Here is how you can become a successful online fitness trainer

first_imgThis is the era of digitalization and no wonder it has opened enormous opportunities for the several sectors. Be it ordering the food, grocery or any particular service, today availing such things are just a few taps away on the smart phone! However, in this piece we shall be discussing how the digitalization has affected career of a fitness trainer and how you can become a successful online personal trainer.So here we go:In the past 5 years, the Indian fitness industry has witnessed exponential growth from every nook and corner. There was a time, when the profession of a fitness trainer was not considered lucrative enough. This was when the trainers were usually not qualified, gyms were considered just for the bodybuilders and so on. Fast forward to 2019, things have changed now; people are getting aware towards their health and fitness. Be it kids, women, old people or the men, everyone wants to improve their physical appearance and feel more confident. Needless to mention, there is a by default hike in the demand for qualified and educated personal trainers.The power of social media platforms:The digitalization has enabled a lot of new age careers and the Online Fitness Trainer’ is one of the buzz words. Nowadays, the trainers exhibit their work on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They are able to connect with the real life filtered audience. Unlike offline personal trainers, the online personal trainers can coach multiple people at the same using the platforms like Skype, WatsApp and even Emails.advertisement Here is how you can become a successful online fitness trainerThe advent of social media has amplified the people’s reach, not just from the networking point of view but also from the business perspective. Today, there are many fitness enthusiasts who are shifting from their conventional careers in order to follow their passion for fitness. Those who do not want to become a fitness coach are working as a fitness Youtuber/Instagrammer along with their conventional careers.How to become an online fitness trainer?Skills and traits required:Caring and helping nature. (Keeping this at top for a reason)Good communication skillsPassion towards exercise and nutritionProfessional qualification:Similar to any other profession, to qualify as a fitness coach one has to go through the formal education. There are multiple institutes that offer certifications and diplomas for the personal training course. The K11 Institute of Fitness and Science, Team Aminder Fitness Academy, Classic Fitness Academy, Gold’s Institute are some of the popular Indian Institutes. ISSA, ACE, ACSM, NASM, Shredded By Science Academy, and JPS are some of the renowned international academies that offer online courses for personal trainers and sports nutrition.Course Fee: Rs. 40K-2 Lakhs (Based on the academy)Duration: 2 Months-1 Year (Based on the academy)How much an online personal trainer can earn? There is no fixed answer to this; however a beginner can earn 30-50K per month. For an experienced coach sky is the limit. Once a trainer has good number of client’s transformation, positive client testimonials, a solid social media and internet presence, the income slab easily reaches in lakhs! Here is how you can become a successful online fitness trainerWorking hours and stress level:The working hours and stress both are very subjective in this career. The more the number of clients, the more time one has to devote. Remember, this career requires dedication towards client’s progress. Understanding the client’s profile, medical history and then designing their customized plans are very important. Remember, a client oriented plan is what everyone looks for!Here is a pro tip: A certification will definitely acknowledge a person as a certified personal trainer, however to get that extra edge in this career, one has to constantly upgrade himself/herself. For that, reading a lot of articles, listening to relevant podcasts, reading books, following the legit people from the industry can surely help to outperform the competitors.Authored article by Rachit Dua is a Delhi based Online Fitness Coach and a senior consultant at Team AminderRead more I Want to be hired as a Salesperson? Here’s what tech startups look for while hiringlast_img

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