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Adobe set to deliver the muchdesired tablet version of Photoshop

first_imgAmong yesterday’s news from the eve of the biggest mobile tech day of the year, it was almost easy to lose sight of a huge announcement from Adobe. Photoshop Touch, a tablet version of their definitive photo-editing app, will be launching soon for Android (first) and iOS (later).Anyone who uses Photoshop (either personally or professionally) and owns a tablet will know that there is nothing even remotely comparable on any platform right now. Probably the most advanced photo-editing app on iOS, Photoforge 2, barely gives lip service to the use of layers (its method of selecting and arranging layers is clunky and non-intuitive compared to Photoshop). Of course Photoshop Touch will be the first full photo suite coming from Adobe, so we’re likely to see a gargantuan leap ahead of what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on mobile devices.So how advanced will Photoshop Touch be? It isn’t clear at the moment, but the screenshots certainly have me curious. We know that layers can be selected by “scribbling” a finger over an area of a photo. Screenshots show a stack of layers sitting on the right side of the screen, which will be a familiar sight to anyone accustomed to CS5.  We see options for merging layers, flattening an image, adjusting opacity of a layer, creating perspective, and a variety of filter effects.While it won’t sport the full feature set of CS5 (or probably the consumer version, Photoshop Elements, for that matter), Photoshop Touch is shaping up to be an absolute beast of an app. If the best mobile photo-editing apps right now are crawling, and professional CS5 runs a record-breaking Olympic relay, then Photoshop Touch looks like it just may break into a steady jog.Somewhat surprising, given the advanced features, is that Adobe will be hocking the Android version for a mere $10 at launch. Compared to the hundreds of dollars that full Photoshop sells for (or even the $80-100 that Elements costs) that could be quite the bargain.Another curiosity is that Photoshop Touch will be launching for Android tablets before it’s available for the iPad. Given the dramatically lopsided market share of the iPad vs. all other tablets, this is somewhat surprising. I’m guessing that there was a backroom deal of some sort to spur on this illogical release order.If Photoshop and tablets are your things, you can check out the source link below to sign up for more info from Adobe.via Adobelast_img read more