Roundtable: Underwood Love, KSU Fear and Those Throwback Helmets Need To Stay

first_imgHere at Pistols Firing, we use Slack to communicate back and forth. Sometimes this is constructive. Other times we riff for 20 minutes on Mike Gundy’s golf game. It’s going to be pretty slangy and GIF-y and not meant to be anything serious. We’re just here to talk about OSU the way we all do in real life. If you need to brush up on any of the contributors, you can do so here.Kyle Boone (Head of Crootin): Because I am curious, one word to describe your attitude toward OSU basketball?Kyle Cox (Contributor): One word? Optimi-realistic.Justin Southwell (Chief Uni Officer): Stoked. ?Sam Aldrich (Head of Hoops): Rowdy.Thomas Fleming (Xs and Os): Sanguine.Caleb Deck (Intern): Anticipatory? Is that a word? Anticipation-filled.Kyle Porter (Publisher): Mine is thrilled. KB can attest to this, but the last few years of watching and writing about games has been such a slog. It felt like, I dunno, work. Now I’m genuinely excited to tune in.Boone: A basketball post was one of the top reads on the site today!Caleb: I’d also say relief. Watching the Pitt St. exhibition in GIA was great and seeing the ball movement and spread offense and talent of the freshmen is more like what I remember as a kid and less like my collegiate years.Cox: I said this last night but I really think Waters is going to be good. Even with the level of competition plenty of true freshman would have had hesitation or mistakes and I didn’t see that from him one time. Looked like he knew where he was supposed to be on defense and was confident offensively. His length will help him on D as well.Fleming: I really do think they’re going to surprise people. And it’s a win-win because in this non-con schedule, they’ll be underdogs for a good amount of games (WSU, Maryland, etc.) and we’ll get to see how good this team can really be with no pressure or expectations.Aldrich: They’re going to struggle with lack of height inside, but you can go a long ways with that kind of a back court. Mitch is hugely valuable to this team, as terrifying as that is to say. Can’t be on the bench with two fouls five min. into the game like he was so often last yearCox: Right… N’Guessan is not ready, just in terms of size. Solomon still isn’t much of a bruiser anyway. McGriff can be useful cleaning up the boards but, like you said, undersized.Fleming: I think McGriff is the next Kamari Murphy. He’s going to be really important.Cox: He’s going the U? But, yeah I agree he’s important.Caleb: It looks like McGriff could be an amazing 4 if we can pick up a big boy to play the 5 in the next recruiting class or two.Fleming: Yeah the Netherlands transfer is not the answer. Anthony Allen 2016.Porter: @boonek, you know the basketball landscape pretty well — how will they fit in this year in the Big 12?Boone: After one game it’s hard to get a read especially against Pitt State, but they do look improved in pretty much every area. Better disciplined on defense and really good ball movement on offense. They nearly had 30 assists and hung 117 in the first exhibition, so thats encouraging to see team ball return.Southwell: Can we apply for whatever Perry Ellis did for Markel Brown? I feel like he should get another three years at least.Boone: Ha! Kansas is still going to run the show this year though.. I think OSU being picked 7th in preseason may be about right. This is still somewhat of a rebuild.Porter: You say “this year” like it’s not on repeat for the last decade. Does anyone else think we’re going to lose to KSU this week like I do?Cox: I feel like we have to force turnovers to get stops on D. So I’m torn at this point since its KSU.Boone: Nah, I think OSU comes back from Manhattan with a dub, surprisingly. In Mason we trust.Southwell: We have too much momentum to lose to KSUCaleb: I think Pokes can win this weekend. Originally thought we wouldn’t and I still think it will be tougher than it may appear, but with Mason really tightening up those short-intermediate throws I feel more confident.Steven Mandeville (Contributor): Gosh, if they hadn’t given us a run for our money with a wide receiver at qb at home I’d feel pretty good. They always play us well (they win in manhattan, take us to the wire in Stillwater). Scared they won’t pass it enough for Ramon to get enough shots at an interceptionPorter: Does Oklahoma State play OU for the Big 12 title in Norman? (i.e. win out and Baylor lose at least one other game)Carson Cunningham (podcasting): They are already talking about OU.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-3-44-14-pmCox: Ehhhh… yesssss???Boone: No. I don’t think Baylor will lose again, and I think OSU trips up before their showdown in Norman. TCU in Fort Worth will be tough, with or without Kenny Trill.Aldrich: I’m gonna say no. Pokes lose once more before then, and I don’t know if Oklahoma will lose again (before they get inevitably stomped in a bowl, of course).Southwell: It wouldn’t surprise me if that happened. Maybe I’m too high on the performance against WVU, but if they continue to play like that, OSU can win out.Aldrich: And to answer @porter yeah, I do kind of feel a loss coming this weekend. K State absolutely refuses to turn the ball over, and our defense is pretty reliant on TOss. Mixed with Road Mason, and The Windbreaker at home, not very confident.Caleb: I think it’s definitely possible but I’m not sure of the likelihood. Baylor still has TCU, @OU, KSU, TTU, and @WVU. That’s no cake walk and I think they lose, but I’m not sure about the Pokes. We have the potential but I’m not fully confident in us holding our nerve on the road so much.Thomas: The chances of OSU going big 10 again are high in my opinion. They’re not going to go tempo and let KSU control the clock the entire game. Too strenuous for defense.Cox: That would be good as long as they don’t commit turnovers. Solid strategy… Hope it works.Mandeville: I don’t think so, the league is really open at this point but this feels so much like 2010 it’s not even funny.Porter: Last one — is the Homecoming black helmet your new favorite? If not, where does it rank?Cox: It’s the best one they have in my opinion.Porter: “In our opinion”Carson: “You let us make that decision!”Cox: They could do an orange/white or white orange or even black/orange and make my life complete. Actually, that should be the only helmet design and all others should be considered alternates. Hope I’m not being too vague.Carson: It’s top 5. I’m a matte black homer. Best helmet look they have.Cox: I’m saying make last week’s an orange sticker and it’s all-time. Old School brand > new school brand. Not even close in our opinion.Caleb: Gosh this is a brutal question. I think if it was the classic orange OSU on white shell it would be totally unstoppable for me. I loved the bronco rider helmet too, but i’ve always had a penchant for the Oklahoma A&M era stuff (that was kind of in the transition time of A&M to State). I think the 80s logo is still my favorite though, even in white/chrome on black.Fleming: Top 5. I do love it a lot.Aldrich: Easily top 5. I’m a sucker for anything throwback.Porter: Me too.Southwell: It’s great. I’m ready to rank the helmets again at the end of the season. I’ve really become a fan of the white alt – black brand w/ black stripe. (Iowa St 2013) So that might be my number 1 now. But I’ve always loved the black helmet with the Bedlam win and Fiesta Bowl win. I’d say it’s top 3, and I’d love to see the updated white logo (carbon fiber) on a matte black helmet.Caleb: I would still prefer this over anything ever. Ultimate Oklahoma State logo.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-3-52-27-pm While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. 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