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Charges dismissed against Navy commander accused of rape

first_imgCharges dismissed against Navy commander accused of rape KUSI Newsroom, Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Acting on a motion by prosecutors, a judge Friday dismissed all charges against a Navy commander who was accused of trying to rape a junior officer in her Valencia Park home in 2016.John Michael Neuhart II had been facing a third trial after two previous juries deadlocked on multiple charges.Last month, Judge Laura Halgren dismissed a charge of assault with intent to commit rape during a burglary, but said prosecutors could retry Neuhart on charges of attempted forcible rape and assault with intent to commit rape.Deputy District Attorney Patrick Espinoza said the Navy will now assume jurisdiction of the case.Defense attorney Kerry Armstrong, who has been working on the case for 21 months, said Neuhart could face potential charges in the Navy, but “he’s a happy man today.”Armstrong said he was “pleasantly surprised” when Espinoza told the judge that the District Attorney’s Office was moving to dismiss the case.In the retrial, prosecutor Jennifer Tag told jurors that Neuhart, who was the alleged victim’s helicopter squadron commander in Guam before she was transferred to San Diego, was physically aggressive with the woman once they arrived at her home and pulled off her jeans.The prosecutor said the woman, identified in court as Kristin B., has no memory of the limousine ride home from the downtown hotel to her home, but remembers pushing the defendant out the door after the alleged assault on Sept. 12, 2016.Neuhart, 41, came around to a back door and decided to videotape the encounter with his cell phone, Tag told the jury.“I’ve wanted you for awhile,” the defendant tells Kristin through the closed door.“No! Stop,” she replies.“Is that your safe word?” the defendant says.“Yes,” says Kristin.Once she opens the door, Neuhart tells her to get a condom.“It’s not what I want,” she says. “Spike stop! Spike stop!”When called as one of the first witnesses at the retrial, Kristin testified that Spike was Neuhart’s call sign and stands for “Sweaty palms, I know everything.”A neighbor heard the woman’s screams and called 911, then confronted Neuhart, forcing him to gather up his clothes and run away, Tag told the jury, adding that Neuhart ran so hard through two canyons that he broke his leg before officers caught up to him and took him into custody.During the ordeal, Kristin told the defendant “no,” “stop” “get out” or “get off” at least 90 times in less than 15 minutes, the prosecutor said.Armstrong told jurors that Neuhart, a married Iraq War veteran and father of six, and his client had a mutual attraction to each other. He said things might have been misconstrued that night, and both of them were drunk.Neuhart thought Kristin, a helicopter pilot and a lieutenant, had been flirting with him while they were in Guam, Armstrong said.The attorney showed jurors hotel surveillance video in which the two are seen hugging and kissing at the bar and in an elevator the night of the incident in San Diego. At the end of the evening, he said, they debated where to go and decided to get a ride to her house.The limousine driver thought Kristin was flirting with the defendant, the defense attorney said.Neuhart asked her in the limo, “Does no mean no tonight?” and she said no, according to Armstrong. Once at her home, Neuhart was confused because she was giving him mixed signals, his attorney said.Neuhart decided to record the event because it was getting “so weird” and he wanted to protect himself, according to Armstrong.The attorney said his client never touched Kristin’s private parts that night.The defendant was relieved as commander of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25 based at Anderson Air Force on Guam after his arrest.He is still a Navy commander working a desk job in Coronado, Armstrong said. June 1, 2018 Posted: June 1, 2018last_img read more

Big cats love Calvin Klein cologne

first_img(PhysOrg.com) — Workers in Wildlife Conservation Societies around the world are using a new technique to lure big cats to their heat-and-motion-sensitive cameras and keep them there long enough to enable them to be identified. The new technique is to spray the area with cologne, but not just any fragrance – it has to be Calvin Klein’s “Obsession for Men”. Cheetah. Image: Wikimedia Commons. Big cats, wild pigs and short-eared dogs — oh, my! The idea began in the Bronx Zoo in 2003, when general curator Pat Thomas decided to test the effects of 24 fragrances on two cheetahs. The zoo had long sprayed perfumes on rocks in the cats’ enclosure to keep them curious, but Thomas decided to be a little more scientific and test individual scents. The results showed “Obsession for Men” was a clear winner, with the cats spending an average of 11.1 minutes in savoring the scent and obviously loving the musky perfume, rubbing their cheeks against trees that had been sprayed. Other scents did not perform so well for the cats, with Revlon’s “Charlie” occupying them for only 15.5 seconds, and Estée Lauder’s “Beautiful” keeping them interested for a mere two seconds.After Thomas’s trials, word spread through the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and use of the cologne has spread from zoos to protected areas of jungle in wildlife conservation regions, where it is finding success in luring big cats of all kinds to cameras placed along remote animal trails. In Guatemala, for example, Roan Balas McNab uses the perfume in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, one of the largest protected regions in South America, to attract jaguars to the area around the cameras and keep them there long enough for the individuals to be identified by their unique patterns of spots. Since the cologne has been used the number of cats lingering in the vicinity of the cameras has increased threefold, and this will help the researchers to better estimate the size of the population of the reclusive cats. Researchers studying the cats have also been able to capture on video rarely seen events such as mating rituals near the cameras.Program coordinator of the Jaguar Conservation Program run by the WCS said they plan to expand the use Obsession for Men to its jaguar population studies next year in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.Calvin Klein’s “Obsession for Men” was launched in 1986 and is still one of the top ten best-selling fragrances for men in the world. The “nose” who helped create the cologne, Ann Gottlieb, said there were a number of ingredients that might attract animals, such as synthetic animal “notes” like the musky scent secreted by the civet.Mr McNab initially hesitated to spread the word about the fragrance fearing poachers might use it, but he decided the benefits to science outweighed the risk since the fragrance is rare in stores near the rainforests and it is expensive, and poachers use dead animals as an effective bait to lure the cats. The WCS’s ethics do not permit researchers to use dead animals. Explore furthercenter_img © 2010 PhysOrg.com Citation: Big cats love Calvin Klein cologne (2010, June 9) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2010-06-big-cats-calvin-klein-cologne.html This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more