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Android 43 Jelly Bean officially announced

first_imgThere’s usually a lot to learn about the newest version of Android when it’s finally announced, but this time Android 4.3 was thoroughly leaked ahead of time. Google still managed to hold back a few relevant details, but all that is now in the open. Let’s take a look at the new face of Android.Version 4.3 is still in the Jelly Bean family, which should tell you something about the similarity to 4.2. This marks the first time Google has used the same codename for three updates in a row. Previously, Mountain View reused Eclair for 2.0 and 2.1. The UI in 4.3 looks almost identical to 4.2. The menus, home screen, and most Google apps are identical.You really have to dig in to spot the differences. For example, the dialer now supports dialing shortcuts. You can start spelling out a contact name, and it autocompletes. Handy, but not groundbreaking. The camera app has also been tweaked with improved controls and more responsive UI rotation.An update to multi-user is going to be of great interest to parents that like to let their young ones use a tablet. Restricted user profiles allow you to set up a constrained set of apps and services that are available in an account. For example, you can block the browser, or prevent in-app purchases. This could also make retail kiosks using Android much easier to implement.On a deeper level, Android 4.3 finally brings support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE (sometimes called Bluetooth Smart). This is a low-power connection standard that could be of use with wearable devices like smart watches and Google Glass. Battery life in general is said to be vastly improved thanks to better standby time. This should be a nice boost to all those devices with non-removable batteries.OpenGL ES 3.0 is also built into Android 4.3, which is the first mobile platform to support it. This will offer better graphics and crisper textures in games. Some new demos of OpenGl ES 3.0 will be added to the Play Store to show off what the new Android can do. Developers can also use the new notification access to interact with the notification shade directly, and even send notifications to a Bluetooth device.A new DRM API has been added as well, which is basically a necessary evil. Video content providers will be able to get more video on to the device with Android 4.3. Netflix has been working with Google to get going on this. As such, the new Netflix app streams to Android 4.3 in 1080p. That’ll really take advantage of the new Nexus 7 display.The 4.3 update is rolling out now to the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Galaxy Nexus (GSM), and the old Nexus 7. The new Nexus 7 ships with 4.3.last_img read more