Barça will present a “partial” ERTE to employees on Monday

first_imgBarcelona will deliver the documentation of the temporary business regulation file (ERTE) for non-sports employees to the Department of Treball of the Generalitat on Monday, April 6. This was announced to the members of the Committee by the head of human resources of the club in a telematic meeting called for this Friday.The novelty is that ERTE will not affect all workers, since the club has promised that “Those who are carrying out a 100% teleworking day” will be exempt. In fact, the Catalan entity openly talks about a “partial” ERTE.In any case, It will not be until Monday that the Company Committee receives the documentation of the employment regulation file and can make a complete assessment of the degree of affectation of the same in workers. The Company Committee wanted to recall in the statement the entity’s “commitment” that “the affected personnel have guaranteed 100% of their salary thanks to the additional contribution of the first-team soccer team”.It must be remembered that last Tuesday the club already delivered the file that affected the professional athletes of the sections, grassroots and women’s football, for which the majority saw their salaries reduced by 70%, less in grassroots football than the reduction was limited to 30%. The only ones exempt from ERTE were the first team players, who reached an agreement with the club to lower their salary by 70% while the state of alarm lasts, in addition to adding an additional 2% so that employees can receive 100% of your payroll during confinement.last_img read more

Super eight! – RJR names stars for top sports awards

first_imgJust eight names were announced yesterday as nominees for the RJR Sports Foundation’s National Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards set for January 13, 2017. However, chairman of the selection committee Mike Fennell pointed to the committee’s “strict criteria” for the small number of nominees this year even as chairman of the Foundation Gary Allen, highlighted the event’s remarkable growth over the years. Triple Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt heads the list of three male nominees compared to last year’s five, while Rio sprint double champion Elaine Thompson topped the list of six female nominees. There were eight in 2015. “This is what the performances indicate, and based on that, we are not lowering the bar to go to other events because it starts at the world level,” said Fennell at yesterday’s launch at, he Jamaica Pegasus. “The year was dominated by the Olympic Games for individual performances. There are other performances where people were a part of relay teams, and so those people will get special awards.” Fennell added: “It will be good if we had more in many other sports. It would be ideal, of course, if we had half a dozen different sports on the nomination list, but we have ways to go with those other sports in getting to the world level.” The other male nominees are Olympic 110m hurdles champion Omar McLeod and West Indies cricketer Marlon Samuels. The remaining female nominees are track stars Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson, swimmer Alia Atkinson, and female cricketer Stafanie Taylor. The cut-off date for possible additions is December 31. Allen noted that the committee has to look at ways to increase the accommodation for the awards ceremony because of the huge demands. “We now have an event were the demand is outstripping our ability to accommodate people here at The Pegasus,” Allen said. Last year, he said more than 500 people were in attendance and some were even turned back. “We don’t want to do that, and so for the last couple of years, we have been looking around and saying, is there a way we can influence potential venues to step up to another level in terms of us being able to expand the numbers,” Allen said, noting that many of those with interest in the ceremony are key players in sports in Jamaica. The Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) Youth Award will be a new addition to this year’s award ceremony. This award will focus on athletes considered to be not only new talent, but also those who are not professional, meaning they do not earn a living from their sporting discipline. Each nominee must be under 21 years old. According to Vivienne Bayley-Hay, director of marketing and corporate affairs at VMBS, the award is going to recognise Jamaica’s “next Usain Bolt or Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce”. “We think the winner can come from any sport. One of the things that was tremendous in the Rio Olympics is the fact that we have expanded the sporting disciplines that Jamaica was represented in.” “I think that with the talent we have in this country, if we continue to support and to recognise them, I have no doubt that Jamaica will excel in all disciplines. No nominees for the award have been named as yet. Bayley-Hay said the nominees will be selected closer towards the end of the year. Bahamian Olympian Pauline Davis-Thompson would be the guest speaker at this year’s awards ceremony. Other awards include the Chairman’s award, the People’s Choice award, and the Lifetime Achievement award. The nominees for the People’s Choice awards are Atkinson’s 50m short-course breaststroke world record swim; Calabar’s 4x400m Open relay win at Boys and Girls Championships; Michael Binns’ 35-yard goal in the Premier League; Elaine Thompson’s 200m run in Rio, and Yona Knight-Wisdom’s series of dives at the Olympics. (Sportsman of the Year) Usain Bolt Omar McLeod Marlon Samuels (Sportswoman of the Year) Alia Atkinson Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Elaine Thompson Shericka Jackson Stafanie Taylor NOMINEES:last_img read more

Formation of senior citizens’ organisations

first_imgDear Editor,In my recent visits to various regions in Guyana, I saw the dire need for senior citizens to improve the various aspects of their lives, thereby helping them to fulfil the objectives which are tabulated in the manifesto of the Ministry of Social Protection.I am, therefore, directing the following to the regional branches of this Ministry, as well as the responsible Minister and prominent members of our communities, to help the seniors in each area of our country to band themselves into district organisations which will best serve to fulfil these objectives.Twenty years ago, in my home district of Phoenix Park, West Bank Demerara, I, with the help of a few friends in my age group, founded an organisation which I named the 60-Plus Club. I toured the area and spoke to individuals as well as church groups about our plans. Soon after, the club was formed and graciously hosted by the owner of the disco at Lot 1, Phoenix Park, Mr Joseph Drakes. Some residents of Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara took this cue and formed their own club.We held meetings every Monday evening and got together socially on Fridays, when we held dances, barbecues and games At our formal Monday meetings, we discussed the various needs of members and solutions to their problems, both individual and as a group. We also had prominent members of the community and professionals, such as nurses and NIS officials, coming in to speak to members on the many things that had a bearing on our lives. I strongly believe that apart from the tabulated benefits, we provided to our younger folk an example of what they can look forward to in their later lives, as well as how people of different races can live and work together in harmony.I am now suggesting to those who can help to get these organisations formed and functioning to commence this assistance as soon as possible so that our seniors can continue to lead fruitful and healthy lives.Yours sincerely,Roy Paullast_img read more

Who is in charge at GECOM?

first_imgDear Editor,In the past months, Guyanese have become more bewildered by the question: Who is in charge at GECOM?We were of the opinion that, with all the imbroglio, lies, deceit and illegality encompassing the appointment of the GECOM Chairman, it meant that the chairman would be the person in charge of GECOM; but, instead, it would seem that the Chief Elections Officer is the person in charge, and the Chairperson just abides by his decisions.In February this year, it was reported that GECOM needed only 148 days to prepare for elections. According to Lowenfield, the Commission had to grant the Secretariat approval to go into election mode; and the Commission did not. However, by now we are all too keenly aware that the CCJ was used to delay the elections, so when it seemed that GECOM was all ready to go to the polls by July 2019, the decision of the CCJ had to be awaited. The Commission could not give the go-ahead without the CCJ’s rulings on the No-Confidence Motion.The CEO had made it appear that he had a well-oiled GECOM machinery raring to go at that time.In July this year, just before the CCJ’s decision that the NCM was successfully passed and that Patterson was illegally appointed, Lowenfield went into another delaying mode to support the APNU/AFC’s quest to defer the elections for as long as was possible. He no longer awaited the CCJ’s ruling, but embarked on the GECOM-backed delay by foisting the House-to-House Registration on the Guyanese electorate. This precipitated the call for another Court intervention and more delay. Lowenfield was in charge, and he made full use of his usurpation of the power of the Commission.It must be recalled that the Private Sector Commission upbraided the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, for commencing and sanctioning ‘an unsanctioned and unverified’ House-to-House Registration exercise. However, Lowenfield was never sanctioned, and neither was he intimidated in any way. He was fulfilling the PNC’s directives!In fact, he made it plain by his action that he was in charge, even after the appointment of the new Chairperson, Justice Claudette Singh.Then, in complete defiance of the HTH Registration, it was reported on July 24th that Lowenfield admitted that the Official List of Voters which expired on April 30th, 2019 can still be used to execute free and fair General and Regional Elections — going back to what he had said in February.Then, in regard to the abortion of the HTH exercise, Lowenfield pushed the GECOM field staff to work overtime in an effort to extend the life of the HTH. It was clear that new registrants became the prime target for this extension. In many areas, eligible voters who are deemed PPP supporters were bypassed by GECOM staff.Again, at the beginning of October, just before the start of the Claims and Objections period, Lowenfield unilaterally extended the Claims and Objections period to 49 days, and then to 42 days from the agreed 35 days. He claimed that he did that ‘in the interest of giving the electorate more time to have their claims and objections sorted out’. Even though the Chair had promised to correct the period to 35 days, it never materialized, prompting Commissioner Shadick to conclude, ‘We have another Chairman, who is going against decisions of the Commission…’This brings me to the million-dollar question: What is Chairperson Claudette Singh doing? Is she incompetent? Or is she giving Lowenfield free rein to do the PNC’s biddings? I simply cannot comprehend that, until now, she is unable to come to grips with the basics at GECOM, despite holding umpteen meetings and being apprised of all the issues.She is not a novice in election matters, if I could recall.Now there is the decision to publish the list of registrants captured during the recently concluded HTH registration. PPP-nominated Commissioners are adamant that no such decision was taken by the full commission.Whose handiwork is this, if not Lowenfield’s again? Even the PNC Commissioner has now made a call for Justice Singh to take a stand on certain matters. This bears testimony to the fact that the GECOM Chair is an abysmal failure. She unilaterally aborted the HTH registration, but opened a can of worms when she retained the data collected and decided to ‘merge’ it with what is already there. This will again result in delay.The Opposition had, in September, also called on Justice Singh to put an end to the ‘prevarications’, and at some point in time she will have to make tough decisions. Well, that time is now, rather than later.It will not surprise me if there is a twist to the March 2nd Elections date!Yours sincerely,Haseef Yusuflast_img read more

Rep. Karmo: ‘Snowe is Non-issue in Bomi Politics’

first_imgRep. Karmo explains his gains and challengesover the years – Advertisement – By David S. MenjorBomi County Electoral District #1 Representative, Cllr. Samuel Gayah Karmo has strongly reacted to the presence of Montserrado District #6 Representative, Edwin Melvin Snowe in the county’s politics by referring to him as a non-issue.Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer on Monday at his residence in Brewerville, outside Monrovia, he said Rep. Snowe is a Liberian citizen and has the right as guaranteed by the Constitution to live anywhere but people’s identity – be it tribal or sectional – should not be compromised for “mere offers, which in most cases come in cash and non-lasting material benefits.”“I am seeking re-election to the capitol from my people because I have done well in meeting the criteria of proper representation, oversight, among others,” Rep. Karmo noted.“As a representative I was able to lobby for the passage of a bill to establish the Bomi Community College, the elevation of its budget from US$150,000 to US$600,000, the construction of Sackie Town Magisterial Court, the County Judicial Complex to host judges,” he said, adding that a couple of bridges on major routes in the county which were in bad conditions have been rebuilt and dedicated.He said Bomi citizens will have no one else to blame but themselves if they make the mistake to elect Rep. Snowe who he said has failed his constituents in Montserrado County.“This is only telling me that the moral compass has disappeared from Liberia. Snowe who is still receiving salaries and benefits as a lawmaker for another district is jumping an unnecessary gun in another place where he has made no impact except for his personal reasons,” Karmo noted.He said his politics is not about personality but what is lacking is the understanding that should Rep. Snowe succeed, he will dump all those who are unduly glorifying him.“The palm trees he has planted will not be for the benefit of any Bomi citizen but himself and his friends and family. He will sell to big companies and use the same money to pay our people peanuts so that they may continue to needlessly labor for him,” he said, calling on all citizens of his District and the county in general to be mindful of short-lived campaigns intended to put them at loggerheads as a people with a common identity.Rep. Karmo said, “not everything that is legal is expedient and not everything that is expedient is legal. Snowe’s interference in Bomi politics is an assault on the county but not too many of our people are yet schooled to the actual meaning of common identity,” he pointed out, commending Senator Sando D. Johnson for taking the lead in condemning what he called “Snowe’s disabuse of a Constitutional right.”He said unity has disappeared from Bomi. “Even our Caucus, we are not united and as such we don’t have much voice to influence the decisions of our people if they are in contrast to peace and harmony,” he said.Rep. Karmo called for the teaching of civics and Bible in schools so as to allow students to know the functions of government and learn the moral values that uphold the good of society.Although he did not say as to whether he will run on a party’s ticket or go as an independent candidate, he expressed his conviction that as a champion he will continue his job after the October elections.“I may not have money as some other people around here but I have the drive and ultimate desire to always make change for the good a priority. I will run and win, no matter who is in the race with me in Senjeh District,” he noted.It may be recalled that Senator Sando D. Johnson and Rep. Edwin M. Snowe were involved in a war of words over his (Snowe’s) desire to contest as a representative in Senjeh district come October 10.Sen. Johnson vowed to give his blood if need be to ensure that Snowe is not elected representative for Senjeh District while Snowe, on the other hand, termed Johnson as one suffering from a mental problem and needs serious psychiatric attention.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

GTT receives high honour at Mashramani 2018 prize- giving

first_imgGTT/Pulse Amazon Gems Band took the road by storm on February 23 last, and lived up to its promise to be the biggest and best band for the 2018 Mashramani Costume and Float Parade. The band was adjudged as having had the mostA representative from GTT receiving the trophy from an official of the Mash Secretariatcolourful costumes, which represented several of the precious minerals found in Guyana. For this excellent showing, GTT has received high honour with its second place win in the Full Costume Large Band category. Honours were bestowed on the GTT at the recently held Mashramani prize-giving ceremony held at the National Cultural Centre. GTT stood out as the lone private sector agency to have participated in the Costume Band and Float Parade. GTT now expresses special thanks to designer Olympia Small–Sonaram and the revellers who made the Band as fantastic and outstanding as it was.last_img read more

First Lady commends CIOG for work done to assist vulnerable children

first_imgFirst Lady Sandra Granger on Saturday attended the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana’s (CIOG) annual fun day for orphans and vulnerable children, where she commended the organisation for its commitment to enhancing the lives of orphans and vulnerable children.“There is the confluence of education and care and the building of better citizens, better students and a more stable society, through the various organs of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana. I would like to commend all the various officers of the CIOG for the work they are doing and the work they continue to do…,” Granger said at the organisation’s Woolford Avenue, Georgetown headquarters.The First Lady noted CIOG’s inclusion of children from other organisations in its activities which she said also speaks to the organisation’s far reach across the country. She said too that she is pleased to have collaborated with the organisation on several of its initiatives.Meanwhile, Vice President of the CIOG, Gulzar Namdar, thanked all partners for assisting CIOG in its various activities and programmes, particularly those that benefit children and the vulnerable. He encouraged the children present at the organisation’s annual fun day to make good use of the opportunities presented to them.“This is the time we are all making an effort to make you happy so we want you to make sure that you utilise everything that is given to you,” said Namdar, as he addressed the children gathered at CIOG’s headquarters.Some 400 children benefit from CIOG’s “Orphans and Vulnerable Children” programme. Each child receives a monthly stipend along with school clothing, textbooks, free medical examinations, as well financial assistance for extra lessons and the payment of examination fees.The programme costs the CIOG a monthly sum of $2.1 million and is sponsored by both local and international partners. read more

Mechanic killed during home invasion

first_imgNeighbours, family and friends outside of the home after the shootingThe start of a new day quickly turned tragic for the family of a well-known mechanic after he was brutally killed early Saturday morning when gunmen invaded his Guyhoc Park, East La Penitence, Georgetown home.Dead is 44-year-old Reginald Atherly, popularly known “Diesel Boss” and “Reggie” of Lot G26 Guyhoc Park, East La Penitence, Georgetown, who owned and operated a mechanic shop at his home.Reports surrounding the killing indicate that the father of five was shot multiple times at close range by two masked gunmen who invaded his home at about 04:00h on Saturday morning.Guyana Times understands that the gunmen gained access into the home by removing louvred panes from the windows situated on the side of the house.When this publication visited the dead mechanic’s home, his partner, Roxanne Crawford, explained that she awoke to the voices of men inside her home, whom she soon realised had guns. Crawford told this publication that she started to scream, before breaking down into tears.“So I sleeping and I hear like two men talking, so as I hear this talking I open my eyes and I realise two men deh aiming the gun, they had on this black hoodie and one taller than one and they got this old gun…and I start screaming cause I say when I scream they gon panic and they gon gotta go out back how they come in,” the grieving woman said.In tears, she added that Atherly, who was on the bed with her, also awoke, sprang up and rushed towards the men.“I hear the shots dem start fire so I wake up my lil daughter and tell she bandits! Bandits! Go under the bed….and when I peep now to see wuh going on, I see he got one at the front door, he lay down on the ground and he grabble one of them and I run back fuh the cutlass, me ain’t see he moving,” Crawford cried.Meanwhile, the dead man’s mother, Ingrid Atherly, was still in a state of shock but the visibly shaken woman described her son as friendly while expressing uncertainty as to why someone would want to kill him.“All we heard her screaming, and she call out for ‘Miss Atherly! Miss Atherly! Reggie just get shoot’, and we run at the back and saw him lie down there lifeless….he don’t have no enemies, he’s so friendly a lot of people would come to him, he always got a raise to pull out his pocket and gave them. So I don’t know who would want to out his light so cruel, he didn’t deserve this at all,” the grieving mother said.After the shooting, Atherly was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The now dead man leaves to mourn his wife, five children, mother and other family members. The police have since launched an investigation. (Leah Hernandez)Dead: Reginald Atherly popularly known “Diesel Boss” and “Reggie”last_img read more

Marine’s a hero for 54 kids who have place to call home

first_imgBut Febbi, the site’s project manager, won’t be with them any longer. He’s moving on to volunteer at a new Habitat for Humanity project in Orange County. It’s called Homes for Heroes, and in addition to building homes for low-income families with children, there will be homes built for the children of soldiers who aren’t coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan. “When I heard what they were doing, I knew that was where I was going next,” Febbi said Wednesday, sitting outside his mobile home parked on the Pacoima site. “I hate to leave, but I know in my heart that’s where I belong now.” Matt’s son, Army Sgt. Richard Febbi, 25, was killed in 2005 in a motorcycle crash while home on leave. He had served four years in the Marines and an additional three in the Army before he died. “He loved his job and his country,” Matt said. “His men would have walked through fire for him, and he for them. He was a born leader, a hero in every sense of the word.” And now his dad – a hero to 54 kids in Pacoima – is moving on to help the families of soldiers who aren’t coming home. Shedding more of his blood, sweat and tears to give some more kids a safer, better life. Dennis McCarthy’s column appears Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. (818) 713-3749 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Sweat from hammering nails and laying pipe in the hot, summer sun for eight years – and earning nothing more than a thank you. Tears from having 54 kids put their arms around their waists and thank them as their parents are handed the keys to their first real home. “When the kids run in and see their bedroom, their eyes grow so wide, and the older kids often break down and cry because they’re so happy,” Matt Febbi says. “It breaks your heart. These kids have never known anything but garages and trailers, sleeping three or four to a bed. Now, they have their own bed, their own room in a real house. “They look at you as if you’re some kind of hero for what you’ve done for them,” he says. “I’m no hero. I’m just an old Marine who spent 27 years serving his country, then retired to go help some kids have a better life.” On Saturday, the first phase of 20 homes in the Habitat project will be completed. The last two sets of keys will be handed to fathers and mothers who have spent their weekends for more than two years helping the volunteers build their homes. They all have low-paying jobs, not earning nearly enough to ever dream of owning a new home. They’ll pay what they can afford, then they’ll work off the rest by helping build more homes for more families to follow. It’s the kids he’s going to miss the most, the old Marine says. The 54 children who have come to this Pacoima housing project with nothing during the past eight years and now have something. They’re sleeping in real bedrooms now, not garages. They’re finally able to go outside to play after school with their friends instead of being forced to stay inside for their own safety. Fifty-four kids whom the old Marine and his group of volunteers at this Habitat for Humanity project have shed blood, sweat and tears for to give a safer, better life. Blood from all the nicks and cuts, all the power tools that got away from them as they stood on ladders, walked across roofs, and knelt in dirt to build 20 homes for the kids and their families. last_img read more

Groundbreaking set for new Seabee Museum

first_img (805) 583-7602160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! PORT HUENEME – Naval construction battalions at Naval Base Ventura County are breaking ground Monday morning on a $12 million U.S. Seabee Museum. The 35,000-square-foot museum funded by the Civil Engineer Corps/Seabee Historical Foundation is expected to be complete in 2009 to replace a facility that has been in quonset huts on the base for more than 50 years. “We are looking forward to having this new asset for the base and the community,” said Vance Vasquez, a spokesman for the base, who noted the museum will not only be bigger and more attractive, but more accessible to the public. It will include a retail shop, a meeting area, a memorial garden and an archive housing operational records of the naval construction battalions known as Seabees who have been building bases, airstrips, roads, bridges and other structures for use by the military since World War II. “It will provide the community a new opportunity to visit,” Vasquez said, noting that access to the museum will be from outside the base so visitors won’t have to go through the complicated security clearance they now face. The base has been the home of the museum since 1947. It is the second oldest of 12 Navy museums, all of which are operated by the Naval Historical Center. Thousands of Seabees in four battalions and in other commands are stationed at the Ventura County base. Vasquez noted that security was tightened after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, so visitors have to fill out access forms and provide detailed information, including their citizenship status and proof of car insurance, just to visit the old museum. “It’s quite a process,” he said. The new museum will sit near the old one, but with access from outside the base near Sunkist Street and Ventura Road, so people will be able to go in and out without the base-access questions. last_img read more