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How close is Amazon to next day shipping

first_imgAmazon Prime customers routinely sing the praises of the service. More often than not, I find users who will only buy an item on Amazon if it is eleigible for Prime shipping, just so they can get the item in one or two days. It’s an incredible convenience, and has provided Amazon with a powerful tool to wield against online and physical retailers for a while now. In a crunch, though, there’s still no replacement for being able to pick the item up that very same day. With a fleet of new shipping facilities under construction, it looks like Amazon is trying to close the gap between order and shipping times to offer an even better service.During the Kindle presentation last week Jeff Bezos ordered something from his tablet and then pulled the item out from his podium. He chuckled and said “okay, so we’re not that fast yet” and went back to his presentation. While we’re certainly not going to see Amazon Prime Instant any time soon, some recent distribution center deployments from Amazon show that they are trying to shorten the shipping time in some major cities.Areas including South Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Virginia are all seeing centers go up that could grant Amazon the ability to deliver next day shipping in those areas. Right now in the US the fastest Amazon can offer is 1 day shipping in many areas, and closing the gap to next day would give them a considerable advantage.More people are using Amazon all the time, and while there’s a concern that brick and mortar stores will struggle to compete with the online retailer, it doesn’t seem like Amazon has any plans to slow down. Some states have started forcing Amazon to charge the state sales tax on items sold to individuals who live in those states, and it is expected that those laws will spread across the country.Next day shipping is an incredibly difficult feat to accomplish, but as long as Amazon keeps funneling money into the project it seems like it is only a matter of time before this becomes a reality.via New York Timeslast_img read more