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Lab Technician Construction Technology

first_imgOrganize, plan, and prioritize laboratory activities for theConstruction Technology area. Maintain laboratory supplies andmaterials inventory.Perform clerical duties including operating a computer,maintaining records and files, and compiling data and reports asrequired; collect and maintain data and records.Coordinate, operate, and monitor lab facilities and activities.Direct and organize preparation of lab materials, supplies,workstations, equipment, computers, and other media to ensureefficient lab operations.Adapt and apply laboratory methods, practices, and techniquescommon to designated area.Ensure safe laboratory conditions including safe and securehandling and storage of supplies and equipment. Recommend,implement, and maintain safety standards and departmental policiesand procedures to comply with federal, state, and local hazardousmaterials, health and safety hazardous waste regulations, and otherapplicable regulations with EPA, OSHA, DOT, RCRA, TCEQ and otherregulatory agencies and acts.Initiate purchase requisitions, controls expenditures, preparecost estimates for budget recommendation and submit justificationsand requests for capital outlay items. Prepare specifications andanalyze bids for purchases.Operate, install, maintain, and trouble-shoot laboratoryequipment. Set up, configure, and calibrate new equipment. Writeinstructions and standard operating procedures for equipmentoperation.Perform routine maintenance and repair.Assist faculty, staff, and students with use of lab equipmentand facilities.Perform assigned special projects or assignments based onunique laboratory needs.Perform other duties as assigned.Perform all duties to maintain all standards in accordance withCollege policies, procedures, and core values. Knowledge of Construction TechnologyKnowledge of laboratory tests, experiments, policies, andproceduresKnowledge of hazardous material/waste handling anddisposalKnowledge of laboratory safety practicesInterpersonal and customer service skills to provide effectiveassistanceEffective oral and written communication skillsComputer and applicable software skillsAudio/visual equipment skillsOrganizational and time management skillsStrong analytical skillsCollaborate in a team environmentAbility to identify and resolve lab technical issues in atimely mannerAbility to communicate effectively both written andinterpersonal skillsAbility to use a variety of spreadsheet, word processing,database, and presentation softwareAbility to use related laboratory software applicationsAbility to follow and enforce lab policies, protocols andguidelines established by the departmentAbility to maintain an established work schedule Lab Technician Construction TechnologyLocation:2550 Bending Branch Way,, Collin College Technical CampusAllen, Texas, 75013United StatesWe are searching for an experienced Lab Technician ConstructionTechnologyJob Purpose:Responsible for maintaining laboratory equipment and safetyrequirements. Provide assistance to faculty, staff, and studentswith complex lab and/or technical classroom support services.Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Required Qualifications:High School Diploma or equivalency certification and two (2) yearsof related work experience required.Licenses and Certifications:Relevant certifications/licenses, preferred.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Physical Demands and Working Conditions:Heavy Work – Exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, up to50 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of forceconstantly having to move objects.. Positions in this classtypically include talking, hearing, seeing, grasping, standing,walking and repetitive motions, stooping, kneeling, crouching, andreaching, climbing and balancing, plus pushing, pulling andlifting. Incumbents may be subjected to moving mechanical parts,odors, dusts, poor ventilation, chemicals, oils, extremetemperatures, inadequate lighting and intense noises, gases andworkspace restrictions. In addition, incumbents may be subjected tovibrations, chemicals and oils. Occasional exposure to unpleasantenvironmental conditions and/or hazards. Occasional outside work.Frequent physical effort required.***This is a Security Sensitive position. Therefore candidateswill be subject to a criminal background check.***The intent of this job description is to provide arepresentative summary of the types of duties and responsibilitiesthat will be required of the positions given this title and shallnot be construed as a declaration of the specific duties andresponsibilities of any particular position. Employees may berequested to perform job-related tasks other than thosespecifically presented in this description. Fair Labor StandardsAct (exempt/non-exempt) is designated by position. The employeractively supports Americans with Disabilities Act and will considerreasonable accommodations.Employment Type: Full-time StaffCompensation Type: AnnualCompensation Range: $32,367.00 – 37,222.00For any employment questions, please contact HR at (972) 985-3783or [email protected] .Collin College provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) toall employees and applicants for employment without regard to race,color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability orgenetics.last_img read more

Van Pay conquers 33-car IMCA Modified field at 141

first_imgBy Greg AregoniFRANCIS CREEK, Wis. (April 25) – R.M. Van Pay showed he is still one of the top hands in the poker division that is the IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified class after all his years in competi­tion. Van Pay bested a star-studded 33-car field Saturday at 141 Speedway.Jay Matthias was putting the lap money in his pocket early, working the berm smoothly while Van Pay settled into second.Not content to just occasionally take a peak underneath, Van Pay made his move halfway through the event. He shot down low heading into turn one as Matthias had his right rear tire go down.Van Pay cleared Matthias and then set sail on the top of the track. Van Pay picked up the cau­tion-free feature event win, his career 123rd in the division. Kyle Kudick prevailed in a late-race duel with Tim Czarneski for the runner-up spot.John Heinz picked up his second straight IMCA Sunoco Stock Car victory. Other winners included Ryan Lemieux in the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods and Shaun Bangart being awarded the Mach-1 Sport Compact victory after a disqualification.One hundred and sixty-one cars literally packed the pits Saturday night at Francis Creek.last_img read more

New handicapping rule aims to stop the rogue players

first_img A new handicapping rule has been introduced for members of English golf clubs to stop rogue players manipulating the system to their advantage. Over recent years there has been a number of cases of players who protect inflated handicaps, only to repeatedly collect high-value rewards when playing in competitions away from home. “We’re not talking about a sleeve of balls,” said Gemma Hunter, England Golf’s Handicap and Course Rating Manager. “These are big prizes including luxury trips overseas, sets of clubs and electric trolleys.” Now, everyone playing in non-qualifying competitions away from home must return their scores to their home club. Players who ignore this responsibility could, as a last resort, have their handicap suspended. England Golf has introduced this clause of the CONGU handicapping system to provide clubs with evidence to support handicap reviews. “It’s essential to do this to protect the integrity of the system,” said Gemma. “We can’t sit back and let people manipulate the system, but without evidence clubs can’t take any action.” The new system will highlight players who, for example, take part in as many competitions as possible at home and whose handicaps creep up 0.1 on every occasion – but who repeatedly win prizes away from home. Similarly, it will show up the players who play the bare minimum of competitions at home, but who are known for their away successes. It applies to all stroke play scores returned under competition conditions, including team events. “It’s not about recording every score in a fourball betterball, but returning the team score,” said Gemma. “If the same individuals or teams keeping winning or coming near the top of leaderboards at events away from home, that should at least indicate to their club handicapping officials that further investigations are required – and the only way to achieve that is by asking for all the scores to be reported.” Social golf is not affected, but clubs are advised to be aware of performances in swindles which the handicap committee could take into account at the annual review. England Golf also recommends that clubs which run non-qualifying open competitions should inform the prize winners’ home clubs of their scores. Click here for more information 6 Mar 2017 New handicapping rule aims to stop the rogue players last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week — Trafalgar Grade 8 Boy’s Basketball

first_imgHowever, both teams are deserving of Mallard’s Team of the Week accolades after a solid showing in Trail.Nathanial Pan scored 21 points and Van Kozak added 16 to lead the Green squad to the title. Trafalgar Thunder dominated the J. Lloyd Crowe Grade 8 Basketball Tournament Saturday in Trail, sending two teams to the final to determine the overall champ.In the end it was Team Green outscoring school rival Team White 29-17 en route to a 47-35 victory in the final of the six-team tournament.last_img

Miracles in Solar System Origin Theories

first_imgSkipping over a difficulty because it can’t be solved scientifically: that’s one giant backward leap for theory kind.Finagle’s Rule #6 for scientists recommends, “Do not believe in miracles. Rely on them.” Secular materialists follow that rule implicitly when trying to account for the origin of the solar system. They know full well that the “building blocks” of small grains, thought to have condensed out of a primordial gas cloud, do not stick together. They bounce off each other or, worse, erode each other into smaller grains. Only when an accreting ball of grains grows to about a kilometer in diameter will the so-called “planetesimal” begin to accrete more material through gravity. That’s the problem; you have to start with small planets to get planets. But materialists need a theory from the bottom up: from molecules to planets. How can they deal with this giant hurdle? Two ways: (1) invoke miracles, and (2) use the Big Lie tactic while doing it to make it sound convincing. Need proof? Look right here.In Science Magazine, Francesco DeMeo introduces a family reunion of sorts: “Meet the primordial asteroid family.” Drum roll. Here comes the miracle and the big lie.One of the major goals of planetary science is to understand the formation of all the bodies within our solar system, including the nearly one million known asteroids. There are two main competing theories (see the figure). The first and classical theory suggests that these bodies formed incrementally, starting as dust grains and accumulating bit by bit until they reached their final size. The second and more recent theory suggests that these bodies formed almost instantly through the gravitational collapse of clusters of pebble-sized material in the protoplanetary disk into single bodies hundreds or thousands of kilometers in diameter [the miracle]. This method skips the meter-to-kilometer intermediate size range that has been problematic to quantify with the classical method. On page 1026 of this issue, Delbo et al. find compelling observational evidence that when the asteroids formed, they were initially of large size, thus favoring the second model [the big lie].Notice first that the evolutionists exclude creation as a model from the outset. That leaves secular materialists with only two models: gradualism and secular miracles. Instant planets thousands of kilometers in diameter? How can they propose that? If you thought punctuated equilibria was a miraculous theory in biology, look at the miracle here. What physical force could possibly bring this about?The paper by Delbo et al. actually infers the secular miracle in a roundabout way. They never test if grains can actually condense into planetesimals with any experiments in a lab. All they do is count and measure asteroids. They find some orphan asteroids that they claim are 4 billion years old (Darwin Years, that is). Through their convoluted thinking, this can only mean one thing:We discovered a 4-billion-year-old asteroid family extending across the entire inner part of the main belt whose members include most of the dark asteroids previously unlinked to families. This allows us to identify some original planetesimals, which are all larger than 35 kilometers, supporting the view of asteroids being born big.“Born big”? That is worse than claiming that humans exit the birth canal as adults. Here’s how they present the miracle of instant planetesimals: they only refer to previous papers, particularly one in 2008 (see arXiv) that only proposed a “scenario” because of “the poorly understood sticking of mineral particle aggregates and the apparent difficulty of growing beyond meter size due to rapid inward migration and collisional disruption.” Now, nine years since that proposal, Delbo et al. know that the problem remains unsolved:Understanding the formation of the planetesimals, the building blocks of planets, is a crucial problem in planetary science. Traditionally, a coagulation process is invoked, in which accreting collisions create bodies of all sizes up to several hundreds of kilometers. However, new models propose that planetesimals can form preferentially as 102 to 104 km in size directly from the clumping of dust particles in the protoplanetary disk, essentially skipping the formation of kilometer-sized and smaller bodies (1–4).The authors speak of “objects that were lost because of the collisional and dynamical evolution.” That makes sense; we know from experience that collisions break things down. Dynamical evolution can fling objects out of the solar system. But can chance instabilities organize planets instantly? Alan Boss felt like a heretic when he embraced the theory of disk instabilities forming instant gas giant planets (3/21/06, 8/15/15), but he thought core accretion would work for inner planets. This paper shows it does not. It appears that heresy is becoming orthodoxy.Everybody believes in miracles. Some believe in guided miracles by an all-wise, omniscient Creator. Some believe in miracles of chance. Everyone believes in the supernatural. Some refer to it as God’s realm. Others restrict it to science, which is supernatural, because it is not composed of matter in motion.So don’t be fooled into falling for the faith vs science dichotomy. The choice is not between supernatural and natural, but which supernatural worldview logically coheres with the evidence. (Visited 614 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Chinese herbal tea for Africa

first_img21 June 2007A Chinese beverage company has struck a US$20-million agreement with a South African firm to produce, bottle and market herbal tea in the country and the southern African region.Hutchinson Whampoa Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chinese Medicine Company’s general manager, Li Chuyuan, told Chinese news agency Xinhua last week that his company had signed the deal with South Africa’s FHC Group to set up a bottling plant and promote the drink.Guangzhou municipality reports that the same Chinese-South African partners have signed a $120-million deal on developing artemisinin, which is use as a treatment for malaria. However, no further details were given.Chuyuan told the agency his company was optimistic that herbal tea sales would take off in Africa.Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province, China’s powerhouse for herbal tea products. The director of Guangdong’s food and drug industry association, Zhang Junxiu, told Xinhua that production of bottled herbal tea surpassed production of Coca-Cola in China in 2006.With the domestic industry booming, and further incentives in the form of national recognition, China’s herbal tea makers are now taking aim at markets beyond the Pearl River Delta.National intangible treasureAccording to the People’s Daily Online website, residents in China’s Pearl River Delta, including Hong Kong and Macao, believe herbal tea is healthy because it cools the body.The drink has a history of over 100 years in the area. In 2005 the governments of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao successfully applied to have herbal teas named as part of China’s national “intangible cultural heritage”.According to the website, a total of 18 brands from 21 herbal tea companies, and 54 secret recipes, are now under the protection of both an international cultural heritage protection convention and China’s own laws.“The recognition will definitely enhance herbal tea brands across the country and the rest of the world,” Guangzhou-based Wong Chun Loong Traditional Herbal Tea Company’s general manager, Huang Changwei, told People’s Daily OnlineSouthAfrica.info reporter Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Ohio crop producers looking forward with $3.5 million in water quality funding

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Since 2011, Ohio’s leading corn, soybean and wheat checkoff organizations have invested nearly $3.5 million dollars in research and education to address the water quality challenges faced by farmers and all Ohioans. That investment continues as the Ohio CornMarketing Program (OCMP), Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program (OSGMP) and Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) have recently approved a fourth year of program funding.“Water quality has been and will continue to be one of our top priorities,” said Patrick Knouff, OSC chairman and grain farmer from Shelby County. “This issue is complex and requires a comprehensive approach to find solutions. And make no mistake, our organizations are working to find real answers and develop practical actions that can help mitigate runoff. It’s an investment in the future of Ohio agriculture and we expect a return. This is what we’re good at.”With algae problems in Grand Lake St. Mary fresh on their minds and the growing problem of algae in Lake Erie, the farmer leaders of all three checkoff organizations put their heads together in late 2011 and made the strategic decision to partner and begin investing in research. As more was learned, a variety of educational programs for farmers were added to the portfolio.Thanks to this early leadership, the On Field Ohio research project was awarded a $1 million match from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2013. Led by Dr. Elizabeth Dayton at The Ohio State University, this program is monitoring runoff at the field level and will help identify best management practices for farmers.In August 2014, the organizations’ strategic direction shifted again when Toledo shut off water to 500,000 of its residents.“We knew we needed to do more than talk to researchers and farmers. Now, we must talk to our neighbors about the importance of water quality,” said John Linder, OCMP chairman and Morrow County grain farmer. “People had questions and they wanted answers. In many cases, they were asking the same questions farmers were asking. Speaking to large groups and media isn’t typically in the job description of a farmer, but we can’t remain silent. This is too important.”The organizations worked to identify opportunities for farmers from around the state to answer questions and tell their story. They provided information about the ongoing research and educational programs funded by the three checkoff organizations and helped make connections with researchers. That work continues as more farmers speak to local groups.“We’re proud of the work done so far, but we’re not finished,” said John Hoffman, OSGMP chairman and Pickaway County grain farmer. “The recent nitrate issue in Columbus highlights the need to stay fully engaged. Ohio farmers have and will continue to demonstrate their commitment by increasing conservation practices, investing in vital research and participating in educational programs. We do this because water quality matters to each and every one of us.”Four years ago, Ohio was not the most talked about state with regards to water quality. Now it arguably is. While the attention that water is getting in the Buckeye State has increased dramatically, Ohio’s corn, soybean and wheat farm organizations are staying on the course they started back in 2011.last_img read more

Natural gas and energy prices expected to stay low

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest It is likely that prices of natural gas — now at their lowest in two decades — will be even lower during the home heating season next winter, Purdue University energy economist Wally Tyner says.In another good sign for low energy costs for consumers, Tyner also expects gasoline prices to stay in the range of $2 to $2.50 a gallon for much of 2016.Consumers already are seeing lower heating bills this winter even before the recent price drop. Tyner said that while the price of natural gas in December is the lowest it has been since 1994, consumers won’t see the full benefit of that in their gas bills this winter. That is because most of the natural gas that will be delivered this winter has already been contracted.“However, it likely means that home heating costs will fall more next winter,” he said.Tyner lists several “supply-and-demand drivers” that are keeping the price of natural gas so low:• Natural gas is produced from both conventional and shale oil and gas formations, so the “fracking” boom has led to large supply increases of natural gas.• The large supply increase has been faster than the rate of demand increase, so price has come down. Also, there is little international trade in natural gas, so the export market is quite limited.• While the low price has discouraged additional drilling for natural gas, oil and gas drilling efficiency has increased tremendously the past 2 to 3 years.• Normally, natural gas is put in storage in summer months, and the stored gas is used over the winter months. This year, however, so far the winter has been abnormally warm. Natural gas storage facilities are approaching full capacity, and limited additional storage is putting tremendous downward pressure on prices.Tyner noted that natural gas is used not only by many consumers for home heating but also by industry for process heat and to generate electricity.“Changes in natural gas prices, therefore, ripple widely through the economy,” he said.For gasoline, Tyner explained that price prospects depend mainly on what happens to the price of crude oil. Crude oil briefly was about $32 per barrel in December 2008 and January 2009. Today, it is about $35. He said forecasts for crude prices for 2016 range from falling to about $20 to increasing to $60 or more.“My sense is that we are near the bottom for crude oil and that it will remain relatively low for much of 2016,” he said.last_img read more

Android or iOS? How to Choose on a Limited Marketing Budget

first_imgRelated Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Tags:#Android Apps#Android Vs iOS#apps#iOS apps#mobile gaming#mobile optimization What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The technology business industry is mostly about making businesses from all sectors technologically sound. But part of the responsibility is also to help them stabilize with a sustainable online presence.Competition in the mobile app world.Serious competition is one of the most talked about aspect of any business. Mobile apps are no different. In this scenario, there are two major players of mobile app stores based on the mobile OS, Android, and iOS. Both of them have severe internal competition and USPs of their own. They have been business driven and customer-centric simultaneously while becoming fertile platforms for companies to showcase mobile business apps.When we talk about mobile apps, the competition in marketing involved after the launch is a point of considerable attention. Most of the sensible businesses indulge in dedicated activities for mobile App Store optimization and full marketing of the app. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative to look at how the two major players of mobile apps are poised at present. Which one should be chosen if you have a limited marketing budget?Have you ever wondered what an app costs the development company to host that app on the Apple store?FYI, all major mobile app stores charge mobile app hosting fee as per different pricing models. iOS and Android or no different. Apple charges $99 a year from mobile app developers and $299 a year from every iPhone app Development Company for hosting an app over the app store. Kindly note that it is an annual subscription which has to be renewed from time to time. Otherwise, the hosted app is brought down from the respective App Store. In Android, the pricing model is a lifetime subscription. Google charges a one-time fee of $25 for letting you host android mobile applications on Google play store from every Android app development company.Factors determining the marketing cost for an app.Hosting CostAs mentioned above, it is much more expensive to host an iOS mobile app compared to an android app. Although, hosting cost is not one of the most significant factors in determining the overall choice, but marketing cost should undoubtedly be considered under all circumstances. It makes more sense to count on the hosting cost if the mobile app idea is expected to be short-lived and later on you can afford to remove the app. However, it is important to note that Google has also been consistently increasing their hosting cost. The mentioned $25 is the effective price after a 27% increase in the last two years.Market share within the mobile app user base.Android is presently having approximately double the market share of iOS mobile apps. The year 2017-18 showed that there are about 2.6 million Android apps on Google play store and a little less, two million apps on the Apple App Store. This number is well supported by the fact that Android has been the global leader in smartphone market share. 2018 witnessed 217.2 million iOS smartphones being sold while over 1.3 billion Android smartphone units were it in sales of the previous year.The Android mobile platform is more extensive and diversified.There are many important aspects to keep in mind while choosing your mobile app platform within a limited budget. One of the most critical elements worth mentioning separately — is the fundamental analysis that Android is a mobile app platform. This platform is for the general masses and has a much larger and diversified user base.But Android is also a niche market.To reach a more significant number of mobile app customers, Android can be your preferred choice. At the same time, iOS is sticking to a niche market. They are the leaders of the mobile market in the U.S., and it is preferred by most corporates, C-levels, and executives over Android.How does each of these platforms affect the marketing budget?Finding where you stand on the point-on-point decision pitch.If you choose iOS over Android, you will be destined to face a highly informed, intellectual and comparatively more aware base of users. It will automatically lead to a need for much more effective, penetrating and highly convincing marketing pitch to magnetize the mobile app.Android users belong to the trends of the large volume download. In the Android market, you have to focus on capitalizing on the comparatively larger user base — while reaching out to potential customers. Both the choices have their share in the marketing budget, and it can vary as per the choice and stance of the marketing strategy.Different types of mindsets and needs of an individual customer base.Both the mobile app stores customers have entirely different mindsets and an overall stance over the mobile application installation and use. Every iPhone app development company has to come up with highly effective problem-solving abilities and the direct effect of using the app.While Android app development company can help you with exceptional qualities of an app and some significant benefits of using it. The next layer of marketing makes you spend more while marketing your app in the iOS space. It involves next level content creation, user follow-up and marketing pitch effectiveness.The cost of atomic operations involved in mobile app marketing.Cost per install or CPIThe atomic cost for operations which Google play store or the App Store charges from every single install that is taking place. Kindly note that these charges have nothing to do with the publicity or advertising cost — and are only levied if the user presses the install button. Clicking the install button means a fee for each successfully installed app even for a one single time usage. If an app user temporarily deletes the mobile app and later on decide to reinstall it — the earlier paid cost per install still stands countable.Mobile App Store optimization costs — what does this mean?Numerous speculations about hosting mobile apps on Google play store will help you in an online presence — because of the Google SEO benefits. App Store Optimization is wholly based on the relevance of the search made by the user and the most significant factor determining the results is the iOS on which the search is being done through Google.So — what does this mean for my famous top app?It simply means that regardless of how famous or top charted your app is — the relevance will be judged according to the context-sensitive searching algorithm — and the results will be coherent with the search results related to the particular iOS.How does the search results matter?Suppose you search same keyword string across Google on an Android device and an iOS device separately. Google is intelligent enough to show up results relevant to your specific iOS-based apps. Research made through the Android device will show up in Android apps — and iOS device will show up in apps from the App Store.App Store Optimization (ASO) costs.Google play store has numerous parameters and content blocks which are required while releasing your app on the Google play store. This will need a comprehensive marketing plan backed by a convincing launch of the product. On the other hand — iOS requires minimal effort and have a relatively less number of opportunities to optimize the mobile app ranking. The ranking is generally done by the App Store charts — based on the leads and responses received from the majority of users.Monetization opportunities.It is quite apparent that the possible revenue streams which can be created out of a mobile app — can help you ease into the monetization opportunities with the overall numbers of a mobile app marketing plan.Android gives you ample opportunities and broad scope to monetize your mobile app content and user-ship. There are different types of advertisements, referrals and numerous chances of affiliate marketing which make android apps front-runners of any monetization campaign. iOS applications are filtered by Apple’s high security and standard performance protocol which eliminates all sorts of news, ads, and elements that can contribute to deteriorating the UX — and compromise privacy, user data. A limited budget may motivate you to go for android apps as they leave you with a more relaxed space to elaborate on the marketing budget.Your choices in a nutshell.The choice of mobile app platform should be primarily driven by the size and type of your probable customer user base. The principal heads of your mobile app marketing budget are governed by their respective choice only. While other factors do add up in the overall cost — they will have a relatively smaller quantum of effect on the overall numbers and the results achieved after the execution of the marketing plan.Due to increasing competition, every leading Android app development company helps companies choose the most appropriate platform during consultation and requirement fixation. The industry is occupied with genuinely good analysts who help you design mobile products most effectively.You can get complete digital resource information which is easy and practical to market. Entrant technologies and new tools for mobile app development are paving the way for a more sophisticated approach for choosing the right platform.The future of all apps will be intriguing to watch. Their success or failures may depend on the time it takes to get to market. It will be compelling as this future of apps unfurls toward a much better tomorrow of technology. Arul Karuppannan Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Digital Marketing Strategist at W2S Solutions – A leading Mobile App Development Company in India. Foodie, Nature Lover, Social Activist & Growth Hacker. last_img read more

If You Believed Google Duplex Was the Salesperson, You Weren’t Paying Attention

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now Many of those who prognosticate about sales very literally missed the main takeaway. To those who saw salespeople being disintermediated, they were correct in the assessment, but they were focused on the wrong party. If you were paying attention, Duplex did fine, but the person whose job is put in jeopardy is the person who worked for the salon. In a business that is very personal and preference matters a great deal, the call was nothing more than a transaction.The call should have sounded like this:Duplex: Hi, I’m calling to book a women’s haircut for a client. Um.  I’m looking for something on May 3rd.Salesperson: Sure give me one second. Hi, this is Anthony. I can take care of this for you. What’s your name? And what’s your client’s name?(When you answer the phone, you should provide your name, so the other person knows your name. You should also ask them their name, because they are a human being, and that being true, they have a name. Once you know their name, you can address them by name. If the person calling is calling for the client, you should also ask for the client’s name, so you can speak with them about that person using their name, too.)Salesperson: What day and time works best for Lisa?Mm-hmm. (This is allegedly what makes this human, but it isn’t.)Sure. What time are you looking for around?Duplex: At 12PM.Salesperson: We do not have a 12PM available. The closest we have to that is a 1:15. I’m so sorry. Noon time is super popular today. I have a 1:15 PM available, will that work or is that too late for Lisa?(When someone asks for a time and it is unavailable, it is polite to apologize. You are trying to serve that person. You might also offer an explanation that provides more context, so your client knows why you can’t give them what they want. Because you know the person’s name and the time they wanted, you can easily make your communication more personal, more caring. You are collaborating with the person scheduling and you are acknowledging a likely constraint.)Duplex: Do you have anything between 10 am and 12 pm?Depending on what service she would like. What service is she looking for?  Can you share with my what kind of services Lisa is looking for so I can find her the best stylists for her?(Again, using Lisa’s name. Also inquiring about what she wants so that you can tailor the decision as to what stylist works best based on what is best going to provide her the outcome she needs. By doing so, you are also building up the stylist and your business.)Duplex: Just a woman’s haircut for now.Salesperson: Tell me about what Lisa likes? Is this a regular maintenance cut or is she looking for something new?(I am not an expert on women, but I live with three of them, one who has a stylist that she uses exclusively, and two whose high school jobs have them working in a salon. I am not certain any women wants “just a woman’s haircut,” but I beg your pardon, if I am wrong. That said, you create greater value when you ask what Lisa likes. Maybe she wants a regular cut, or maybe she wants to book at your salon because she wants to change things up. Eliciting her preferences shows caring).Salesperson: Okay, we have a 10 o’clock. If Lisa could do 10:00 AM, I can put her with one of our top stylists, Shelley. Shelley is amazing!(Now, the person booking the appointment for her client can report back that her appointment is with Shelley, one of the best stylists at the salon. By the way, they say Shelley is amazing.).Duplex: 10 AM is fine.Salesperson: Okay, what’s her first name? (Way to late to ask. Too many opportunities lost)The first name is Lisa. Can you tell me a little about Lisa? What does she look like and what does she like to drink?(If I know what Lisa looks like, I can keep an eye out for her and greet her by name. That’s not all that difficult, because she’ll be showing up a few minutes before 10AM on Wednesday. If I know she likes Diet Peach Tea Snapple, having one waiting there for her will do a fair bit towards her becoming a client for life.)Salesperson Okay, perfect. So Shelley will see Lisa at 10 o’clock on May 3rd. I’ll make sure we’re looking for her, and we’ll have her Diet Peach Tea Snapple. Is there anything else we can do for you or Lisa while she’s here?(The person scheduling the call is also now your client. Because you worked to make a transaction something about value, trust, and caring, you have improved the experience. You are now differentiated. And you can now say, “Thanks so much. If you have any other clients you need help taking care of, please let me know. We’ll take excellent care of them.”For a little effort, a great attitude, and the cost a Diet Peach Tea Snapple, you have made yourself much more difficult to be disintermediated, and you have probably gained a client and fan for life.For those of you who believed Duplex was the salesperson, you weren’t really paying attention, were you?last_img read more