13: The Power This Number Commands Around the World

first_imgThe fear of the number even has its own psychological term coined in 1910: “Triskaidekaphobia.” – See more at: http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/a-look-at-the-power-of-the-number-13-in-the-world/article1-1203752.aspx#sthash.JbFDlzmG.dpuf Related Itemslast_img

The New Black

first_imgIt’s only 10:30 on a sunny Saturday morning, yet the scene in the middle of the leafy, lakeside park is already intense.A lanky teenager with a mop of black hair clutches a bat, loosens his sinewy shoulders and peers steely-eyed toward another boy rushing toward him. The running boy sneers as he picks up speed, ball in hand.A group of older men at a nearby picnic table turn to watch.The boy with the bat bites his lower lip and waits until the last possible moment before unleashing a violent blur of twisting limbs.The men at the table jerk their heads skyward, mouths agape, and watch the ball that an instant ago was hurtling towards the batsman soar through the air, then smack against the trunk of a willow tree, roll past a gaggle of joggers and nestle itself near some driftwood on the sandy beach.The power hitter with the thick black hair smiles triumphantly.It’s not a monster homerun. It’s a big six. And this isn’t Mumbai or Melbourne.It’s Toronto, the newest global cricket hotspot. Cricket boomtownAs Toronto finally emerges from one of the most brutally cold winters on record, athletes brimming with enthusiasm have begun to descend on half-thawed baseball diamonds and soccer fields to play one of Canada’s most important sports: cricket.You read that correctly.Though hockey — along with maple syrup and Justin Bieber — is still Canada’s chief cultural export, cricket over the past decade has become Canada’s fastest growing sport, and nowhere in the country is it more popular than in Toronto.Whereas a generation ago, gung-ho cricketers would be hard-pressed to find a club able to field a full team, today there are dozens of neighborhoods throughout the city that one cannot stroll through without stumbling across pick-up games and organized matches alike.Tapinder Singh, president of the Toronto District Cricket Club, says that there are more than 20,000 people in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that play cricket in school or in a community league.“Cricket has absolutely taken off in Toronto. There are dozens and dozens of teams for males and females, adults and children…. It’s growing faster here than anywhere else in North America,” said Singh, an immigrant from the state of Punjab in India.“There has been a huge penetration into the schools, and the only thing that is preventing the sport from growing even faster is the lack of facilities,” Singh added. “When the local political establishment realizes the demand, the sky is the limit. Cricket will be a household name.”Praim Persaud, president of the Cricket Council of Ontario, the sport’s provincial governing body, said that immigration from cricket-playing nations is fueling the growth of cricket in Toronto.“There are so many people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean that want to play cricket here in Canada. The city of Toronto is very diverse, and that impacts sports,” explained Persaud, himself an immigrant from the cricket-loving West Indies.“Toronto cricket is really a reflection of the city.” Toronto’s Changing FaceThe shift in Toronto’s sporting landscape can, indeed, be attributed to radical demographic changes over the past generation.Forty years ago, the overwhelming majority of immigrants to Canada were from Britain and Western Europe. Reform ushered in by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1976, however, liberalized Canada’s restrictive, Anglophile immigration policy.The Indian subcontinent quickly emerged as a leading source of immigration to Canada — and mercifully shattered Toronto’s Waspy, puritan identity.Today, half of Toronto’s residents are visible minorities, according to Statistics Canada. In neighboring suburbs Mississauga and Brampton, minorities represent 54 percent and 66 percent of the respective populations. In nearby Markham, the number skyrockets to 72 percent.Members of the South Asian community are the biggest minority group in the Greater Toronto Area. There were more than 700,000 South Asians, according to the 2011 census, a couple of hundred thousand more than the area’s ethnic Chinese community.Those numbers are expected to nearly triple by 2031, reaching approximately 2.1 million. By that time, according to a Statistics Canada report, nearly one in four people in the Toronto area will be of South Asian descent.“The Indian community in the Toronto area is quite large and quite vibrant. It’s certainly one of the most prosperous in the GTA,” said Kalyan Sundaram of the Canada India Foundation, a Toronto-based organization designed to strengthen the cultural and economic relationship between Canada and India.Citing a growing interest in Indian literature, food and, of course, Bollywood’s enormous appeal, Sundaram said that, “Indian culture has made significant headway into the Canadian mainstream.“The impact of Indian culture is undeniable, and that impact is continuing with cricket. Cricket is truly an international experience in Toronto, and much of that is due to the thriving South Asian community.” Toronto’s Sporting Past and PresentThough cricket’s popularity in Toronto is reaching fever pitch in many of its minority communities, no ground in the city that meets the International Cricket Council’s professional standards.A popular city councilor has tried to win support for a new stadium, but the idea of committing tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to a sport which they might only be passingly familiar with hasn’t — perhaps unsurprisingly — gained much of a toehold with municipal and provincial politicians.The popular belief among the political and sporting establishment is that Toronto just isn’t a cricket town. It’s the center of the hockey world, of course, and baseball has long been a staple of the city’s sporting diet. But cricket? The decision-making class has only recently come around to embracing the city’s professional soccer side, Toronto FC, and the Raptors NBA basketball team. Adding cricket to the mix might be too much too soon for the powers-that-be in City Hall.But 20 years ago, few would have considered Toronto a basketball town, either. I remember as a child watching Raptors broadcasts on television and between stoppages in play, an animated version of the team’s then-mascot, Dino, gave viewers earnest tutorials on some of the sport’s basic terms, like “slam dunk” and “beyond the arc” (I recall my 14-year-old self feeling intensely embarrassed that my city had to be patiently taught by a bright purple dinosaur with a small-town accent about a rare and beautiful play called an alley-oop!).Since the mid-90s, though, there has been a Canadian MVP and a number of Canadians have been drafted in the first round of the NBA draft. Today, there are a bevvy of up and coming Canadian basketball stars in the league, the majority of them from the Toronto area.It begs the question: if basketball can grow that quickly over a 20-year stretch, imagine how fast cricket can grow when so many young people are already fully engrossed in the game?The impact that cricket-playing youth has had on organized sport is plain to see in Peel, the region immediately west of Toronto that comprises the city’s populous, immigrant-laden suburbs like Mississauga and Brampton.Much of the Greater Toronto Indian community live in Peel, and its cultural footprint has fundamentally reshaped extracurricular sports in the area; cricket, once a fringe activity that struggled to gain traction has grown to the point that it now rivals baseball and hockey in terms of student participation rates, according to Paul Freier, principal at T. L. Kennedy Secondary School in Mississauga, and chair of the Region of Peel Secondary Sports Association.“There are about 500 kids playing on 47 teams. It was once a varsity sport, but because of its broad base of support throughout Peel, schools now have junior and senior teams. And we’re really happy with its growth with girls. So many of our students are from outside of Canada…. There’s no shortage of students that want to play,” said Freier.Toronto’s Sporting FutureOn a warm, overcast Tuesday afternoon in May, a small group of middle school students playfully practice their batting and bowling in a parking lot near Toronto’s foremost Little India.It’s a quintessentially Canadian scene; one of the boys wears a shirt bearing the name of Sidney Crosby, the star player for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. Another sports a Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap.It’s doubtful, though, that these boys dream of being the next Crosby or Buster Posey. More likely they fancy themselves the next Rohit Sharma or Ravichandran Ashwin.And growing up in today’s Toronto, they just might be right.  Punjabi Third Most Popular Language in CanadaKhalsa Day Parade in TorontoPunjabi has overtaken Chinese as the third most popular language in Canada, after only English and French, according to latest census data from Canada Statistics.The proportion of Punjabi speakers grew by 17 percent to more than 430,000 between 2006 and 2011, while the number of Chinese speakers declined.Urdu (172,800), Tamil (131,265), Gujarati (91,450) Hindi (90,545) and Bengali (59,370) were the other popular South Asian languages in Canada.Nearly 4 in 10 residents of Brampton, a suburb of Toronto is South Asian, the highest of any city in Canada.Six other Canadian cities — Surrey, Abbotsford, Mississauga, Markham, Ajax and Toronto — all clustered around Toronto have South Asian populations in excess of 10 percent.More than half the Indian population in Canada is concentrated in Toronto, which has 572,250 Indian residents — the highest concentrations of Indians in any metro outside of India.   Related Itemslast_img read more

Why the Indian Government is Courting Foreign Junk-food Makers

first_imgDespite growing evidence that the Westernization of the world’s diets has had ruinous affects on public health, India has one message for the Cokes, Pepsis, Hersheys and Cargills of the world: It is open for business.In November, the country will host a three-day, government-sponsored symposium aimed at getting the makers of Hot Pockets, Twizzlers and Lays potato chips to sell more of their goods into the Indian market. Ahead of that conference, which is the first of its kind, Indian officials have toured the United States and the European Union, pitching food-company chief executives on their country’s burgeoning middle class.India’s middle is also growing, however: Obesity and diabetes rates are both soaring in the country of 1.3 billion. That has raised major questions about the government’s billion-dollar campaign to get more foreign, processed foods into the Indian diet.Some Indian public health groups have begun to bemoan the amount of soda advertising that has flooded billboards and kiosks. Others have observed that traditional Indian cooking, using fresh fruits and vegetables, has been crowded out by “store-bought alternatives.”“Traditional lifestyles are changing. The culture is changing,” acknowledged India’s Minister of Food Processing Industries, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, during a recent interview in the Washington.“I don’t think that processed food is unhealthy food,” she added. “You just have to be conscious about what you’re eating.”For many in India, processed food represents a huge economic opportunity. The government is in the midst of a three-year-old campaign to bring foreign investment to India.While the country boasts one of the world’s largest consumer markets, and is one of the largest producers of milk, fruits, vegetables, seafood and grains, it has not historically had the infrastructure to process those raw materials into higher-value food products, either for sale at home or internationally.As a result, as much as 16 percent of India’s agricultural output is wasted, according to government estimates. The current administration sees food-processing as a means to save some of that food for the country’s poorest, Badal said – as well as a source of jobs and revenue, particularly as its middle-class expands.But some observers are skeptical that Indians really need more of the sorts of foods Badal’s initiative is offering. While 15 percent of Indians remain undernourished, the country is also in a period of radical, fast-paced dietary change, said Barry Popkin, a professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill who studies nutrition in developing countries.Consumption of oils, fats, sugars and animal products have surged, according to India’s National Council of Applied Economic Research, and sales of packaged and processed foods have more than doubled since 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.At the same time, rates of diet-related diseases have soared: Nearly 10 million Indian men, and 20 million Indian women, are currently overweight, according to a 2014 study in The Lancet.While that’s still a relatively small portion of the total population – roughly 16 percent of men, and 20 percent of women – it is growing. Cardiovascular diseases recently surpassed communicable diseases to become the country’s leading cause of death.More importantly, Indians seem to be particularly susceptible to diabetes even when they’re not overweight. According to the World Health Organization, a staggering 70 million Indians suffer the disease, or 8.7 percent of the population. That incidence is almost comparable to the diabetes rate in the United States, where 30.3 million people are affected, but because of India’s larger population it represents a greater public health burden.“If you had asked me 15 years ago, I would have said India needs all the help it can get getting food into the country,” Popkin said. “But we are dealing with a very new nutritional reality now. . . . There’s a double burden of over- and undernourishment.”India is not the only country to face this new reality, of course. Popkin’s research focuses on the Westernization of the global diet, and all the diseases that come with it – a phenomenon known, in academic circles, as the “nutrition transition.”Thanks to the nutrition transition, studies have found, deaths from diabetes and heart are up in Mexico. Excess weight has increased in almost every sub-Saharan African country. China now has more obese adults than any other country in the world.While a wide and diverse set of factors lie behind those shifts, processed food is a factor, Popkin said.“We’re not talking about whole-grain cereals,” he said. “For the most part, these are highly processed, refined carbs with high salt, sugar and fat content.”If India’s administration is concerned about these issues, however, Badal didn’t let on. In an interview with The Washington Post, she emphasized that processed foods could also be healthy – and that obesity only affects what she called “a very small, elite percentage” of Indians.During her trip to the United States, she met with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hersheys and Mars, whose portfolios consist largely of candies and sodas.“Obesity is not an issue that is number one on our priorities,” Badal explained. “Number one is to ensure an ample amount of healthy, safe, nutritious food for everybody.”— Washington Post Related Itemslast_img read more

Govt Advises Indian Fishermen Against Venturing Near Iran Waters

first_imgThe Indian government has advised migrant workers from the country against taking up fishing jobs on trawlers or vessels that are exiting from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and heading towards Iran, the News Minute reported.The measure has been taken following incidents of arrest of many Indian fishermen from vessels after they were accused of veering off into Iranian waters. These fishermen are detained in custody at Iranian ports by the nation’s Coast Guard. It then takes a long time for them to prove that they are not in the wrong, and they are able to reach their destinations after a long duration.According to a special advisory released by the Protector General of Emigrants, all registered recruitment agents as well as Protector of Emigrants offices in the country have been asked not to process any applications from migrant workers who are probably seeking employment in fishing vessels in the three nations, which may head in Iran’s direction.Eight out of the 15 fishermen arrested by Iranian Coast Guard in October 2017 reached Chennai in February this year after they were held on boats for four months at Kish Island, the Times of India reported. The other fishermen continue to be detained by the Iranian authorities.It has become a recurring issue for fishermen to land in trouble in international waters, Sister Josephine Valarmathi from the National Domestic Workers Movement was quoted by the News Minute as saying. “In some cases, it takes months to force authorities to act. And in this time, the fishermen’s families undergo a horrible situation without money and support.” Valarmathi said.A total ban on fishing jobs, however, should not be the solution, she added. “As most of the fishermen who migrate to the Gulf are from Tamil Nadu, we have handled several such cases in the past. It’s the right of person to migrate and find a job. Government should not stop them by putting a blanket ban,” she said.The largest number of fishermen employed in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries on fishing containers hail from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, according to government figures, the report said.There are 7,850 Indians in jails abroad, and the highest number of Indians is in Saudi Arabia prisons, Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh said on March 7 in Lok Sabha. The number of Indian prisoners lodged in Iran are 17 and the main reasons for their imprisonment are diesel smuggling and illegal entry into Iranian waters, according to the Ministry of External Affairs. Related ItemsGulfIranshippinglast_img read more

South Africa Judge Rules in Favor of Atul Gupta to Unfreeze 10 Million Rand

first_imgSouth African businessman Atul Gupta’s bid to unfreeze the 10 million rand in his personal bank account was successful following a high court decision in his favor on March 9.Judge Fouche Jordaan, presiding over the case in Bloemfontein High Court, ruled that the money must be unfrozen even as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) argued that the scandal-hit Gupta family allegedly looted 200 million rand from Estina Dairy farm project in South Africa’s Free State province, BloombergQuint reported. According to the NPA, Atul Gupta received 10 million rand share ($839,849) of taxpayers’ money that was supposed to be used as investment in the government-backed dairy farm.The NPA froze the project’s assets on Jan. 19 after it was revealed that more than 200 million rand has been transferred to Gupta, with the help of South African branch of Bank of Baroda and a number of companies and associates. Atul Gupta and associates applied to the same court to reconsider its position in February in an affidavit filed from Dubai while Bank of Baroda also cried foul after some of its funds were frozen.The court further ordered the National Director of Public Prosecutions to pay the costs of lawyers hired by Atul Gupta and four companies linked to his family.Meanwhile, South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) on March 8 filed a motion in parliament against Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba over his ties with the Gupta family, Xinhua reported.Gigaba was being pulled up by the DA for “misleading the parliament and nation” about the citizenship status of the Guptas. The motion came after Gigaba said on March 7 that neither Ajay Gupta or Atul Gupta are South African citizens, something that is in contradiction to Gigaba’s statements last year, which said that the family were awarded South African citizenship in 2016 for their “contributions to the economy,” Huffington Post reported. Gigaba said on March 7 that Ajay did not renounce his Indian citizenship while Atul never applied for South African citizenship.However, Xinhua quoted DA Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Haniff Hoosen as saying: “The DA can also confirm that Atul Gupta, Arti Gupta, Shivani Gupta, Rajesh Gupta and several more Gupta family members are all registered voters on our voter registration system. This was not revealed to Parliament as is required by law.”Gigaba didn’t appear before parliament to answer questions, reportedly citing illness.The High Court in Pretoria found that Gigaba “deliberately told untruths under oath” about Guptas’ citizenship last December.Meanwhile, Bank of India on March 9 said it has an exposure of Rs 27.58 crore to Gupta family companies and has a back-up of over 100 per cent security against the loan.The whereabouts of the Guptas and their private luxury jet are currently unknown. Related ItemsGupta FamilySouth Africalast_img read more

Mayweather warns of hefty fine if McGregor kicks him in their fight

first_imgDon’t miss out on the latest news and information. Catriona Gray spends Thanksgiving by preparing meals for people with illnesses Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Man sworn in as lawyer by judge who sentenced him to prison as a teen 20 years ago Mayweather unfazed by ‘dirty’ McGregor Mayweather unfazed by ‘dirty’ McGregor LOOK: Venues for 2019 SEA Games Aside from the probability of receiving a high kick, Kimmel also asked the 40-year-old boxing icon about the possibility of a second fight, this time inside the Octagon under MMA rules.“As of right now, we gotta get past August 26,” Mayweather said. “Once we get past August 26, then we can talk about other things.”A clip of Mayweather’s full interview is available below.  /raRELATED STORY:ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Manny Pacquiao on Floyd Mayweather: Let him enjoy retirement PLAY LIST 00:44Manny Pacquiao on Floyd Mayweather: Let him enjoy retirement01:49Pacquiao to Mayweather: Want fans to stop asking for rematch? Then fight me again01:16Pacquiao takes another swipe at Mayweather over exhibition match KO01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games MOST READ Flags of SEA Games countries raised at Athletes Village Read Next In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mayweather was asked what would happen if his opponent decides to throw a kick or any other MMA technique during their 12-round boxing showdown on Aug. 26.“That’s a fine, that’s a huge fine,” he told host Jimmy Kimmel.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“I don’t think he’d want to lose, probably 90 percent of his money or even more. I don’t know what it’s gonna be, but it’s gonna be a heavy fine,” he added.Although it remains highly unlikely that McGregor would throw such a blatant illegal strike, the brash Irishman is known to be as unpredictable as it comes. UPLB exempted from SEA Games class suspension WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding SEA Games in Calabarzon safe, secure – Solcom chief It’s just over a week away from one of the most anticipated bouts in boxing, as undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. returns to the ring to face off UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.The former is known to be the ultimate boxing tactician, while the latter is a complete mixed martial artist, adept in using both his arms and legs in combat.ADVERTISEMENT View commentslast_img read more

Batangas grabs solo 2nd

first_imgTeam Batangas made short work of AMA Online Education, 95-76, to take solo second in the 2017 PBA D-League Foundation Cup Thursday at Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig.ADVERTISEMENT WATCH: Firefighters rescue baby seal found in parking garage MOST READ Jared Bautista topscored for Batangas with 22 points, while Joseph Sedurifa and Cedric Ablaza combined for 27 points and 15 boards.Batangas coach Eric Gonzales believes his team, which improved to 3-1, had made the most out of the lessons learned from last conference.“It’s a big thing that they absorbed what you want in a team,” he said.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutStill, Gonzales thinks that there are still things that his players need to improve, such as their discipline and timing.“Whenever we play defense at the backcourt, that’s where we create offense for the opponent,” said Gonzales.Batangas—which started strong with a 17-4 run in the first quarter—spoiled another solid outing of AMA’s Andre Paras, who grabbed 22 rebounds on top of 10 points and four blocks. Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games What ‘missteps’? World’s 50 Best Restaurants launches new drinking and dining guide Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LATEST STORIES Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chicken Benjie Paras proud to see son Andre prosper in D-League Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chicken 1 dead in Cavite blast, fire Jordan delivers on promise: 2 Cobra choppers now in PH In the second game, Centro Escolar University tripped Zark’s Burgers, 78-62, for a 2-2 record.Rodrigue Ebondo, who already posted a double-double in the first half, finished with another stellar performance of 23 points, 21 rebounds, two blocks, a steal and an assist to lead CEU. —KRISTOFER PURNELLSports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next View commentslast_img read more

Watersports at Guantanamo to tapping Russian mafia: Secret NSA files published

first_imgIn-house newsletters from the clandestine National Security Agency have been released by an online news site – part of the mountain of documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.The Intercept, whose founding editors were the first to publish documents leaked by Snowden, released the first batch of nine years’ worth of the newsletters, which offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the NSA’s work.Russian crime bossAn article in the May 2003 newsletter describes how NSA spent “many months” obtaining the phone number of a Russian organised crime figure so his calls could be intercepted.The US State Department asked NSA for information on the boss of the Tambov crime network in Russia – a figure known only as “Mr Kumarin” –  and whether he had any ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The man later was convicted of fraud and money laundering and sentenced to 14 years behind bars.Water sports at GuantanamoIn a Dec 2003 newsletter, an NSA liaison officer recounts a temporary duty assignment at Guantanamo Bay. It was serious business, but in their off hours, NSA liaisons at scenic Guantanamo Bay could visit the “Tiki Bar,” or enjoy water sports, such as sailing and snorkeling.”Learn how to operate a boat in a weekend,” the liaison wrote. “Become a certified open-water scuba diver within weeks. … The local dive shop has all the gear and tips to ensure a perfect outing.”Prisoner renditionIn a more taxing assignment, the newsletter reports on a rendition where six Algerians, linked to a plan to bomb the US Embassy in Sarajevo, were moved from Bosnia to Guantanamo in early 2002. The US rendition program involved secretly sending foreign captives to other countries that have more lax practices for the humane treatment of detainees.advertisementA Bosnian judge ordered the Algerians released for lack of evidence, but the US persuaded the Bosnian government to turn them over to US custody.One of the Algerians, Lakhdar Boumediene, went on to file a lawsuit that led to a landmark decision in June 2008 that Guantnamo detainees had the right to challenge their detention in federal court.The Iraq filesOther tales came from NSA’s work in Iraq. NSA staffers worked to research the locations for weapons of mass destruction material, although claims about Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s alleged WMDs proved to be false.NSA also provided timely intelligence support, including a “summary of contacts” that helped efforts to capture a top Baathist official in May 2003. Aziz Sajih Al-Numan, accused of torture and murder in Iraq, was the king of diamonds in the US Central Command’s deck of cards of most-wanted Iraqis. The newsletter boasted: “Al-Numan was caught within 25 hours after the Army contacted NSA to request support.”last_img read more

Chief selector Sandeep Patil applies for India coaching job

first_imgJust a few days after the BCCI invited applications for the vacant post of India senior men’s team head coach through its website, chief selector Sandeep Patil has thrown his hat into the ring for the high-profile job.”I have just applied (for the post),” Patil said on Saturday.He did not confirm or deny whether anyone from the BCCI had asked him to do so. There was speculation that the former dashing batsman and ex-coach of Kenya had been advised by higher-ups in the Board to apply for the job as the senior selection panel headed by him has already completed most of its top-level assignments till September when his term is scheduled to come to an end. (Also read: Ravi Shastri to apply for India’s head coach job) END OF THE TERM FOR SELECTION PANEL The five-man panel, which was originally scheduled to pick only the squad for the upcoming tour of Zimbabwe starting in a few days’ time, also picked the team for the July-August tour of the West Indies when they met here on May 23.Sanjay Bangar has been named the interim coach of the new-look side to Zimbabwe, to be led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni.With India senior team’s next assignment, a series of home engagements, scheduled only in late September or October, Patil has done most of his job barring picking the India ‘A’ team for the tour of Australia in August. If he gets the job of head coach before September, he will have to quit his current job in the selection panel. The senior team has not had a head coach since the departure of Zimbabwean Duncan Fletcher after the disastrous tour to England in 2014.advertisementRavi Shastri was made the Team Director even when that tour was in progress and continued in that post till India were knocked out of the World T20 Championship at the semifinal stage by eventual champions West Indies in March. Shastri is expected to be one of the rivals of his former Mumbai and India team-mate for the head coach’s job.last_img read more

HubSpot TV – The Face of Social Media in 2009

first_img “Peoplebecome fans of companies and brands on Facebook for two differentreasons. The first is that they want to keep up with the company andlearn more about them. The second is they want to associate themselveswith the company.” Subscribe in iTunes: www.hubspot.tv – Make your business page engaging and exciting. mvolpe Edward Boches to leverage Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to generate leads and customers. “TheGlobal Language Monitor has announced that Twitter is the Top Word of2009 in its annual global survey of the English language.” Grade your business page on What did you write on your first blog if you did not yet had a product to sell? – Inbound.org Intro How to interact on Twitter: @ Headlines Twitter Declared the Top Word of 2009 in your tweet. Check out this ebook for tips & tricks – Is Facebook Losing its Coveted Demographic? Hubspot’sPage does a good job of providing content makes people comment. Thesecomments show up in people’s profiles and with the revised FacebookNews Feed, updates with more comments are more likely to show in fans’information streams. Marketing Takeaway http://itunes.hubspot.tv/ Episode #69 – December 4, 2009 Cisco’s Page does a great job of adding links of other Facebook Pages and other places to find them on the web. Marketing Takeaway Closing . Learn how to use social media for lead generation. DARPA Studies the Social Web with Weather Balloons Originally published Dec 11, 2009 2:38:00 PM, updated July 04 2013 Have you ever caught the live show? We broadcast in real-time every Friday at  , then make changes to make it more engaging. Today’s special guest is “comScoreis reporting that time spent on Facebook by 18-24 year olds is waning.In July 2009, minutes spent on Facebook dropped by 3%. In August, itplummeted 13%. By September, minutes spent on Facebook crumbled by 16%.” Nationwide balloon-hunt contest tests online networking http://facebook.grader.com/center_img http://www.karen-rubin.com/hubspottv-cohost-poll/ Marketing Tip of the Week “…designedto test the the way social networking, crowdsourcing or lesser-knownWeb-based techniques can help accomplish a large-scale, time-criticaltask…in part to give the military new ideas on ways to operate in arange of situations, from natural disasters to combat.” 10 Examples of B2B Facebook Fan Pages NOTE FROM THE PRODUCERS: Top Word of 2009: Twitter   with Marketing Takeaway Video: How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation karenrubin Free eBook: How to Use Facebook for Business “Thetrue dilution is not in relationships, but in how we choose to investin and also manage them. We will eventually need to embrace a “multiplepersonality order” approach as the lines blur between who we arepersonally and professionally.” Click here at 4:00pm ET today to watch the show live. Vote for the New Years Co-Host – Forum Fodder “Ina year dominated by world-shaking political events, a pandemic, theafter effects of a financial tsunami and the death of a revered popicon, the word Twitter stands above all the other words. Twitterrepresents a new form of social interaction, where all communication isreduced to 140 characters,” said Paul JJ Payack, President of TheGlobal Language Monitor.’ www.HubSpot.tv   and @ 10 Examples of B2B Facebook Fan Pages – Twitter continues to grow and take over the world. Download the free video Is Facebook Losing the Young Folk? (Episode Length:  18 minutes, 27 seconds) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Forrester’sPage informs fans about upcoming seminars and other events, in additionto aggregating feeds from their analysts’ blogs. “TheDARPA Network Challenge calls on groups to pinpoint the locations of 10red weather balloons scattered around the country – with a $40,000prize going to the first team to find them all.” , the chief creative officer at Mullen.  Salesforce.com’s Page displays photos and videos, including user-provided ones, from a recent conference. – Facebook is no longer just students. Marketers need to bring it into their overall marketing mix. Focus on the customer problems. What if it was a completely newproduct concept? “Thetrend that isn’t discussed in these doomsday articles is thetransformation in how we forge and maintain contacts in the social web.There’s something to be said about quality over quantity…In manyways, we’re building and joining communities around our online persona.” Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Facebook Launches Public-Facing Buzz Metric and Enhanced Ad Feature

first_img Facebook Updates Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack And the Facebook announcements just keep on coming. Today, we learn about Facebook’s new metrics within the Insights tool, a new premium ad unit, and the Facebook Insights API.Let’s dive right into what these new features are and what they mean for marketers.New Metrics in Facebook Insights In addition to existing metrics provided by Facebook Insights, Facebook is now also providing three new metrics: ‘People Talking About This,’ ‘Number of Friends of Fans,’ and ‘Weekly Total Reach.’1. ‘People Are Talking About This’ Metric: Slated to roll out to users this week, this new metric measures ‘stories,’ or content users share on Facebook that can be featured in users’ News Feeds. In other words, it’s a metric that counts instances of people liking your page (i.e. becoming a ‘fan’); posting to your page’s wall; liking, commenting on, or sharing content (posts, videos, photos, albums, etc.) on your wall/Page; answering a question you posted; RSVPing to your events; liking or sharing a check-in deal; or checking in at your place.What’s important to note about this metric is that, not only will it be available in Facebook Insights for page administrators, but it will also be visible to page visitors as a publicly facing metric on your Page below your Facebook fan (‘Likes’) count. To us, what it sounds like is a public-facing version of Facebook’s EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm for determining what gets displayed in users’ News Feeds.2. ‘Number of Friends of Fans’ Metric: This new metric gives page admins a count of the total number of friends a page’s fans have collectively. It gives page administrators more insight into the potential reach of their page.3. ‘Weekly Total Reach’ Metric: Facebook Insights will now also report Weekly Total Reach, which is a measure of how many total people have posted something about your page, how many news organizations within Facebook have referenced it, and how much viral distribution the elements of your page have generated.Facebook’s Expanded Premium Ad UnitToday, Facebook has introduced the Expanded Premium Ad unit, which combines a business page’s posts with social context. The new ad unit will not appear in a user’s News Feed, but it will expand if a user’s friend has liked it, allowing users to comment, like it, and see other comments related to the ad.Facebook Insights APIFacebook also announced that all the existing and new metrics available in Facebook Insights will now also be available through the Facebook Insights API, which is available to the analytics developer community.Marketing TakeawaysFacebook’s new metrics and advanced advertising functionality means a number of important things for marketers.While the new metrics available to Facebook page administrators is helpful for marketers to measure and understand how effective their content is at engaging fans, the ‘People Talking About This’ metric is particularly noteworthy. Because it will be visible as a publicly facing metric, marketers must understand how this will affect their ability to attract new fans. New visitors to your page may start using the metric to gauge whether they want to become a fan, so the higher your score, the better. Because a more engaging page with more likes, comments, and interaction will mean a better ‘People Talking About This’ score, marketers must focus on creating a page that generates more engagement and interaction.In addition, Facebook’s new premium ad unit can be very beneficial to marketers, as it leverages the power of social recommendations. According to research conducted by Nielsen, when Facebook users see their friends’ names on Facebook social ads, they’re twice as likely to remember the message and four times more likely to buy the product. This means marketers’ Facebook ads might be even more effective if they’re created using Facebook’s new premium unit.What do you think of Facebook’s new announcements? Topics: Originally published Oct 3, 2011 3:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016last_img read more

India vs West Indies Test Live Streaming: How to watch IND vs WI Live Stream on Hotstar, JioTV and Airtel

first_imgIndia will take on West Indies in the first Test of the two-match series at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot on Thursday.Virat Kohli’s men will look to make the most of the opportunities at their disposal in red-ball cricket ahead of their tour to Australia.India vs West Indies Live ScoreGetting their combinations in order before the grueling assignment in Australia, will be high on the agenda as India prepare to take on West Indies in a two-Test series, which starts in Rajkot on Thursday.A comprehensive beating of the West Indies at this stage can only serve as a morale-booster to the Indian side which will face another stern test with the Australia tour beginning late November.India will be going in with KL Rahul and young debutant Prithvi Shaw as openers, after announcing an unprecedented 12-man squad on the eve of the match.The only toss-up on the day will be between going in with three spinners or three pacers having named three spinners – Ravichandran Ashwin, Kuldeep Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja – and three fast bowlers Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav and Shardul Thakur in the 12-man squad.There is abundance of talent in the Caribbean outfit too but it lacks the experience required to be competitive in India.Only five players in the 15-man squad have played a Test in India and to make matters worse, one among them lead pacer Kemar Roach will be missing the series-opener due to the death of his grandmother back in Barbados.advertisementThe others who have played on the Indian soil are Devendra Bishoo, Kraigg Brathwaite, Kieran Powell and Shannon Gabriel.In fact, the West Indies will be playing a Test in India for the first time since November 2013 when they had become part of Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell series.The West Indies come to India after drawing with Sri Lanka 1-1 and beating Bangladesh 2-0 at home.What time does the 1st Test between India vs West Indies start?Day 1 of the first Test starts on 9:30 AM IST on October 4, Wednesday at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium.What TV channel and live stream is the 1st Test between India and West Indies Live Streaming on?Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 1 HD in English commentary and Star Sports 3 and Star Sports 3 HD in Hindi Commentary. Hotstar, JioTV and Airtel TV will live stream India vs Bangladesh match.Where will the 1st Test between India and West Indies be played?The 1st Test between India and West Indies will be played at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot from 09:30 IST.Where can I watch the India vs West Indies 1st Test live?The match will be shown in Star Sports network and can also be streamed on hotstar.com.Where can I check the online live updates of the India vs West Indies 1st Test?You can follow our ball-by-ball-updates of the match between India vs West Indies from our live blog on indiatoday.in.What are the squads for the 1st Test between India and West Indies?India (12-man) squad: KL Rahul, Prithvi Shaw (debut), Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (C), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant, R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav, Shardul Thakur.West Indies squad: Jason Holder (C), Sunil Ambris, Devendra Bishoo, Kraigg Brathwaite, Roston Chase, Shane Dowrich, Shannon Gabriel, Jahmar Hamilton, Shimron Hetmyer, Shai Hope, Sherman Lewis, Keemo Paul, Kieran Powell, Kemar Roach and Jomel Warrican.last_img read more

Websites Get Traffic From 16% Fewer Keywords After Google’s SSL Change [New Data]

first_img This change also appears to penalize websites that produce more content on more keyword variations, as they have more opportunities to lose out on that long-tail. Those keywords may only drive one or two visits a month each but together represent many thousands of visits. For one extreme example of this, , set it to ‘Organic Search,’ and then set the date range to an early October time period the HubSpot blog received traffic on 8,082 different keywords in the October period of time, but on only 4,846 in the November period The Impact of Google’s SSL Change on Keyword Diversity . All statistics were calculated at a 95% confidence interval. To determine the difference, we examined their traffic from the first seven business days of October and the first seven business days of November, and we made sure that they received similar amounts of How Google’s SSL Change Penalizes Websites With Keyword-Diverse Content open up your In our sample of websites using HubSpot’s Topics: . the average HubSpot customer is now receiving traffic on 16.19% fewer keywords For HubSpot Customers Search Engine People Blog we reviewed last week on the blog Google’s recent change of using SSL to encrypt search traffic has affected the analytics data marketing analytics tools Keyword Optimization available to marketers. But that’s just one part of the whole story. It’s also very important to determine how much of your organic search traffic is now unidentifiable and understand how to handle those circumstances. Google ostensibly made this change to provide additional privacy to its users; however, this is also at the very dear cost to many marketers of understanding how their visitors are finding their website. While Google’s truthfulness and rationality are up for debate, we are doing additional research to better understand how this change impacts the typical web marketer who is working to grow his/her business and generate leads. than in the month before this change. The amount of traffic that they receive is similar in that time period, but many of the visits are now lumped into the “Not Provided” bucket. , (within 10% of each other) during each time. This way, we could be certain that the data wouldn’t be influenced by big announcements or seasonal shifts that could radically alter their data. We then recorded the number of different keywords that the website received traffic from in the first seven business days of October vs. the same for November. The maximum difference seen was 40.04% fewer keywords, where the average was 16.19% fewer keywords. The standard deviation was 11.33% with a confidence interval of 1.07%, meaning that about 68% of websites received traffic from between 4.86% and and 27.52% fewer keywords than they did in the same time in October. This decrease of over 40% of our keywords for the blog is having a dramatic impact on how we review, plan, and think about the content we produce for our visitors and subscribers. Here’s how to review these changes for yourself and analyze the impact on your keyword strategy: Bycenter_img We will continue to analyze this data and the impact it has on marketers as this continues and we are able to better study the impact it has on websites. It is clear that the the SSL search change has had a major impact on how marketers are able to If you’re a Google Analytics user instead, select one time period and then navigate to Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Search -> Organic In addition to our published research last week, we did an additional survey of HubSpot customers and analyzed our own website’s data to look at the number of traffic-producing keywords they received before and after this change. This is a valuable number, because it helps give clarity to the success of your (like the first 7 business days). Scroll to the bottom of the organic search section, and record the number of keywords you received traffic from. Then do the same for November, and inspect the difference. The number is presented at the very bottom next to the ‘Export’ button in HubSpot, like in this image: Have you noticed a significant loss of keyword intelligence? Tell us about it in the comments below. organic search traffic Sources report . Inspect the number at the bottom, right-hand corner of the data table. Then repeat for the other time period you are interested in. Try to keep the time periods similar (e.g. use the same number of business days if your traffic arrives primarily during the week), and measure the difference. This can help you understand exactly how Google’s change to using SSL for some searchers is impacting your keyword intelligence. Marketers: What Now? For Google Analytics Users and long-tail keywords. Websites that are executing inbound marketing and content creation successfully will receive visits on many different keywords, especially similar variations of long-tail keywords for which they’ve optimized their website and blog. The intelligence derived from these visits drives future content production and optimization efforts, and so it repeats. When Google takes away this intelligence, an inbound marketer’s job becomes dramatically more difficult. inbound marketing strategy Last week, we reviewed how Image Credit: If you’re a HubSpot customer, , and it is very important for marketers to understand the change and what it means for their business and its website. To clarify our sample and methodology, we examined 50 HubSpot customers who receive significant traffic from organic search (defined as at least 2,000 visits a month from organic search alone), as well as HubSpot’s own website and blog. All of these websites were also in the data sample that Originally published Nov 16, 2011 9:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 measure their organic search success Brian Whalley Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Pankaj Tripathi on meeting manager Man Singh for 83: Got emotional listening to his life journey

first_imgActor Pankaj Tripathi, who will essay PR Man Singh in 83, said that he met the manager of the 1983 cricket World Cup’s Indian team, to prepare for the role, and was inspired by his continued passion for the sport.”It was an amazing experience meeting PR Man Singh. He has an incredible love and passion towards the game of cricket even today. He is a very disciplined person. He has created a huge museum in his house in Hyderabad with cricketing memorabilia. We spoke on various chapters of his personal and professional life, and I got emotional couple of times listening to his stories and life journey,” Pankaj said in a statement.”As an actor, I will try my sincere best to portray PR Man Singh to the best of my abilities, displaying his school of thought,” added the National Award-winning actor.The actor is currently in London to shoot 83, which stars Ranveer Singh in the lead role.The film is a real life story based on the historical win of team India in the cricket World Cup back in 1983, when the team was captained by Kapil Dev.ALSO READ | This is why Ranveer Singh stopped hugging Pankaj Tripathi on 83 setsALSO READ | 83: Pankaj Tripathi joins Ranveer Singh as manager of winning World Cup teamadvertisementALSO READ | Ranveer Singh’s 83 will now release in April 2020ALSO WATCH | Deepika Padukone marries Ranveer Singh in Italylast_img read more

How to Create a ‘To-Don’t’ List: A Productivity Trick for Focusing On What Really Matters [Infographic]

first_imgThis post originally appeared on HubSpot’s Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.When I got my first job, I was given one piece of advice over and over again: Say yes. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, raise your hand for side projects, and generally go above and beyond.Going above in your role is a great way to learn and grow. But sometimes, saying no is just as important. And while you’re probably already familiar with the to-do list, there’s another list out there that might be even more valuable.The to-don’t list, as its name suggests, itemizes all the things you won’t do throughout your day.Developed by Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, this tool helps you focus on what’s actually important and serves as a conscious reminder of what’s not.So what does a to-don’t list actually look like? Use the guiding questions in the infographic below to create your own, and check out what Daniel Pink includes on his to-don’t list.Save SaveShare this Image On Your Site read more

Google Ads vs. AdSense: We Break Down the Differences

first_imgWhen most people think of advertising on Google, they picture the text ads that show up at the top of Google’s search engine results pages. But Google actually has another advertising program that they released three years after Google Ads’ inception. It’s called Google AdSense.Below, we’ll go over the main differences between Google Ads and AdSense, from whom they’re geared toward, how their bidding works, and how much money they can make and cost you. Read on to learn more.Create a Google Ads campaign that makes money for your business using this essential guide.Ads (Formerly AdWords) vs. AdSenseThe difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense is that Google Ads is a program that lets advertisers display their cost-per-click advertisements on relevant Google search results pages and a network of their partner sites. Google AdSense is a program that lets web publishers open up small portions of their website for the same advertisers to display their ads on. While the Google Ads program is geared toward attracting advertisers, the Google AdSense program is geared toward attracting publishers.How Does Google Ads Work?With over 3.5 billion search queries on Google everyday, Google Ads is one of the most popular and effective types of online advertising.Naturally, there’s enormous demand for the top ad rankings, so Google triggers an auction anytime there are at least two advertisers bidding for keywords that are related to search queries that users consistently enter into Google.Image Credit: WordStreamAdvertisers can then categorize keywords and their corresponding ad copy and web page into groups, pick the group they want to bid on, and choose their maximum bid. Next, Google will select a keyword from the advertiser’s ad group that they deem most relevant to users’ search queries and enter it into the auction.A Google auction isn’t like your typical auction for antiques, though. They want to level the playing field when it comes to leveraging the size of their reach, so instead of the highest bidder always winning the auction, the bidder with the highest Ad Rank always wins.AdRank is calculated by multiplying your maximum cost-per-click bid with the quality score of your ad, which is calculated by measuring your page’s relevance to the keyword, user experience, and click-through-rate. This means organizations can’t acquire the top ranking for any keyword they want just because they have the biggest ad budgets. Their content has to be engaging.Image Credit: WordStreamGoogle AdWords wants to incentivize the best advertisers to advertise the best content on their search engine results pages, so they reward ads that have high quality scores with higher ad rankings and lower cost-per-clicks.In the same vein, they also want to discourage bad advertisers from advertising bad content, so advertisers with low quality scores will usually only acquire a high ad position if they pay a huge cost-per-click bid. If they want to pay lower a cost-per-click, they have to settle with stooping at the bottom of the ad rankings.If you win a Google auction, your actual cost-per-click is calculated by the second highest ad rank divided by your quality score, plus one cent. The only time you’ll pay your maximum bid is if you’re the only bidder in the auction or if you make the highest bid in the auction, but you have the lowest ad rank. In this case, you’ll acquire the last ad rank.Image Credit: WordStreamHow Does Google AdSense Work?Just like Google Ads, advertisers bid on publishers’ ad space in the Google Ads auction. They bid on certain keywords, and if a publisher’s content has the same or similar keywords, Google will sell their ad space to the highest bidder and pay the publisher a small portion of the bid whenever people click the ad on their website.Image Credit: Google AdSenseHowever, AdSense doesn’t optimize the ads that they display on publishers’ website for a maximum return on investment like Google Ads does for its advertisers when they want to optimize their ad campaigns. So, essentially, the amount of money a publisher can earn with AdSense hinges on how well advertisers can craft their ads.Publishers do have control over the types of ads that display on your website, though. They can choose from text ads, display ads, rich media ads, and more. They can also customize their ad’s style or create their own, which gives them the ability to change the size, color, textual, background, and border details of the ads that display on their website. Additionally, they can only place three content ads, three link ads, and two search boxes on each of their web pages.If you want to sign up for the Google AdSense program, submit an application here. Originally published Mar 19, 2019 7:00:00 AM, updated March 19 2019 Topics: Google Ads Don’t forget to share this post!last_img read more

30 of the Best Affiliate Programs That Pay the Highest Commission

first_img Topics: Originally published May 1, 2019 3:58:16 PM, updated October 23 2019 Referral Marketing HubSpotAWeberConvertKitLeadpagesGetResponseSEMRushKajabiCourseraTeachableBigCommerceShopify3dcartVolusionWP EngineKinstaFlywheelAmazoneBayTargetMuradYves RocherScentbirdBH CosmeticsBoatbookingsTripAdvisorCheapflightsMomondoSandals ResortsCapitalist ExploitsKabbage Every day, thousands of publishers benefit from a recurring cash inflow by partnering up with other companies via affiliate programs.Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog, especially when you don’t sell products or services. Joining an affiliate program can get you exclusive access to new content and special deals for your audience — all while earning you more money.To further understand affiliate programs, let’s consider an example — Wirecutter.com, a New York Times company, is a website that lists product recommendations for shoppers. Wirecutter largely earns commission based on affiliate relationships with retailers.Download Our Guide to Influencer Marketing EssentialsWirecutter’s affiliate program might make you doubt the legitimacy of Wirecutter’s recommendations — but, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Wirecutter only makes commission when a reader purchases a product from an affiliate retailer and doesn’t return the product. Wirecutter, then, has no incentive to promote inferior products — if they did, they’d make less money and turn away readers.There are many different types of affiliate programs, ranging from online courses to website builders to marketing and business affiliates. Here, we’re going to explore the 30 affiliate programs with the highest earning potential to ensure you’re able to make money off the content you provide.But first — what exactly is an affiliate program?What is an Affiliate Program?Simply put, an affiliate program is an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer (“the affiliate”) a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way.This can be achieved through web content, social media, or a product integration. The affiliate gets a unique link (an “affiliate link”) from which clicks can be tracked — typically using cookies.You will often come across the terms “cookie length” or “cookie life”, which simply define how long the cookie will be tracking the user’s online activity.For example, if a cookie has a 30-day life, your referral needs to make a purchase within 30-days of clicking your affiliate link in order for you to get paid — otherwise the lead will no longer be trackable.A B2B audience can be particularly valuable, since they are the same customers who are willing to drop hundreds of dollars for a product or service that will help them make money. How could you not capitalize on that?Next, let’s explore the 30 affiliate programs that pay the highest commission.center_img Don’t forget to share this post! Best Marketing and Business Affiliate Programs1. HubSpotCommission: Flat rate — up to $1,000 per product purchasedCookie life: 90 daysHubSpot’s mission is to help millions of organizations grow better. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot’s award-winning growth platform gives thousands of companies the tools they need to manage the customer experience — all the way from awareness to advocacy.As a HubSpot affiliate, the commission you’ll receive will depend on the product tier of each product your referral has purchased:Starter: $250Professional/CMS: $500Enterprise: $1,000Keep in mind that you can earn up to $1,000 for each product purchased. It is not uncommon for customers to buy more than one product at a time. So, in reality, you could very well earn up to $3,000 if your referral were to purchase the Enterprise Growth Suite.When you join HubSpot’s affiliate program, you gain access to a large creative inventory, including demo videos, banners, and copy examples, all designed to help you earn the most commission possible. Plus, you can cultivate a one-on-one relationship with the HubSpot affiliate team, who are all dedicated to helping you succeed.If you have a large business audience or want to monetize your content, then our affiliate program is likely well-suited for you. (You can learn more about HubSpot by reading HubSpot reviews.)2. AWeberCommission: 30% recurringCookie life: One yearAWeber has been the autoresponder of choice for over one million businesses and entrepreneurs since 1998. It’s a great tool for newsletter and email drip campaigns.Affiliates of AWeber can earn substantial income through two different channels:Their in-house program offers a lifetime 30% commission. Plans typically range from around $20 to $150/month, so the payout can add up.Alternatively, you can earn up to $300 per account through CJ Affiliate. However, the cookie life with this option is only 45 days, rather than one year.3. ConvertKitCommission: 30% recurringCookie window: 30 daysA new up-and-comer in the email marketing field, ConvertKit helps its customers grow their customer-base via landing pages, forms, and email drip campaigns. (You can learn more about ConvertKit by reading reviews.)ConvertKit’s affiliate program is primarily addressed to existing ConvertKit users who feel their audience could benefit from email marketing products. The program offers a lifelong 30% commission for every referred paying customer or webinar subscriber.With plans ranging anywhere from $29 per month all the way to $2,000+, the income potential is a very attractive offer, and it costs you absolutely nothing to join the program. The program does not, however, offer any special deals or discounts for any product the affiliate might promote.4. LeadPagesCommission: 30% recurringCookie life: 30 daysLeadPages is an online tool that lets you create easy-to-customize landing pages to collect contact information and boost your conversion rates. (You can learn more about LeadPages by reading reviews.)Their affiliate program is only open to LeadPages customers. Each paying customer referred brings in a lifetime commission of 30%. Membership prices range from $25 to $200 per month.LeadPages will sometimes run special offers, such as a $5,000 bonus for affiliates who drive 10+ sales by a given date. All affiliates get access to banners, sidebar images, and social media-friendly links. You also have the option to share a unique link to a free content page (like a blog post or video) rather than a product page.5. GetResponseCommission: 33% recurringCookie length: 120 daysAlong with email marketing, GetResponse offers landing pages, opt-in forms, webinar hosting, a CRM tool, and plenty of other marketing automation tools. (You can learn more about GetResponse by reading reviews.)Just like AWeber, GetResponse has two affiliate programs you can choose from (or, you can join both!):Their self-hosted program offers a 33% recurring commission. With plans ranging anywhere from $15 to $1,200/month, the payout can be pretty substantial.You can also earn $135 for every sale referred through CJ Affiliate. However, the cookie life is only 30 days, rather than 120 offered in the in-house program.6. SEMRushCommission: 40% recurringCookie life: 10 yearsBeRush is the affiliate program for SEMRush, a SaaS company that specializes in SEO and competitive analysis tools for digital marketers. Their affiliate program offers a 40% recurring commission over the lifetime of a referral’s subscription, which translates to up to $160 per month per referral. Plus, they offer a very generous 10-year cookie life.Plus, since BeRush functions under a first cookie attribution model, if a referral were to cancel their subscription and sign up again in the future (within 10 years), you still get commission on that second subscription.Exclusive SEMRush promotional material is available in five different languages and applicants are automatically pre-approved, so the sign-up process is only a few minutes, enabling you to get started right away.Best Online Course Affiliate Programs7. KajabiCommission: 30% recurringCookie life: 30 daysKajabi is an all-in-one platform that lets users create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and design the perfect website.The Kajabi Partner Program is currently only open to Kajabi users. As an affiliate, you’ll receive a 30% lifetime commission for any new member you bring to Kajabi that stays active past their trial period. What’s more, you will be treated to special rewards as you progress. Each level unlocks exciting bonuses only available to Kajabi Partners.8. CourseraCommission: 20-45%Cookie life: 30 daysCoursera offers over 1,000 courses and specializations ranging anywhere from Digital Marketing to Applied Data Science and Personal Development. Each course consists of pre-recorded videos, puzzles, and assignments.Coursera’s affiliate program runs on the Linkshare network and offers a commission ranging from 20% to 45% with bonuses for strong performance. Courses and Specializations are generally priced between $29 and $99. As a Coursera affiliate, you get access to professionally-designed banners and a monthly affiliate newsletter with curated content recommendations.9. TeachableCommission: 30% recurringCookie life: 90 daysTeachable helps you create and sell beautiful online courses. With over 18 million students and 186 thousand active courses, Teachable is one of the most reputable e-learning platforms. Plus, it’s heavily endorsed by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.Ranging from Facebook ads to cake decorating tips, Teachable is suited for a variety of niche subjects. Teachable’s affiliate program pays a recurring 30% commission on the referral’s monthly subscription fee. Plans can go anywhere from $29 to $499 per month, meaning you’ll be able to earn up to $150 a month per sale.Best Website Builder Affiliate Programs10. BigCommerceCommission: 200% or $1,500 per enterprise customerCookie life: 90 daysFounded in 2009, BigCommerce is an online store builder that powers thousands of e-commerce stores in over 150 countries. It serves a wide variety of industries, including fashion, automotive, manufacturing, food, and health.When you refer visitors to BigCommerce, you earn 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment (that’s up to $500 per referral!), or $1,500 per enterprise customer.11. ShopifyCommission: 200%Cookie life: 30 daysWith over 500,000 Shopify stores worldwide, Shopify has truly proven itself as a market leader in the drop shipping industry. Shopify has everything you need to start your online store, including website builders, shopping carts, web hosting and store management tools, analytics features, payment processing, and much more.If your audience is all about e-commerce and needs help setting up an online store, Shopify’s affiliate program just might be for you. Affiliates earn a whooping 200% commission on the cost of a monthly subscription (that’s up to $2,400!). Additionally, when a referral signs up for a Shopify Plus account, you get paid a flat $2,000 bounty payment.On top of the money, as a Shopify affiliate, you get priority support for your own Shopify store, as well as free Shopify content to promote to your audience.Joining the program is absolutely free. The main drawbacks may be that the target for this program is quite niche, since you’ll need an audience that sells products online and doesn’t already have a solid e-commerce platform.12. 3dcartCommission: 300%Cookie life: 45 days3dcart is an e-commerce platform with a high focus on SEO. It provides you with all the tools you need to build, promote, and grow your online store. Users can use 3dcart to start an online business, add a shopping cart to an existing site, or replace their current shopping cart platform.Affiliates earn a 300% commission on each referred customer — which is up to $687 per referral. Their affiliate program runs on both the Commission Junction and ShareASale networks, and both offer the same commission and cookie life, so it’s up to you to decide which platform you like best.13. VolusionCommission: 200%Cookie life: 45 daysVolusion is an e-commerce solution that enables small businesses to create, manage, and expand their online stores. They provide customers with exports to help them every step of the way, including help with domain purchase, web design, cart integration, SEO, and security.Affiliates get paid a 200% commission on the referred customer’s first monthly payment, which can range anywhere from $29 to $299 (or, go even higher with their Prime custom tier). As an affiliate, you get access to marketing material to assist in your promotional efforts.Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs14. WP EngineCommission: $200+ per signupCookie window: 180 daysThere are millions of websites on the internet, and 30% of them are built on WordPress. WP Engine provides super-fast web hosting for thousands of WordPress websites around the world.WP Engine’s affiliate program runs on the ShareASale network. By promoting WP Engine plans, you can earn $200 per signup or 100% of the customer’s first monthly payment — whichever one is higher. You gain access to exclusive affiliate discounts you can offer to your audience.You can also promote StudioPress themes and earn 35% of the sales generated. These purchases get 60 days of cookie tracking.It’s important to note — WP Engine’s affiliate program is two-tiered, which means that you’ll get paid not only for referring customers, but also for referring affiliates. You get $50 for each of their referrals.While it may not be easy to find an audience looking to build a new WordPress website, when you do find those users, the profits can be huge.15. KinstaCommission: Up to $500 per referral + 10% recurringCookie life: 60 daysKinsta was founded in 2013 by veteran WordPress developers “with a desire to create the best WordPress hosting platform in the world.” They strive to offer WordPress hosting that is fast, secure, and reliable.Kinsta’s affiliate program pays an initial commission, followed by a recurring 10% monthly payment. Affiliates can earn up to $500 initially, depending on the type of plan the referral has purchased:Starter: $50Pro: $100Business: $150Enterprise: $500While 10% may not seem like much, your referrals are likely to have a high lifetime value, thanks to Kinsta’s high customer retention rate of 95%.16. FlywheelCommission: 300%, up to $500 per referralCookie life: 90 daysAs another dedicated WordPress hosting solution, Flywheel aims to take away all the hassle that comes with web hosting so users can focus on doing what they do best — creating and designing websites.Flywheel affiliates can earn up to $500 per referral. You get access to tons of creative assets, from banners to co-branded landing pages pages to stylish social images. The Flywheel team will even work with you to create custom images that can take your commissions to the next level.It’s worth noting that there is no minimum threshold limit to receive a payment.Best Retail Affiliate ProgramsDisclaimer: You’ll notice that commissions for retail stores are much smaller than what is offered by B2B because the purchase price is much smaller. But this also means that it’s easier to get your audience to buy those items (low price = low commitment), which could translate into high conversion rates and higher returns.17. Amazon AssociatesCommission: 1-10% (depending on the product category)Cookie life: 24 hoursAmazon is one of the most popular online shopping platforms, so if you’re looking to buy something, chances are you’ll find it on Amazon.Amazon Associates pays commissions between 1% and 10%, depending on the category the product purchased falls under. The most valuable items to promote are clothes and luxury beauty products, both of which can earn you a 10% cut on the price.One of the main advantages of doing affiliate marketing with Amazon is that people already know the company and love to shop there, so it’s not a hard sell. The company has very high conversion rates, especially around the holidays. And because the product selection is so vast, it fits most kinds of businesses.If you write about animals, for instance, you can promote cat treats or dog toys. If your audience is interested in cars, you can recommend jumper cables — you get the idea.Additionally, if someone ends up on Amazon through your link and buys something other than what your content links to, you still get commission on the user’s entire cart.Ultimately, the only downside is some categories have particularly low commissions, such as video games and electronics.For businesses with large audiences, Amazon recently launched their new Amazon Influencer Program as an extension to the Associates program for social media influencers. You get similar benefits to the online Associates program, as well as your own page on Amazon with a unique URL to showcase the products you recommend to your followers.Currently, you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to qualify. Amazon looks at the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media accounts to determine whether you’re eligible for the program.18. eBay Partner NetworkCommission: 50-70% of auction fees (depending on the product category)Cookie life: 24 hours for “buy it now” items, 10 days for auction itemsWith over one billion listings from a wide range of product categories, eBay’s affiliate program shares a lot of the same advantages as Amazon’s — well-known, high conversion rates, and a diverse selection of products.The eBay Partner Network pays a commission of 50% to 70% of auction fees — not the sale price. For each item sold, eBay gets a cut by charging the seller an auction fee. You then earn a percentage of the revenue eBay earns from that purchase, based on the product category.High-ticket items to promote are those falling under Parts & Accessories, or Fashion. You can have a look at the complete rate card here.19. TargetCommission: 1-8% (depending on the product category and sales volume)Cookie life: 7 daysWhile it doesn’t offer as specialized a selection as Amazon or eBay, Target remains a highly recognizable brand with a variety of different products.Target’s affiliate program operates on a volume-based commission structure, meaning that your commission increases as the number of items purchased increases. Sadly, a product category that does not benefit from this model is the Health and Beauty products — the commission on this category caps at 1%, regardless of volume.It’s also critical to note — most people tend to prefer buying Target products in-person, rather than online, so this could have an impact on your returns.Best Beauty and Cosmetic Affiliate Programs20. MuradCommission: 11%Cookie life: 7 daysHoward Murad, M.D. has devoted his life to the science of skincare, and is one of the country’s top skincare authorities. After treating individuals with various skin concerns, he began developing targeted formulas to treat skin conditions. Today, Murad is one of the leading companies in skincare products, and is popular for its treatments for acne, anti-aging, cellulite, age spot treatments, and more.Murad’s affiliate program pays 11% in commissions. With an average order size of $90, affiliates can expect to earn close to $10 per referral. You are provided with dynamic banners and text links to promote Murad products. The company has on-going promotions, including free shipping and free products, to help you drive more sales.21. Yves RocherCommission: 15%Cookie life: 30 daysYves Rocher offers a wide selection of botanical beauty products, including skin & body care, makeup, and fragrances. Additionally, they offer superior customer experience — for instance, they offer a free gift with any purchase.Yves Rocher’s affiliate program offers a generous 15% commission rate on all sales (which is a relatively high rate in the retail B2C space). Like most programs, affiliates get access to promotional banners and other creative assets to use on their sites and social media accounts.22. ScentbirdCommission: $14Cookie life: 45 daysBorn out of frustration with expensive perfume bottles collecting dust on a dresser or cabinet, Scentbird offers a delivery subscription service that gives you access to a 30-day supply of over 450 top designer fragrances. The subscription service lets you “date” fragrances before committing to “marrying” them.Affiliates earn $14 for every subscription sales generated through their link and gives access to links and banners, fresh blog content, seasonal ads, and coupon codes to help them perform to the best of their abilities.23. BH CosmeticsCommission: 8%Cookie life: 60 daysBorn and raised in LA, BH Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in the beauty industry. They are passionate about creating new and innovative beauty trends and dedicated to bringing customers the best in cruelty-free cosmetics. They also run promotions and sales regularly to help convert those leads.BH Cosmetics affiliates receive an 8% commission on purchases made within 60 days of the user’s visit. The site has an average order value of $38 and an on-site conversion rate of 6.46%.As an affiliate, you’ll get exclusive access to coupons and banners you can use on your website, blog, or emails. You’ll also receive monthly affiliate newsletters. Plus, their dedicated in-house affiliate team runs monthly incentives and affiliate contests to encourage you to perform at your best.Best Travel Affiliate Programs24. BoatbookingsCommission: 20% + 10% for returning customersCookie life: 30 daysIf you think your website visitors might be interested in chartering yachts, you might want to join Boatbookings’ affiliate program. Boatbookings specializes in luxury yacht chartering, boat rental, and sailing & motor yacht vacations.On the charter value of a boat, Boatbookings receives commission on the net charter value (not including APA or any additional items ordered). On this commission, affiliates will earn 20% as a base rate, with a possibility for escalating rates if referring multiple clients. When customers return to Boatbookings, affiliates receive an additional 10% commission on that second purchase.25. TripAdvisorCommission: 50%Cookie life: SessionCrowned the “world’s largest travel site”, TripAdvisor provides travelers with the wisdom of the crowds to help them decide where to stay, how to fly, what to do, and where to eat. The site helps you compare prices from 200+ hotel booking sites so you can find the lowest price on the hotel that’s right for you.Powered by Commission Junction, TripAdvisor’s affiliate program pays a 50% commission off the revenue generated from a user clicking on links and/or ads that send them to a TripAdvisor partner site. Which means, unlike most other affiliate programs in this list, you don’t have to wait for your referral to make a purchase to earn your commission. As soon as someone comes from your website and clicks on one of the ads or links on the TripAdvisor website, you get paid.On average, affiliates will earn between $0.15-$0.75 per click-out. While it may not seem like a lot, since your revenue is only dependent on clicks (and not purchase), this can add up quite nicely.26. CheapflightsCommission: Flat rate — up to $0.45 per click-outCookie life: SessionCheapflights is a travel comparison site that helps users find the cheapest plane tickets.Cheapflights is another company that rewards its affiliates not for bringing paying customers, but for sending traffic to their partners.Affiliates are paid a flat fee when a user clicks through — $0.45 per click-out for desktop and tablet, and $0.25 for mobile.As an affiliate, you get access to various creative assets, ranging from banners to search boxes and travel widgets, that allow your visitors to conduct a search on your site and display flights results on Cheapflights’ page. This is their most popular travel affiliate tool and generates the highest revenue per visit.27. MomondoCommission: Flat rate — up to $0.65 per click-outCookie life: SessionMomondo is a global travel search site that compares cheap flights, hotels, and car rental deals.Each time someone clicks on a flight on Momondo’s website from your site’s link, you will earn $0.65 for desktop and tablet users, and $0.45 for mobile users.28. Sandals ResortsCommission: 4%Cookie life: 60 daysSandals is one of the most well-recognized names in Caribbean resort travel. The 15 Sandals Resorts offer luxurious vacations for couples and families traveling to Jamaica, The Bahamas, Barbados, and more.The Sandals affiliate program pays you a commission for referring users to book either a stay in one of the Sandals Resorts, or booking an activity. While 4% might seem like a small percentage, these luxury resorts have daily rates that range from $150 to over $2,000 per person — which means, if a couple were to book a romantic week in a Sandals Resort at $500 per person per night, you would earn a commission of $280!This program is only worthwhile, however, if your site and audience has a true interest in luxury travel to the Caribbean.Best Personal Finance and Investment Affiliate Programs29. Capitalist ExploitsCommission: 50%Cookie life: 365 daysCapitalist Exploits provides trade recommendations for investors and anyone looking to outperform the market by sharing only the best low-risk/high-reward opportunities to subscribers.If your target audience consists of investors, high net-worth individuals, people interested in investment, financial advisors, or wealth managers, then this program might be for you.Capitalist Exploits pays a 50% commission on any referred sale with absolutely no limits. Their products range from $1,575 to $3,499. This means each referral brings you a minimum of $787.50. Affiliates also receive exclusive access to paid membership trials for your audience.30. KabbageCommission: $250 per qualified leadCookie life: UnknownKabbage connects small businesses to capital. Small business owners can apply for up to $250,000 in funding.Affiliates receive $250 for every referred customer who qualifies for the loan, and get an additional $50 when the referral gets approved. Each small business you refer will also receive one $50 gift card once they’re approved by Kabbage. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, or the amount you can receive.Ultimately, when deciding which program to choose, there are many key elements to keep in mind, including how established your online following is, and how much you want to earn.And, most importantly — who is your audience, and what are they interested in?Think about what your website visitors or your social media followers need and could benefit from, and choose an affiliate marketing program that will let you promote products in support of that.You might also want to consider affiliate networks like LinkShare or CJ Affiliate that offer many different programs to choose from. There are no limits to the number of affiliate programs you can join. Best Affiliate Programslast_img read more

Ranveer Singh strips shirtless under the London sun. Band karo ye nanga naach, teases Saqib Saleem

first_imgBollywood’s livewire star Ranveer Singh’s latest photograph, in which the shirtless actor is seen soaking some sun, has taken the social media by storm. Ranveer on Thursday night shared a shirtless photograph of himself on Instagram where he can be seen flaunting his well-chiselled body, as he soaks some London sun with a towel over his head and a pair of dark shades.He captioned the sunkissed image “Heat wave in the UK”.Saqib Saleem, who will be sharing screen space with Ranveer in the upcoming film 83, teased him for his post. Saqib commented, “Band karo ye nanga naach”. Ranveer is currently in London for 83, a film that will trace India’s historic victory at the 1983 cricket World Cup. Ranveer will be playing the role of former Indian skipper Kapil Dev. Saqib will essay the role of former cricketer Mohinder Amarnath in the sports drama.The rest of the cast in 83 includes Boman Irani, Adinath Kothare, Chirag Patil, Harddy Sandhu, Ammy Virk, Jatin Sarna, Pankaj Tripathi, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Dinker Sharma, Jiiva, Sahil Khattar, Dhairya Karwa, Nishant Dahhiya and R. Badree.Directed by Kabir Khan, 83 is being presented by Reliance Entertainment, and will release on April 10, 2020, in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.ALSO READ | Saqib Saleem steps into Mohinder Amarnath’s shoes for 83ALSO READ | Ranveer Singh’s 83 will now release in April 2020ALSO READ | Saqib Saleem on working with Ranveer Singh in 83: I was not intimidated but amazed at his processALSO WATCH | Deepika Padukone marries Ranveer Singh in Italylast_img read more