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Umphrey’s McGee Shares Posthumous Unreleased Album From Late Drummer Mike Mirro

first_imgIn 2014, Mike Mirro, the founding drummer of Umphrey’s McGee, passed away. Mirro had played with the band from 1997 through 2002, ultimately quitting music, though he did get back into composing towards the end of his life. Mirro composed Superior Virtuosity, an eight-track original album featuring Mirro on percussion, keys, and vocals. Marco Villarreal (guitar) and Josh Hanchar (bass) are featured on the album as well.The album was released earlier this year, and shared by Umphrey’s earlier today. Enjoy the whole album, streaming in full below:<a href=””>Superior Virtuosity by Michael Mirro</a>last_img

B.B. King’s Granddaughter Shares Emotional Tribute, ‘The Legacy Goes On’

first_imgB.B. King’s granddaughter, Val B. King, has released a new song honoring her late grandfather who passed away just nine short months ago. Titled “The Legacy Goes On,” King told Rolling Stone the track was recorded “to get some of my emotions out with missing him so much.”Featuring a clip from a 1968 interview with B.B. at the beginning of the new song, King says her new song “is a way to honor my grandfather for all he did for me, his family, and the world. Watching my grandfather perform on stage literally showed me how to dream. He inspired me and many other aspiring artists.”King also mentions her grandfather’s wonderful philanthropic endeavors, “giving so much to help others, being a champion for education, giving of himself countless nights on stage, teaching us how to be humble, greeting his fans with a smile, and having sheer determination to make the world know about blues music,” she added. “He created a sound that truly made him the King of the Blues.”Listen to Val B. King’s tribute song to her grandfather, B.B. King, below:last_img read more

The New, Comprehensive Janis Joplin Documentary Is Now Streaming In Full [Watch]

first_imgJust a few weeks ago, we shared news of an exciting new documentary capturing the life and times of Janis Joplin. The soulful rock singer lived a fascinating life, marked by extraordinary talent and unfortunate tragedies. Titled Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue, the documentary debuted at festivals, but premiered last night on the American Masters series on PBS.Featuring letters from Joplin, never-before-seen footage, and interviews from family members, bandmates, as well as contemporaries like Bob Weir, Kris Kristofferson, Country Joe McDonald, Little Girl Blue promises to be the most insightful look into Joplin’s life yet. Said director Amy Berg in a statement, “The only way to tell Janis’ story was through Janis’ voice. Her letters show the vulnerable artist, daughter and lover Janis was in her short but impactful life.”From now until May 31st, the entire documentary can be streamed courtesy of PBS. Go inside the life and times of Joplin with this great extended cut documentary, below:last_img read more

Pearl Jam Offers Seven Tour Debuts, Including Neil Young Cover, For Rockin’ Quebec Performance

first_imgLast night, Pearl Jam brought their exciting 25th anniversary tour North of the border for a stop at the Centre Vidéotron in Quebec City, QC. The band has been consistently pulling out new songs for innovative performances, and last night was no exception. Among the 35 songs played throughout the monster showing, seven of them were debuts from this tour, including the opener “Of The Girl.” Other tour debuts included: “You Are,” “Nothing As It Seems,” “I’m Open,” “MFC,” Neil Young’s “Needle and the Damage Done,” and “Wash.”Of those, the Neil Young cover hadn’t been played since June of 2014, and was only the band’s 5th time performing it – dating back to 1995. Watch a clip of “The Needle And The Damage Done” cover below, courtesy of Sean Boland:Check out more videos from the performance below:Severed HandSurrender (Cheap Trick)Given To FlyPorchBlackYou can see the full setlist below:Edit this setlist | More Pearl Jam setlistslast_img read more

Twiddle Debuts New Song, Welcomes Matisyahu For Sold-Out Capitol Theatre Show [Videos/Gallery]

first_imgVermont-based Twiddle mesmerized a sold-out crowd for their debut at the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, further securing their stronghold in the world of jam. This genre-bending group consists of four incredibly talented musicians who blur the lines of jazz, bluegrass, reggae, and funk, and consistently deliver enthralling performances filled with imaginative lyrics and blissful melodies.NYC’s TAUK set the tone for the evening with their unique blend of heavy instrumentals, firing up the crowd with an energetic cover of Nirvana’s “In Bloom” and later finishing with a heavy rock rendition of The Beatles’ classic “Eleanor Rigby.” The room then quickly filled with devoted Twiddle fans, eagerly awaiting this milestone appearance.Opening with “Blunderbuss,” guitarist Mihali Savoulidis announced the tune was from the upcoming album “PLUMP Chapter Two” – the highly anticipated follow-up to the most recent release “PLUMP Chapter One.” A tasty debut, indeed! They then wasted no time in delivering the adored sing-along “Beethoven & Greene,” with Savoulidis crushing the finger work with the ease that only comes from being a master at your craft. Next up was the bluegrass-infused, “Dusk Til Dawn” which beautifully showcased drummer Brooke Jordan’s vocal abilities.“Blunderbuss” (debut)The reggae vibes of “Polluted Beauty” were kicked up a notch when special guest Matisyahu sat in for “Lost in the Cold.” The crowd went wild for his rap-style lyricism and even more so when he stripped out of his jacket and button-up to dive into the sea of fans. Afterwards, they debuted “King Without a Crown” with Matisyahu, again, crushing the vocals, and rounding out a glorious first set.“King Without A Crown” w/ MatisyahuSet two kicked off with the butt-jiggling tune “Grandpa Fox,” which gave way nicely into the wobbles of fan-favorite “Apples,” lead by the mind-bending bassist Zdenek Gubb. This jam brilliantly interlaced Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” “Billie Jean,” and “Smooth Criminal,” and the crowd was eating it up. Yes, ‘you gotta like apples, man!’ The good vibrations of “Syncopated Healing” had the entire dance floor shaking, and when keyboardist Ryan Dempsey and Savoulidis delved into an extended duet, the crowd was in awe. The pair was equally impressive in “Frankenfoote,” with Savoulidis shredding the guitar (and faces) and Dempsey owning the keys with mad scientist-like enthusiasm.The encore featured “Zazu’s Flight” and the heartfelt tribute “Hattie’s Jam” into “When It Rains, It Pours.” Just in time for Mother’s Day, the night was capped with a dedication to all the mothers of the world, including some of the bandmates’ moms who were in the audience. The feel-good emotions of the evening came in like a rolling wave during this touching sendoff, and there’s no doubt that all left with hearts fully PLUMPed.Be sure to check out Twiddle at their very own Tumble Down Festival this July. The lineup for this inaugural event was just released and can be found here.Relive the memories from last night with the magnificent photos in the gallery below, courtesy of Andrew Scott Blackstein!Twiddle @ The Capitol Theatre 5/7/16:Set One: Blunderbuss[1], Beethoven and Greene, Dusk ‘Til Dawn, Polluted Beauty, Wasabi Eruption -> The Box, Lost In The Cold[2], King Without A Crown[3]Set Two: Grandpa Fox, Apples[4], Syncopated Healing, Frankenfoote, Collective PulseEncore: Zazu’s Flight[5] > Hatti’s Jam -> When It Rains, It PoorsShow Notes: This show marked Twiddle’s debut performance at the Capitol Theatre. The show was sold out. The show was webcast via Tauk opened the show. The pre-show featured Holly Bowling and had Ryan sitting in during her rendition of “Harry Hood”. Twiddle’s entire show was dedicated to Mom’s in celebration of Mother’s day which was the following day.[1] “Blunderbuss” was a debut. Mihali stated it would be on their upcoming album “PLUMP: Chapter Two”.[2] “Lost In The Cold” featured Matisyahu on vocals.[3] “King Without A Crown” featured Matisyahu on vocals and was a debut.[4] “Apples” contained “Beat It” (Michael Jackson), “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson) and “Smooth Criminal” (Michael Jackson) teases.[5] Prior to “Zazu’s Flight” there was an “A Thousand Miles” (Vanessa Carlton) tease from Ryan.[Setlist via UTwiddle; Videos via William Corcoran] Load remaining imageslast_img read more

New Study Shows That A Child’s Brain Develops Faster With Exposure to Music Education

first_imgEvery day, scientists work toward drawing the distinct lines of connection between cognitive functioning and psychological attachments to music. The relationship between creativity and music as an art form are obvious, but there is scientific evidence that also suggests that exposure to music education accelerates the brain development of young children, specifically in the areas responsible for language development, sound, reading skills, and speech perception.In 2012, researchers at the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at the University of Southern California conducted a study to prove just that. 37 children from underprivileged neighborhoods between the ages of 6-7 years-old were separated into three groups: thirteen of them received up to seven hours per week of music instruction, eleven children were enrolled in a community-based soccer program, and thirteen were not involved in any program at all. At the end of the two-year research period, the groups of children received drastically different results. Comparisons were made by tracking the electrical activity in the brains, conducting behavioral testing, and monitoring changes in brain scans. As the study concluded, “The results showed that the auditory systems of the children in the music programme had accelerated faster than the other children not engaged in music. Dr. Assal Habibi, the lead author of the study and a senior research associate at the BCI, explained that the auditory system is stimulated by music and the system is also engaged in general sound processing. This is essential to reading skills, language development and successful communication.”If exposure to music education accelerates the brain development of these areas, perhaps we should make such programs mandatory in our national education systems instead of just calling them “extra-curricular.” Reading skills, language development, and successful communication are keys to the maintenance of our society and we should make sure that all growing minds are fully equipped with these foundational skills.last_img read more

The Motet Set To Funkify Asheville Tonight For Mixtape 1979 Halloween Run Finale

first_imgLoad remaining images After a run of shows that took the band on three stops in Texas, one in New Orleans with Monsters Of Funk, and one at Suwannee Hulaween, The Motet will bring their Mixtape 1979 show to Asheville, NC’s The Orange Peel tomorrow for Halloween night. Check out photos from the New Orleans show with Monsters Of Funk in the gallery below, courtesy of photographer Taylor Cohen.To get fans excited for the finale, the band compiled a Mixtape 1979-themed Spotify playlist, along with explanations of each of the songs included. Listen along to the sounds of 1979 and read what members of  the band had to say about them below:Michael Jackson – Working Day and NightMichael Jackson’s Off the Wall Album is a quintessential part of the 1979 playlist. The king of pop was changing the sound of music in his day with collaborators on this album such as George Duke, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Hey, and Quincy Jones just to name a few. Check out the horn section work at 2:42!Ramsey Lewis – Wearin It OutThis relatively unknown self titled album by pianist Ramsey Lewis was one of the last tunes to get added to our 1979 playlist. We were searching for great funk instrumental cuts and somehow this one came up on our list. Although there are vocals on the track, the rhythm section really gets featured on this cut with unison lines throughout the jam.   Tony Williams – Hip SkipMany jazz musicians of the 60’s and earlier had evolved their sounds to a more funky dance vibe by this time. Drummer Tony Williams’ record The Joy of Flying is a prime example of such evolution. The personnel on this record are some of the most highly esteemed jazz musicians including Herbie Hancock, Randy and Michael Brecker, Ronnie Cuber, and George Benson. With all that talent in the room you know the end product is going to be fantastic!Tom Browne – Throw DownTom Browne was not only a master of his instrument, but also contributed a great deal to the late 70’s and 80’s funk scene, which isn’t common for a band led by a trumpet player.  This track not only allows the band to stretch their musical “chops,” but also keeps the groove going to keep the hips swaying.  EWF – You and I“I Am” is one of my favorite EWF records, and though it isn’t as well known, it was the first one I really dug into back in the day.  “You and I” really blew my mind and was a huge representation of EWF’s ability to seamlessly go from key to key & feel to feel without it being jarring or feeling out of place.  Plus, when that chorus groove drops… you can’t help but bounce and smile.Glide – PleasureI’ve been wanting to do this song since I first heard it more than a decade ago.  It’s one of the most quintessential late 70’s bass lines, and Garrett is going to absolutely murder it.  Plus, you don’t see many songs nowadays just ride a groove for extended periods of time.  It becomes almost minimalist funk, making each little change really hit you at your core. Prince – I Wanna Be Your LoverI mean… c’mon.  Prince was 21 when he released the self-titled album, where he straight wrote, arranged, composed, produced, and performed everything on it.  This was the 1st single and really showed that Prince was different – inspired by so much before him, but delivers unlike anything before.  It was funk but with vulnerable falsetto.  It was sexual and direct, but not forceful or rude.  Plus, he showed he gave absolutely no fucks on the album version.  It’s the opening song on the record, and he takes it on a 3 minute synth-fueled jam after the single-edit stops at 3 minutes.  Undeniable G-status. Teddy Pendergrass – Turn Off The LightsI would be remiss not to mention one of my favorite singers of all time on this list.  I don’t think I could see The Motet playing this live, but good lord is it incredible.  Teddy took a very different approach than the aforementioned one by Prince.  Teddy took control, and let everyone know it.  He is the definition of masculine romance, gritty but vulnerable, in control but never abrasive, and always telling it just like it is. Funkadelic – Not Just Knee DeepJunie Morrison plays one of the most memorable funky synth lines EVER at the top of this cut!  He is also playing some of the funkiest synth bass ever recorded.  Just add amazing soulful gospel vocals and you have one of my favorite tunes of 1979!!!I Just Want To Be – CameoPunchy horns, funky synths, gang vocals, super funky quarter-note-feel on the drums.  ‘Nuff said.Beautiful Girls – Van HalenOne of my favorite party anthems with another trademark catchy Van Halen guitar riff to start the tune.Another Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd Top 10 best guitar solos of all time in my opinion.  Can’t go wrong with teenage angst lyrics – “HEY TEACHER!  LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE!”Johnny Osborne – Can’t Buy LoveFrom the seminal Studio One album recorded in 1979, “Truths and Rights”, which cemented Johnny Osborne as one of the great Reggae singers of the era. While he was known for conscious lyrics and for speaking out on social issues through his music, he could also deliver a love song like no other as he does here. The quality and emotional nuance of his voice fits perfectly in this setting. For our cover of “So Much Trouble”, also in the 1979 mixtape, we quote the horn melody from Can’t Buy Love which is considered one of the classics and is still used regularly in dancehall to this day. Old and New Dreams – Lonely WomanOrnette Coleman collaborators Dewey Redman (one of my favorite saxophone players and father of Joshua Redman), Don Cherry and Charlie Haden formed this incredible band with Ed Blackwell, and recorded for the influential European label ECM. This is truly one of the great jazz albums of the time, especially considering that many players were gravitating to a much smoother sound during this period as is indicative of GRP Records and the lasting influence of unsavory fusion jazz excursions. These guys kept it real and were fearless in their creation. Here we seem them playing an extended version of “Lonely Woman”, one of Ornette’s most well known compositions from the landmark album “Shape of Jazz To Come”. Yabby You – Beware DubThe music of Vivian Jackson, aka Yabby You, has been an obsession of mine as of late. We are lucky to have several reissues of his work available. “Jesus Dread” is the most well known and was released in 1997 by the defunct label Blood and Fire. We now have the recently released 3-Volume box “Dread Prophecy” available widely and in digital form on Shanachie Records. Shanachie is a fantastic label, they released several albums by my homies and former bandmates John Brown’s Body. “Beware Dub” showcases the innovative and masterful sounds of Yabby You and Dub Godfather King Tubby, as well as an all-star cast of the best Jamaican musicians of the day.Frank Zappa – Filthy HabitsThis is the opening track from one of my favorite Zappa albums: Sleep Dirt. It reminds me of mid 70’s Miles Davis. I love the angular head and the awesomely weird extended guitar solo.Earth, Wind, & Fire – In The StoneBassist Verdine White is so good on this. And, like all EWF recordings Maurice White and Phillip Bailey’s vocals are on point. This track just sounds great, turn it up!Bee Gees – TragedyBarry Gibb’s epic and hilarious falsetto really stands out on this track. The Bee Gees get me pumped!Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get EnoughMy favorite MJ! Let me help you out with the first line in the chorus: “Keep on with the force don’t stop”. You’re welcome.The Motet – Mixtape 1979 – New Orleans Photoslast_img read more

Organ Freeman Announces New Album Featuring Members Of Vulfpeck & Turkuaz

first_imgOrgan Freeman is the funk of the future. The band mixes a jazzy disposition with a healthy dose of funk, and they sound like a combination of Soulive and The New Mastersounds, with a dash of Vulfpeck thrown in for good measure. Their passion for the music is clear each time they pick up their instruments, with every show a unique musical adventure. Following yesterday’s track release, the band has officially announced their second studio album, Respect My Art, due out September 12th.Following the band’s 2015 self-titled album, Organ Freeman’s 2017 sound has emerged with new life. Made up of Rob Humphreys (drums), Erik Carlson (guitar) and Trevor Steer (organ/keys), the group is moving in a new direction, as they meld EDM electronics with traditional organ trio instrumentation, to create something new and unique. “Our goal for this album was to try to create the biggest, most expansive sound we could as a three piece, so instead of writing and arranging with the instrumentation in mind, we decided not to shy away from layering or sounds that wouldn’t normally be considered in an organ trio setting,” remarks Steer of the new release.The band ventures outside of the standard drums-keys-guitar lineup of an organ trio for Respect My Art and enlisted some heavy hitters to join in on the magic. Vulfpeck guitarist Theo Katzman, Turkuaz guitarist Dave Brandwein, Vertical Horizon bassist Sean Hurley, Jungle Fire trumpeter Sean Billings, The Muller’s Wheel alto saxophonist Woody Mankowski, and tenor saxophonist Jesse McGinty all fill out some of the tracks, delving deeper into previously uncharted territory for the band.All songs were written, arranged, and produced by Organ Freeman. The album was recorded by Chris Sorem at The Nest in Los Angeles, CA. Mixing for Respect My Art is courtesy of Wesley Cole Switzer—who is responsible for mixing the band’s debut self-titled effort—at LA’s Milestone Studios, while Nathan James mastered the record at Vault Mastering in Phoenix, AZ. The band once again enlisted Ryan Dilmore to create the album artwork.In celebration of the coming release, Organ Freeman has planned two release shows. The first takes place at The Mint in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, September 16th. The second will be held at The Independent in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, September 23rd. Tickets and more info is available via the band’s website.ORGAN FREEMAN // Upcoming Tour Dates9/9 – Bellvue, CO – Canyon Jam @ The Mishawaka9/16 – Los Angeles, CA – The Mint *9/23 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent *10/6 – Las Vegas, NV – The Yard @ Top Golf10/5 – 10/8 – Joshua Tree, CA – Joshua Tree Music Festival* notes special Respect My Art album release performancelast_img read more

My Morning Jacket Members Pay Tribute To Tom Petty In Louisville [Videos]

first_imgFollowing his 2009 Tribute To George Harrison EP, Jim James recently announced a special reissue of the album as well as an exciting follow up Tribute To 2 that will cover a vast array of musicians–both due out on December 8th via ATO Records. The new album, recorded over a number of years using all different equipment, features the My Morning Jacket frontman’s solo renditions of “Baby Don’t Go” by Sonny & Cher , “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” by Bob Dylan, “Wild Honey” by Diane Izzo, “Funny How Time Slips Away” by Willie Nelson, and “Lucky Man” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, among others.“It gave me the idea to unite the music of these two different worlds,” James explained in a statement about Tribute To 2. “I believe that if people really listened, they would love so much music outside of the genre they normally listen to – and that alone could start to unite people.” As he continues to tribute artists on his own solo tours and with My Morning Jacket, Jim James also opens the minds of those who will listen. Thanks JJ![H/T JamBase] As the world continues to mourn the sudden and unexpected loss of the great Tom Petty, many musicians have come forward with their own tributes to the American singer-songwriter. Last week, Louisville’s Headliners Music Hall hosted their own tribute to Petty with a night dubbed “Into The Great Wide Open: A Celebration Of Tom Petty”. The lineup included My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Patrick Hallahan, and Tom Blankenship, along with Tony Esposito, Nick Wilkerson, Dante Schwebel, Adam Turla, Kate Toupin, Dawn Landers, Johnny Berry, Joe Manning, Cheyenne Mize, David Bird, and more. Attendees were asked to bring a jar of peanut butter for Dare To Care Food Bank, and the concert was in benefit of Strive.Jim James Announces New Tribute Album, Shares Beach Boys CoverThe group played through Tom Petty favorites, like “Here Comes My Girl”, “Refugee”, “Breakdown”, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, “American Girl”, “Free Fallin’”, and so many more. Thanks to YouTube user Darkstarflashes, you can watch select videos from the “Into The Great Wide Open: A Celebration Of Tom Petty” below.last_img read more

Snarky Puppy Wows The Los Angeles Crowd At The Orpheum Theatre [Photo/Video]

first_imgLoad remaining images Photos: Snarky Puppy | Orpheum Theatre | Los Angeles, CA | 2/27/2018 | Credit: Brandon Weil For years, I heard the Gospel of Snarky Puppy. Friends told me how great they were. The Pimps of Joytime listed the Brooklyn-based band with Texas roots as a major influence. When I saw Robert “Sput” Searight sit in with Herbie Hancock’s all-star ensemble at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, I started to get an idea of what the hype for this jazz-fusion outfit was about. Then, on the penultimate day of February, after getting warmed up to the glistening global rhythms of Banda Magda, I watched Snarky Puppy from the front row of the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles and had all of my expectations—along with my mind and music-loving soul—blown away.Rarely had I seen 11 people take the stage outside of, say, an orchestral performance or a full-album extravaganza by Stevie Wonder. Rarer still, under those circumstances, was the absence of a vocal part, save for Jamison Ross’ humming on “Gemini.” Not that Snarky Puppy needed any lyrics whatsoever to not only bring the house down but enlist the help of a capacity crowd of nearly 2,000 revelers.First, out of left field, came the body-absorbing, head-banging bass from Michael League’s synthesizer on “Beep Box” followed by Nate Werth’s expert percussive work. Then came the decidedly more Latin vibes of “Semente”, another keeper from 2016’s Culcha Vulcha, featuring Jay Jennings’ fluttering flows on flugelhorn. Funkier vibes supplied by Bob Reynolds’ tenor sax and Bob Lanzetti’s legendary guitar work led the way on “Grown Folks.”After jamming on “Gemini”, Snarky Puppy departed to other albums. The five-piece wind section took center stage for “What About Me?” off 2014’s We Like it Here. Justin Stanton’s trilling trumpet tailored a tour through “Thing of Gold” from 2012’s groundUP, and Shaun Martin’s key-stroking brought a turnt-up Tuesday crowd into “Ready Wednesday”—the closer from 2010’s Tell Your Friends.It wasn’t until the encore that the true power of the Puppy crystallized before my eyes. The band returned to raucous applause, and as soon as the first hints of “Shofukan” trickled through the interior fog, there wasn’t an occupied seat in the venue—because the entire crowd had risen to its feet. Lest anyone think that lyrics are a requirement for a proper call-and-response, Martin put that notion to bed. Everyone joined in with the horns on the central hook of the song, which grew louder and more joyful with each of Shaun’s provocations and “Super Mario Bros” invocations. When he asked for the sea of voices before him to harmonize, they all happily obliged.Eight tracks were all it took to turn this curious observer into a Disciple of the Snark. That’s what happens when each of those tracks is carried by such a stellar collective, like the most brilliant and eclectic “Drums/Space” sequence the Grateful Dead could have ever dreamed up. All of which is to say, it may take an act of God to keep me from seeing Snarky Puppy again when the whole gang returns to L.A. for the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl in June.You can check out videos and photos below of Snarky Puppy’s Orpheum performance, courtesy of Brandon Weil.last_img read more