applications Mortgage Loan Closings Mortgage Loan Origination 2019-01-24 Krista Franks Brock January 24, 2019 1,941 Views ARMs Take Record Market Sharecenter_img The percentage of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) closed in December reached 9.2 percent in December, the highest on record for Ellie Mae’s Origination Insight Report, which has been revealing data since 2011.This is up from 8.9 percent a month earlier and significantly up from the 5.6 percent share recorded a year ago.The spike in ARMs is “another key indication of how demand has outpaced supply in the housing market as consumers pursue their dream of homeownership,” explained Jonathan Corr, President and CEO of Ellie Mae.The uptick in ARMs occurs alongside rising mortgage rates, which ended the year at 5.17 percent for 30-year loans of all types, up from 5.15 percent in November and 4.28 percent a year ago. Conventional loans ended the year with a rate of 5.19. For FHA loans, the rate was 5.20 percent, and for VA loans, the rate was 5.01 percent. Rates rose across all loan types over the year in 2018.ARMs were most popular among conventional loans, making up 9.2 percent of this section of the origination market. They accounted for 0.9 percent of FHA loans and 0.5 percent of VA loans in December. While still only a fraction of a percent, these rates represent a small uptick over the year among these types of loans.Purchase loans made up 71 percent of the loan origination market in December, up 1 percentage point from a month earlier but up notably from 60 percent a year ago, another reflection of rising rates over the year.Conventional loans made up 64 percent of loans closed in December. FHA loans accounted for 20 percent, and Veterans Administration loans accounted for 11 percent of the market.For loans closed in the month of December, the average time to close was 47 days, just one day longer than the length of time for loans closed in November. It took an average of 47 days to close a purchase loan in December and 44 days to close a refinance loan.Across all loan categories the rate of closed loans—the percentage of applications received in the past 90 days that closed in December—was 71.4 percent, up from November’s rate of 70.1 percent and comparable to the 71.2 percent recorded a year ago.The average FICO score for loans closed in December was 726, down just one point from the rate recorded during each of the previous three months and up from 722 a year earlier.The average loan-to-value ratio was 79 for the fifth month in a row. Similarly, the debt-to-income ratio matched that of the previous two months, 26/39 and was nearly the same as one year ago. Sharelast_img read more

In addition to pointofsale tastings in key marke

first_imgIn addition to point-of-sale tastings in key markets, marketing activities include direct communication with consumers through social networks. For this purpose, the brand has media such as a website, Facebook, Instagram, and its own Berry Blog to inform about the differentiating characteristics of the brand.This year Camposol accomplished the goal of reaching 2,000 hectares of blueberry cultivation, of which 86 hectares are USDA certified organic. Further investments in the product are planned for the future, as well as an expansion of organic production.”The brand “The Berry That Cares” represents Camposol’s philosophy of combining high quality fruits with environmental and social commitment,” said Jorge Ramírez, CEO of Camposol.”In recent years, blueberries have become strategically important to CAMPOSOL and we plan to continue consolidating in the future as one of the world’s leading players in this product.” You might also be interested in Peruvian produce multinational Camposol has celebrated its one-year anniversary of the launch of its blueberry brand “The Berry That Cares”, saying it is “very satisfied” with the market introduction.The company said the large marketing campaign is continuing throughout 2018 in its main markets – North America, Europe and China.The branded blueberries are being well received in China where they were offered for the first time this year, Camposol added. Colombia’s blueberry industry “developing quite we … Berry People transitions to Pacific Northwest blue … center_img Blueberry uptick drives Camposol’s strong performa … October 05 , 2018 OZblu announces exclusive global deal with renowne …last_img read more

Visitor registration is now open for the AsiaPaci

first_imgVisitor registration is now open for the Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo (AIME) to be held 21-22 February 2017 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre – the 25th anniversary of the event!Over 500 national and international exhibitors, including the Japan National Tourist Organisation, India Tourism, the Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board and Rocky Mountaineer from Canada are all confirmed to exhibit.Tourism NZ is bringing a large  contingent of exhibitors, including Auckland Conventions Venues & Events, AccorHotels New Zealand, Hobbiton, Hamilton & Waikato Convention Bureau and Heritage Hotels.A range of local suppliers will also be on hand, including all Australian convention bureaux for the second consecutive year. Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, P&O Cruises, Decorative Events & Exhibitions, TFE Hotels, The Star Entertainment Group, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Tourism Australia and many more will return again in 2017.Register to attend AIME for free hereTickets on the door are $25.last_img read more

Preferred Hotels Resorts has launched I Prefer

first_imgPreferred Hotels & Resorts has launched ‘I Prefer Alliance’, an innovative new loyalty platform that allows independent hotels and regional hotel brands to extend full benefits of I Prefer Hotel Rewards to members of their distinctive guest benefit programs.Featuring a straightforward points exchange structure, I Prefer Alliance allows partner hotels to incentivise their respective loyalty members by extending access to more than 650 additional destinations across 85 countries where they can earn and redeem points, while receiving other valuable benefits during every eligible stay. Preferred Hotels & Resorts debuts I Prefer Alliance with Tokyu Hotels – one of Japan’s leading hotel groups, with 44 properties across the country and more than 700,000 Tokyu Comfort Members – as its inaugural partner.Introduce as a points-based model by Preferred Hotels & Resorts in August 2013, I Prefer is the world’s largest global points-based loyalty program for independent hotels. As of January 2019, more than three million members have enrolled in I Prefer to take advantage of its benefits, which include points that can be exchanged for cash-value I Prefer Reward Certificates, as well as elite status and additional benefits such as priority early check-in/late check-out, room upgrade based on availability, and complimentary Internet upon every eligible stay at more than 650 participating properties worldwide. hotelsloyalty programresortslast_img read more

Scenic is offering a one hour Harley Davidson side

first_imgScenic is offering a one hour Harley Davidson side car tour ride through the Canadian countryside, with Jasper Harleys, as a Scenic Freechoice option in the 2020 Canada, Alaska and USA programs. Icons of Western Canada and Alaskan Cruise – 22 Days, Victoria to Vancouver, from $12,695 per person FreechoiceHarley-DavidsonSceniclast_img

54 Kenny Demens LB 61 242 23 R Michigan

first_img54Kenny DemensLB6-124223RMichigan 53Orie LemonILB6-0242262Oklahoma State The Arizona Cardinals continued to shuffle their practice squad Tuesday, re-signing linebacker Kenny Demens and releasing linebacker Zack Nash.Demens, an undrafted rookie from Michigan, played in two games this season for the Cardinals, registering two tackles before being released from the active roster Monday to make room for wide receiver Teddy Williams.Nash, a second-year player from Sacramento State, played in eight games for Arizona last season, but was relegated to the practice squad after being released from the active roster during the preseason. 0 Comments   Share   64Philip BlakeC/G6-3310272Baylor 18Kerry TaylorWR6-0200241Arizona State Top Stories 62Anthony McCloudDT6-231324RFlorida Statecenter_img 44Kenny RoweOLB6-323224ROregon 27Curtis TaylorS6-2212283LSU The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 85Darren FellsTE6-7281271Cal-Irvine No.NamePositionHeightWeightAgeExp.College Arizona Cardinals Practice Squad (10/22/13)last_img read more


first_img Comments   Share   Carolina Panthers’ Jared Allen, right, celebrates with Kawann Short, left, after a sack against the Philadelphia Eagles in the second half of an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone) The Carolina Panthers reportedly could have veteran defensive end Jared Allen available for their NFC Championship game against the Arizona Cardinals.NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport reported Monday that Allen, following an MRI on Monday, still plans to play through a small break in his foot.Update on #Panthers DE Jared Allen: Nothing has changed from yesterday. Broken small bone near his pinky. He still plans to play through it.— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 18, 2016 The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Additionally on the injury front, Carolina will get running back Fozzy Whittaker back in practice this week after he missed the Seahawks game with an ankle injury.RB Fozzy Whittaker (ankle) plans to practice Wednesday— Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) January 18, 2016The team also said an ankle injury to starting back Jonathan Stewart is not threatening to keep him from playing against Arizona.Rivera confirmed that DE Jared Allen is getting MRI on his foot. RB Jonathan Stewart is little sore, but there is no major concern there.— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) January 18, 2016 Top Stories That said, the team is listing Allen as doubtful to play. While he may not need surgery, the Panthers have a likely plan in place to replace Allen on the roster should that become necessary.DE Jared Allen does have a fracture in his foot. Doubtful for Sunday’s game vs Arizona.— Joe Person (@josephperson) January 18, 2016 Rivera said if the Panthers make a roster move to replace Allen, logical choice would be bringing DE Wes Horton up from practice squad.— Joe Person (@josephperson) January 18, 2016The Charlotte Observer’s Jonathan Jones reported Sunday that sources feared Allen’s season was over. However, Allen reportedly broke the bone during the Panthers’ victory against the Seattle Seahawks, played through it and wasn’t on crutches following the game.He will see specialist Dr. Robert Anderson this week to determine whether he risks permanent damage to the foot, reports Rapoport.Though Allen’s production is far from his Pro Bowl days — he has 27 tackles and two sacks in 12 games this year — he is still a regular player for Carolina. If he is limited, second-year pro Kony Ealy (32 tackles, five sacks, three forced fumbles) and fifth-year pro Mario Addison (23 tackles, six sacks) will see increased playing time at end. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) looks to pass as tackle Bobby Massie (70) blocks San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman (53) during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar) Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Wagoner believes that it would be smart for the Cardinals to begin planning for their future as the 2002 Heisman winner closes in on his twilight years.If this question had been asked before the postseason, I think most would have said Palmer has plenty of gas left in the tank. Then he went out and threw six interceptions and coughed up two fumbles in two playoff games, including a dreadful outing in the NFC Championship Game loss to Carolina.At 36, Palmer still has plenty left in his arm, but the Cardinals would still be wise to begin planning for the future at quarterback beyond the likes of Drew Stanton and Matt Barkley.While the future at the quarterback is important to develop, Palmer is still the key to Cardinals’ offensive success.Wagaman believes that the additions of the offensive line could help not only boost the Cardinals to the Super Bowl but keep Palmer on the field.If Palmer can stay healthy and upright, he can equal or even surpass last season’s 4,671 passing yards and 35 TD passes with 11 interceptions, especially since all of his weapons return and the offensive line is upgraded with the addition of Evan Mathis. With a short memory, good health and a better supporting cast, Palmer should have enough left for one last Super Bowl-or-bust-type season.The importance of Palmer’s health is clear in Arizona’s 29-9 record in games he has played. The Cardinals are 5-5 in games without Palmer since 2013.center_img Carson Palmer is coming off of a career year where he totaled more than 4,600 yards along with 35 touchdowns to 11 interceptions.Although he’s coming off one of his best regular season’s of his career, the 36-year-old is entering his 13th season.Has Palmer reached the peak of his bell curve when it comes to his production? ESPN’s NFL Nation reporters Nick Wagoner (Los Angeles Rams), Michael Wagaman (San Francisco 49ers) and Sheil Kapadia (Seattle Seahawks) were asked how much Palmer has left in the tank. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Kapadia is even more optimistic. He thinks the supporting cast will keep Palmer among the most productive NFL quarterbacks. At 36 years old, it’s best to go year-to-year with expectations for Palmer, but I’m not expecting a major drop-off in 2016. He stumbled in Week 17 against the Seahawks and in the NFC title game against the Panthers, but overall, Palmer was a legitimate MVP candidate last season. Because of his supporting cast and his ability to win the mental battle against opposing defensive coordinators, Palmer should still be able to have success late in his career.last_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “He is our franchise’s career leader in nearly every passing category which is commendable in its own right. But an undrafted quarterback going on to play 18 seasons and 199 games may be even more remarkable and unlikely to ever be duplicated. The impact he had on the Cardinals was undeniable and we are thrilled that he will have this permanent place of honor within our franchise.”Hart will become the 17th member, with the most recent inductees being Roy Green, Adrian Wilson, Kurt Warner and Aeneas Williams.He is the first inductee since Larry Wilson, in 2006, who did not play for the team in Arizona.Hart played for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1966 to 1983, and to this day is the franchise’s all-time leader in passing yards, with 34,639, as well as pass attempts (5,069), completions (2,590) and touchdown passes (209).He led the Cardinals to three straight 10-win seasons from 1974 to 1976 as well as back-to-back NFC East titles in 1974 and 1975.Hart, who made it to four Pro Bowls, spent the 1984 season with the Washington Redskins before retiring.The Ring of Honor started in 2006, when the Cardinals moved into University of Phoenix Stadium. Other members include former owner Charles Bidwill, coach Jimmy Conzelman as well as players Ernie Nevers, John “Paddy” Driscoll, Charley Trippi, Ollie Matson, Dick “Night Train” Lane, Marshall Goldberg, Dan Dierdorf, Roger Wherli and Pat Tillman. The Arizona Cardinals will be inducting another member into their Ring of Honor in the 2017 season, as quarterback Jim Hart will get the nod.The Cardinals have not determined which game it will happen.“The Ring of Honor is reserved for those who have made the most extraordinary contributions to the Cardinals organization and Jim Hart is absolutely in that category,” said Cardinals president Michael Bidwill said. “When you look back at his career, two things really jump out: excellence and longevity. 0 Comments   Share   St. Louis Cardinals’ Jim Hart (17) 1974. (AP Photo) Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter The Bernic a new hote

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterThe Bernic, a new hotel located at 145 East 47th Street, is coming to the heart of Midtown Manhattan East. The hotel, set to open in September, will focus on keeping its guests connected to the world through art and technology, while simultaneously offering an authentic New York neighbourhood experience. Urban exploration and global inspiration will come together in this chic, smart hotel, where connectivity for every guest is of utmost importance.The 21-story boutique hotel will be home to 96 guestrooms, virtually all of which will be outfitted with private balconies. Floor-to-ceiling windows will offer a view so vivid guests will almost be able to touch the city’s iconic skyline. The building’s dual-level façade gives the illusion that each of the upper level floors and balconies is soaring freely in the sky, almost as its own distinctly separate building. From their artfully appointed rooms, urban explorers will be invited to take in the energy of historic Turtle Bay, while enjoying the hotel’s elegant, authentic service and attention to detail. A stay at The Bernic promises to be filled with delightful surprises.The property is just steps away from the United Nations Headquarters, the shops of Fifth Avenue, the centre of Corporate Headquarters, such as Avon, IPG, Colgate, Grant Thornton and HSBC, and the Chrysler Building, as well as the leisure attractions of Rockefeller Center and Times’ Square Theater District. Nearby Grand Central Terminal offers easy access to every subway line, making trips to downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn destinations fast and easy.The property is poised to open just steps away from where Andy Warhol’s Factory once stood in historic Midtown Manhattan’s Turtle Bay neighbourhood, famous for its colony of visual artists and independent shops that has counted everyone from Bob Dylan to Jacqueline Onassis and Stephen Sondheim as its habitués. Drawing inspiration from the prominent creative figures of the past and its neighbour, the United Nations Headquarters, The Bernic has commissioned Ian Sklarsky as mixed media artist-in-residence. Sklarsky will produce murals that depict a worldview of iconic cityscapes using his signature blind contour technique. The metropolises – New York, Dubai, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo – featured in the “eight cities of the world” motif adorning the guestrooms, hallways and lobby represent the forefront of global travel and accessibility, two aspects The Bernic embodies.“We hope that the opening sets off a full-blown renaissance of Turtle Bay, and reclaims the culture of yore, but with a modern touch,” said David Lopez, General Manager. “The Bernic will become a home away from home for the urban explorer that, at once, wants to be in the centre of the action with all of the comforts — while still enjoying the authenticity and culture of a real New York neighbourhood.”From the house-made signature lavender lemonade served daily and complimentary wine hour to the exquisite scent of white tea and thyme wafting through the halls, it’s the luxe touches that will make The Bernic an inherently chic yet conveniently casual stay. Each guestroom will feature decadent bath amenities by Beekman 1802, luxury linens and terry, Sealy luxury pillow top mattresses, iron and ironing boards, in-room safes, an in-room refreshment bar, in-room delivery service. Guests will have access to local fitness centres, laundry service, business stations and coffee machines and valet parking, nightly turndown service, and pre-arrival concierge are available as well. The Bernic will also offer complimentary ultra-high speed wireless connectivity in-room and throughout public spaces, accelerated cellular service through a Distributed Antenna System, in-room cordless phones and 43” flat screens with Apple TV technology, allowing guests to be fully accessible no matter the nature of their stay.The property will also be home to Allora, a 72-seat restaurant from Elio & Sons. Outfitted with a carrera marble bar and herringbone floors, Allora will transport diners to the spirit of old New York with a well-heeled twist. Allora’s menu will be rooted in Northern Italian-American specialties and will offer a wide selection of homemade pasta, as well superior grass-fed steaks aged in house for 28 days and classic seafood favourites like clams oreganata. Other specialties include tableside preparations of old-school favourites like a traditional caesar salad, the “Godfather” grilled branzino, flambées, zabaglione, and more. In addition, over 30 off-menu seasonal specials like pork chop etna and kobe beef ravioli, will be offered nightly. With a focus on traditional hospitality that emphasises the diner’s experience above all, Allora will offer a taste of Gotham as it once was.The interior and exterior designs, brought to life by Hersha Purchasing and Design and CD3 Architecture, are a mix of neo-modernism and deconstructed luxury that provide futuristic contrast to the classic brownstones of Tudor City. The glass and gunmetal façade is divided into two distinct volumes – the base follows street line while the upper portion of the building has a different feel, freely soaring into the sky. Outdoor balcony terraces bring another dimension, visually enlarging the footprint of the hotel. Upstairs, the Bernic boasts a luxury-level Penthouse, with 360 degree panoramic views of the city, as well as a rooftop sky lounge.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterEmporium Hotel South Bank has struck a new partnership with Maserati Brisbane, offering VIPs and guests of the hotel’s premier suites complimentary inner-city transfer services in a chauffeured Maserati Levante.The first Maserati SUV, Levante embodies the enduring, intrepid and endlessly progressive spirit of Maserati. It features unmatched Italian craftsmanship and leading performance with the practicality of an SUV. Hotel guests will be transported in absolute lavish comfort, premium leather, handcrafted contrasting stitching and much more. The Levante features all the uncompromising luxury only Maserati can offer.Emporium Hotel South Bank’s General Manager Peter Savoff said the newly opened property was thrilled to partner with Maserati Brisbane “to deliver our guests an exceptional, sensory experience with such an iconic brand. Maserati is renowned for its elegance, style, sportiness and performance, and this added service for premier suite guests and VIPs will take their stay to a lavish new level,” he said.“Guests will be whisked away in ultimate, indulgent comfort, whether to enjoy the world-class galleries and entertainment of our cultural precinct, to enjoy some retail therapy, or even to arrive at an event in ultimate style. This level of grandeur is certainly a first for us, and a first for Brisbane hotels.”Maserati Brisbane, General Sales Manager, Scott Newland said Emporium was the first hotel the dealership had teamed up with in Australia to offer the unique transfer experience: “For us, Emporium was the perfect bespoke fit for many reasons, but particularly for our mutual passion of style, design and service excellence. We are incredibly excited to nurture this partnership into the future.” Emporium Hotel South Bank is setting a spectacular new standard in exquisite boutique luxury accommodation, with bookings now available.Visit www.emporiumhotels.com.auGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterAmaWaterways celebrated the debut of AmaMora on the Rhine River on Monday 3 June. Embarking on her maiden voyage from Amsterdam to Basel, the 156-guest ship is the third of a trio of new ships introduced by the luxury river cruise line in 2019.AmaWaterways’ fleet now numbers 23 ships following the launch this spring of AmaDouro on the Douro River and AmaMagna on the Danube River.AmaMora | Main RestaurantLike her sister ships AmaLea and AmaKristina, AmaMora offers 78 staterooms, almost all of which feature AmaWaterways’ signature twin balconies. On board, guests can experience the line’s renowned cuisine, including exquisite regionally-inspired dishes paired with hand-selected wines at the Main Restaurant and the intimate Chef’s Table Restaurant, as well as an all-day tapas menu, afternoon tea, complimentary daily Sip & Sail cocktail hour and a 24-hour coffee station.AmaMora features a wide range of amenities including connecting staterooms well-suited to meet the growing demand from multigenerational families. As the newest member of the river cruise line best suited for active travellers, AmaMora carries a fleet of complimentary bicycles and organises guided hiking and biking tours for guests to explore each incredible destination while cruising through The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland.The ship has a heated Sun Deck pool with a swim-up bar, a spa and hair salon.Guests looking to immerse themselves in the local culture will enjoy an extensive line-up of up to 20 complimentary tours to choose from during a seven-night cruise.AmaMora will be blessed by her Godmother, Co-President of Ensemble Travel Group Libbie Rice, during a christening ceremony in Lahnstein, Germany the week of 15 July 2019.Sailing between Amsterdam and Basel, AmaMora will offer the seven-night Enchanting Rhine and Captivating Rhine itineraries and the festive Christmas Markets on the Rhine itineraries between 25 November and 23 December.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Cheap flights carrier easyJet has been crowned the

first_imgCheap flights carrier easyJet has been crowned the best Low Cost/No Frills airline at this year’s British travel awards.The airline beat off stiff competition to win the coveted award during the ceremony at Battersea Evolution on November 6th.Commenting on the award, easyJet chief executive Andy Harrison said the award is testament to the “hard work and dedication” of the company’s staff.”It is their commitment that forms the foundation of our success, which enables us to deliver the best possible service day in, day out,” he said.easyJet announced at the end of October that it would launch a new daily flight between Gatwick and Copenhagen on January 15th next year.The new route is in addition to the existing Stansted to Copenhagen service, which operates three times daily.The airline has announced that it wants to increase capacity on the route at the beginning of its summer schedule. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedEasyJet named best budget airlineEasyJet named best budget airlineNew Milan-Stockholm flights from easyJetStockholm-Arlanda Airport will welcome the arrival of easyJet flightsJet2 beats off low-cost rivalsA new poll has rated low-cost carrier Jet2 the best ‘no-frills’ airline for customer servicelast_img read more