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Learning from the Past Imagining the Future a w

first_img“Learning from the Past, Imagining the Future” a workshop which took place in Manantial del Corazon, Spain, on October 13 to 15, 2017. By Carlos, Stefan, Ruben, Francesca, FFWPU SpainThere is uncertainty in every moment of transition. But it is the way we face change that makes transitions an opportunity for growth and transformation. We explored this theme through all the stories and conversations we had in this gathering, under a setting we already experienced in Exploring the Essential, our previous workshop this year.Eleven testimonies and presentations from different people showed how much has been going on in the past years within our Unification community, as individuals and as a group: break-ups and divorces in our own families, intergenerational Blessings, siblings that left the Movement, and friends that reconnected after many years and experiences. Many of us would have never imagined listening to these stories fifteen years ago in the same place where we were meeting again: stories of growth, fidelity, loss, recovery, digging deeper, reimagining our faith and relationships. How have all these events shaped our life of faith, our love relationships, and our community through the years? How did we change?It was important for us to recognize and accept, as a community, the distance between ideals and reality. So, we took the time and the courage to share those stories, remember that we are not alone, be generous and compassionate towards each other, expand the conversation, and try to ask ourselves better questions. How did you face the biggest challenges of your life? How can we create better spaces to share those difficulties? What were the crucial moments in your relationships that made them last or come to an end? If “love” is one of the most important words in our lives, what experiences bring meaning to it? How did your faith evolve throughout these years? What would you change in our common speech as a community? How do you imagine our community can flourish in the future?Once again, we realized that, despite our lives not being perfect, we still long for the same ideals, and we share the same desire to live lives full of meaning, love, friendship and belonging. Remembering them, sharing our stories of growth and overcoming, eating together, singing together, laughing together in Luisa’s therapy sessions, along with our growing families, kids and babies: it all helps us to bring out the best in ourselves and to not forget that it is necessary to accept and forgive to heal.We believe that taking the time to do these things has secretly been a shifting moment to our youth community.Thank you to all of you who were there, walking with us through the transition.last_img read more