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Namco Bandai asks us to choose a new look for PacMan

first_imgPac-Man will forver remain an icon of video games, but in recent years Pac-Man hasn’t been doing so great in terms of the quality of games that use his name. In fact, I can’t think of a decent 3D Pac-Man game ever having been released unless you were a fan of the controls in Pac-Man World (and that was technically a 2D side-scrolelr anyway).For me, and I suspect many fans of the character and games, Pac-Man remains a distinctly 2D character best seen in his original form. And the best update to those 2D graphics in recent years has to be for Pac-Man Championship Edition and the DX version of that game.Now, Namco-Bandai wants to give Pac-Man a brand new look and they are turning to fans to help them decide which look to choose. The problem is, there’s only four being considered and none of them look great.Here’s the choices:You can choose your preferred look on Facebook, but I’m really not understanding where Namco Bandai intends to go with this. Choice A looks decidedly PacMan World, B and C look very 80’s cartoony, and I’m not sure what they were thinking with D, it’s a bit too stylized, but will probably find favor with some.Unfortunately, there’s no option E: submit your own design. I think such a thing would get some pretty fantastic designs submitted once the Reddit and deviantArt communities found out about it, and it would almost certainly drum up interest in any new Pac-Man game/s that used the chosen new look.Vote (or don’t) for the new look Pac-Man on Facebook.last_img read more